Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 18 - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 

The time goes back. Kagali, who was taken from the battlefield by Feldway, regained consciousness just as Lieutenant Kondou was killed in battle. This was the result of being freed from control. But the place was a different world that Kagali had no knowledge of. 

(What's going on? What's going on?) 

Kagali tried to grasp the situation. Then she saw a familiar face. 

"Dino .. . " 

"Hey! You're awake, Kazaream. That means this Kondou guy is dead." 

"You, you're aware.. Oh, so your boss told you." 

Kagali was surprised to hear Dino call her by a name she had abandoned, but her gaze wandered to where she found Yuuki. He was sitting comfortably in his chair, but his expression was blank. In other words, he judged that Yuuki, like Kagali, was under the control of someone. Kagali instantly realized that it would not be surprising if Yuuki's mouth had revealed her true identity. 

"Well. I don't know much about what happened to you, but to be honest, I'm more interested in your appearance." 

Dino said, looking at the current Kagali, who looked nothing like Demon Lord Kazaream. 

(He's still so aloof and unpredictable.) 

Kagali thought while releasing her tension. 

Actually, Kagali did not have enough fighting ability now. He may be Over A rank, but in the eyes of the real monsters, he is a small fish. Dino's ability was unknown, but it was obvious that he was no match for him. Therefore, Kagali thought of the best move he could make at the moment. In other words, he was gathering information. 

"So, where are we? " 

Dino replied in a cryptic manner. 

"You know you're in another world, right? This is a special place, a place of beginnings, adjacent to all worlds but isolated from them, the Heavenly Star Palace." 

The name was unfamiliar. 

But it was filled with words of great importance. 

The place of beginning. . No, the birthplace of Veldanava, the Star King Dragon. The place of beginnings, said to have existed before the creation of all worlds. A place of beginnings before the creation of all worlds. 

It was said to exist, but no one had ever even seen it yet. 

"How did you.. " 

"To get here, you need a key to get through the gate, but I didn't know what that was. But now that you've brought me here, I understand. I'm not going to tell you, though." 

Kagali was annoyed, but remembered that Dino was a man who did not like to waste time. If you won't tell me, then you won't tell me anything, no matter what Kagali does. Then all he had to do was ask something else. 

"I won't force you, just answer what you can tell me." 

"You're a pain in the ass. “ 

"We've known each other a long time. Why not? Yeah.” 

"Damn it, what's in it for me? No. “ 

"I know I've done a lot of work for you, but. ." 

Before Kagali could finish, Dino straightened up. 

"What do you want to know? If I ask you that, you'll forget about the past, right? " 

"Yes, of course I will." 

Kagali smiled at him. 

Dino was still the same. Kagali was relieved to hear that, despite the incomprehensible situation. 

"Our boss, Yuuki Kagurazaka, why is he still in control? You just said that Kondou is dead. . No way!" 

"You're really quick to guess, aren't you? I know you're probably right, so there's no point in answering, but I'll tell you. You were ruled by Kondou, but your 

Yuuki is ruled by the same person who lent Kondou the power." 

"I knew it. . . . " 

It was a fact that he didn't want to believe that there was a being who could lend him the power to control others. 

But Dino wouldn't lie to me like this. He is the type of person who doesn't talk if he doesn't want to, so his information is more truthful. Yuuki is under the control of a supernatural being that nullifies all skills, but the power to break through it is nothing but fear. I want to get Yuuki back to normal in order to escape from this place, but I have no idea how to do that. Then. . 

"Where are my beautiful children? " 

"You mean the ones standing behind you? " 

Kagali turned around in a panic. There was no sign of them, but that was to be expected. She was in Killing Mode, just following my orders.Kagali thought to herself that she had been in a hurry even though she thought she was calm. Then, she released the order and returned Tear and Footman to their original positions. 

Incidentally, there were nine unfamiliar undead elves standing in the line, but that was none of Kagali's concern. At least, I have a vague memory of the time when I was under their control. I remember that I was ordered to use the forbidden spell 

"Birth Day", so it must have been created by that. However, it was not Kagali's will, and she had no attachment to the people who gave birth to her. 

"Oh, Chairman! You're all right, aren't you!, I was so worried about you! " 

"Ho-ho-ho-ho. Tear's right. Chairman, did the boss help you? " 

"No, he didn't. Besides, there's no point in hiding it so I'll tell you right now, the situation sucks." 

Kagali said, informing them of the situation as well. Dino didn't care that he was left alone, and fell asleep. 

"Well, it's because we're not good enough, isn't it? 

"That's not true, Tear. Even the boss was dominated, so I'm sure we couldn't resist no matter how hard we tried." 

"Then what are you going to do? Are you going to obey? " 

"Since there are no guards, can't we escape? " 

Footman asks, Tear gives her opinion. 

Kagali's face is dark as she answers. 

"That's the problem, isn't it? As much as we'd like to escape, we're talking about a Heavenly Star Palace in another world. You can't escape by magic." 

Actually, Kagali had already tried elemental magic: Warp Portal. If there was any sign of success, he intended to take Tear, Footman, and Yuki and escape. 

However, since the coordinates of the current location were unknown, the spell did not work. 

(It was fortunate that I was able to break her control, but she saw right through me that I couldn't do anything with that… I'm sorry.) It's a shame, but I guess it's the truth. It's true, there are no guards. But that's because Kagali and the others were thought to be inescapable. 


"Oh, god. What, just when people are about to take a nice nap. You still have questions? " 

"I don't suppose you could answer them, but is there any way we can get out of here? " 

"Do you think there is? " 

"I. . . . No." 

"Do you? I've always appreciated your quick thinking. So, you'd better stop wasting your time and be quiet." 

The result was as I expected, but I was stuck with it. 

The Heavenly Star Palace is a very small flat world. It exists within the inner surface of a sphere, with the lower half being the earth and the upper half being the sky. 

Less than a hundred square kilometers in size, it has only a temperate climate with no four seasons and a beautiful chalk castle. But it was perfect. 

The flowers do not wither, the fruit does not rot, the water is clean, and the earth is moist. Therefore, there were always fields of flowers in full bloom, and the sparse trees bore sweet-smelling heavenly fruits. 

In this world where time seemed to have stopped, there was no sense of change. 

Kagali and the others were waiting in the garden in a gazebo. From there, they could see the whole castle and, on the other side, the huge gate at the edge of the world. There was no sign of anyone coming out of the castle. 

But with the gates closed, it seemed clear that escape from this world was impossible. Therefore, Kagali was not discouraged by Dino's answer and tried to think of a countermeasure calmly. However, someone came out of the castle to interrupt him. 

He was a man with a muscular physique and a fearless face. 

He had a strong, muscular physique and a fearless face. He seemed to be emitting a gushing spirit from his body, which indicated that he was very strong. 

"Dino-sama, you're in trouble. How can a man of your stature be so friendly to such a group of people?" The man looked down on Kagali and the others in a very natural manner. Kagali was annoyed by this person, but put up with it for the time being. 

Kagali is a cautious person. 

"Gnome, was it? From the looks of it, it seems you've successfully incarnated." 

"Yes! The body of a man named Vega was a very good catalyst. His regenerative powers are high, and at this rate, I'm sure the others and Dhalis-sama will be able to incarnate as well." 

"That's good to know." 

Dino replied, looking uninterested. 

Kagali, unaware of the situation, listened to the conversation in silence. 

Vega seems to be one of the heads (bosses) of Cerberus, Vega of Power. 

(Vega is a catalyst?) Kagali had a vague memory of their visit to this place together. 

(Vega is a catalyst? Perhaps as a substitute for incarnation? No, that's certainly possible. The man is a product of Rosso's research, a wizard inquisitor. He's a monster who can recover from any injury as long as he's fed.) In other words, even if an arm was cut off, it would grow back, and in fact, there was even an experiment that showed that if only the neck remained, it would revive. This is where the horrifying part comes in: even the cut off part of the body tried to return to human form as a monster with no ego. That was why Yuki had strictly ordered Vega to collect her limbs if they were cut off. 

But you see. It seems that this Gnome guy took advantage of Vega's trait to get an empty body. Why did he need a body in the first place? What is its true identity? Does it mean it needs to incarnate, demon? No, it's an angel, judging from this holy sign. That would certainly be more powerful than possessing a human or a monster. 

Kagali thinks fast. 

She's lost most of her fighting ability, but her mind is still intact. And we've come to a rough conclusion. This man, Gnome, is an angel, or some kind of spirit life form. And that he incarnated to invade the earth. Vega is being used as a catalyst to create flesh. They may be alive, but they are not in a position to move. 

