Chapter 471: 471

Chapter 471: No Longer Wanting To Be Salted Fish

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[Note: salted fish = person with nothing to do . ]

Nanfeng and the other two reckoned Fang Zhao was making a fuss over nothing . Meanwhile, there were others who christened Fang Zhao as “dog slave” .

Fang Zhao didn’t care what others thought . He needed people to watch Curly Hair at all times . One person wasn’t enough . He was still worried with three .

In the natural world, wild animals had no qualms eating food presented to them .

Even though Curly Hair was domesticated, things could still happen if he was tempted . It would just take one bite .

If Curly Hair licked that dog today, who knew whether he would directly swallow that dog the next day .

It wasn’t that Fang Zhao always feared the worst, but it was best to take precautions .

To Curly Hair, were those spaceport service dogs the same species as himself?

Thus, when Fang Zhao returned to his quarters after the day’s rehearsal, he picked up Curly Hair who was feigning sleep in the corner for a stern talk .

“You licked the dog in the spaceport today? Tell me, were you thinking of swallowing it?”

“I never thought about eating it!” Curly Hair needed to defend himself . “They just returned from the mines and had ore traces on their bodies so I just licked away the ore!”

“You really never thought about it?” Fang Zhao looked straight into Curly Hair’s innocent dog eyes .

Curly Hair avoided Fang Zhao’s gaze and hung his head in shame . “…Maybe a little . ”

He really had wanted to swallow that dog . Maybe even the whole team of dogs . Unfortunately, Fang Zhao would have disciplined him . Curly Hair had had to stifle those temptations and content himself with licking the ore dust .

Curly Hair reminisced about the taste and licked his snout . Ore dust was really delicious .

Ore chunks would definitely be even better!

It was just a pity that those dogs were too timid and kept hiding . On top of that, because of Nanfeng’s quick report, Fang Zhao was already aware of Curly Hair’s single lick .

In the following two hours, Curly Hair was on the receiving end of Fang Zhao’s carrot-and-stick treatment .

Finally, Fang Zhao said sternly, “I hope that you will think about what you are wearing around your neck before doing anything . I will confiscate your personal terminal the next time you casually lick others!”

Curly Hair tucked in his neck, as if trying to hide the doggy print personal terminal he was wearing .

“No more licking! I promise I won’t lick!”

Curly Hair hadn’t even used it yet . How could he let it be confiscated?

“When will I be able to use the personal terminal?” Curly Hair asked .

“Soon . Wait until the concert here concludes . You’ll get to use it when we return home . ”

In another building while Fang Zhao was disciplining his dog .

Assistants and bodyguards weren’t allocated to the same quarters . Zuo Yu and Yuan Biao were living in the same quarters, while Nanfeng was on a different floor .

Right now, Yan Biao was sharing his thoughts with Zuo Yu .

“I feel like changing jobs,” Yan Biao said .

“Why? Isn’t this job good?” Zuo Yu was flabbergasted . “The pay is high, and there isn’t much to do . Where can you find a job like this?”

“But what can we do staying here? Be idle salted fishes? Walk the dog everyday?” Yan Biao gave a bitter smile .

Zuo Yu frowned . “You feel that walking a dog is a waste of your talent?”

Yan Biao shook his head . “Not quite . I just feel uncomfortable getting paid such high wages without actually doing any proper work . We are bodyguards in name, but we don’t have the typical duties of one . Are there any bodyguards like us who are paid so well to look after a dog all day long? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Yan Biao continued, “Nanfeng is an assistant and does quite a lot . He is busy every day and is very happy to walk the dog . That is the path he wishes to take, and it is a fulfilling one for him! But what about us? A duo of salted fishes?”

Zuo Yu sobered as well . He understood what Yan Biao meant . Actually, he had the same sentiments as Yan Biao . How could he really not mind all of this?

