Chapter 468: 468

Whatever the truth was, Fang Zhao had no way of ascertaining it right now .

 However, with this little understanding, if there were “outsiders”, the most likely “alien” would be that legendary “Master Hengxin”, father of the warp engine and founder of the Inter-planetary Fund . He had brought about so many changes and also established the Inter-planetary Fund’s special status .

 Fang Zhao didn’t know the motives of these “outsiders” and how many there were . But, from the looks of things, they didn’t seem to have any hostile intentions and had groomed many top talents .

 In any case, this was all merely conjecture .

 Fang Zhao also recalled the shock of seeing this new world back when he had “resurrected” at the little rented apartment in the black street .

 Fang Zhao glanced at that unremarkable little component and smiled before putting it into a box .

 “The future is already here . ”


 Planet Yin Warp Engine Technology Research Facility security checkpoint .

 The same security guard was there but with a different researcher .

A little kid wearing a gold chest badge was sprawled on the table bawling his eyes out .

 “Sob sob——You can’t confiscate my Little Riches! My Little Riches! Sob sob——”

 His tears kept flowing amidst measured sobs .

 The security guard seated across the table felt a little guilty from the kid’s red eyes, trembling lips and occasional hiccups .

 His usual poker face now showed a rare look of distress .

 How could he have known this kid would start wailing without any warning?

 This was giving him a headache .

 The security personnel softened his tone . “That black ball… what was it…? Little Riches is still undergoing an inspection . ”

 He was worried speaking too loud might scare off this little engineer who was even more talented than Yuan Zheng .

 However, another bout of wailing started just after he said this .

 “It has already been fifteen minutes and seven seconds already! How can the inspection be this slow?! Has something happened to my Little Riches?!” Little Bear didn’t even lift up his head; his tears flowed even more freely .

 The security personnel glanced at the time displayed on the monitor and thought to himself, No wonder he is a gold badge engineer . He doesn’t even need to look at the monitor to precisely keep track of time down to the second .  

However, circumstances were complicated, and the inspection required even more time . Previously, the inspection of Yuan Zheng’s model craft had taken a long time . Fifteen minutes wouldn’t be considered long for the inspection .

After approximately another five minutes, the little black ball was sent over .

 Upon seeing the indication of approval on it, the security personnel hurriedly handed the ball over and squeezed it in the process . It felt really good to touch and was suitable for relieving stress .  No wonder this little kid likes it .

 After taking back Little Riches, Little Bear said, “And my Dogdan and Dogke! How are they violating anything?! I will be lonely and afraid without them!”

 “Those are considered dangerous items that can’t be brought out . As for your safety, you don’t have to worry . We will dispatch men to escort you,” the security personnel said .

 “I want them! My Dogdan and Dogke boohoo——Poor things boohoo——”

 While crying, he fished out a bottle from the backpack at his side and gulped the contents down .

 The security personnel continued to have a headache . They had already asked the superiors for instructions . How would those two robot dogs be dealt with? They were indeed Little Bear’s personal belongings, but they were equipped with weapons and had to be cautiously dealt with .

 Vexed and waiting for time to pass, the security personnel rummaged through the drawer, found a lollipop and passed it over .

 “Come, have some candy . Don’t cry anymore . ”

 Little Bear sniffled and placed the lollipop into his pocket . Then, he continued sobbing .

 Security personnel: “…” My head hurts .

 As Little Bear continued sobbing away, the security guard finally received a message .

 The security personnel heaved a sigh of relief and put on what he felt was his kindest smile .

 “Alright, approval has been granted . You can bring your Little Riches, Dogdan and Dogke out . However, regulations have to be adhered to when you are playing outside . ”

 “Oh yeah!”

 The crying immediately stopped, and Little Bear hopped off his chair . He led the two robot dogs in one hand, while the other clutched the little black ball as he left happily .

 Security personnel: “…”

 Isn’t this change of attitude way too fast?

 What a drama queen!

 Since when were little kids this skilled!!

 The security personnel felt that today had taught him a lot .

 Little Bear who had already run out was very pleased .

 Pretending to be a kid is really good!

 They can do what they please! 

People in the research facility were more tolerant towards genius kids . For the new generation of warp engines being developed at the research facilities, Little Bear had contributed greatly . Compared to that, his willfulness from time to time was considered rather trivial . Thus, people would give in to him most of the time .

 But, when it came to the development of the warp engine, Little Bear was still very dissatisfied .

 He had piloted the Alkaid four hundred years ago, and there had only been this little progress since then . It was too slow!

 Back then, seven of them Superintelligences and one Master Heng Xin had regularly redefined the field’s state of the art! Warp engines had been upgraded very quickly . This bunch of people couldn’t even come close to that efficiency!

 Unfortunately, in the four hundred years, the Superintelligences had either been destroyed, malfunctioned, or gone dormant . Little Bear was the only one remaining .

 Alas, there had been seven Superintelligences accompanying Master Heng Xin back then!

 Now, he was the only one left .

 It was really…


 Hahaha, there is nobody to bully me anymore!

 I’m the greatest!

 Those six have finally scrammed!!

 What same kind?! Humans are more fun!

 Especially those here: weak, feeble and pose no threat . Playing with these species with abundant emotions is just so fun!

 When bored, Little Bear could just construct a few playmates to entertain him .