This was largely correct, except that Gnome's race was phantom. They had strengthened their pseudomorphic bodies with magicule by fusing them with Vega's cells. In this way, the Gnomes had succeeded in complete incarnation by taking in matter. The substances they took in were proteins and carbohydrates collected from the ground. In other words, all you have to do is eat. It was a different method from that of undead elf, but it was more convenient for the Gnomes, who were semi-mental life forms. By the way, this Gnome is one of Zalario's subordinates. He had been left out of Ramiris's labyrinth attack and was staying at home. 

Then Feldway returned with Vega and the others, and ordered Gnome to incarnate. Zalario and the others returned at the right time and met with Dino and the others. 

With the success of Gnome as an experiment, the others began to incarnate. 

That is why Gnome was the first one to come out. Gnome, a former Sorone, is now a high-ranking subordinate "general" level phantom. Because of his successful incarnation, he was now able to exert more power than the Demon Lord Seed. 

From the perspective of Gnome, Kagali, who was almost the same as a human, was nothing more than a speck of dust. 

So, naturally, he would speak from above. 

"Kagali, right? You're just tools to increase our strength. You seem to have regained your free will after the death of Kondou, who was more or less a useful tool, but don't get carried away. The Dino-sama here are not like you! " 

"Hey, stop it right there.” 

"No, Dino-sama! Isn't Dino-sama a pillar of the great Seven Primordial Angels? It is too merciful of you to speak so casually with these people! " 

"That's why Kazaream and I are old acquaintances. 

"My name is Kagali now. Can you call me that from now on? " 

"I'd say it's a pain in the ass to remember, but it's nice to have a shorter name. All right, Kagali." 

Unlike her previous incarnation as a man, Kagali is now a beautiful woman. 

The name change didn't feel out of place, and Dino accepted it easily. 

Ignoring Gnome, Dino and Kagali had a friendly conversation.This irritated Gnome. 

Gnome's master is a former kelp named Dhalis. A noble man with great fighting skills, he was Zalario's second-in-command. What even Dhalis cannot match is the supreme being, the Firstborn. Like the Gnomes, it did not acquire its name recently. They were created and named by the god Veldanava himself. They were great seraphim who had been destroying demons since the beginning. To Gnome, they were like gods, and Kagali's attitude was unbearable. Even if Dino himself allowed it, it would affect Zalario's status if left unchecked. Thinking so, Gnome finally decided to use force. 

"I told you not to get carried away! 

He fired a psychic bullet at Kagali, who was sitting on a chair. 

Dino did not move. He didn't need to. 

"Ho-ho-ho-ho. Is the long story over? But you're the one who's rude to the Chairman!" 

"Yeah, yeah, that's right! Do it, Footman! " 

Kagali's dearest friends and loyal clowns are ready to take on Gnome. . 

The battle became one-sided and fierce. 

The Gnome was originally a phantom that had been at war with insectar as a force under Zalario's command. Although he has just gained a body, he does not feel any discomfort. On the contrary, its fighting ability has increased. Its existence value exceeded one million. On top of that, in order to fill up his empty body, the magicule amount is currently increasing. Against Gnome, who is in great shape, is Footman, who has a higher fighting ability than Clayman. His intelligence is low, but his power is unmatched. His existence value had reached one hundred and thirty thousand, and now that the restriction had been lifted, his power was incomparable to when he had fought Geld. 


Footman punched Gnome while shouting this. 


Gnome's face caved in, and he was blown away. 

"Ho-ho-ho. I'm coming for you! Gnome.” 

He pursued Gnome with no fanfare, hitting him, hitting him, hitting him. He grabs Gnome's legs, swings him around and throws him into the air, causing Footman to jump. He bounces back, gains momentum, and uses his own body like a cannonball to plunge into Gnome's back. 


He then grabs Gnome and slams him into the ground. Footman's weight was on top of Gnome's back, and he was about to crush the earth. Footman is not very intelligent, but he has a good sense of combat. If Gnome had gotten Vega's cells, it would regenerate after being torn or injured. He instinctively knows that such attacks are meaningless, so he fights by accumulating damage and depriving himself of stamina. Gnome was puzzled by Footman, who was much stronger than he had imagined. 

“I'm a phantom general. How could I, the general of the phantom, be inferior to such a nameless fellow?” 

“The incarnation has greatly increased my fighting ability. And yet, I was losing to him.” 

Gnome was baffled by this fact. 

"What the hell is wrong with you? 

"Me? I'm Footman. I'm the Footman of the Angry Pierrot, a Moderate Clown 

Troupe. Please, make my acquaintance! " 

Footman bowed condescendingly and said his name politely. This relaxed attitude struck a nerve with Gnome. And then there was Tear. 

"I'll say my name too! I'm Tear. I'm Tear from Teardrop, one of the Moderate Clown Troupe! After Footman, you'll have to play with me! " 

She's saying it in a cute way, but she's not hiding his evil intentions. 

Although not as powerful as Footman, this Tear is also quite strong. Her existence value is a little over a million, and her Unique Skill was a vicious trump card. 

It doesn't work now. However, if Footman is defeated, then Tear will come into her own. 

Looking forward to that time, Tear continues to watch over Footman's battle. 

Once again, Footman's onslaught has begun. Punching, kicking, slamming, like a cat shaking a mouse, Footman is hunting down Gnome. Gnome is getting impatient. Footman and Tear laugh at him. Kagali, who was watching over them, was analyzing the situation calmly. The worst. There is no future for us if we continue like this. Even if we win this battle, Gnome seems to be a low-level player. 

(We have Tear, but even that doesn't seem to help.) Kagali glanced at Yuuki. 

(I don't think Tear can win against an opponent that Yuuki-sama can defeat. .) 

Besides, angels and demons can't be physically destroyed. Unless they have special powers, they will come back to life even if we kill Gnome here. When you take in Vega's cells, you are physically unable to die. Moreover, if there was a high probability of resurrection even after death, this battle itself seemed pointless. 

After all, defeat was guaranteed. Knowing this, Kagali felt like a fool. 

"Stop it, Footman. I'm not playing anymore." 

"Huh? Is that all right with you, Chairman? " 

"No. We can't escape from here anyway. Not if we can destroy that big gate, but that seems impossible no matter what." 

If Dino's words are to be believed, this is a closed world called the Heavenly 

Star Palace. They need a key to get through the gate, and Kagali and the others have no way to get it. It was a dead end. 

Seeing Kagali, Gnome laughs loudly. 

"Hahahahaha! That's right. If you understood that, then we can talk quickly. 

All you have to do is work as hard as you can as a tool. If you do, I'll take good care of you as a capable subordinate." 

Seeing that Footman had stopped moving, Gnome understood the situation. 

It was unexpected that he could not defeat Footman, but his master, Kagali, was clever. 

As long as he could control his master, Footman and Tear would be nothing but puppets. If so, Gnome's dominance would be protected. 

Thinking this, Gnome regained his composure, but the next moment, he was frightened by the overwhelming presence of death that surrounded him. 

"You are unsightly, Gnome. It was a mistake to give you a name." 

Before he knew it, the gates had opened, revealing three figures. One of them, with long jet-black hair that looked as if it was studded with stars in the night sky, was Zalario, the leader of the "Three Phantom Commanders" with striking good looks. 

When he returned, Zalario had been watching Gnome's words and actions without any sign of him. He was dismayed and disappointed by the fecklessness of the situation. His companions, Pico and Gracia, walked towards Dino, away from Zalario. 

"Hey, good work.” 

"Yeah. I'm tired from work, and you're in trouble? Yeah. “ 

"Hey, hey, what's going on? " 

We ask in hushed tones, but Dino just shrugs and says, "You'll see. Pico and…” 

Gracia looked at Gnome to see that he didn't want to explain. 

" Zalario-sama!” 

"Don't say my name, it's dirty." 

"Oh, no! Please wait. There's been a misunderstanding. ." 

"You're mistaken. My word is justice. Therefore, there is no such thing as a mistake. 

"That's. . It's. . " 

If you say yes, you're admitting your mistake. But to deny it would be to antagonize Zalario. 

Gnome was in an instant danger, but there was no way out of this situation. 

"Compared to you, well, it's a bit rude to compare. Feldway's scavenger is more useful to me." 

Zalario's words were matter-of-fact, devoid of any flicker of emotion. 

However, Gnome senses something ominous in his voice, and struggles to speak up. 

"Please wait. ." 

But it was all too late. 

The noble Zalario hates fools. 

"Your sin is that you misjudged your own worth. I will forgive you if you simply erase your character in light of the years you served me." 

Zalario said cruelly. 

"Erase your personality? 

Kagali was shocked. 

"No! No, no. Forgive me, forgive me, Za. ." 

Zalario would not allow Gnome to call his name. 


A ray of lightning flashed from Zalario's fingertips. 

