Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 16 - Chapter Pr

Prologue: The Collapse of Order 

The otherworld used to be in order. 

This was a semi-material world that nearly overlapped with the Spirit Realm and the Demon Realm, and would never cross over into each other, where there were three major forces vying for supremacy. 

Attempting to invade the other world, the Apparition tribe (Phantom race). 

The one who wants to expand the settlement space, the worm-type demon tribe (Insectar race). 

And then there's the daily devotion to battle and destruction, the mythical beast tribe (Cryptid race). 

Occasionally there are visitors or forces from other dimensions, but whoever they are is eventually wiped out by these three forces along with the original dimension, and the force of the three forces is just so powerful. 

The Phantom Race and the Insectar Race—these two races are made up of a class society culminating in a king, where the lower existence does not even have a sense of freedom and is simply a pawn in the execution of orders. 

It wasn’t so with the Cryptid race. 

As semi-spiritual beings, they are born in a way that is extremely similar to spiritual beings, mostly special individuals born naturally from magical elements, and occasionally through the splitting of the mother body. 

Aside from the difference between the Insectars and the Cryptids, both of these dominant classes are similar in nature, except that the Cryptids do not move in packs and each has a strong fighting ability. 

The Cryptids are not sentient but cunning, and even less coordinated, each acting only to expand its dominant domain. 

Even among the mythical beast tribe (Cryptids), there was equally constant strife. 

With such three forces in existence, it would be impossible to live amicably in the otherworld. 

There was an ongoing and permanent battle between the Phantom race and the Insectar race, but when the Cryptids appeared in large numbers, a temporary truce would be made to jointly destroy the mythical beast tribe (Cryptid)—a phenomenon that had been recurring since the distant ages. 

That's why they long for a place to settle down, always with their eyes on the outside world, planning how to carry out their aggression. 

Obviously, it's not going to be easy. 

Even with such conditions, no one has been able to realize this long-held wish. 

The fundamental problem is that the passage to the otherworld is not that easy to find, and the passage that opens only once every thousand years is only a short crack that may occasionally occur due to a special catastrophe such as the vibration of space-time. 

In such a case, sending a large force in would be impossible, and sending out an advance party to establish a position would be the limit. 

However, there will always be exceptions in the world. 

There are several chasms connecting space and time that are fixed in the world and act as a "gate". 

And the "gate of the underworld" or "gate of hell" are what these cracks are called. 

It is easy to get out of the realm by using the gate, but the gate is under the control of the demon race and is not allowed to be used by the invading races (Agressor tribes). 

Therefore, these invading races are always eager to seize control of the “gate." 

Despite this situation, a balance is formed. 

But some people are very upset about this situation. 

In this man’s heart, there is always resentment. 

His name, the "Demon Lord" Feldway. 

The long-looping relationship between the three tribes, which had been in a state of mutual restraint, further ignited the fire of hatred in his heart, as if it were going to turn into a hellish karma fire that would burn the world to the ground. 




Feldway recalled. 

Veldanava has created many races, among them also existences that have the will to sustain the world. 

Feldway is exactly one who was created in the first place. 

The seven most powerful individuals of the angelic race (Seraphims) created to help Veldanava’s work, the Seraphs of Seven Pillars (Seven Original Angels), possess energy that even an awakened demon lord cannot surpass. 

The head of the Seven Pillars was none other than Feldway, who would later become the father of the Phantoms (apparition tribe). 

After getting a name to possess self-consciousness, Feldway swore allegiance to Veldanava and has since led the angels to act as Veldanava's assistants for many years. 

One by one, new races were born. 

The Titan Clan (Giants) Mad King as the incarnation of the Earth. 

The Queen of the Fairy Race as planetary administrator. 

The ancestors of the Vampires in order to build and develop a thriving civilization of the earth. 

From spiritual beings, to semi-spiritual beings, to blood clans that possessed physical bodies, even though eternity was gone, diversity was increasing. 

With all these processes moving forward, until finally— 

By linking with the "world of other dimensions,” humanity was born. 

Impeccable reproductive ability, environmental adaptability, and a rich sense of self with a personality and a curiosity to challenge the mysteries of the world. 

Veldanava was overjoyed. 

To such a fragile and vulnerable race, the most supreme love is given. 

For the sake of these humans, Veldanava intended to eliminate the threat in the world, and upon receiving this order, Feldway crushed the various evil demons of Rakshasa. 

However, the last remaining individual is tricky. 

It was the Dragon Ivaraj, who would later become the king of the mythical beast tribe (Cryptids). 

Ivaraj came from nowhere, and doesn’t even know how he was born. 

Is it from the other side of the universe, or the end of the other dimension……? 

The only thing that is clear is that it is the embodiment of calamity. 

