Chapter 486: Out Of Nowhere


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Becoming the “face” of a continent wasn’t something anyone could achieve by being popular. The requirements were way too high!

Silver Wing Media’s high-level executives once again glanced at Fang Zhao. Now that they were looking at him…

Fang Zhao didn’t seem capable of competing with those popular teen idols in terms of looks, but he seemed just right!

There wasn’t any negative news about him. In the end, this endorsement fell to Fang Zhao.

Whatever the reason was, Fang Zhao was going to endorse “Safe and Peaceful Yanzhou”. An endorsement of this level was amazing news for Silver Wing.

The various senior executives now eyed Fang Zhao like he was a golden goose.

“Not bad, not bad!”

“Very good!”

“Fang Zhao, do you lack personnel at your side?” A deputy director smiled warmly and patted Fang Zhao’s shoulder. He recalled that Fang Zhao didn’t keep many people by his side. “How about I arrange for you to have a few more? They are all professional and can handle domestic services, makeup, styling and other stuff. You won’t have to worry about anything else and can just focus on coordinating with the relevant departments!”

Fang Zhao also didn’t reject the kind intentions of the various senior executives. He didn’t have experience being the main subject of an endorsement before. These senior executives would probably make reasonable arrangements.

Fang Zhao left with two assistants, a makeup artistand two stylists.

In the parking garage, Nanfeng was all smiles after finding out that Fang Zhao would be accepting the “Safe and Peaceful Yanzhou” campaign endorsement. However, the smile on Nanfeng’s face disappeared very quickly.

His good mood was ruined when he saw the handful of people following behind Fang Zhao. He could sense they were of the same industry.

Nanfeng was worried.

Why are there so many extra people after a trip upstairs?

Am I not enough? Is the boss dissatisfied with me? 

Nanfeng seriously pondered about his recent work. He didn’t think he’d done anything wrong.

Fang Zhao walked over and introduced those behind him to Nanfeng.

Nanfeng acknowledged them and faked a smile. “Oh? Looks like we are all going to be colleagues for this upcoming period.”

The newly assigned group also feigned enthusiasm, but their tone implied, First, we are directly assigned here by the big bosses. Secondly, we are professional elites that are indispensable, unlike you salted fish. 

Fang Zhao paid no heed to them crossing swords. He had just received an electronic file sent by the Yanzhou Public Safety Bureau liaison. On it was a brief outline of the upcoming campaign. Fang Zhao had some idea as to why he had received the “Safe and Peaceful Yanzhou” endorsement, but he hadn’t told the Silver Wing’s senior management.

After leaving Silver Wing, Fang Zhao went to the Yanzhou Public Safety Bureau to sign a formal agreement. There would be a shoot on the next day.

Fang Zhao’s short trip to Silver Wing had been watched by many company employees. Therefore, everyone found out really quickly that Fang Zhao had met with the senior management at the top floor and left with five additional personnel. These five were considered the company’s top-notch deployment personnel. Now that they had been assigned to Fang Zhao, it was clear what the senior management’s stance was.

Being able to make the senior management part with such personnel surely meant that something big was brewing.

The company had so many artistes. There were some that were popular only on their home continent and struggled globally. Only very few could become popular globally. Fang Zhao was one of these.

“The company has already launched its strategy. Fang Zhao is at the core of the company’s development. With his global reputation, the company would surely grant him important resources. Aren’t they trying to raise their global ranking?”

“But, I also haven’t heard which global luxury brand has collaborated with Fang Zhao yet.”

Silver Wing personnel discussed in private and made inquiries but still never received precise information. The senior management was tight-lipped, and nothing was revealed. The longer this continued, the more speculation flew around.

Silver Wing’s senior management was extremely serious now. Nothing was divulged, no matter who was asking. Everything would come to light in due time. They couldn’t use their normal operation procedures because of this. This was the first time they encountered a “main subject” endorsement of this magnitude, and they didn’t want to mess it up.

Some days later.

Silver Wing had yet another senior management meeting.

After the meeting ended, the atmosphere in the meeting room lightened considerably. The important high level executives didn’t leave and spoke about Fang Zhao.

“Director Duan, how are things on Fang Zhao’s end? How many promotional videos have been shot?”

“When can they be released? Any information on publicity details yet?”

“We have to pay close attention to Fang Zhao so that the company can handle any problems should they arise. Director Duan, could you ask if he requires additional bodyguards?”


As they didn’t know whether Fang Zhao was busy, Duan Qianji directly contacted one of the newly assigned assistants. Generally, she would contact this assistant to find out about developments on Fang Zhao’s end.

When the call connected and the display appeared, the smiles of the senior executives all disappeared.

“Where is Fang Zhao?” Duan Qianji asked expressionlessly.

“He’s… shooting a promotional video…,” one of the assistants replied, trembling.

Duan Qianji eyed the group of five in the video call. “So, all of you are gathered together leisurely to have tea?”

On the screen, the five who had been newly assigned to help Fang Zhao were seated around a small table that was topped with refreshments and tea. It appeared to be a very relaxed setting.

The makeup artist seated beside the assistant felt they were being misunderstood. “Director Duan, we really aren’t slacking off. The manager said we are too commercialized and not specialized enough for their requirements.”