The divine scorpion will burn Gnome. 

And yet, its body is unharmed. But his mind had been initialized with a catastrophic amount of information, and overwritten with a new personality. 

It was a bullshit power. 

Zalario was not in his element in the labyrinth of Ramiris. 

And Kagali, who had witnessed the power, knew the situation was hopeless. 

(Impossible. This was not a fightable opponent. Dino thought he was in trouble, but this guy. . . . He's in the same class as Guy and Milim. . . It's a whole other level.) 

Different dimensions. So Kagali gave up all resistance. 

"So, what happens to me? " 

Kagali asks proudly. 

If she was going to be punished, she thought, she would keep her pride intact until the end. 

"Not really. I'm not going to apologize for the trouble Gnome has caused you." 

"What? " 

Kagali was perplexed by the casualness of the conversation. 

From Zalario's point of view, he was telling the truth. 

It was Lieutenant Kondou who had picked Kagali up, but it had been Feldway's decision. It was Feldway's intention to use the power that Michael had given him to create a reincarnation for them. 

This was successfully accomplished, and although there were only nine of them, they were wonderfully prepared. The transcendent beings, Zalario and the others, needed to select the bodies to incarnate. As with their current temporary bodies, mere humans and monsters would not be able to withstand their power and would disintegrate. This is similar to the situation in which primordials competed with each other for incarnation. The fact that they could not easily manifest in the material world also made it difficult for them to carry out their invasion strategy. 

Kagali conveniently existed in this situation, and the idea of using undead elf as an elementary body emerged. I had to try it out, but I can say that the result is good. The idea of using Vega was also adopted as an alternative, but the result is Gnome's runaway. The result was that Gnome ran out of control, and Zalario judged it to be a failure because it seemed to affect his personality. In comparison, undead elf does not have free will. The power of undead elf had been proven by Footman, and he judged that it would be enough to withstand Zalario's possession. 

"But I reject the idea of using this Vega guy. Gnome was a more cautious man, but I can't help but think it would have had a strange effect." 

Zalario muttered to no one in particular, but Kagali listened and thought about it. Kagali listened and thought about it, and then, without thinking, opened her mouth to answer when she didn't need to. 

"Vega is greedy. As befits a position that symbolizes power, he takes in every desire he can and makes it his own." 

"Really? " 

Oh, no, I thought, but it was too late. 

Faced with the silent pressure to continue, I proceeded to state my reasoning. 

"Vega is pure. He follows the strong and eats the weak. He may be vile, but he has his own beliefs. That's why he's strong." 

He doesn't take it personally when he loses, and he'll stoop to any level if he thinks he can't win. He believes that if he can survive and make it to the next level, he will win. That is why Vega has never felt defeated. He thinks that the person who messes him is an idiot, and that he should pay him back one day when he becomes a winner. 

That is how Kagali evaluated Vega. 

(Though Yuuki-sama is better in terms of greed.) 

Kagali even saw through Vega's character and made good use of it. Kagali also admired Yuuki's strength. 

"I see. So, you're saying that it's possible that such a greedy nature has permeated every single cell of Vega? " 

Kagali, who had thought she hadn't explained it well enough, nodded at Zalario's accurate point. 

"Exactly. That's why I honestly don't recommend growing and using his cells." 

"I'll keep that in mind." 

Zalario said, turning his attention back to the castle. 

"I see. . That thing is definitely useless. You follow me." 

"What? " 

Zalario asked back, but he was walking quickly towards the castle. Gnome, whose presence had become scarce, naturally followed Zalario. 

Kagali wondered for a moment what to do, but decided that it would not be wise to disobey. 

"You two, follow me." 

"Yes, sir." 

"Yes! Yes! 

Kagali followed Zalario, taking Footman and Tear with her. Then, as if it were natural, Yuuki followed Kagali. 

Only Dino and three others were left. 

"What are we going to do? " 

"We don't have anything to do with this, so what do we do? 

"I know. 

"I think that's the point, I think. Pico, don't be too accommodating to Dino. If you don't, I'll be in trouble." 


"Oh, come on, you're making it sound like I'm screwed. No. “ 

"You're no good. “ 

"You're a bad angel. A fallen angel! " 

"You're an asshole! I know you think you're being nice, but you're being annoying! " 

Such was the exchange between the three of them in the empty aisle. 

Kagali was impressed by the majesty of the castle as she entered. 

The castle he had handed over to Clayman was a reminder of how far he had come, despite his best efforts. The royal castle he had lived in so long ago seemed so shabby compared to this. 

"It's wonderful." 

"Of course, it is. This castle is where Veldanava-sama resides." 

Not expecting a response, Kagali changed her opinion of Zalario. 

It seems that he is surprisingly conversant. 

While he was thinking about this, he arrived at the place where he wanted to go. It was a room with two large culture tanks. It had the appearance of a laboratory. There were five men and five women surrounding one of the tanks. 

Floating in the middle of them was something in the shape of a person. 

On closer inspection, it resembles a Vega. Noticing Zalario's presence, they all turned and hung their heads. A man greets them on behalf of the group. 

"Zalario-sama, welcome back." 

The man's name was Dhalis. 

Strictly speaking, the phantom had no gender, but he was a believer who had served Zalario as a man since the time of the original kelp. Zalario nodded lightly and told him what he wanted. 

"Cancel the plan." 

"Yes, sir." 

Dhalis doesn't ask why. They believe that whatever Zalario says is right, and that they should just follow him. 

This was the reason why the angelic ego was regarded as weak. That's why they were so easily influenced by the encroachment of Vega. 

"I have given you a name, but it may have been meaningless." 

"I'm sorry, sir. Am I in any way at fault here? " 

"No, I'm not at fault. It's just that I expected too much." 

Zalario will do his best, but he does not expect every result to be perfect. He is working to accurately evaluate the confirmed results and apply them to the future. Therefore, no matter what the outcome, he is not upset. Dhalis is afraid of being disappointed by Zalario. So, he follows Zalario's words even though he feels frustrated. He ordered his subordinates, Gnome and Bern, to stop the movement of the incubator. Nice, who is the same rank as Dhalis, has no objection and has her subordinates, Bem and Sun, help her. Incidentally, Dhalis is male and Nice is female. 

The others are former seated angels (Sorone) like Gnome, so they do not have a definite gender. However, as Zalario says, they have recently acquired "names", and their personalities have become distinctive. This has given her a personality, but it is still in its infancy. 

It seems that some of the subordinates of the "Three Phantom Commanders" 

Cornu, the same rank as Zalario, were possessed by the locals of the invaded area and lost the initiative. It is believed that this was due to a weak ego, and as a countermeasure, only the former angelic leaders were given names. However, several decades had passed since then, and Zalario believed that even then, the changes were so slight that no further growth could be expected. That was why he was looking for a suitable medium for possession. 

(I thought the idea of cultivating Vega's body was a good one, but the cells themselves were covered in evil spirits. Then there's no choice but to use the undead elf that was born. . . . There are nine of them.) There are nine of them. That was enough for the current leaders. 

However, Feldway was planning to ask Michael to use the 'Army of Angels, Armageddon' to further increase his strength. The plan was not to summon countless angels, but to create several pillars of seraphim by concentrating their energy. That's why it's undead elf. Zalario's subordinates, even his confidant Dhalis, were only second in rank. The undead elf should have been used only for the seraphim, to gather a large and unshakable force. 

(Oh well. We don't know how many pillars we can summon, so there's no rush. I'll talk to Feldway about this later.) 

Zalario thought about it and was about to leave the place. 

But then, he heard the sound of shattering glass. 

The culture tank had been destroyed. 

"Wait! I'll never forgive you! You tore off my arm! You, I'll take that back!" 

With the device shut down, Vega awoke and began to move. And its target was Gnome, who had fused with Vega's cells. 

"Gubuh, gubuh, gubuh, gubuh. ." 

Before anyone could stop him, Vega's arm grabbed Gnome. Then the fusion began, and Gnome was absorbed by Vega. 

"Oh, that's delicious! I'm so full of power! 

Vega was delighted. He sensed that the Gnome he had absorbed had a huge amount of magicule in it, and that it had boosted his power. 

"Kuka kuka kuka! I like this guy. I can take any bastard I want right now!" 

Vega's climax ended the moment he locked eyes with Zalario. 

"I've heard about you. You can either join us, or you can stay and fight." 

Vega was asked this question, but he knew the answer. 

"Heh, sorry. I got carried away. Of course, I'll follow you." 

That kind of filthiness is quite impressive at this point. Zalario was not dismayed, as he had expected this attitude. I knew it, and I accepted it. The loss of Gnome was unfortunate, but it did help to strengthen Vega. What we need in the future is not an army, but individual courage. The more powerful allies we have, the better. Besides, Gnome had just lost its ego, and its value as a pawn had diminished. 

