System vs Rebirth - Chapter 1117

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'Should I test it?'

Noel landed on the ground safely due to his Snow Shield. The spider moved a bit closer so that she could reach Noel's location even if he backed away.

However, this was a mistake the spider made.

When the spider leaned forward, Noel also did the same thing as if he were preparing a similar approach.

Noel gathered his spiritual energy in his sword. The spider knew that it would be either Divine Slash or Sword Transmutation. Either way, it was something she could handle.

Hence, the spider continued onward, ready to shoot a bit of its poison ray.

To the spider's surprise, the moment Noel was about to reach her, he actually took out a rune card.

The spider was taken aback as the rune card shot out another sphere of energy. Noel looked like he was about to coat the spiritual energy with his ice, bursting it right in front of her face.

The spider opened its mouth, planning to take it down.

However, by the time the meteor hit the spider's head, the ice element never appeared. In fact, the spider let the meteor hit its head since it wasn't enough to injure her.

But that was the trick. After dealing with the meteor, the spider actually lost sight of Noel.

"!!!" The spider panicked as Noel could do anything at this point. She spread her spiritual energy to sense him, finding Noel underneath its body.

The spider hurriedly tilted its body up so that she could shoot some web to stop Noel.

Noel actually jumped toward the lower part of the spider's body, ignoring the web.

In fact, Noel simply tossed all the remaining spiritual barrier runes that he had to block the web even if it was just for a second longer.

After all, he needed everything he had in order to penetrate the spider's skin.

"!!!" The spider began to panic because Noel was closing in.

'I still can't manipulate my Spirit Fusion Ability. Even though I say I can change the shape, it's as simple as channeling the ability into my sword.' Noel glanced at his sword. The ice element coming from the Spirit Seal had covered his sword completely.

If he used it normally, the ice element would spread in all directions, even if he used the sword. However, his target this time was the spider.

He used the Shame emotion to boost the sword's piercing power.

"If outside is not enough, how about inside?" Noel smirked, stabbing the spider with his sword.

The sword penetrated the spider's skin. In the end, the sword was like an ant compared to the size of the spider. So it didn't penetrate past its skin.

Even so, Noel's objective had been achieved.

He activated his Spirit Fusion Ability. In that instant, the ice elements inside the sword burst out in all directions. Because the sword had pierced the body, it meant the ice element spread inside the spider's body… the same ability that created a hundred meter ice field.

Still, Noel had only recovered fifty percent of the element in the spirit seal, so the size was reduced significantly.

Nevertheless, the Spirit Fusion Ability froze the flesh, organs, silk glands, and everything near the impact area.


The spider was wailing in pain as its body shook violently. The ice had frozen half the inside of her body.

"No, no, no. Wait." It was Noel's turn to panic when the spider showed signs of collapsing. He was underneath the spider, so he had to get away as quickly as possible. He used everything he had to escape from this place.

"I should have gone from the top." Noel shouted. He was so focused on testing his ability that he forgot the impact his action might have.

Even if he became a Spirit Transcendence, he doubted he could survive being buried underneath this giant body.

After all, it was as if he was being squeezed by a hill.

However, it seemed that escaping was impossible. Just like between ants and humans, even though ants moved faster than humans, they were still unable to escape the humans' grasp.

In the end, Noel got hit from above, gradually going down to the ground along with the spider's entire body.

"Oi, oi. I just got a second chance from the Spirit God. No way I'm dying again." Noel clicked his tongue. There was one thing he could still do.

Noel looked and calculated the spot where he would crash.

He gathered his energy into his sword again. He had exhausted his ice element and emotion, but he hadn't used his Sword Technique just yet.

Divine Slash.

He sent forth a sword wave as big as possible to the ground, penetrating the ground for more than fifteen meters.

When the spider's body crashed into the ground, his body was launched deep into that crevice, allowing him to survive.

Of course, the fall actually shook the entire area. The crevice instantly collapsed, but the entire area managed to withstand the spider's entire body weight.

"Hu… That was close." Noel muttered as he was stuck inside the ground. He was wondering whether he should make his way up or sideways. In the end, he chose to go back up since it would also produce more injuries to the spider. Hopefully, the spider will die from the wound.

Noel hurriedly gathered all the energy he had and prepared his most powerful attack.

Obviously, that reckless action made Anna worry.

"What? Did he just kill himself again?" Anna frowned. Even she couldn't cry at this point because it was so dumb. The demons she was currently stopping were rampaging because they couldn't accept the situation.

However, the conclusion was soon reached.

Suddenly, a crescent-shaped sword strike pierced through the spider's body and flew into the sky before bursting and turning into a shock wave as if a declaration of the winner.

"!!!" Anna raised her head, finding Noel flying after that. His body was fully covered by liquid, but it seemed that he was fine, indicating the liquid wasn't poisonous.

Noel landed on top of the spider's body. The wounds were too much even for the spider. It couldn't move anymore.

Noel panted a few times, feeling a bit tired. Some parts of his skin were also burning due to the poison. If not for his ice, they might melt his body.

Noel walked to the spider's head and raised his sword. "You're very strong, Spider. Thank you, and farewell." He stabbed the spider and channeled his spiritual energy to destroy everything inside her head.

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