Chapter 483: 483

Yanbei Retirement Facility . A group of avid space flight enthusiasts and idle veterans were gathered together .

In the center of the people, Great-grandfather Fang carefully placed the box in the middle of the wooden table and opened it, revealing the Guardian series “Initial” Warship model . Everyone had a good look at the spaceship that represented a whole era .

“Forget about the real thing; the model is the same . Its exterior is identical to the original!” Great-grandfather Fang said delightedly .

“It looks exactly like the photograph I keep in my display cabinet . ” The veteran beside him nodded .

“Sigh, it’s difficult to even find information on the ‘Initial’ class on the Internet now . Even images aren’t clear . ”

“Let me see . I used to minor in warship manufacturing and maintenance . Hmm, why does it seem like this material… is like the real thing? Could it be?! Old Fang, the origins of this isn’t so simple . Where was it manufactured?” The old man who took it with both his hands gave everyone else a knowing look .

Great-grandfather Fang chuckled . “Calm down, everyone . If you know, keep it to yourselves . ”

“For real? Let me see it too!” Others watching from their sides were itching to get a good look .

If it was really made on Planet Yin, this wouldn’t just be any simple model . It would be totally different from the stuff produced by those ordinary model manufacturing companies!

This was the true pinnacle of “Initial” models!

If other models weren’t like this, then surely they were wrong!

“Oh, be careful! Don’t damage my model . It was given by my Little Zhao… Stop! You can’t remove the components! I’ll kill you if any part is missing!” Great-grandfather Fang was exasperated . He had intended to let this bunch have a quick glimpse before storing it safely away .

“I just feel that something seems off . ” An old man with snow-white hair frowned as he scrutinized the model .

Great-grandfather Fang wasn’t pleased when he heard this . “Where is it off? Don’t talk nonsense . This is the genuine article of all genuine articles!”

That old man hurriedly explained, “I’m not talking about yours . I actually don’t have that much of an understanding towards the ‘Initial’ warship . But, I watched an online drama series recently, and there was an ‘Initial’ in this serial . The ‘Initial’ from that show is different from your model . I don’t remember it that well, but the hull is clearly different . ”

“There was such a thing? What online drama was it? Let me search for it . ”

Great-grandfather Fang typed in the online drama’s title . While he did so, those eager old fogies seemed to want to dismantle his precious model, so he went over and proclaimed loudly, “Come and watch this serial . There’s an ‘Initial’ inside! It’s rare for there to be a drama series that shows an ‘Initial’ . Everyone, come and watch!”

The group of old men and women weren’t too pleased at having their attention forcefully diverted . However, they still gathered around to watch the drama as there was an “Initial” in it .

They could neither see the real thing nor touch the model, but at least they could reminisce .

“It’s an idol drama? Old Li, you watch idol dramas?”

“I watched it together with my great-granddaughters . They like watching idols, and this series was very popular during that period,” the old man who had recommended this drama series said sheepishly .

“Fast forward, fast forward… Let’s go straight to the ‘Initial’! I don’t want to see all this filler!”

However, the smiles on this bunch of old veterans gradually disappeared .

“Ridiculous! This hull is used by one of the later classes . It’s definitely not ‘Initial’!” An old man exclaimed .

“What are those capsicum shaped objects? Laser cannons? The laser cannons on an ‘Initial’ aren’t like this!” The one who spoke clutched his chest feeling as though his heart was bleeding .

“In the scene where it flew past, weren’t the armor plates of that ‘Initial’ fitted incorrectly?” someone blurted out .

“Shut up! That’s no ‘Initial’!”

The first episode wasn’t even half done, yet this bunch was already making a ruckus .

Great-grandfather Fang was so pissed he was shaking .

The “Initial” in the drama only had a roughly 30-50% similarity, yet it was able to fool people who didn’t know much about the “Initial” class . Fans of the “Initial” class, even if they were old fogies with foggy memories, would definitely find that something was off when watching the drama . Now, comparing the “Initial” in the drama series to the model made everything much more clear .

This definitely wasn’t their first love!

Compared to later versions of Guardian series warships, the “Initial” class was slightly slower and had less firepower .

It had still made them dream . It was something they couldn’t forget even though it had already been decommissioned from the military for over a century!

Even the “Initial” class warships weren’t the prettiest, they were irreplaceable!

There wouldn’t be those new and improved warships if there hadn’t been the “Initial” class!

These old people wouldn’t normally watch an idol drama, especially this kind of distasteful series that was ridiculous and distorted history . After all, there were specialized personnel to handle this sort of stuff . These old veterans had retired and wouldn’t meddle with other people’s jobs or criticize them blindly .