In fact, it would have been better for him to become Vega's ally here. 

Zalario was cruel and ruthless to his subordinates who had served him since long ago, but that was his true intention. 

The others had no problem with Zalario's decision. Vega's outburst was forgiven, and he was treated as one of them. 

Kagali, who was watching the whole thing, could not help but feel disgusted. 

Vega's attitude was horrible, but Zalario, who tolerated it so easily, was hard to understand what kind of thought process he had. I couldn't read Zalario's thoughts because he didn't seem to be similar to Yuuki. Yuuki was well aware of the dangers of Vega, and handled it well. But Zalario... 

Zalario, on the other hand, probably doesn't even think Vega is dangerous. 

Does that mean he's that much more capable? I think so. Kagali judged that from the situation, but she was right. Zalario does not even care about the current Vega. Even his own subordinates were only slightly useful tools. But this was not arrogance. It is not arrogance, because Zalario's perception is not wrong. 

Zalario's nature of grasping information correctly is far from arrogance. Kagali, however, could not possibly understand such a thing, and was left puzzled. 

"Hey, it's Kagali. And Yuuki doesn't like you either. Well, we're old friends, let's get along." 

Kagali was found by Vega and called out to him. There's no way the current Kagali can beat Vega. Besides, even if Tear and Footman had challenged Vega, the odds would have been about 50-50. Since Yuuki was still deprived of her free will, she decided that it would be best to stay in line. 

"Right. Our circumstances have changed a lot, so let's continue to get along." 

"Oh, yeah. Anyway, where am I? Where are we? 

"It's called the Heavenly Star Palace. It looks like there's no escape, so we'll just have to follow them." 

"I see. Well, we don't need to run. I'm sure they'll need my help anyway, so I'll just enjoy the situation." 

Kagali envies Vega's simplicity. Zalario doesn't seem to be interested, but the intentions of those controlling Yuuki are unknown. 

Kagali thinks that the birth spell will be a trump card for Kagali and her friends, but she is not sure about that either. In the first place, a ritual that requires tens of thousands of corpses is not something that can be easily handled. 

We need to make them think we're useful somehow. If worse comes to worst, we'll survive even if we have to flirt with them. Kagali thinks so. 

It's out of the question for us to abandon our ambitions after all this time. 

They have decided that now is the time for surrender, and they are ready to throw away their pride. And that resolve would soon be put to the test. 

Michael and Feldway had returned. 

In the center of the castle, there was an audience hall. 

There was no one on the throne. It had been empty for a long time. Chairs were arranged in the hall, and people were sitting as they pleased. Michael was seated in the chair closest to the throne. Standing next to him was Feldway, glaring at the gathering. In addition to Zalario and the others, Kagali's group is also there. 

Dino and the others had not skipped a beat. The newborn undead elves had also been brought here. And that's not all. Obera and her confidant from the Palace of Monsters had also been summoned. Obera had only one confidant, named Oma. 

The others were killed in the battle against the cryptids. As you can see, Obera is the one who is in charge of the toughest battlefield. Oma lost both her eyes when she became youma, but instead she had a single eye that could see everything. Her mouth has been sewn shut, and she communicates only by telekinesis, not by words. Despite her eerie appearance, she is a former warrior who has followed Obera for a long time. Feldway has not only brought Obera and the others with him. 

There was the Insectar, with whom he had fought for what seemed like an eternity, and with whom he was now in alliance. Led by the Insect Lord Zelanus, the Twelve Insect Generals, who are his confidants, gathered together. 

However, there are only eight of them now, not twelve. One of the missing members is Razul, the guardian god of the West. He invaded the Cardinal World more than two thousand years ago under the command of Zelanus, but betrayed it and became an ally of the Chosen Hero Granbell. He is a Mushroom Majin (insector) who was defeated by Shion and Ranga. 

The other is Minaza, a Mushroom General sent by Zelanus to help Emperor Rudra after he was promised half the world. He was also defeated by Shion, though by a strange coincidence. 

As for the remaining two, a juvenile born of the replacement has escaped. 

One of them is also a direct descendant of Zelanus, so a secret search order has been issued. He is still missing. 

Each of the eight present here, like Razul and Minaza, has a fighting ability comparable to that of an awakened demon lord. Among them, Zeth, the head of the Mushoushou and a direct descendant of Zelanus, boasted a strength that set him apart from the others. He was Zalario's rival, and they had competed with each other to the death. The strength of the remaining seven was on a par with the others. 

Beat hop, with the characteristics of a bee and a grasshopper. 

The mujika is an anthropomorphic centipede. 

Tithorn, like a praying mantis. 

Goldflies with dragonfly wings, Trun. 

A Bart, with spider-like limbs on its back. 

Venomous scorpion, Salir. 

As beautiful as a damselfly, Period. 

A group of powerful people, each with their own peculiarities, stood in silence, not even sitting on chairs. It was a large room, but the oppressive feeling made it seem smaller. Kagali was a little afraid, but decided to let things happen as they would. 

After everyone had been assembled, the meeting with Michael began. 

"Gentlemen. With Rudra gone, Michael-sama is free to go. And as a first step towards Veldanava-sama's resurrection, we have succeeded in expelling Velgrynd. 

The plan was now complete." 

At that moment, Zalario stepped forward to speak. Normally, he would not interrupt his superior, Feldway, but this time he decided that it was urgent. 

"Feldway-sama, please wait. There seems to be a difference in perception." 

Feldway was in a good mood, but his smile faded when Zalario said. 


He becomes a little grumpy and asks. 

"Velgrynd is alive and well. And because of her, Cornu has been destroyed. 

” "What? " " 

Even Zelanus twitches at this comment. Feldway frowned in displeasure. 

The new obstacle of the Demon Lord Rimuru was an annoyance, but the plan was on track. Guy Crimson and Rimuru Tempest, both of whom would be obstacles, were on the verge of Veldanava's return. 

Of the three remaining "True Dragons" on Earth, Velgrynd's factor had been obtained. Of the three remaining "True Dragons and he was ready to obtain the other two. However, if Zalario's words were true, it meant that there would be a major deviation from the plan. 

And, as if to confirm his words, Cornu's presence has disappeared. Neither here at the Heavenly Star Palace, nor in the Palace of the Otherworld, Cornu's presence was nowhere to be found. 

"Are you sure? " 

"It's true. Because of Cornu's disappearance, the plan failed. We have no choice but to retreat. I didn't think your plan would fail, but I guess the blame lies with your ineptitude, right? " 

Dino, not Zalario, answered. Dino is more tactful than Zalario in that he even shifts the blame for the failure of the plan. Zalario tacitly accepts it. He doesn't think that Dino's opinion is correct, but he doesn't think it is necessary to deny it. Zalario, who is fair-minded and strict with himself, is flexible. With such a reaction from both of them, Feldway has no choice but to stop doubting. 

Unexpectedly, Feldway was in a foul mood. However, his mind is clear and he quickly devises a countermeasure. The first thing to do is to secure the True Dragon. Since the Dragon Factor is essential to Veldanava's resurrection, it was only natural that this would be the first priority. 

(Fortunately, I have already secured Velgrynd's factor. Although we didn't expect him to come back to this world, it wasn't the worst situation. Still, it was a rather painful mistake. I was careless. I retrieved the power because it was going to disappear anyway, but as a result, the "control circuit" also disappeared. I banished him to the far side of time and space so that he would not be an enemy even if he resurrected, but now I have added a troublesome enemy.) At that time, Velgrynd had lost most of her power. On top of that, the Dragon Factor had been taken from her, and she was on the verge of disappearing. That's why Michael retrieved the Charity King (Raguel), but there was no way he could have predicted that this would lead to the destruction of Cornu. 

(Never mind. As long as Veldanava-sama is restored, the rest is not important. Let's leave Velgrynd alone and let Velzard join us first. 

This time, be careful not to make him disappear, and let him join with some free will. This will help you against Velgrynd, and also help you capture Veldora. 

Once you have Velzard in your group, what do you do next? ) I had planned to go after Veldora right away, but I needed to reconsider this. 

(If we're going to be facing Velgrynd as well, we'd better get our forces up to speed.) 

(I thought that Michael and I could handle it, but you can never be too careful. Dino has just told me that I'm not thinking clearly.) That's why Feldway decided to drastically change his original plan. 

"Then we need to take immediate action here too. Let's get Velzard in first. 

Let's not banish her to the far reaches of space-time and use her as a friend." 

"That's the only way. It would be more prudent to eliminate as many uncertainties as possible, and begin the final ritual once the three True Dragons have been captured." 