Not only does he have the power to rival the True Dragon Race, but he is unable to communicate at all due to his lack of intelligence, and because he acts out of pure instinct to destroy the world, he may cause the world to end. 

Even Feldway, in a one-on-one situation, couldn't do anything about him. 

Unable to watch, Veldanava took action, sealing Ivaraj in the Otherworld, and then ordered Feldway to monitor its movements. 

Feldway had said that the root of the scourge should be completely eliminated. 

Because it's too dangerous. 

But this offer was rejected by Veldanava. 

Veldanava thinks that Ivaraj is likely to gain intelligence. 

As a result, the otherworld was filled with magicules leaking out of Ivaraj, and a new race of Cryptids was spawned. 

Either way, it's just a degraded version of Ivaraj’s mythical beast tribe, fighting endlessly all day long by the instinct of struggle. 

No need to drink and eat, not even fearing one's own death. 

It can really be said to be a failure of creation, and even Feldway, a believer in Veldanava, has to think that this is an existence that should be scorned. 

Since then, the occasional elimination of the Cryptids has continued on a daily basis. 

As a result, change has occurred. 

As if to prove what Veldanava had said, the existence of a sentient being among the Cryptids was born. 

This being the very originator of heresy. 

Even more irritating for Feldway was the fact that Veldanava rejoiced over it. Veldanava named this being "Zelanus". 

This is the birth of Zelanus, the Insectar King. 

Zelanus, without being ordered to do so by Veldanava, began to drive out the mob of Cryptids on his own, a move that was entirely driven by his instincts of struggle, though Veldanava acquiesced in the act. 

It didn't take long for Zelanus to create a clan of Insectars that could act as his own right-hand men, and these Insectars unwittingly grew into a remarkable faction. 

The nature of Feldway has also changed. 

Because of the long years of bathing under the influence of the magicules, he was becoming no longer a Seraphim. 

The angels led by Feldway also changed into a new race. 

The Seven Original Angels were not the only ones who came to the Otherworld from the Celestial Realm where Veldanava lived. Three of them stayed with Veldanava, while three others, Zalario, Obera, and Cornu, went the Otherworld to help Feldway manage the foreign world. 

These three, along with Feldway, mutated and evolved into the Killing Angel clan. 

The rest of the angelic race also mutated and began to be self-conscious, and they were the monsters that changed into human form—the Phantom race, a new race that had broken away from the symbiotic relationship between demons and spirits. 

In this way, a new relationship is constructed over a long period of time. 

Although Feldway and Zelanus didn't share the same sentiment, they still basically recognized each other as useful existences when facing the Cryptids. 

So a tacit understanding of mutual non-interference is formed, forming a relationship to fight together. 

But just that one layer of relationship also collapsed with the disappearance of Veldanava. 

At first, they thought that Veldanava would be resurrected immediately. 

However, even after hundreds of years, Veldanava still shows not a hint of resurrection. 

Feldway felt strange. 

That's when it occurred to him. 

Veldanava probably abandoned them. 

If this were not the case, it would not be possible to account for the fact that the “true dragon race,” 

which was supposed to be immortal, did not come back to life. 

If this conjecture is correct— 

Feldway felt lamented and disgusted. 

This sentiment is directed at humanity. 

No, it's not just the humans. 

There were the Elves, the Dwarves, the Beastmen, even the Demons. All races that could be collectively referred to as subhumans…in sum, the abomination of man. 

So he generated the idea of destroying them. 

There is no value in living, even those who have taken Veldanava. 

The world created by Veldanava is to be united by his own hands, and on that basis, sanctions are to be given to those who commit great sins—this is the conclusion that Feldway has reached. 

The world favored by the god Veldanava is to be dyed in his own colors, to destroy its diversity, to be created as a world at his disposal. 

“O, Lord Veldanava! If you want to punish me then come and punish me, that's what I expect. Come on, if you don't come, the world will be gone." 

As if to test the gods, the Demon King, Feldway, set into motion. 

It was the birth of the "demon race,” humanity’s enemy. 

At first, Feldway even went to Zelanus. 

Feldway offered to Zelanus to help him destroy the Cryptids before riding the wave to the ground. 


"Ridiculous. There is only one person in the world who can command me, and now that His Majesty is gone, I will do as I please." 

Not at all prepared to listen to Feldway, he rejected the proposal without mercy. 

Feldway felt extremely angry at hearing this. 

Not anger at being rejected. 

Rather, it was Zelanus's attitude, acting as if Veldanava had perished, that made it difficult for Feldway to endure. 

"Then I'll kill you first.” 

And just like that, Feldway's anger was directed at the Insectar Race. 

If Feldway and Zelanus could join forces at this time, perhaps the Doom Dragon Ivaraj and the Cryptids would all be wiped out, but that was already an unattainable dream. 

