System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1094

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[Mission: One With Spirit.]

[Description: Incorporate the elements in everything (Sword, Technique, and Rune)]

[Reward: Elemental Medal and 2 Elemental Abilities.]

Noel was surprised that this mission took so long to complete. He thought that combining the Rune and Element was impossible.

However, the concept itself had already existed, and it was for the transcendent path. If he realized it sooner, he would have become a Spirit Transcendence easier.

Still, completion was completion. He was glad to have it completed.

Medal: Elemental Medal

ƈοm Effect: Elemental Power +20%

[You've acquired Ice Wave.]

[You've acquired Blossoming Fire Roses.]

"…" Noel just brushed the rewards off for the time being, considering they were in still a bad predicament. They should get away from the spider, who had been gathering his energy. Noel tapped Anna's shoulder, snapping her back from her shock.

"!!!" Anna's body shook before she turned around, using the lightning to escape from this place.

Anna hurriedly moved to the west, but soon found a cloud of dust coming from the front.

"Huh?" Anna furrowed her eyebrows. Even Noel said, "They're blocking us."

Anna realized that they had been moving all their low level demons around so that they would be able to block their path like this.

"Tsk!" Anna clicked her tongue. Even with her full power, she couldn't pierce through a few thousand demons at once. In addition, the spider was still charging its power behind them, ready to shoot at any time.

However, with the front being blocked, they only had one direction to go. It was to go to the north since the other two directions were blocked by a Superior Demon and an Ancient Demon.

Without hesitation, Anna turned around and headed to the north, trying to get outside the spider's shooting range.

Even Noel didn't say anything about her decision. This was the only thing they could do.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the spider didn't plan to let them go. Even though the spider hadn't gathered the usual amount of spiritual energy, it was preparing to release that ray of light so that Anna would still get a hit.

This whole time, only Noel had been taking on its attack, so Anna shouldn't have the power to block this attack.

"Noel, sorry!" Anna abruptly turned around when her instincts warned her about the danger. Noel's body was flung to the side, causing him to fall off her body.

Noel supported his body with his hands, knowing that Anna had to take this attack head-on if they wanted to escape.

However, taking this attack meant allowing the demons to approach them. They might end up having to break through their rank if they wanted to escape. This was probably the spider's true intention.

"Aahhh!" Anna screamed as the blood lightning began to spark violently around her body, shattering the soil and crushing the trees.

"Thunder Berserker Spirit. I need more power!" Anna gritted her teeth. Her Spirit Veins started to surface on her skin as they were glowing.

"!!!" Noel couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows. Spirit Veins were supposed to remain inside because they were the tunnels for spiritual energy.

However, Anna was actually forcing it to surface. This time, he saw another concept that he had never thought of before.

Anna was actually doing this so that the Spirit Veins would actually take in the spiritual energy in the air, boosting her firepower even more.

It was risky, but the power that came from it was enough to make up for it.

Suddenly, six lightning spheres appeared around her. The spheres were only as big as their palms, but each of them was filled with concentrated spiritual energy.

Anna waved her hand, controlling the spheres to move forward. Each sphere then began to link up with each other, creating a hexagon.

All six of them started channeling that concentrated energy into the middle, forming the seventh sphere that carried all their energy.

The spider shot out its ray of light.

Anna was the same.

"Blood Lightning Cannon!" Anna shouted to ignore her pain.

The seventh sphere shot out a massive beam that was made of raging lightning.

The two beams clashed mid-air, their energies entangled with each other but not fused with each other, coloring the sky with their colors.

"Kh." Noel gritted his teeth, using the tree on his back to stop the shock wave. He hurriedly grabbed for his Rune Card and deployed the Spiritual Barrier Rune. He truly didn't have enough strength to block the shock wave alone.

However, this also showed that Anna's strength was gradually approaching the transcendent path.

Noel raised his head, looking at the collision of their attacks. Neither side was losing. In terms of firepower, Anna's attack was superior because the spider couldn't shoot the usual amount of energy while Anna had the Original Anna and Thunder Berserker Spirit helping her.

However, Anna's blood lightning focused on its penetrative force, while the spider had extraordinary corrosive power.

Its ray of light kept chipping away at Anna's beam at high speed. The latter tried to penetrate the spider's ray and dispersed the ray of light in all directions except for their own.

Anna noticed that she would be losing soon, so she clapped her hand, utilizing the last power from her beam to cause a massive explosion.


The explosion hit the spider's head, causing it to be knocked to the side.

The disturbance caused the spider to retract its attack.


The spider looked angry after its attack failed to kill them. However, it had accomplished its original purpose.

The demons were approaching Anna and Noel from the side. They were looping around in order to surround them.

"We have to go!" Anna rushed back to Noel, preparing to carry him.

But her instinct actually picked up numerous demons in the north.

"Huh? So fast?!" Anna never thought that the demons would be this fast.

"No. They are… different…" Noel sucked a cold breath. "The Ancient Demon Spider's original subordinates."

"!!!" Anna widened her eyes in shock. Now that she thought about it, the spider came toward them with only a group of Superior Demons and Peak Level Demons. An Ancient Demon should have been surrounded by numerous demons, not just those elite demons.

They thought the demons that were supposed to protect the Ancient Demon Spiders were the ones in the airport. However, it was not correct. Those demons were under the Superior Demons.

They were distracted by the appearance of spiders, which made them think that way.

However, the real army of demons under the Ancient Demon Spider was always waiting.

The higher the rank of a demon, the smarter they were. Even the Superior Demon Flower they met on the previous battlefield could command the demons brilliantly.

It seemed that both she and Noel had underestimated the intelligence of an Ancient Demon.

"We've been had." Noel's expression turned pale. They had been outplayed… by a demon.

That last cry was actually an order for the demons under the Ancient Demon Spider to make their appearance, not the spider's way to unleash its anger.

If previously, they were still in a condition to escape. This time, they were completely defeated.

Anna glanced to the right. That was right. Because they had run quite far, there was still an opening to the right.

Unfortunately for her, the Ancient Demon Spider moved all its four right legs to their right, which sealed their escape route.

In the north, there were more than ten thousand demons under the command of the Ancient Demon Spider. On the west side, there were another five to six thousand demons. On the east, the Ancient Demon Spider had sealed the route. Last but not least, the Superior Grass Demon and another Superior Demon from the airport had actually joined up with the other Superior Demons to seal their southern path.

With this, they were completely surrounded from all sides.

'Impossible. Noel is actually being outplayed by the Ancient Demon Spider? How is it possible? What about the Demon King? Is the Demon King smarter than this? What kind of level mind game did the ancestors play against the Demon King in the past.

'Can we even beat the Demon King? No, are we even able to escape from this place?' Anna gulped down. This was the bigger problem. This might be the place where they fell in battle.

"NO. I can't give up! It's better to die trying than surrender." Anna gritted her teeth. Out of the four paths, the easiest one would be the west. The south was the second best path because they had a low number, but it was still hard to break through multiple Superior Demons at once, especially in their current condition. The Superior Demons' strength was also quite powerful, which would allow them to stop their advance for a bit, allowing the others to catch up and kill them.

Hence, Anna charged at the thousands of demons in the west while carrying Noel on her back.

"This is not the place we're going to die! If I'm going to die, it will be on the bed because of old age." Anna shouted while jumping into the demon rank, causing an outburst of lightning that launched multiple demons into the air.

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