Yan Biao sighed . “Now, after arriving on Planet Yin and seeing all these people, I’ve come to a realization . ”

In the entirely militarized Planet Yin, Yan Biao would hear all sorts of discussions pertaining to military matters whenever he stepped out . Outsiders like them could only view video clips of the military exercises . But, this was already enough for Yan Biao .

He reminisced about his time serving on Planet Baiji . He missed the feeling of being fired up everyday .

“When I first served on Planet Baiji, I wanted to do something big . Afterwards, I slowly got used to a daily routine, all the way until Fang Zhao discovered the power ore reserves on Planet Baiji .

“I served in the military for so many years, but was only a bystander when Planet Baiji rose . ”

“If you hadn’t been injured, you would have been able to stay on Planet Baiji and pursue your dreams,” Zuo Yu said .

“I can’t deny that I have never felt bitter about it, but the past is the past . I am also very grateful to Fang Zhao for helping me in my most difficult period . But now, I feel that I am receiving charity and being pitied . Look at the people of Planet Yin . Many of them have prosthetic limbs yet haven’t retired from the military . I am still in the prime of my life . I feel that I can return to the battlefield and fight for another fifty years!”

Zuo Yu understood Yan Biao’s restlessness . He also shared the same sentiments .

At that moment, various thoughts went through Zuo Yu’s head .

He also didn’t want to be a salted fish . He was embarrassed to talk about his job with former comrades .

They would ask, “What do you do normally? Are you busy?”

Could he reply, “Busy walking the dog”?

How shameless would that sound?

“Salted fish like us…” Zuo Yu felt that what he said felt a little wrong and immediately made a correction . “Bodyguards like us are indeed rare . ”

Yan Biao gave a wry smile at “salted fish” . However, it contained complex emotions .

“Ever since leaving the military, I have never slacked off on my training . I’m ready for battle at any time . I would rush in front of Fang Zhao to protect him without any regret . No questions asked! However, he only lets me walk the dog .

“Zuo Yu, it’s now just the two of us here . Honestly speaking, I feel that my abilities aren’t utilized at all . Fang Zhao can fight better than us and simply does not need us to do anything . We are basically just decorative adornments . Normally for ten days of our job, we are out walking the dog for nine days and are just standing in the background for the remaining one .

“I do not understand music and don’t play games well either . It isn’t an exaggeration to say that perhaps Curly Hair is even better than me!

“Fang Zhao always reminds us to keep striving . For what? Our work is actually more like self-hypnosis! It’s just office duty . I’m taking certifications, doing reports, training and walking the dog . Does this make me a diligent and responsible bodyguard?!

“All I feel is emptiness from doing nothing!

“I am not very great and have limited abilities . If I can’t make use of it here, then why shouldn’t I go somewhere else to use my strengths?

“Maybe my future life won’t be that exciting either and also won’t have much career growth . But, maybe I’ll be able to do something meaningful . Despite how I might look, I’m not in a good state right now . I don’t have any motivation at all . It’s like I’ve already retired at my young age .

“If I can’t demonstrate my value, what is the meaning of my life?”

Zuo Yu was silent for a long time . Then, he asked, “Are you thinking of applying to return to your squadron?”

“Indeed!” Yan Biao nodded .

“Will the application be successful?”

“I don’t know . Even if I can’t return, I want to change jobs . It might be tiring and pay less, but at least I will have peace of mind . I just wish to do honest work so that I will feel deserving of my pay!”

Zuo Yu could tell that this wasn’t an impulsive decision and that Yan Biao had really given it some hard thought . Perhaps he had already been considering it for some time . Planet Yin seemed to be the final straw .

“This is my own decision . I’ll wait until the concert is over before letting Fang Zhao know . I’ll also recommend a few potential replacements for me . ” Yan Biao sighed . “I don’t want to go on being a salted fish . I need to once again reignite my fighting spirit . ”

“I too have to think things through properly,” Zuo Yu muttered .

“Yeah, you should think about it . ”

Before heading to sleep, Yan Biao had already made his decision .

“Mhmm, that settles it . When we return home from Planet Yin, I will hand my resignation to Fang Zhao!”

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