Since then, the Phantom Clan and the Insectar Clan had started a war, and the era of warfare in the true sense had come. 

In this way, the otherworld became extremely confused, and the relationship of the three holding each other in check began to form. 




Long years passed again. 

The situation in the otherworld remains stagnant. 

As long as Veldanava is not resurrected, the Otherworld cannot be changed back to the way it was. Any attempt to seize control of the Gate will surely be hindered by the demons. 

The most hateful of these is the Black Primordial who is particularly fond of fighting. The dark king not only sees the Phantom race with contempt, but he was also hostile to all those who went against the will of Veldanava. 

This really infuriated Feldway beyond measure, and in his opinion, it would be better to say that the demons were the fools who prevented the resurrection of Veldanava. 

That being said, it is impossible to eliminate them. Even in the material world, the primordial was very powerful, and if he was replaced in the other world or the underworld, his power would not be restricted in any way. 

The strength of the consciousness directly affects the spiritual or semi-material world in which the power is reincarnated, and is simply invincible. 

Only, it was the same for Feldway, so even starting a fight would certainly not result in anything, and ignoring the demon, though reluctantly, was the only solution. 

For various reasons, it is extremely difficult to return to the world in which Veldanava had been. 

Even if the Otherworld occasionally opens a rift, it is always connected to the Otherworld. Even trying to invade those worlds would only be a way to pass the time, and would serve no other purpose. 

Without results, Feldway was left to fend for himself. 

The opportunity came at this point. 

<Can you hear me, Feldway?> 

A mysterious voice spoke directly to Feldway’s heart. 


The voice responded coldly. 

<I, who had been boarding in the consciousness of power, can only call myself "Rudra" because I am not yet free, and I presume that we have the same purpose, so I have come to talk to you.> Rudra—the name was familiar. 

The owner of this name was both a close friend and a disciple of Veldanava. 

And he’s well known as the “First Hero". 

It is unclear as to who dwells in authority, but what is of concern is the purpose of those who claim to be Rudra. 

If it's for some boring purpose, just reverse-detect the location of this sound and destroy its existence. 

Having made up his mind, Feldway continued the conversation. 

"The purpose is to resurrect Lord Veldanava, the Creator, and nothing else.” 

What? Feldway’s eyes glazed over. 

The tone in which this was spoken sounded serious, and the purpose was indeed enough to pique Feldway's interest. 

Whatever his true identity was, it no longer mattered, and Feldway began to talk to the voice with all his heart. 

After the exchange, it became clear that the voice's true form was the ultimate skill created by Veldanava, ‘Justice King Michael.’ 

There is no doubt in Feldway's mind about what the 'King of Justice' said, and this is because Feldway is familiar with the 'King of Justice'. 

A decision was made to assist the 'King of Justice', as Feldway said, 

"Well, as of today, you and I are comrades, so it's a little awkward if you don’t have a name.” 

"Ridiculous, but a name…" 

As if to interrupt the inorganic reply, Feldway spoke. 

"Isn't it wrong to call you Rudra? I'll call you Michael.” 

It was just a playful word. 

But the change was dramatic. 

The 'King of Justice', whose self-awareness was still weak as the Theosophical Core (Manas), was born with a clear self-awareness. 

"I think you should be thankful here, Feldway. You are not recognized as the true master, but as a temporary master. When the power has been fully regained from Rudra, let the remainder of it be divided among you.” 

‘Interesting’—Feldway should have said. 

But instead of nodding, he offered a substitute. 

"No, the master is yours. I can't get out of here without dealing with Zelanus from my own side. I hate Zelanus, and he distrusts me just as much; it should be better for you to deal with him and try to persuade him.” 

These are the unabashedly sincere words of Feldway. 

Feldway was really pleased. 

There is someone who, like himself, believes that Veldanava has not perished, and since this person is willing to give action to resurrect Veldanava, there is no reason to refuse cooperation. 

The highs and lows of the agreement are minor issues. 

Also, there was a dispute between Feldway and Zelanus, and Feldway would never forgive Zelanus, so the success rate of Michael convincing Zelanus would be higher. 

Michael should be able to speak to Zelanus—Feldway’s instincts told him so, the vibe that unfolded in Michael couldn't help but be reminiscent of Veldanava, and Zelanus should be willing to listen to him. 

For these reasons, Feldway willingly stepped back. 

Things are as Feldway expected. 

Not knowing the process, all in all, Michael had succeeded in convincing Zelanus. Although a pact had been made to make half of the world the dominant territory of the Insectars, that was nothing to Feldway. 

Just the resurrection of Veldanava would be enough for him. 


And so it was that, after constructing this new relationship, another thousand years or more passed.

The plan is on track. 

Rudra, who dominated Michael, was weakened in strength by repeated reincarnations. 

"How is it going, Lord Michael?” 