The miraculous first generation warship in the history of spaceflight had been shot in this manner!

How dare they change the spaceship of my dreams?

This trash series destroyed my first love!

It was fine if they were oblivious, but now that they knew, they certainly had to step forth!

Let them hear the roars of retired veterans!!

While the Yanbei Retirement Facility veterans were stirring, Fang Zhao had already returned to Qi’an City .

Fang Zhao didn’t head to Silver Wing Media headquarters immediately after arriving in Qi’an City . Instead, he went to see Xue Jing first . Xue Jing had been in Yanzhou during this period .

Xue Jing and Mo Lang communicated frequently . Xue Jing also knew about Fang Zhao being invited to Planet Yin to perform . Actually, they shared information within their own internal circles . Most of them knew who was going over from their own private discussions .

As Fang Zhao was a first timer, Xue Jing was worried for him . Fortunately, everything had gone smoothly .

Xue Jing had received the highest accolade, the Galaxy World Medal, in the same edition where Fang Zhao was accorded the Galaxy Supernova Medal . After winning this accolade, old master Xue Jing took things easier and even accepted four disciples after that .

As a fellow artist of Mo Lang’s generation, Xue Jing was also rather advanced in age and had limited energy . He had only intended to accept one disciple to really be his last disciple . However, in the end, he gave face to other old friends and accepted another three youngsters who had real talent and good learning attitudes .

Xue Jing’s four new disciples weren’t around when Fang Zhao came over to visit . Xue Jing had had them go home when he heard Fang Zhao was coming over .

Xue Jing seemed rather satisfied when talking about his four newly accepted disciples .

The four disciples were all in Qi’an City . Two of them were still in university, while the other two were recent graduates . The two recent graduates had decided to rent a place together so that they could discuss both professional or academic questions .

Fang Zhao chuckled when he learned about it . “The apartment you passed on to me is currently empty . Let them stay there . After all, I’m no longer staying there, so it can be put to use . ”

Xue Jing knew the reason Fang Zhao had moved was most likely a break in . Nothing had been stolen, and the perpetrators had been sent to the emergency room . It had caused quite a big hooha back then . Afterwards, Fang Zhao had been revealed as the owner of the apartment and had been forced to move over privacy concerns .

Xue Jing thought about it . “That seems fine . You still have to collect rent at the normal market rate though! We can’t let you take a loss!”

Fang Zhao hadn’t intended to collect rent from those two . Xue Jing had sold him the apartment at a cheaper rate back then . Now, he only wanted to loan his unused apartment to Xue Jing’s disciples as a place to stay . He didn’t need that little bit of rent .

However, seeing Xue Jing insist, Fang Zhao decided on a rent at half the market value . After all, those two had just graduated and had yet to have a foothold in the industry . They probably didn’t have much income .

Those two disciples were ecstatic when they found out that they could rent Fang Zhao’s flat . They were very grateful for the discounted rent, but more importantly, that was an apartment that Xue Jing and Fang Zhao had both lived in! One was a Galaxy World Medal winner while the other had won the Galaxy Supernova Medal at a very young age . They could bask in the same environment that created such great talents!!

Since it was decided that the apartment would be rented out, Fang Zhao had Yan Biao and Zuo Yu to head over and tidy things up .

All the important stuff had been moved away when Fang Zhao had moved to his new place, but there were still some daily necessities and other junk in the apartment .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu set out immediately upon receiving their task and drove over to Fang Zhao’s penthouse apartment .

When they arrived, the two didn’t enter right away . They scrutinized the sign at the door that read, “Ferocious beasts inside . Please keep away unless invited . ”

“Do you remember when this sign of caution was placed up?” Zuo Yu asked

“Seems like it was a very long time ago,” Yan Biao mused .

“I was wondering what Boss was feeling when he put up this sign . ” Zuo Yu stroked his chin . “It feels like every single word on it is laced with deep meaning . ”

“The burglars who tried to steal stuff should be glad that Boss had brought Curly Hair to Huangzhou at that time . Otherwise…”

What was the big deal about getting stung and lying in the hospital?

It was better than disappearing right away!

As for their tasks today, were they really sent over to tidy up the old property?

As qualified bodyguards, they needed to help their boss dispose of some little things, like some claw marks on the floorboards, the suspicious bite marks on the metal wooden frame, and any other marks or traces in the apartment that didn’t seem normal .

That way, those young friends moving in wouldn’t be scared .

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