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Chapter 259

Creation of the World (3)

After joining Palmer and Merdill’s forces, Seira’s party continued to head west until they finally arrived in Armorica.

The city was destroyed.

But it wasn’t dead.

They weren’t the only ones who heard the rumor. Survivors from other regions were gathering.

Seira, who found an acquaintance, looked pleased.

“Dear Angelica!”

Angelica, the Rhamniana Templar Lord, was alive, too.

That was thanks to the sacrifice of Frederick, the Templar Lord of Sorondi.

“You’re safe, Seira. I’m so relieved.”

The remnants of the Three Continental Powers, survivors of the six Churches, the Upper Draconium’s Ancient Dragons freed from the ban, and Latna’s Hunters endured the attack of angels and monsters.

Everyone mourned the dead and vowed revenge with anger.

Fortunately, there was hope.

Following the darkness, the light descended on this earth.

* * *

Han-bin’s group, the surviving Fairy Kingdom, and the heads of the six denominations gathered in front of the incarnation of light.

Althea slowly spoke.

“This is the Omphalos plan.”

Phase one, the Lord Throughout Heaven and Earth.

Throughout Latna, a vast network of sacrosanct powers was unfolded to rule out the influence of six Goddesses.

“It’s not exactly what we’ve been doing.”

The six Goddesses laid out the great power of protection in this world. That was why the Devil didn’t come down directly to Latna.

But this protection wasn’t an intelligent shield or armor.

“It’s more of a strong iron grid.”

She compared the six Goddesses’ protections to a large chunk of iron.

It was a ball big enough to make shields or armors to equip the army with.

But what if it was the houses that were protected?

If they spread out a lump of iron and covered all the houses, the thickness of the plate would become too thin. If they just tapped it, it would breakthrough.

“To achieve efficient defense with limited resources, we’ll need to have a lot of gaps.”

Taking the form of iron bars rather than shields, it seemed racy at first glance, but the invasion of Omphalos was certainly preventable.

Han-bin murmured as if he understood.

“It’s Dungeons, the Alien monsters, and the Earthlings like me who squeezed through the gap between the bars?”

“That’s true for Dungeons and Alien monsters. The Earthlings are a little bit different.”


“They’re special.”

Althea, who was answering casually, looked around and clicked her tongue.

“I can’t talk about it here. Let’s discuss it later.”

That aside, like the Goddesses, there was a gap in the Devil’s protection.

Using the gap, Althea of Light sent her incarnation down to earth.

In the meantime, the Devil had gone to the next level.

Phase two, Heavenly Net.

If the influence of the Goddesses were excluded, the next step was for Omphalos to become the only God in the world. For that reason, the Devil forced Latna’s intellectual bodies to serve him.

After lowering pain and fear, he threw ways to avoid it, lowered hunger, lowered thirst, gave misfortune, and injected futureless joy.

“If one truly loves their creation, they should never do it. However, he’s not the creator of this world, so he doesn’t care at all.”

Althea sighed.

Though the Omphalos’s false blessing fooled the believers, she couldn’t blame them that they were stupid.

How many people could be free from the pain and fear in front of them?

A hero’s life of overcoming hardships and adversity and eventually fulfilling his beliefs were certainly right and beautiful, but breaking faith and compromising with reality didn’t mean it was wrong and ugly.

It was just normal human behavior.

Latna’s believers who had succumbed to Omphalos’s awe and faith they sent would be the power of the Devil to infringe on this world.

“When he has gathered as much as he needs, the final phase kicks in.”

Phase three, the Possession of God.

After collecting the world’s components, the entire Latna would be smashed and transformed into something completely belonging to the Devil.

The world of the six Goddesses would disappear, and this world would be the cradle for the new Kaldera.

“Once he activates the possession of God, it’s over. There’s no way we can use our hands anymore.”

So they needed to slow down the current phase as much as possible.

The Pope of Light asked, bowing and scraping.

“Teach us what we need to do, Incarnation of Althea.”

The girl addressed everyone.

“Break the angel statues with all your might.”

The second phase of the Devil’s plan was being carried out through tens of thousands of angel statues, the columns of Kaldera, which had taken root throughout the continent.

Breaking it would slow down the Devil’s plan.

Ryu Han-bin’s eyes shone.

“All right, I’m just gonna have to break down the angels’ statues, then?”

Effir and Artis’s facial expressions also brightened up.

Those who had a definite purpose were motivated.

“That’s not your job.”

Althea shook her head.

“Isn’t this easy to guess even without the wisdom of a Goddess?”

It was easy to infer for anyone who just had an idea.

There was a separate plan for the Goddesses she had prepared.

“The destruction of angels is only a quick fix.”

Omphalos was powerful. He would keep pulling out new angels and building new pillars.

Though they destroyed the angel statues, it wouldn’t stop at all, even if it might slow down the coming doom a little.

“While others are buying time…”

The incarnation of light looked at Han-bin and Kibie.

“There’s something you need to do.”

* * *

The ownerless Shukas estate, formerly part of the Mali kingdom in the countryside.

The female Magic Swordsman wearing blue armor flew through the overflowing waters.

Every time she wielded her twin swords, a gust of wind blew the heads of the Alien monsters.

“You bastards!”

Drenched in blood, Angelica roared.

“This is for Frederick!”

The knights of Latna followed her.

Seira quickly spoke to them.

“Althea, give us your protection!”

Thanks to that, knights pushed the monsters even more violently. Fierce battles erupted all over the place.

In the sky, a Giant Dragon was spewing fire.


Upper Draconium’s Ancient Dragons and the Fire Dragon Willat’s Breaths were powerful. In an instant, a wide path was drilled between the groups of monsters.