“Of course, very good. But, as I've said many times, there's no need to use honorifics between me and you.” 

"Oh, that's great. Your reciprocal relationship with me is a secret between the two of us. It would be bad if you accidentally let it slip.” 

This was the conversation after the reincarnation. 

Through this reincarnation, the restrictions on Michael's powers were drastically lifted, much to the delight of Feldway. 

As soon as Rudra's influence wears off, Michael will be able to exercise his powers to the fullest, which means that complete domination over the holders of the Ultimate Skill Angelic System’s dense powers will be achieved. 

With Velgrynd at the head, many hindrances would become obedient companions. 

In this way, even that horrible demon lord could… 

Unlike Rudra, I am not naive and will use all sorts of power to unceremoniously get rid of Guy Crimson. This time we'll have to go toe to toe with that guy. 

Feldway couldn't agree more. 

Rudra was bound to win or lose with Guy, bound by the rules, and had no chance of winning from the start. 

Rudra's powers, if he had used Michael with all his might, should have made it easier to defeat Guy. 

But Rudra did not do so. 

The result was the chaotic status quo that it is today. 

"Once we get rid of Rudra, the world will fall into our hands, and all that remains is to wait for the resurrection of Lord Veldanava.” 

"Exactly. So, Feldway, I have a favor to ask of you.” 

"What is it?” 

It was rare. Feldway was interested as Michael who, for the first time, had a request. 

"Please be a vessel for the rest.” 

Such offers have been rejected in the past. 

Although on the surface they perform a master-subordinate relationship, the two are actually comrades in arms, and Feldway does not want to be in charge. 

Feldway has thoughts of rejecting, but upon hearing Michael's instructions, changed his mind. 

"I have finally succeeded in making the Parallel Existence of Velgrynd my own, so that I can hand over the power of Rudra to you intact." 

That is, while being able to use Rudra as bait as usual, it also allows Feldway to exercise the power of the 'King of Justice'. 

There’s also more than that. 

Originally, the “Castle Guard", the pride of the "King of Justice,” with its extreme power, would only protect the master of the power. 

Because loyalty to the master from the heart of the faithful is the source of power, it deviates from the rule that there is absolutely no influence on the followers—free from the law of ‘never in this world.’ 

Therefore, the “Castle Guard” is only valid for the master. 

Of course, there was also no such thing as being able to include people other than those who believed in the master so cheaply in the object of protection, so Rudra could protect only himself. However, if the "parallel existence" was used to house Feldway, then Feldway would also be able to be sheltered by the 

“Castle Guard" at the same time. 

Looking ahead, there is another advantage that can be found. 

After Rudra is gone, when Feldway becomes the Lord of the 'King of Justice', the ten thousand strong Phantom Race under his command would become a source of power. 

Unlike the subjects who believed in Rudra, these Apparition Tribes would become devotees who had no sense of freedom at all, no fear of changing their hearts, and would never try to betray. 

Strength would not be as susceptible to changes in the heart of its subjects as it had been up until now, and this amounted to gaining a defense that was even stronger than Rudra's, something that was truly desirable for Feldway. 

There is no longer a reason to reject Michael's offer today. 

Like it or not, it turns out that there is another option, to have Michael move into Feldway when Rudra disappears. And now it was nothing more than an early realization, something that Feldway had allowed himself to accept with this way of thinking. 

"If that's the case, there's no need to ask. If we can agree to maintain the relationship we've had, I will accept your proposal.” 

"Of course, my friend.” 

“Come on then, friend.” 

In this way, the intelligence body of the "Theosophy Nucleus" (Manas) Michael, was hosted within Feldway. 


Finally, the day of Armageddon has arrived.

Rudra could only barely hold his own with his strong mental strength, and he had initiated a final showdown with Guy in spite of such a status quo. 

First, get rid of the Demon Lord Rimuru, and add Veldora, a “ True Dragon,” to your own pieces. 

The plan would have gone well. 

Velgrynd is clearly overwhelming and it doesn't look like she will have a problem capturing Veldora. 

Originally, it didn't matter to Feldway how much the Empire lost, and Feldway didn't care if any Awakeners would show up among the Royal Near Guard Knights. 

The most important thing for Feldway was to get rid of Rudra and liberate Michael. As long as that step was achieved, even Guy would be no match for them. 

So Feldway wanted to remove the last element of unease. 

That’s why Feldway decided to pick up the last remaining bud of anxiety. 

Masayuki "The Brave Hero" looks exactly like Rudra, and what's even more interesting is the fact that Rudra's power, “The Chosen One,” is found in him. 

Maybe it was unlikely, but it was still possible that he was Rudra's back-up. So to dispel that unease, Feldway set about. 

Completely un-anticipating that the Demon Lord Rimuru would cause the plan to go awry……. 



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