Michael nodded in agreement with Feldway's words. 

Velzard was given the Ultimate Skill 'Patience King (Gabriel)' by Veldanava. 

In other words, since the "Control Circuit" was active, he could be added to the group safely and reliably. The problem was what happened after that. 

Michael's eyes scanned the group. 

"I didn't think it was necessary, but we should incarnate them all. That way, we can deal with whatever happens." 

"Indeed. Let's leave Veldora for later and finish all possible preparations first." 

The conversation between Feldway and Michael progressed and a conclusion was reached. 

In anticipation of this, Zalario reports. 

"On that note, I have something to report." 

"What is it? “ 

"The attempt to recreate it using Vega there has failed. The only way to be sure is to possess the undead elf." 

"Hmm. So that's nine people. It's a little difficult to decide who to incarnate." 

So Feldway ponders. 

Here's what Zelanus has to say. 

"Do what you want with that undead elf. We don't need it." 

The insectar can create a body that looks like a solidified magicule when the time comes. That's why it can enter any world. 

It is useful, but it is not necessary. 

In fact, that's what happened to Minaza. 

She took in the materials of that world and incarnated them, and the insectoid she summons has been confirmed to have the same property. This is why it is difficult for her to cross worlds, but once she has crossed over to another world, she is able to fully exercise her powerful and matchless power. This time, the issue of "crossing the world" has been resolved. It was natural for Zelanus to give in. If he didn't need to consider his allies, he could choose from among the phantoms. In that case, the right choice would be the strongest and most useful. 

"Zalario and Obera, the "Three Phantom Commanders," will be chosen. Shall we fill the remaining seven positions with the executives? " 

"I have an opinion on that as well. “ 

"You're welcome to speak freely.” 

"Thank you. “ 

Seeing this, Dino thought to himself, 'Unlike me, Zalario is very serious. 

With permission, Zalario speaks up. 

"Unlike us, the kelps and below are weak-willed. In the other world, we were able to fight by force, but in the future, I'm afraid that we won't be able to count on them as a fighting force." 

"Hmm. Then what do you suggest? " 

"Yes, sir. Rather, why don't we leave the race for survival in the hands of nature? " 

Zalario had given up on his men. As was the case with Cornu's men, they had been taken over by the humans who had possessed them in the other world they had invaded, and had lost their sense of self. And now, under the influence of Vega's cells, their emotions are running wild. It was unlikely that giving such people a valuable substitute would help them in the coming battle. 

"There are still many who stand in our way. Velgrynd, Veldora, and the demon lords are still alive. Even the damned demons will get in the way, and a tool that just follows orders is. ." 

"Worthless, or. .” 

"Your will." 

In response to Zalario's statement, Feldway nodded. Feldway nodded to Zalario's comment, for he too was concerned about the same thing. 

Yes. What matters is the strength of your will. If you don't have a strong desire, giving you Ultimate Skill is meaningless. To put it another way. . 

No matter how strong the ego is, there is no need to worry about betraying it if you give the Ultimate Enchantment 'Alternative'. Feldway looked at Michael, and their gazes met. Apparently, he had another opinion. 

"What do you have to say about that? " 

"I was going to call in the seraphim and possess them with the all-powerful 

'Army of Angels, Armageddon'." 

"That's fine, but we don't know what kind of pillar it can be called, or what kind of will it possesses, do we? " 

"Seven, at most. But whether the seraphim have a will or not, we won't know that until we summon them." 

“If undead elf possesses seraphim, it will be more powerful than an awakened demon lord. However, I was worried about its strength of will. 

As was the case with us, it took many years for us to establish ourselves.” 

Feldway's conclusion was that a hastily developed force would be useless. 

Here is what Zelanus has to say. 

"Interesting. If there's too much of that seraphim, why don't we or my child eat it? " 

"Hmm... . . Hmm.. “ 

I'm thinking about this too, Feldway. 

We're fighting each other now because our interests are aligned. As soon as one of us achieves our goals, there's a good chance we'll go back to being adversaries. He hesitated to reinforce such an opponent, but it would be an effective strategy to ruin the world. 

"It's on hold. We'll think about it then." 

"Yokarou. Don't force it." 

The conversation about seraphim was postponed and returned to the question of who should incarnate. 

"Then, after all, we should use Zalario as a reincarnation.” 

"Well, that's fine. Feldway is right about eliminating the uncertainty." 

"No objections. “ 

Thus, the two camps agreed. 

"We'll go with Zalario's idea. Are you okay with that? " 

Feldway asks to his camp. It's a question, but it's a decision. There was no way that Dhalis and the others could argue with him, since they would be considered weak if they objected. Thus, it was decided that Zalario and the others would possess the undead elf, and at the same time, unleash the will that resides in their bodies. 

With this decision made, the incarnation ceremony began. This time, the incarnation would be performed by Zalario and five of his men, and Obera and Oma. 

Kagali will be in charge of imbuing undead elf with self. 

(That's a lot of money, but what are they going to do with it? ) Kagali wondered. 

As Kagali wondered this, her eyes met Feldway's. 

"At the time, it was Kagali, wasn't it? Now that Kondou is dead and the reigns are broken, what are you going to do about it? " 

”Ouch," Kagali braced herself. 

"Will you let me go? " 

Kagali asks cautiously, unsure of how much is allowed to be said. There was a surprising reply. 

"After this ritual is over, yes." 

"What? " 

"If that's the case, your role is finished when you created undead elf as a substitute. You've done your job well enough, and if you wish, I can send you back to earth." 

No way, Kagali thought, confused. At best, you'll be locked up. At worst, she was prepared to be punished. And yet, they were allowed to escape. 

There was no lie in Feldway's words. Because there's no need for such a complicated negotiation. The difference in power was so obvious that Kagali had no use for him. Kagali can't think of any reason to deceive such a person, so she thinks it's safe to assume that the words are true. In that case, Kagali treads on thin ice when she makes her next request. 

"Is it possible for you to break Yuuki-sama's control and let us go with her? " 

It was Michael who answered the question. 

"I can't allow that. Because the Ultimate Skill 'Greedy King (Mammon)' owned by Yuuki Kagurazaka is also beneficial to me." 

For Michael, Yuuki's power was of great use, regardless of his personal fighting ability. Therefore, he rejected the idea of releasing him. 

Kagali, understanding this, stopped wishing for more. 

(What do you think, is it right to run away?) 

Feldway said to Kagali. 

"If it's just you and the two of you, I can get you to the surface. However, the Cardinal World will be rough. I hate the people on Earth. Not that I need the death of every living thing to achieve my goal, but it will inevitably be engulfed in flames in a war with those who stand in our way. But that is the punishment. Those whom Veldanava-sama loved have betrayed that love. Sanctions will be necessary." 

Kagali felt a chill run down her spine as the words were said so matter-of-factly. To be engulfed in flames would mean that the whole world would be affected by the war. In that case, it was hard to say that the place they escaped to was safe. 

Yuuki was still under their control, and if the absolute powerhouses here went on a rampage, there would be no safe place on earth. 

In the first place, Kagali thought. We wanted to create a country where we could live happily. 

(We wanted to create a country where we could live happily, but it would be too vain to hope for that under these circumstances. In this situation, the most important thing is to survive. And to do that, we need power.) It may have been a foolish decision. 

But at the time, it seemed to Kagali that it was the only right thing to do. 

That's why he said what he wished. 

"Please give me one undead self. And hopefully, allow me to take on the seraphim in my body." 

Kagali wished. 

I wish to leave my fragile body and be reborn as undead self. Then, she would take in the seraphim and gain great power. I need power. 

Because if you have power, nothing more can be taken from you. 

Kagali's words had no chance of winning, but no one argued with her. 

Dino looked dumbfounded, but said nothing. 

Zalario and Obera just followed Michael's decision. 

And insectar is indifferent. He is not interested in the weak. In the midst of these reactions, Michael nodded. 

"Hmm, interesting. But I will not tolerate betrayal. If you accept my Ultimate Enchantment, I will grant you your wish." 

"I swear I will not betray you. And I accept your dominion." 

The deal was made. 

To make an undead elf develop an ego is equivalent to awakening its original personality. 

In some cases, the strongest will prevails, while in other cases, a new ego is born from a mixture of the two. Even for Kagali, the outcome is unknown. As you can see from Tear and Footman, it is difficult to invoke a targeted personality. 

So even Kagali herself has to gamble whether her ego will win or not. But even so, he knew he had to get the power. So, after awakening the eight selves, he performed an awakening ritual on the undead self in which he dwelt. After that, he escaped from the homunculus and transferred to the undead elf. 

Thus, the ritual ended. 

And the result was. . 

Zalario wakes up. He realizes that he is wrapped in the armor of flesh, and that he can do great things in the Cardinal World. 

