Chapter 477: 477

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu were thinking, This thing can really act!

It just ate a mecha and is now acting so weak! Who are you trying to fool?!

Can you be more self-conscious of being an apex predator!

We didn’t even cry when we were totally horrified . You are a dog who just ate a mecha . What are you doing crying over here? What is there to cry about?! So fake!!

They really couldn’t understand how this dog could suddenly be crying like this .

Maybe it was a form of disguise?

The two of them observed Fang Zhao’s reaction and tried guessing how likely it was that Fang Zhao knew the truth .

Fang Zhao rubbed Curly Hair’s head and glanced at Nanfeng . “You go out first . ”

“Oh, okay . Then, I will go see if the soup is ready, Boss . ”

Nanfeng guessed that the boss wanted to speak with Yan Biao and Zuo Yu . Perhaps he was about to reprimand them . Was he going to deduct their salaries?

Nanfeng shot the other two a “you guys better reflect” look and hastily exited the ward . He closed the door gently and considerately hung the “do not disturb” sign .

The ward fell quiet . Only the sounds of Curly Hair’s sobs and pants remained .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu stood anxiously waiting for Fang Zhao to speak . They were still waiting for Planet Yin’s side to deal with them with regards to the matter of the mecha’s disappearance . However, they still had to inform Fang Zhao first . But, they didn’t know how to put it in words . The ward wasn’t a good place to talk either .

Fang Zhao didn’t immediately ask about what had happened . Instead, he glanced at the two bodyguards before turning his gaze to the miserable Curly Hair . He reached out and pulled Curly Hair’s mouth open to examine his teeth .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu closely watched Fang Zhao’s actions .

There were still some metal fragments stuck to Curly Hair’s teeth .

“What did you eat now?” Fang Zhao patted Curly Hair’s head . “Lick the remains clean . ”

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu: “???”

How can the boss say such a thing so calmly?!

Boss, open your eyes wide! Those remains are metal! Metal!!

Curly Hair paused his crying, stuck out his tongue and licked his teeth . He opened his mouth and showed it to Fang Zhao . It was clean this time .

“Mmhm . ” Fang Zhao nodded .

Curly Hair tilted his head, lay down and continued crying .

The evidence had been erased!

Nobody would even know or think about such a thing!!

How many times had they practiced such a tacit understanding?!

They didn’t believe that this dog had always been obediently eating dog food!

Everything was a disguise!

Surely, that dog had preyed upon many other things!

They couldn’t go on lying to themselves that their boss was oblivious to it!

The two of them were originally thinking about how to mention the matter of the mecha to Fang Zhao, but now, they stared at the ground when Fang Zhao’s gaze fell on them .

They were panicking inside .

Bodyguards that knew too much either became trusted aides or forever kept their silence . A choice always had to be made .

Now, Yan Biao and Zuo Yu felt confronted with the most crucial occupational crisis in their life: Continue walking the dog, or be eaten .

At this moment, Fang Zhao’s communications device rang .

It was one of the high ranking Planet Yin officers who had visited Fang Zhao in the ward earlier .

“You can go ahead and arrange for your discharge . However, you have to ensure your communications device is with you at all times . We must still have a chat before you leave Planet Yin . Also, do not tell anybody else about what happened . You can handle your assistant and bodyguards . ”

Fang Zhao wasn’t too surprised and gave his acknowledgement before ending the call .

This matter had happened way too abruptly . Some things couldn’t be hidden, like Curly Hair’s abnormalities .

Actually, Fang Zhao knew that certain people were already privy to his and Curly Hair’s changes . Things had only remained as long as it had because most weren’t aware of them .

The Inter-planetary Fund…

Nanfeng returned carrying a flask of nourishing soup . However, he was standing outside and didn’t enter because he was afraid of interrupting the conversation in the room .

Fang Zhao heard his footsteps and called out, “Nanfeng!”

“Here! Boss, what are your instructions?” Nanfeng opened the door and entered .

“Go arrange the discharge procedures . ”

“Eh! I will go right away!”

Nanfeng nimbly poured Fang Zhao the bowl of soup and headed out to handle the discharge procedures .

Fang Zhao then turned to the other two who had been silent all these time . “Go get a car . ”

“Yes!” The two tense bodyguards marched out with heavy footsteps .

The inspection team captain was about to knock on the door when it opened . Seeing Yan Biao and Zuo Yu, he raised an eyebrow and eyed them with a “I already see through you two” kind of look .

The inspection team captain chuckled . “Go on . Do you not want to leave? How about coming over to our place for some tea and buns?”

“No, no thanks . Please come in . ”

The two moved aside and looked towards Fang Zhao .

Fang Zhao indicated for them to continue with their task so the two bodyguards left .

