Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 932

Chapter 932: The One Who Was Abducted

After packing up her things, she left with her bag in hand. It felt good to have some time for herself once in a while, although she still preferred to stay at home with her three little children.

Soon after, she drove to the underground carpark of Linlang. Suddenly, someone came from the back unexpectedly and strangled her neck, as she was closing her car door. Before she could yell for help, her nose was instantly covered with a piece of cloth. Furthermore, she was suffocated by a pungent smell from the cloth, before she could consciously react. Slowly, her eyelids started to droop and she eventually lost all consciousness.

With a heavy thud, a female handbag fell to the ground and a big foot stepped on it ruthlessly. This was the latest Louis Vuitton bag that Lu Yi had gifted to Yan Huan. As it was a gift from Lu Yi, Yan Huan used it frequently and treasured it tremendously. Usually, she would not even let anyone touch it, let alone step on it.

A few men stuffed her into a car before speeding away.

Not long after, someone walked by. When she saw the handbag on the floor, she picked it up hurriedly.

It was a woman in a cleaner’s uniform. Then, she picked up the bag and rummaged through the contents. Inside, she found a wallet and saw that it contained a huge sum of money. She quickly closed the wallet again. Nowadays, only very few people could carry that much cash on them. Yan Huan usually did not like carrying so much money either. However, she had them today and could not spend any of it yet.

The female cleaner hugged the bag and surveyed her surroundings. Then, she raised her head and stared at the CCTV cameras nearby. Today, Linlang had turned off all the cameras to perform a circuit inspection and repair.

Could today be her lucky day?

However, she clenched her teeth tightly, wondering if she should hand over the bag or not. It’s such a luxurious bag, who could have lost it? Those who frequent Linlang are famous celebrities, directors, or those of that kind. Could they have dropped their bag by accident?

She hesitated for a while, but she eventually could not overcome her impulsive greed. She wanted the bag or more precisely, she wanted the cash in it desperately. There were tens of thousands in there, which was equivalent to her salary in a year. With this money and her savings, she could buy herself a small house. She no longer had to rent a place and worry about being kicked out by her landlord. Once they had a house of their own, there would be hope for her family’s future. She looked through the bag again and found a very expensive phone. She knew the model, it was very popular among young people and cost about ten thousand dollars.

The owner was obviously a wealthy person. As for the cards in the wallet, she obviously had no use for it and she could not use it anyway.

She hardened her heart and switched off the phone. Then, she retrieved the SIM card inside and threw it into a dustbin nearby, before hiding the bag in her uniform and rode her garbage cart to a secure location to hide it. After that, she returned to work as if nothing had happened. The circuit inspection was completed and the CCTV cameras were switched on again in the late afternoon. Nothing else was unusual that day, cars went in and out of the underground carpark repeatedly like a regular day.

When the skies turned dark, the female cleaner finally changed out of her uniform. She joked with her colleagues as usual and chatted about what to have for dinner, before heading back home as usual. However, when she walked by a park, she went to a secluded spot and fished out the item that was wrapped in her clothes.

She could finally heave a sigh of relief, as she was so worried that the item might have been picked up by someone else. Thankfully, it was still here…

She patted herself on the chest. She did not steal it, but she could not help feeling guilty. Hugging the item wrapped in her clothes, she went home sneakily.

At the same time, Ye Shuyun kept stealing glances at the clock on the wall. Why had everyone abandoned her for the day? If her three grandchildren were around, she would not care about their whereabouts. However, Lu Jin had taken all three of her grandchildren out. He should be done showing them off by now, was it not time for him to return them to her? The weather was so cold outside, what if the kids caught a cold? It might be fine for the two boys, since they were tough as a calf and rarely fell sick. However, it was different for Xunxun, as she was too delicate. With a change of the weather or if they were careless, she could have the flu or fever easily. Xunxun’s immune system was so weak, she could become terribly ill if she fell sick. Every time she was unwell, her small face would shrink, causing her family a lot of heartache.

The doorbell rang suddenly. Ye Shuyun stood up quickly and walked toward the door speedily. However, only after a few steps, the door swung open and a group of people walked in.

The heat from the room warmed everyone’s face, but they also brought in the chill from the outside.

Lu Jin was holding one child in his arms, while the nanny held another. Where’s the third one? Ye Shuyun looked at Old Master Lu askingly.

Old Master Lu unzipped his coat, revealing their fair little girl inside. She was already fast asleep and judging from her rosy cheeks, she was kept warm from the cold. Her breathing was slow and steady, she seemed healthy.

Ye Shuyun walked over swiftly and took the child in Lu Jin’s arms. She caressed her grandson’s cheeks and they were warm, fortunately.

The nanny wanted to take the little girl from Old Master Lu’s embrace, but a stern glare from Old Master Lu made everyone stay away.

Ye Shuyun exchanged a glance with Lu Jin. If she could, she would have carried the little girl. It had been a few days since she last held her granddaughter, but the Lu family only had one little girl. As long as Old Master Lu was around, no one would be able to hold her.

The three kids were placed carefully onto their little beds. They slept soundly, with Little Xunxun between her two older brothers. She was obviously a size smaller than the two boys, and she looked nothing like them. They looked alike when they were younger, but their differences had begun to show as they grew older. The two boys were tougher and had tanner skin, but Little Xunxun was smaller and fairer. She increasingly resembled her mother, and it was obvious that she would grow up beautifully. With the best actress as their mother, the three Lu children were guaranteed to be good-looking.

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