Obera wakes up. 

He is proud that his noble intentions can be defeated by no one, and he proves it. When Dhalis was about to wake up, he realized that there was another personality dwelling within him. His name was Torneot, and he was a man of great ambition. He felt that his skills as a warrior had become his own, and he was convinced that Dhalis himself had greatly increased his presence. 

Nice is awake. She is stronger on command, but she is no different. Her strong ego is still intact. 

Oma awakens. With her indomitable will intact, she embraces a being of similar sensibilities. Their name was Zero, but now they were Oma's flesh and blood. 

They, Orca and Aria, had awakened. 

With Aria's knowledge as a wizard and Orca's strength as a warrior. Both of their egos coexisted, and they were reborn as magical warriors. There was not a shred of San's former self left. 

Arios wakes up. His Unique Skill 'Murderer' is still intact. He has not forgotten the grudge of being killed by Damrada, and has resurrected to seek greater strength. 

Mai Furuki wakes up. She can't die. She cannot die because she has left her sickly brother behind, not here, but on the other side, in the world she was meant to live in. So, she vows to return. 

And so, eight have awakened. 

Only one remains. 

But she is still in a deep sleep. . 

Kagali was dreaming. 

It was so, so long ago. 

A dream from when she was still Demon Lord Kazaream? No. 

It was a dream from much, much earlier, when she was just a girl. I can't even remember her name now, but Kagali was a happy princess. Kagali's country was founded on the site where high humans had built a great civilization. It was a paradise for the elf race, a super-magic superpower that was flourishing thanks to the flowing rivers, lush forests, rich plains, and the ruins of the ancient super-magic empire. But then, the king, the father, suddenly went mad. 

Kagali remembers him as a very kind and gentle man. 

And yet. . One day, the king who had been praised as the king of the high elf suddenly changed into a different person. He changed his name, and began to call himself Jahil, the Great Magician. His memory of what happened after that is not clear. Jahil committed tyranny to the utmost. He exploited his people and sought only his own glory. He repeated his foolish experiments and created -sama-nightmares. Kagali was one of those who fell victim to this. Kagali, a high elf, was stripped of her powers. She was killed and brought back to life as an undead elf. 

He was given an ugly appearance and the name "Kazaream". Her beauty was gone and she became a cursed figure. Rotten flesh covered her bones. Perhaps it was because it was dry, but it was better that it did not smell of decay. Few people knew its secret. Kagali was so grieved that he began to cover himself with a mask. 

' Why are you doing this to me? “ 

Go on, go on, go on! 

“Because it's funny.” 

Be happy. 

“Tens of thousands of people died to bring you back to life! “ 

Guffaw! Guffaw! Guffaw! 

It was a nightmare. 

I don't know how my father, who was so kind, became such a fiend. But since it was real, there was no point in lamenting. 

'Father! I don't care what you do with me. But please think of the people like you used to. . “ 

”Shut up! Are you taunting me too? She's no good to me. We can't afford to make the same mistake as her. I've instilled in her my loyalty, but she can't be trusted! Kazaream, today you will be a man. Do you understand? “ 

It was an absolute command. 

Kagali's words never reached his father, Jahil, and the conversation was cut short. He was lucky that he had not been killed. . No, it was only because he had already been killed and turned into a faithful puppet that he had not been discarded to be used as a tool. It was then that Kagali parted ways with the father inside her. 

Then, the nightmare continued. The glory of the arrogant Jahil, the Great Magician, seemed to know no bounds, but the day of the end came. The reason for this was his foolish attempt to puppet the Dragon Empress Milim and incur her wrath. Soma, the capital of the Super Magic Powers, fell into ruins overnight. 

Jahil is not known to be alive. It was presumed that he was dead, as it was unlikely that he could have survived the flash of light. So Kagali thinks more about the people who are important to her than about the dead man. The maidservants who had always looked after her with kindness. The knights who followed her after she became a warrior. Her beloved people who lived happily ever after. Thinking of those she loved, she invoked the forbidden spell. The forbidden spell: Birth Death Birthday - she had already learned the theory of the spell by becoming a test subject herself. 

The spell was perfected, and Tear, Footman, and Clayman were born. They were lovely, sweet children, naming Kagali. And then I learned a fact that I did not want to know. The undead elf created by the birthdays was not ugly at all. Only Kagali had been made ugly on purpose to be so. That hateful father king Jahil had taken away her beauty just to make Kagali suffer. It was too late for her to know that fact. Kagali's appearance was the result of a curse, and there was no way to restore it. 

However, the children that Kagali had created did not leave her alone. They too hid their true faces behind masks and shared Kagali's suffering. Kagali's hope for survival grew as she realized that she was not alone. The four of them were joined by the surviving elf tribes from all over the world. 

Let's rebuild our own country once again. And create a country where everyone can live happily. . 

Kagali secretly made up her mind to do so. 

But it would be a faint and fleeting dream. 

The Chaos Dragon attacked and contaminated the land. As a result, those who adored Kagali were cursed and turned into dark elf. 

At that time, Kagali also acted as if she was cursed. Kagali and Tear were able to endure the curse because they were undead elf. It was fortunate that I hid my true face with a mask, and no one noticed me, but it made me even more sad. 

Tear's presence was the only thing that saved her. After that, Kagali and her friends abandoned their homeland and fled. Even though they had some regrets, they left together. 

They wandered and wandered, and finally found their next safe haven. 

When everyone's lives had stabilized, Kagali decided to visit his homeland again. 

He needed to recover the treasures he had left behind, but more than anything, he wanted to see his homeland again. The city had perished, but it still shone beautifully in my memories. I decided that I had to cut off my regrets and use them as food for the future. So, she set off, and on her way, she met a man. 

”What, you… If you were watching me, you could have helped me, right? “ 

”Don't be silly. A dragon like me is no match for that evil dragon.” 

“You're being too modest. From my point of view, you look like trouble enough.. . . Ouch.. ” 

The man's name was Sarion Grimwald, the Chosen Hero who drove the Chaos Dragon from this land. 

Unfortunately, he nearly died in mortal combat with Chaos Dragon. 

'Take it easy. Now, the restoration magic. .” 

' It's useless, so don't do it. Chaos Dragon's attacks are cursed, and my wounds won't heal. I had several ways to heal myself, but it's like this.” 

In fact, Sarion was blown from the chest down, and it was a wonder he was still alive. The fact that he could afford to laugh despite this, shows that he has a tremendous mental capacity. 

”I need you to give me a message. I'm here to tell you that I defeated Chaos 

Dragon and died in style like a Chosen Hero. .” 

“What are you, a Chosen Hero? Before you die, I have a proposal. With my evil ways, there's a chance you'll live. You may lose your memory, you may end up like this, but are you willing to give it a try? ' 

With that, Kagali took off her mask. 

What you see is her ugly face. But seeing that, Sarion smiled wryly. 

' Hey, you. You've got a good point. If I died here, Silvia would have killed me. 

If you think about it, that proposal is the best thing that could happen to you!” 

' Are you sure? I'm cursed. I'm willing to do evil rather than be persecuted. 

If you're a Chosen Hero, I'm prepared to become a demon lord and protect everyone. Besides, if you use this evil method, you'll become my puppet, right? '' 

”I don't care, I don't care, it's funny. I'm a free man, and I'm not going to be easily controlled. Besides, there's cause and effect between a Chosen Hero and a demon lord. That's why you and I are related, isn't it? “ 

”You're a funny guy, talking nonsense at this point. Then you can be my puppet! '' 

Negotiations were concluded. Kagali took Sarion's words as a joke, but they were true. And as a result of this whim, Sarion became undead himself and survived. And that was the moment when "Curse Lord" Kazaream and "Wonder Pierrot" Laplace were born. 

Since then, many things have happened. Securing the dominant territory. 

The war against humans and demihumans was fierce, but they overcame persecution and emerged as "Curse Lord" Kazaream. He was recognized as one of the demon lords, and steadily expanded his power. 

"He recommended Karion, the Beast Master, and Frey, the Sky Queen, as demon lords, and formed a powerful alliance with them.” 

Everything was going well. So much so that he didn't realize that he had grown complacent. Kagali next set her sights on an up-and-coming man named Leon. The plan was to teach Leon, who called himself a demon lord in the middle of nowhere, a lesson in humility and bring him under his control. 

The moment she saw him, Kagali felt a pang of jealousy. The man who called himself the demon lord, Leon, was too beautiful. He had been disfigured by his demon father, the king. He had been deprived of his gender, and he had just been struggling to live. . The appearance of Leon, who was a man but more beautiful than a woman, slowed down his thinking, and Kagali made the great mistake of misjudging his opponent's strength. Kagali lost her body to Leon's blow, and was forced to wander around with only her spiritual body. 

