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Transformation Ability

Naofumi:"Oyaji! Oyaji! Oyaji! Oyaji!"

The old man from the weapons shop opened the door with a slightly annoyed expression.

Old Man: "What does the lad of the shield want now? I closed the shop long ago."

Naofumi: "Of course not!"

What does this old man think of me!?

Naofumi: "You be quiet!"

After that affair, the noise never stopped.

Even Raphtalia was speechless.

Thus, I carried Firo here to the weapons shop.

Firo: "Ah... Achoo!"

Bofun! Biriiiiii!

In the blink of an eye, Firo reverts back to her Queen of the Philorial (Temporary) form.

Firo returned to her human form and holds my hand.

Old Man: "Yeah..."

The old man guides us inside the store with a really complex expression.

Old Man: "So, the reason you came to see me is to get equipment for this child?"

Old Man: "Lad, calm down a little."

Right, now that I think about it, why does Firo have a humanoid form?

Furthermore, her face is cute enough to be a lovely picture.


Naofumi: "Endure it."

Firo: "Waaa, Itadakimasu~"

Firo takes the pot from the old man and pours all of the contents into her mouth.

Firo: "N-.....It tastes ok I guess~"

I returned the pot to the old man.

Old Man: "Lad, treat me to a meal later."

I'll learn from this mistake.

Old Man: "Hmmm... Well, I know there are clothes for Demi-humans that transform... But this is a weapon shop, what you are looking for is in a clothing shop."

Old man: "That's true... Wait here a little."

The old man went to the back of the shop and all I heard was rustling.

Old Man: "Don't expect too much since I don't have anything in her size."

Naofumi: "What!"

This is already my last resort... What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to answer when people ask me why there is a naked little girl without parents in my care?

Naofumi: "Don't you dare transform!"

There is no item that keeps a demon in her human form. As expected, humanoid demons a Firo: "Nooo-"

Ku......What the hell is wrong with this child!

Is this the rebellious phase? No, that's impossible, she was born a few days ago.

Naofumi: "Then how about this. If you will stay in your human form, we can sleep together."

After hearing that, Firo has a big smile on her face and tightly holds my hand.

Naofumi: "Sigh...... why do we have to sleep together."

Old Man: "Lad...... Are you serious?"

I did not come to this world to baby-sit...

Old Man: "Anyway, where is Raphtalia?"

Naofumi: "Sorry, my bad."

Raphtalia?: "What is this child saying!"

Naofumi?: "Ah, sorry for the disturbance"

Old Man: "I'm always surprised by you, lad."

We left the weapons shop and walked towards the inn when Raphtalia says.

Raphtalia: "Ah, the slave.....Demon dealer called."

Naofumi: "Yeah."

Naofumi: "Oh? You know about her?"

Naofumi: "Hurry and say it."

The slave trader pointed at Firo who is in her humanoid form, wearing nothing but a tattered mantle.

Slave Trader: "The Philorial Queen has advanced transformation abilities. Therefore, it changed itself into a normal Philorial to escape attention. At least that's our hypothesis."

No wonder... If I was in a similar circumstance, I'm sure I would decide to disguise myself too.

Naofumi: "What?"

It is classified as a considerably rare demon due to it's transformation abilities. Although it stinks, the profits would be massive.

Naofumi: "Maybe that's just the power of the legendary shield hero."

I believed this was due to the power of Growth Correction. I couldn't explain how to do this naturally.

Slave Trader: "Then, can you tell me how you do it? For a price of course."

Slave Trader: "How about raising another Philorial, for free of course-"

Naofumi: "We'll see."

Uah......This slave trader's eyes are sparkling

But it is the truth that Firo ate chimera meat, so I'm not lying.

Slave Trader: "I see...Well, that's too bad then."

The slave trader withdraws reluctantly.

Slave Trader: "Anyway, I’ll buy your Philorial any time. Yup"

Slave Trader: "You can accumulate money easily."

Naofumi: "Yeah."

Firo?: "What?"

Firo entered the conversation with a question mark over her head.

Naofumi: "This is your treat."

Raphtalia: "I forbid it!"

Raphtalia: "I do not!"

You guys are noisy.

Naofumi: "Well then, Firo, go to the barn and sleep."

Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama!?"

Raphtalia: "Well... Me too"

Raphtalia muttered words that I couldn't hear.

Naofumi: "But, you must not be naked in public!"

I head back to the inn and pay the storekeeper for another night.

Why is it so hot!?

Naofumi: "Uu..."

My body can't move.

When I open my eyes fearfully, all I can see is white.

I slowly lift my head, It seems the bed I was sleeping on is Firo's true form.


I was somehow able to escape through the gap.

Naofumi: "Fu...... What a terrible morning"

Firo noticed Raphtalia and I glaring at her and tilts her neck.

Firo: "What happened?"

Firo: "Eh? When did I change?"

Ku! I didn't want to do this but it can't be helped!

Any order cannot be disobeyed if I do this.

Naofumi: "Become a humanoid!"

I commanded Firo

Firo: "No... I want to sleep with Master more~"

The demon crest appears on Firo's abdomen because she went against my orders.

Firo?: "Eh?"

With a fizzle, the demon crest became silent again.

Naofumi: "Ha?"

I checked the demon icon. It seems the command for absolute obedience was removed.

This demon won't listen to a thing I say?

Slave trader... Wash your neck because I'm coming for you.

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