The door was closed and the inspection team captain joked, “Your two bodyguards are quite loyal . ”

He then noticed Curly Hair lying by Fang Zhao’s side . “Still crying? Fang Zhao, I don’t care about other stuff, but I have to talk about Curly Hair . ”

Over the next half hour, the inspection team captain criticized Fang Zhao for actually turning an outstanding dog with the potential to be the king of all spaceport dogs into a delicate and pampered pet dog!

It could have been the best spaceport dog ever . But, perhaps it would permanently suffer from its trauma .

Simply a great waste of talent!

The inspection team captain sighed continuously as he criticized Fang Zhao for not being able to teach his dog . He palmed his chest . “My heart feels immense regret, just like a merchant missing out on a big opportunity . Do you understand?”

Fang Zhao was about to speak, but the inspection team captain put out his palm . “Say no more . You don’t understand!”

After that, he stiffened up and earnestly instructed Fang Zhao on how to train dogs . In the end, he even said in full seriousness, “Its natural talent mustn’t be wasted! You have to train it more! Don’t let it stay at home all the time! I know that celebrities like you are very busy, but you have to remember: dogs mustn’t stay home all the time!!”

“…I got it,” Fang Zhao said .

The inspection team captain seemed pleased seeing Fang Zhao’s fine attitude . “Good . ”

He felt that everything he said had been absorbed by Fang Zhao . He had accomplished his objective . He sensed a gaze on him and turned towards that direction .

Curly Hair’s tear stained eyes were staring straight at him .

The inspection team captain reached his hand out and patted Curly Hair’s head .

Curly Hair licked the hand .

The inspection team captain chuckled delightedly . He reckoned that Curly Hair was expressing his attachment!

Fang Zhao shot a warning look at Curly Hair .

Curly Hair returned to lying down and whimpered .

Now that Yan Biao and Zuo Yu were some distance away, they regained their senses .

“Is the inspection team not going to pursue the matter at the warehouse? Aren’t they letting the matter go too easily?”

A whole assault mecha had suddenly vanished from the face of the planet, and they weren’t going to pursue the matter?

“Judging from Boss’s reactions, he is probably aware of it . ”

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu heaved a sigh of relief .

With Boss handling the matter, at least they wouldn’t have to rack their brains to fabricate a story .

However, when they thought about Curly Hair…

“Was our reaction too excessive?” Yan Biao asked .

“You even served on Planet Baiji . Your threshold is a little low!” Zuo Yu said .

“It isn’t the same! That is totally something that cannot be explained with conventional sense . ”

Such a large mecha had been completely devoured without any remains . Even the fragments between the Curly Hair’s teeth were completely cleaned up!

This was totally an existence at the top of the food chain! An extremely dangerous creature!

“What do you think of it now?” Zuo Yu asked .

“Now, it doesn’t matter what we think, but what Boss thinks . ”

After experiencing Curly Hair’s transformation, they felt that probably nothing else could ever faze them ever again .

If a dog could eat a mecha, what else couldn’t they accept?

After the discharge procedures were done, Fang Zhao returned to his quarters . He let Nanfeng go rest first and asked Yan Biao and Zuo Yu to stay .

Nanfeng left with no questions asked, leaving behind the two bodyguards who were extremely apprehensive .

Curly Hair circled the room and gave Fang Zhao a “woof” .

No surveillance and listening devices here .

Fang Zhao shut the door . Curly Hair walked over to Fang Zhao’s side and crouched down . He yawned with his mouth wide opened, exposing his clean little canines .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu thought of a scene and turned deathly pale . Beads of cold perspiration formed on their foreheads .

The door was shut and the dog was released .

Were they… going to be silenced?

Would they be erased from the world without a single hair left behind?

As bodyguards, they knew how callous Fang Zhao could be . Yan Biao still clearly remembered Fang Zhao’s display back on Planet Baiji those years ago .

Fang Zhao didn’t say anything and mulled over how to handle these two next .

In Curly Hair’s eyes, other people and other dogs were just other types of food to him .

This was also the reason why Fang Zhao had been really strict with him . The moment Curly Hair forgot this distinction, everyone would just be his food .

Although Nanfeng, Zuo Yu and Yan Biao were classified as “our people”, they couldn’t compare to Curly Hair’s first ever personal terminal .

Curly Hair’s restraint in not causing more damage and harming innocent people was the result of Fang Zhao’s strict discipline .

Fang Zhao had also come to a decision after observing Yan Biao and Zuo Yu’s character all this time . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let the two of them watch Curly Hair .

“Tell me, what did you two see?” Fang Zhao asked .

The two of them shook their heads resolutely . “No! We didn’t see anything at all!”

How were they to answer such a question after witnessing such a huge secret? Was this the right answer?

Fang Zhao frowned at his two tense bodyguards .

“Curly Hair, you scared them . ”

Curly Hair had been pondering whether he could negotiate a new personal terminal by passing some more academic tests . He abruptly raised his head, looking totally aggrieved and defended himself loudly, “I didn’t!”

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu suddenly looked over as if they had heard the weirdest of sounds .

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