 Little Bear was still rather satisfied with his current life .

 Ever since he returned from the Alkaid, Little Bear’s days had been free and unfettered .

 …Just that one bit wasn’t good .

 Why must I work?!

 I am still a baby!

 I was a baby four hundred years ago, and four hundred years later I’m still a baby!

 The world is so perfect and I haven’t had my fill of fun yet!

 If not for settling a debt, who would even be willing to come here?!

 Movements were restricted, and he had to pass through security checks to go to work . His Little Riches had nearly been confiscated!

 He was also accompanied whenever he was out .

 Little Bear shot a glance at the two soldiers behind him and pouted in dissatisfaction .

 Pouting was an action he had learned from watching a child star on TV . He heard that doing so could make him more adorable and likable by adults .

 However, Little Bear only pouted and acted coy in front of outsiders . He would be whipped if he dared act cute before the Demon Cui Hua .

 Although Master Heng Xin had already passed away, his descendants still had methods to suppress him . Cui Hua was one example . In the eyes of Little Bear, Cui Hua was simply a great demon who made him work overtime on just a whim!

 Didn’t he just borrow some money for music copyright? Did it warrant chucking him into this place filled with crazed workaholics?!

 Luckily, he could act like a child very well .

 Little Bear felt rather satisfied .

 He just loved how this bunch of weak and feeble humans treated him as a minor, saving him a lot of trouble .

Besides Planet Yin’s top brass and core executives of the Inter-planetary Fund, nobody here knew his actual age .


 With this thought, Little Bear cheered up again . So be it if there was overtime . It was all fine as long as he could play!

 Little Bear pondered over reasons he could give to apply for leave as he strutted over towards the reception district with the dogs in tow .

 He wanted to seek out and have fun with Fang Zhao . He had heard people in the research facility mention Fang Zhao . The artists invited for Planet Yin’s Joint Arts Performance had already arrived today .

 Fang Zhao knew what he was like and had a good temperament . Therefore, Little Bear was very willing to interact with Fang Zhao . At the very least, he could do as he pleased and act cute in front of Fang Zhao without fear of being hit .

 The previous time, Fang Zhao had reminded him to drink more water after learning that Little Bear had wept when watching “Founding Era” .

 What a good person!

 The supervisor of the reception district recognized Little Bear . His identity was just too prominent . There was only one kid with a golden badge and two robot dogs in the entire Planet Yin . Furthermore, Little Bear had stayed here for two days when he first arrived on Planet Yin . Everyone had a lasting impression of him .

 However, despite Little Bear’s gold badge engineer rank, most people didn’t normally call him “Master Bear” or “Teacher Bear” . Instead of “Little Bear”, they liked to address him as “Young Bear . ”

 People were generally more indulgent of this sort of top technological talent .

 After all, he was still only a kid!

 Upon learning that Little Bear was here and wanted to find Fang Zhao, the supervisor of the reception district personally brought him to Fang Zhao’s place .

 Inside the elevator, Little Bear fished out a lollipop from his pocket and handed it over to the unit supervisor .

 It was illegal to receive bribes, but a lollipop could be considered kind intentions from the heart . Furthermore, it had been given to him by a young child so the unit supervisor didn’t reject it either . He took the candy, flashed a warm smile, gave his thanks and reached his hand out to pat Little Bear’s head . But, he caught sight of the gold badge and pulled his hand back .

 The head of a gold badge engineer wasn’t something one could touch as they wished . They had to respect the high level talent!

 Fang Zhao’s room .

 Curly Hair was watching the broadcasted match on the competitive Esports channel . His ears twitched, and he licked his nose while shifting his gaze away from the TV with great difficulty towards the door . He then walked over and lay down beside the door, staring at it fixedly while drooling .

 Fang Zhao, who was making amendments to his music score, also looked towards the closed door .

 On the other side of the door .

 Little Bear inched closer one step at a time . However, as he got closer to the door, each step became smaller and slower .

 His previously rosy expression was now pale, and beads of perspiration formed on his forehead . He stopped in his tracks .

 He had been so overjoyed that he had forgotten an important matter . Now, he suddenly remembered .

 Little Riches, who was somewhat unfurled a while ago, had now curled up into a perfect sphere in Little Bear’s hand .

 Upon seeing Little Bear suddenly stop, the unit supervisor said, “Fang Zhao’s room is just ahead . It’s less than five meters away . ”

 “No, I feel that now isn’t a very good time . I better not disturb him . ” Little Bear shook his head vigorously without budging .

 The unit supervisor panicked seeing that Little Bear was a little pale and breaking out in sweat . He couldn’t afford for something to happen to this sort of talent!

 “Are you feeling unwell? Let me send you to the infirmary downstairs!” The unit supervisor was about to contact personnel from the infirmary already .

 “No no no, I just remembered I have something important to do . I will be leaving first! Bye bye!!”

 Little Bear turned around and pulled his dogs along .

In one breath, Little Bear ran out of the reception district . He wiped away his sweat and got a bottle of water at the automatic dispenser using his card before proceeding to gulp all its contents down .

He had dehydrated himself considerably today and needed to replenish his fluids .

 Little Bear felt regretful when he saw that Dogdan and Dogke were oblivious to the near-miss . “I actually used up my salary to make you two retards!”

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