It is a miracle that she did not disappear. I had a grudge. But more than that, he had a desire. So Kagali clung to life. Using what little power he had left as the Curse Lord; he took the time to prepare for his own resurrection. Then, in a daze, he made one last summoning attempt and failed to take over. Her plan failed and she gained no flesh. All that was left was destruction. 

(Help me. Save me. I don't want to be taken from you. All I want is to live happily with my friends. . but why am I, why am I alone in this?) She lamented her misfortune and asked for help, but no one answered her. 

Kagali was not alone, but no one could help her. 

It was an arduous journey. 

Ideals were far away and Kagali was the leader of the pack. There was no room for whining, and she had to always look forward. So Kagali had given up hope of being saved. The only people she could trust were herself and her beloved friends. That's how she had lived her life. But that boy, Yuuki Kagurazaka. . 

”All right. You seem to be tired, so rest inside me for now.” 


Yuuki Kagurazaka reached out to Kagali, who had tried to take his life, and to whom no one had saved. 

A few years later. . Kagali spent the next few years resting inside Yuuki, consulting and advising her. It was fortunate that the Unique Skill 'Schemer' was a power that could be used by souls alone, but there were still many troublesome opponents. 

In particular, a girl named Mariabell Rosso was extremely troublesome. 

Yuuki was a genius strategist, and Kagali was confident in her own intelligence. In spite of the cooperation and scheming of these two, it was extremely difficult to outsmart Mariabell. They were outmatched in every aspect, including financial and human resources. Even if they had gained an organization to free themselves, Mariabell would have grasped the right to free it. 

”I'll kill her. If we don't get rid of herr someday, our plan will fail. 

I'm sure of it. That demon in a girl's skin is the biggest obstacle for us.” 

A battle in the economic sphere cannot be won or lost based on simple combat ability alone. She's still a child, but she's still like that. When Mariabell grew up and became an adult, she would not be able to compete with him in every aspect. 

A few years had passed since they had made up their minds, and the time for change had come. It was not the birth of the mysterious slime, Demon Lord Rimuru. 

Kagali, who had been inside Yuuki, finally took on the body of a homunculus. Yuuki had kept his promise. And. . 

(This is my original form.) 

Yuuki's kindness made Kagali so happy that she wanted to cry, but she kept a cool expression on her face. She tried to maintain her masculine tone, but Laplace stopped her. She was pretending to be teasing Kagali, but she was really looking out for her. 

"I appreciate it, boss." 

Kagali thanked him sincerely. 

Now that she had a physical body, Kagali could look forward to delicious meals and desserts. The cream puffs were especially delicious. 

Spending a happy time with friends, laughing. How happy we were! However, the happiness did not last long. Clayman was dead. With the loss of another precious friend, Kagali and the others realized again. 

For the sake of their own happiness, they must conquer the world. To become the rulers of this world and lead it justly. Stupid, arrogant, and sweet Clayman. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Rest now and watch over us. We'll make our ambitions come true.Kagali are not righteous, but they are not evil either. 

They are moderate. That is why we should be able to create a world where everyone can live happily. Believing this, we continued our activities. 

He defeated Mariabell, was exposed by Demon Lord Rimuru, escaped to the Empire, and was taken over by Lieutenant Kondou. Yuuki was also taken over by him. 

Kagali's heart was failing her, but she could not give up now. 

”I swear I won't betray you. And I accept your control.” 

A contract must be fulfilled and a favor received must be returned. So Kagali is willing to use any means necessary. 

And so Kagali wakes up, leaving behind the fragile body of homunculus and regaining the body of undead elf, stronger and more beautiful than when he was Demon Lord Kazaream. 

Thus, nine undead elves were born. But this was only the beginning. 

When Kagali finally woke up, she saw Feldway and the others who had brought Velzard back. Michael intends to take the Dragon Factor from Velzard and evolve further. Before that, he used the 'Army of Angels, Armageddon' to implant it in Kagali. He was determined not to compromise. 

The seraphim that were successfully summoned were the seven pillars. 

Those who are willing to incarnate are selected from those who are not former angels. Kagali was naturally chosen as one of them. The others are Tear, Footman, Vega, Orca = Aria, Arios, and Mai Furuki. Their bodies were reborn as they struggled against each other with tremendous power. The Kagali, with the exception of Vega, were reborn as "Yoten". And so, five months had passed since Kagali had arrived at the Heavenly Star Palace. . 

A vast castle in the sky. In the audience hall, lined with chalk columns. 

The hall was filled with a divine atmosphere. Angels with pure white wings filled the hall. They were still without bodies, but they were waiting for the time to invade the earth. Because they have no will, they do not move at all, and because they are as unsteady as sculptures, the audience hall creates a solemn atmosphere. 

In the front row, chairs were lined up, and those who stood out from the rest sat in a circle. 

These were the Kagali who had been reborn. They were much more powerful than before, and their presence was much stronger. Michael was about to wake up, and the call went out. When Kagali reawakened with the seraphim in her body, Michael was still asleep. However, it seemed that he was behind schedule as he had not shown up yet. 

Kagali, having no time to waste, turns her attention to the angels. He was told that there was no limit to the number of angels that could be summoned at once, but there was a limit to the total amount of energy. Normally, it would be an army of a million, but this time there were seven seraphim summoned, so the number itself was not large. However, the quality was high. They were composed only of angels of intermediate level and above, with no low-level angels of any kind. 

The approximate numbers were 1,000 dominion angels, 3,000 vulture angels, and 6,000 power angels. Angels that had not incarnated could not display their full power. However, even so, even the fighting ability of the power angels is Over A rank. The limit of activity was seven days, but it was enough strength to turn the earth into a scorched earth. 

But the demon lords would be able to handle it.That's what Kagali thought. 

"It's not enough. With only this much, it's going to be difficult to take out any of the forces." 

Kagali's murmur echoed in the silent hall. Kagali's murmur echoed in the silent hall, and though she hadn't been expecting an answer, she got one. 

"Well. I didn't have any subordinates, but everyone else had strong ones. To be honest, I doubt if I can defeat one of the eight stars." 

Kagali turned to look at the speaker. "I never thought I'd agree with you. Oh, by the way, Dino. I never knew you worked for Feldway-sama, did you? " 

Kagali whispered quietly. 

Dino replies flatly. 

"I can't tell you that. I'm a watcher. The theory is to keep a low profile. And while I'm at it, let me correct your mistake. I'm a former associate of Feldway's, not a subordinate." 

Dino had infiltrated Octagram and was working as a "watcher". His purpose was to monitor the ground. Dino, Pico, and Gracia, the three Fallen Angels, were sent on a special mission to investigate the human world. By the will of Veldanava, they were charged with monitoring the human race so that it would not be destroyed. The role of the demon lords, led by Guy, was to rebuke the human race when it grew too much. And to prevent demon lords from going too far, the Chosen Hero exists as a deterrent. 

It was Dino's role to investigate whether the causal relationship between demon lords and heroes was working properly. While Dino attracts attention with his prominent position as demon lord, Pico and Gracia conduct their investigation without coming on stage. It was also Dino's hidden role to create a cover-up to make it easier for these two to move. However, now that Veldanava has not returned, there is no one to report to. Therefore, Dino was enjoying his free life as a demon lord. 

Dino had no intention of hiding the fact that he was talking about it. 

Kagali wondered why he was here then. Perhaps it showed on his face, Gracia answered with a smile. 

"He owes Feldway a lot of money, and he can't say no to a favor. 

Pico followed suit. 

"But he can't go back to Demon Lord Rimuru, so he's decided to follow Michael-sama." 

No way, Kagali thought. 

"Well, I guess that's it." 

Dino nodded. 

Kagali didn't think he was following Michael for that reason, but it was ridiculous, and Kagali agreed that it was typical of Dino. 

Kagali changed her mind. 

"So, what was Demon Lord Rimuru like? I have a grudge against him for killing Clayman, and I'd like to avenge him if I get the chance. " 

A lie. In fact, I have no grudge against Demon Lord Rimuru. 

I have no doubt that I have a history with him. However, he had just formed an alliance with Yuuki, and he was curious to see if they would become enemies again. The one to blame for Clayman's death would be Lieutenant Kondou, who had controlled him, and Michael, who had controlled even Kondou. Kagali understood this calmly, but she was not foolish enough to say it. Dino answered Kagali's question without going deeper. 

"Even his men are troublesome. Especially that bastard Zegion." 

In the last mission, Dino's role was to neutralize the labyrinthine forces. 

Specifically, his mission was to kidnap or eliminate Ramiris. Dino claims to have come close to succeeding, but the reality is that he failed. The reason, he says, is that he was interrupted by Zegion, a powerful majin. 

