Chapter 469: 469

Chapter 469: Well-behaved

Little Bear had snuck away quickly and decisively .

Curly Hair, who was waiting by the door, was very disappointed . However, his attention was very quickly diverted by the Esports channel, and he quickly returned to watching the match broadcast .

However, Fang Zhao thought about a lot .

Although the door had some soundproofing, Fang Zhao was still able to hear the conversation outside with his current hearing ability .

Based on Little Bear’s display outside, Fang Zhao felt that this was a thoughtful kid, or rather, a peculiar artificial intelligence .

Fang Zhao was getting more and more interested in these “outsiders” .

However, right now, the most important matter for Fang Zhao was the upcoming joint performance .

Fang Zhao and the other artists would be sent to Planet Yin’s Arts and Cultural Center . During this period, Fang Zhao would be rehearsing together with some of Planet Yin’s youth music enthusiasts .

Planet Yin had its own schools from kindergarten to university . Generation after generation had been born, worked and lived on Planet Yin, and it now had its own social systems . However, it didn’t mean that Planet Yin was isolated from everything else .

Upon graduating primary school, those born on Planet Yin would have a chance to choose whether to continue studies on Planet Yin or transfer to a school back on Earth .

Those that chose to continue their studies on Planet Yin would have opportunities to go back to earth for exchange studies during their secondary school and university period .

Planet Yin wasn’t a completely sealed-off military factory . It had communications with Earth, Planet Baiji, Planet Wai, Planet Bu and other planets .

Fang Zhao would be working with secondary school and university students who had chosen to stay in Planet Yin for studies . There would also be some music enthusiasts from various research facilities .

There was some free time before the rehearsal started .

Fang Zhao didn’t immediately head to the designated rehearsal hall when he got to the arts and cultural center . Instead, he stood at the french windows in the lounge meant for instructors to observe the students inside the rehearsal hall .

The person who brought Fang Zhao here was called Gu Mang . In the past, Gu Mang had been part of Planet Yin’s combat troop . After retiring from the frontlines, he had picked up his own hobbies and applied for transfer to the art and cultural center . He was currently an instructor here and was well-liked by the students here because of his affable temperament . They called him “aunt” . [1]

In front of an “outsider” like Fang Zhao, Gu Mang was more protective of these Planet Yin students . When he gave Fang Zhao the student roster, he included short descriptions of the students, praised their talents, and showed some photos of them winning awards in competitions on Earth .

“Regardless of how they look, they’re all good students . ”

However, those students present didn’t know they were being praised . As rehearsal time hadn’t yet started, those present were relaxing in the general hubbub .

Secondary school students area .

“Hey brother, which class are you from? I’ve never seen you around before . I’m in Rockets . ”

“I’m in Vehicle Armor . I’m new here, just enrolled . ”

“The heck! Where is my flute? Why is there a gun barrel here? Did my grandpa mistakenly put a gun barrel into my flute bag again?!”

University students area .

A year two Aviation Flight and Command major said, “Just returned from my internship yesterday . I got to try out two new fighter crafts this time . Hehehe, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the entire night and almost didn’t make it here on time . ”

The Aircraft Design and Engineering major beside him responded enthusiastically, “I wasn’t on a mission, but I almost didn’t reach the minimum score for my theory exam to be here . ”

Nearby, a burly Heavy Mecha major was hollering, “Any Heavy Mecha Majors, any Heavy Mecha Majors? Our team is looking for one more person! The Light Machinery neighbors are challenging us to a 4v4 strumming showdown!”

“Forget it, all your instrument strings were ruined the last time there was a showdown . Rehearsals haven’t even started for today yet . How are you all gonna rehearse if your strings are damaged? If you want to face off, at least wait until after today’s rehearsals . ”

It was common for strings to be damaged in showdowns . Even custom-made strings couldn’t withstand their frenzied showdowns .

Gu Mang felt the need to speak up for these students . He wanted them to have a good impression on Fang Zhao . Compared to students on Earth, these students were basically dangerous carnivores with sharp teeth and claws . It could be harder for artists from Earth to accept them .

Fang Zhao watched all of this with a smile . “How lively . ”

Gu Mang had been worried these students would scare Fang Zhao and felt reassured by Fang Zhao’s reaction .

“That’s good then . Actually, they might seem very aggressive, but they’re well-behaved and mild when they pick up instruments . ”

“Sure,” Fang Zhao replied .

He could tell that though these students were quite young, they weren’t the overly protected kind of kids .

These students were the sort that were docile and well-behaved when they picked up instruments but were also ready to fight at any moment when they put them down .

Glancing at the time, Fang Zhao said to Gu Mang, “Let’s go . Time for practice . ”

Gu Mang wasn’t wrong, these students were indeed well-behaved when they picked up their instruments and practiced seriously . Their passion for music could easily be seen . However, as they weren’t professional performers, they still had minor hiccups . As conductor of this orchestra, Fang Zhao’s workload was quite considerable .

Fang Zhao had to organize the entire orchestra .

He was expected to lead students through their rehearsals from the individual to orchestral level . Any parts that didn’t harmonize well had to be individually worked on .

There were many instrument types used in Mo Lang’s “Legend” . Fang Zhao had a large stack of musical scores . A number of them still needed appropriate amendments . Many details still remained unaddressed, and he was still missing a sequencing plan .

It was hard to imagine the hard work and effort behind just performing this one song onstage .

However, Fang Zhao was able to handle these difficulties .

After rehearsals on the first day ended, Fang Zhao contacted Mo Lang . Fang Zhao had previously let Mo Lang see the amendments and wanted to go over some additional ones .

The music score had been written before he had come over to Planet Yin . Now, Fang Zhao had some new inspiration . He briefly explained his thoughts to Mo Lang and gave his reasons the changes .

Mo Lang responded, “Art engraves life, and music models the soul . Different environments and different performers also result in a different outcome . I believe that you will make the optimal choice .

“Fang Zhao, you have to remember this . This song became yours when I handed you the musical score . You don’t have to ask me if you want to change it . What you must do is to lead your orchestra to put on a performance as you envisage . Show the new ‘Legend’ that you desire to hear . ”

“Got it . ”

Having come to this decision, Fang Zhao worked overnight to modify the score .

This performance was a test given by Mo Lang to Fang Zhao . And in Fang Zhao’s view, this performance was also his gift to Planet Yin .

Fang Zhao wasn’t aware of it, but dazzling blossoms of starlight had already started to bloom on this unknown land .

The future was arriving at such a startling pace .

[1] Gu Ma in chinese means aunt

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