System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1086

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"Shut up!" Anna shouted while sending forth a lightning strike that scattered when reaching the ground, killing numerous demons.

However, the number was so overwhelming that a lot of demons that could launch a long range attack suddenly released it into the sky.

Anna clicked her tongue. The attacks wouldn't injure both her and Noel. But Noel is currently exposed.

So Anna returned to his side and formed a barrier made of spiritual energy, withstanding all these attacks.

Anna had a hard time enduring all these attacks. Even their own city wall required a constant supply of spiritual energy to stop all the attacks, so there was no way she would be able to replicate it by herself.

Because Noel had decided, Anna remained silent the whole time.

Still, more and more demons were coming. They had come in all three directions, leaving only one direction free. It was the direction where Noel and Anna came from, as well as their escape route.

If this continued, the demons would block off this place as well.

Anna gritted her teeth. She didn't understand what Noel wanted or how much longer they had to wait, but she had to secure their escape path.

Anna looped around while gathering her spiritual energy in her palms, but right before she realized that power, Noel suddenly shouted, "Shoot the building on your right."

Anna widened her eyes. She didn't know what Noel was planning to do, but this was the first time Noel said something off the script.

'The building on the right…' Anna turned her body to the side and saw a tall but small tower. It was similar to the tower she climbed earlier, but this one looked a bit bigger in size, but shorter in height.

Without hesitation, Anna joined her hands, causing the spiritual energy in both palms to merge and shoot out a giant dragon.


The lightning dragon came out of nowhere, causing the demons to be confused.

However, Anna was once again shocked when she saw three Peak Level Demons and one Superior Demon actually jump into the air just to block this attack.

This made Anna even more confident to hit that tower no matter what.

"Ahhh!" Anna gnashed her teeth while doing her best to control that huge amount of spiritual energy, twisting the body of the dragon and barely avoiding all the beasts on the way.


The dragon let out a huge roar before crashing into the tower.

To Anna's surprise, right before the dragon touched the tower, grass started to grow all around the tower. Each blade of grass was so long that it didn't look ordinary. In addition, with thousands if not tens of thousands of blades of grass protecting a single tower, it created a rather formidable defense.


The dragon collided with the tower, causing an enormous explosion.

Even though the grass was powerful, it was made at the last second. In addition, the lightning dragon came from Anna, who had used her lightning transformation, its power couldn't be underestimated either.

The entire tower wasn't destroyed, but a part of it collapsed, exposing what was inside.

"That's…" Anna gasped, seeing that the tower was filled with grass. However, among the grass, she noticed a small, spherical form of concentrated energy. It had been covered by grass as well, but she knew perfectly well that this was actually a demon.

Anna's instinct didn't pick up anything at all, making it weird. But it only took an instant for her to finally understand what was going on.

"Don't tell me… the reason why I'm unable to perceive this demon…"

"Yes. That must be a grass that has grown its sentience and turned into a demon. And it has been spreading its consciousness in all grasses in the area, making you unable to find it."

As Noel said, the grass spread its consciousness so that Anna's instinct perceived all those numerous dangers and mistook them as dangers coming from other demons.

Because it needed to use everything it had to protect itself, the grass merged back and used all its power, revealing the true strength that the grass had spread this whole time.

"To think that a Superior Demon can fool my instinct… what a blunder." Anna gritted her teeth. It was no wonder why her instinct told her that there was nothing dangerous, but her instinct still considered the whole place to be dangerous.

Her instinct summed up all those consciousnesses and gave that conclusion, but it was unable to perceive the individual.

Meanwhile, Noel's medal was able to sense demons clearly. Despite Anna sensing danger from all around them, he didn't sense a single demon with that medal.

So, he knew something was amiss and tried to check it with this plan.

And it worked.

"We'll have to kill that demon no matter what," said Noel with a grim tone. He didn't care whether it had fooled them or not. He was just afraid that such a demon would fall into the Supreme Devil Organization's hands.

It would cause him endless trouble in the future.

"Alright. What should we do?" Anna nodded in agreement, understanding the threat that the grass demon possessed.

Noel didn't reply immediately. Instead, he pulled out his sword and released his Sword Transmutation to slash the burning building diagonally.

The flash of his Sword Transmutation only lasted for a split second as the building began to slide down.

The demons could only see the collapsing building. They couldn't run away from the pack because there were simply too many of them.


The building hit more than a hundred demons and formed an obstruction in the demons' path.

In addition, the fire still spread, burning more and more demons.

Now that the grass didn't have to hide its existence anymore, numerous grasses began to grow around the tower and tried to extinguish the fire by wrapping it.

Noel was quite surprised that, despite its bad affinity for fire, the grass actually managed to suppress his Undying Fire.

Still, it didn't change the plan.

"We run." Noel turned in the only direction with no demons and started running.

Anna followed right behind, knowing that they would be heading to the gate.

However, they encountered yet another surprising thing.

The half-destroyed fence had actually been covered in spider webs. It had even been spread upward by more than a hundred spiders before their eyes.

Each spider was as big as a human kid, which made them even more terrifying.

"What is this?"

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