At the end of it stood a three-meter angel statue.

Seira screamed.

“Lord Angelica!”

Angelica gritted her teeth and executed magic swordsmanship again.

-Magic Swordsmanship: Horn of the Storm Dragon!

Wrapping the wind blades all over her body, she became a gust, flooding the face of the angel statue. She then hit it with her sword.


* * *


The angel statue was shattered with a heavy explosion.

The shattered debris became a particle of light and disappeared by itself. All that remained was a large pit and a trail of its roots.

“Whoa, good. I cleared this place, too.”

Palmer caught his breath, his battleax in hand, but he couldn’t rest.

Breaking the angel statue didn’t mean it was over. There were still a lot of Alien monsters around.

“I’ll have to kill them!”

The Dwarven warrior charged as he clenched his ax. His knights and soldiers once again strengthened their wills.

A light of recovery sank over everyone’s heads.

It was Leslie’s spiritual art.

Looking back at her, Palmer gave her a look of admiration.

“… I didn’t expect you to do this, Hollien’s ex-maid.”

In an indifferent tone, Leslie replied, “Because it’s your order.”

The order of her owner, Ryu Han-bin, whom she met again in Armorica, was simple.

Follow Palmer around and do his orders.

“My master has commanded me, and I will give my life to fulfill it.”

* * *

Alien monsters started from the Four Prohibited Areas and spread to the countryside, opening all Dungeons sequentially.

It meant that the more they moved from the center of the continent to the edges of Latna, the lower the monster’s levels.

Unlike the countryside, the angel statue in the center of the continent was guarded by the Four Prohibited Areas’ inhabitants, ranging from 80 to 90. The angels of the Devil themselves even took part in protecting it.

The mission of destroying the angel statue of northern Allendia consisted of specially chosen strong individuals.

“Don’t retreat!”

The former 4th Corps commander of the Mado Kingdom, Balley Fight, wielded a Blade Aura and burst into a furious cry.

Knights and soldiers followed him, formed a formation, swinging their swords and thrusting their spears into the monsters.

Plater took the lead, protecting his body with a spiritual shield.

“Rhamniana, heal them with your tears!”

As the Head of the Sages Guild, his power was truly immense. Thanks to that, everyone could fight with all their might.

In the sky, Manakiras, a giant Black Dragon, was fighting against numerous angels.

With a roar…

“Die, puppets of the Devil!”

She stretched her front foot fast, lightly, and incessantly.


It was her main specialty, also known as ‘the big dragon’s cat-like pounce.’

They were smaller than dragons, and although they had wings, they were still humanoids.

“It’s my most trusted specialty!”


The angels who couldn’t escape were smashed and crashed.

The power of the Level 140 Ancient Dragon and the Level 121 Spiritist was extraordinary. All the monsters and angels were turned into corpses.

All that remains were their targets, the pillars of Kaldera governing the area.


Along with a snort, the Aura bullet of Manakiras shattered the angel statue.

Plater urged her.

“Go to the next location.”

The number of angel statues that they had been destroying for days had reached the double digits.

Nevertheless, there was still a long way to go.

The number of columns of Kaldera scattered around the world by Omphalos was around five digits.

“Everyone, get on.”

Manakiras cast her wings over the ground. The knights and soldiers climbed on her back in an orderly fashion.

“Let’s go. Hold on to my scales.”

The giant figure carrying everyone began to rise high in the sky.

* * *

The weak fought the weak, and the powerful fought the powerful.

Each of them did their best to delay the Devil’s plan.

While everyone was doing their best to slow down the catastrophe…

“Oh, it’s hot.”

Han-bin’s group was walking in a large volcanic cave.

After a long walk, dozens of fire spirits appeared and roared.


Kibie clapped twice.


All the spiritual tree of fire was extinguished from the spot.

As they walked a little further, they were met by a large cavity, and a burning giant appeared amid the lava.

“This is a sacred land, and only those who are qualified can step on it…”


The giant of fire sank back without finishing his speech. At the same time, rocks soared through the magma, creating a path.

As they moved deeper, all kinds mental attacks flew in…

“Sister, I’m busy. Go away.

They all disappeared with two claps.

As she walked, Effir burst into laughter.

“Getting the Sacred Heart of Darkness was easy, but it wasn’t this much.”

Kibie shrugged.

“You had the answer sheet before. Right now, you’re tearing the test itself apart.”

Soon, a large red door appeared in front of the party’s eyes.

It was engraved with flames burning over the door of jewels shining brightly like rubies.

It was proof that the holy place where the sacred item of Yessen, the great Goddess of Fire, was stored within.

Of course, there was no reason for Han-bin’s party to be impressed now.

“Open the door.”

Leon Hart, the Goddess’s Blessed, opened the door.

He thought they had to be cautious in doing so.

Soon the mild heat came out.

Merciful flames covered the place warmly and gently.

“Oh, I’m busy.”


It disappeared immediately as it was about to unfold.

Ignoring all the directing, Kibie strode to the center, and she picked up the red bead in the air.

It was the Flames of the Origin.

She took a pouch out of her arms and put the marble in roughly.


It struck the Touchstone of the World, the sacred item of Sorondi, the Goddess of Earth.

Artis was bewildered.

“They’re the sacred items of the great Goddesses, but you’re handling it so casually?”

Kibie ignored him.

For the Latnains, it was the sacred items of the great Goddesses, but for her, it was just handmade by her sisters.

“We’re great, aren’t we? I’m ashamed to see the people these days.”

Pouting, Kibie put it back in her arm.

“We’ve collected fire and earth.”

“Where to next?”

Looking back on everyone, Ryu Han-bin urged.

“Let’s get going. We’re running out of time, so let’s hurry.”

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