She continued, “After the inspection, my makeup kit was taken. They said I wasn’t allowed to bring it in.”

The others also aired their own difficulties. They had also wanted to use this opportunity to perform but hadn’t even received a chance. In the previous shoot, they had still been able to watch from the side. For today’s shoot, they weren’t even allowed to enter the building.

Duan Qianji was silent for a bit before she asked, “What about Fang Zhao’s assistant and bodyguards? Were they also stopped outside along with the few of you?”

“No, Fang Zhao’s assistant and bodyguard were sent to look after the dog. Fang Zhao’s dog also had a filming assignment today,” one of the newly assigned assistants complained.

“Why does Fang Zhao’s dog also have a filming assignment?” a deputy director asked. This was a “main subject” promotional campaign. Could a pet dog participate in filming as a side character?

“If Fang Zhao’s pet dog can take part in the shoots, can we also do the same? Maybe we can squeeze in a few more people. It’ll be good enough even if they’re in the background,” another deputy director chimed in.

This suggestion was met with the approval of the other senior executives.

This type of opportunity was too rare. They definitely wanted to squeeze more of their own people in, even if their faces were shown for only a moment.

The assistant at the edge of the screen timidly interrupted the discussion of these senior executives, “…That dog cannot be compared to. It has meritorious service awards, second class.”

All the Silver Wing senior executives fell silent instantly.

It really was incomparable.


Today, Fang Zhao was required for filming at a designated location inside an airport. There was a lot to be filmed, and the workload was heavy. Furthermore, Fang Zhao wasn’t the only one in the video shoot. Curly Hair also had a filming assignment.

Nanfeng had even arranged for a massage and grooming package for Curly Hair last night. If Fang Zhao hadn’t stopped him, Nanfeng had even wanted to have someone trim Curly Hair’s fur.

Since Nanfeng and the two bodyguards were looking after Curly Hair, neither of them were with Fang Zhao’s shoot.

However, moments after entering the airport, Curly Hair lay down in front of a store selling personal terminals and refused to budge. He stared passionately at the displays as tears started welling in his eyes. He whimpered pitifully as if he was missing something.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu squatted down at his side and tried persuading him gently. They didn’t dare put any strength when tugging on the leash.

Nanfeng had already walked on ahead. When he turned and noticed nobody was with him, he rushed over to Curly Hair and picked him up.

Curly Hair struggled and whined.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu turned pale from fright. They broke out in cold sweat every time they saw Nanfeng carry the dog like this.


Nanfeng turned around and tried to shove Curly Hair into Yan Biao’s arms. “Just carry him there. We are in a rush!”

Yan Biao backed away with a rigid expression.

Nanfeng: ???

What the hell is wrong with him?

Nanfeng glanced at Zuo Yu.

Zuo Yu took a step back too and shook his head vigorously.

Nanfeng was displeased. Not only were their working attitudes not up to scratch, they lacked awareness too!

“Stop causing trouble, you guys!”

Nanfeng then forcefully shoved Curly Hair into Yan Biao’s arms.

“I still have to handle matters. You two best bring Curly Hair along and keep up. I am very busy; do you think I’m as idle as you two?”

Having said that, Nanfeng picked up the pace and strode towards Fang Zhao. He needed to appear more often in front of the boss to demonstrate his importance. He couldn’t allow the newly assigned support team to usurp him.

Nanfeng didn’t really pay any attention to Curly Hair and naturally didn’t realize that Yan Biao was holding Curly Hair like a bomb. They eventually made their way over to Fang Zhao.

Meanwhile, the first promotional video of “Safe and Peaceful Yanzhou” had already started screening in the various major movie theaters in Yanzhou.

Inside the largest movie theater in downtown Qi’an.

“Hurry, hurry, the movie is about to start!”

“What’s the rush? There are still commercials.”

Movie-goers armed with snacks and drinks had already gotten in place.

Some chatted, while others browsed the Internet. There were some who went on their social media. They intended to update their statuses with their thoughts while watching the movie.

Raucous sounds of a commercial died, and an uplifting melody filled the air.

The people in the audience thought the movie was starting. They stopped whatever they were doing and raised their heads to see Fang Zhao’s face appear on the screen.

Audiences: ???


Someone sucking on his drink absentmindedly choked.

Popcorn was nearly sent flying from those who were stuffing their mouths.

The quiet movie theater immediately erupted.

“Fang Zhao?!”

“Fang Zhao acted in this movie?”

“I don’t remember him being in the cast!”

“A commercial? It doesn’t seem like it. This clip seems too serious for a commercial.”

“It’s here! After leaving the esports scene, our music god is finally in a new movie!!”

Discussions erupted inside the movie theater. Then, the person on the screen continued in a serious manner:

“Enhance cybersecurity with healthy and civilized Internet usage.

“Greetings Yanzhou, safe and peaceful Yanzhou.”

Afterwards, the simplified text of the Internet safety law appeared on the screen.

The text grew larger.

It turned bold.

The red stamp of the Yanzhou Public Safety Bureau appeared beneath.

The audience: “…”

What new profession has Fang Zhao gotten into this time?

Many people turned on their personal terminals at the same time.

Is the movie really starting now?

Don’t panic!

Let me send out this important information first!!

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