"Is he that strong? " 

"It's not that strong. It was seriously unfashionable. Rumor has it he's the strongest of the Dungeon's Elite Ten, so at least he's stronger than me." Dino assured him. 

He was tired from the long series of battles, and he had underestimated his opponent a little. Zegion, however, did not take Dino seriously and played him lightly. Dino's true feelings were that he didn't want to be a sore loser. 

"That's a weak thing to say. I'll crush him! Don't worry, I'll crush him myself!" 

Vega exclaimed. 

(I love it when you're stupid…) Dino thought. 

Dino thought about it, but didn't say it out loud. 

There's no point in saying it. 

Vega's still the same. This way, even if we get the power, we might not be able to use it effectively. . Kagali was disgusted. 

Kagali sighs in exasperation. 

It's fine to be confident in your strength, but it's no good if you lack the most important sense in battle. 

That is the ability to grasp the difference in strength between you and your opponent. Facing an unwinnable opponent will only result in a loss of strength. 

Pico and Gracia seemed to understand this and frowned in displeasure. They didn't say anything, probably because they were not close to Vega and realized that there was no point in advising him. That seemed to be the end of the conversation. . 

"Well, if you guys see a bug-shaped majin (insector) in the labyrinth, be careful, okay? The beetle type is Zegion, but Apito, the bee type, is just as bad." 

Zelanus took a bite out of Dino's casual remark, which was about to conclude the conversation. 

"Beetle type and bee type? Tell me more." 

Dino was pressured by the tremendous spirit. Then, unintentionally, he disclosed as much information as he knew, though not much. 

"Oh, yeah? Well, I heard that they protected Rimuru before he became a demon lord. ." 

Zelanus is silent as he listens. Dino's story is over, and an awkward silence hangs in the air. 

(What's your response? What's your reaction?) 

Dino thought that Zelanus was intimidating. Since he didn't want to talk to Zelanus, he decided to change the subject and cover up the situation. 

"Anyway, you know. In Ramiris's labyrinth, the defenders have a complete advantage. There are many strong players like Zegion in there, so you should think that it will be very difficult to defeat them! " 

With that, Dino ended the conversation. 

As silence reigned once again, those gathered were caught up in their own thoughts. Kagali had a lot of things to think about. Dino's statement was important, but right now he needed to know his own changes first. As Kagali was searching for information and checking her own changes, she felt a tremendous surge of power. 

The seraphim are the highest angels, said to be comparable to the awakened demon lords. Kagali, who had taken in the power of the seraphim and become a "Yoten", had become so strong that she thought her demon lord self was ridiculous. 

Moreover, apart from his own Unique Skill 'Schemer', he discovers that there is a new power embedded in his soul. 

Ultimate Enchantment 'Domination King (Melchizedek)' - given by separating Michael's 'control' ability, it boasted a fearsome performance that could instantly analyze any ability and put it under control. 

However, since Kagali herself was also under the control of the power, it became impossible for her to betray Michael. 

(It's terrifying. A battle between people with such power is a world I can't even imagine). 

However, when the time came to fight, Kagali's body would slaughter the enemy on its own without her thinking. Kagali instinctively understood this, and felt afraid of her own change. 

But. . and that's why she thinks about it. 

(I want to test the immense power I've acquired. ) 

She knows she shouldn't think about it, but for some reason she wants to. 

And. . You know the opportunity to test it will come soon enough. 

Vengeance was supposed to be gone. 

And yet you feel bad for Leon for killing you and for Rimuru for killing Clayman. And he thinks he can beat them now.I know it's pointless, but I can't stop the desire that comes to me. 

Am I really weaker than Dino now? 

No. I never thought so. 

In fact, the current Kagali, who had become "Youten", was on the same level as Dino. It's a shame, isn't it, Dino? I never saw Dino fight, even when he was a demon lord. That's why he's weak, I guess. 

Kagali had a hard time suppressing the feeling of amusement that welled up inside of her. She would never be able to let her guard down. 

But still. . Even though Dino was at his mercy, he felt that he could win. 

After all, Kagali's power surpassed even the awakened demon lord. Even the old demon lords, Ruminas and Dino, would not be defeated by the current Kagali. 

If so, even Demon Lord Leon should be no match for him. Wait for me, Leon. It's your turn to cry! You're next! 

Kagali continues to think, suppressing a faint feeling of pleasure. 

(Wait, Leon. It's your turn to cry!) 

Kagali continues to think, suppressing the faint feelings of pleasure. . This is the kind of radicalized thinking that comes from being ruled by authority, but Kagali herself doesn't notice. . 

Vega doesn't think. He only waits for orders. He's got the power. 

Having experienced death so many times, he has looked into the depths of this world. He ate Gladium and took in the mythical-grade Blue Dragon spear, his weapon of choice. He even devoured the seraphim, making their power his own. 

At that moment, he felt the fragments of the skills he had acquired fused together and strengthened. 

His countless defeats had given him strength. 

The incarnation of the power that burst forth. 

That's what Vega is. 

It was an existence that had been recreated by Yuuki's hands, and as a result of taking in and fusing and complementing various skills, Vega had become the ultimate fighting creature. Finally, the Unique Skill 'Evil Eater' evolved into the Ultimate Skill 'Azi Dahaka'. It has a destructive power that overwhelms the existing Skills. It was a disaster for the world that Vega, who never thought about controlling his power, had this ability. No, the opposite. 

Perhaps it is because he tried to master his power without thinking that he was able to acquire this power. Be that as it may. 

Vega waits. He waits for orders to come to him. He can only annihilate and devour those who stand before him. 

Dino looks down and thinks about the current situation. How did this happen? He asks himself, unable to find the answer. 

A long time ago, Veldanava asked me to do a job for him and I came down to earth. I don't think I had much of an ego at the time, but at some point, I was able to think for myself. I asked my colleagues Pico and Gracia about it, and they seemed to have developed their own ego at almost the same time. 

Many things happened, and Dino and his friends were corrupted. 

They became demon lords to obey the orders of the vanished Lord, whose only purpose in life was to keep them alive. Dino continued to watch them. 

He planned to watch the outcome of Guy and Rudra's game without intervening. 

His loyalty to Veldanava was absolute. Dino believed that one day, at the end of time, he would come back. 

And he did. 

(That weird slime. The glow of a soul you can understand at a glance. 

It was different from Veldanava, but it felt familiar. And the good days began. 

I hated working, but I was happy to be used by humans.) Dino couldn't believe it, but for some reason he felt satisfied. This was because he had a group of people to work with. 

(And yet, I betrayed Ramiris. .) 

What Dino regrets is the attack on Ramiris five months ago. 

On Feldway's orders, he betrayed Rimuru and the others, and invited the enemy into the labyrinth. He then moved to capture Ramiris, the most important target. The order was to dispose of him if he could not be captured, but Dino did not intend to do so. He did not really intend to kill it, but to seal it with Deep Hypno and cover it up. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the attempt ended in failure. 

And now I'm wondering why I did such a thing. 

(No, no, no, that's proof that he's telling the truth, I suppose.) Dino thinks. 

I don't want to make excuses for betraying Ramiris, but I'm pretty sure that I was under Michael's control. 

(So, you're saying that as long as I have 'Heavenly King Astarte', I can't go against Michael or Feldway?) 

(You've got to be kidding me. I'm not….) 

Although I grasped the situation accurately, I couldn't come up with a clever idea to overcome this situation. 

The saving grace is that Rimuru believes in Dino. 

(He's a smart guy, but he's a softie. He may be easily fooled, but he can't be too careful.) 

Dino suddenly sees a blue butterfly mark on his right arm. 

He thought that Zegion had missed it, but it seems that the birthmark had become a corridor connecting his mind and heart. Hence, Rimuru contacted me through that birthmark. 

(Seriously, he's so clever, isn't he?) 

He spoke directly to my heart, but he stole all the information from me. 

Moreover, he is forcing me to spy on him with impunity. Rather than feeling abhorrent or something like that, Dino felt strangely refreshed. Surprisingly, he was happy that Rimuru believed him. 

(See you later, huh?) 

Dino realized that for the first time in a long time, he felt truly happy. And then, he thought to himself, what a mess. Dino had no intention of betraying his creator, Veldanava. Since Michael and Feldway's goal is to revive Veldanava, Dino thinks that he should cooperate with them. But. . 

Dino's honest feeling at the moment is, 

"This is going to be troublesome.” 

(Well, whatever. I'm not much use to you anyway. I mean, the more I work, the weaker I become. There's nothing I can do about it. It's better for both parties if I don't work hard, so it's all good! I can't help it.) The good thing about Dino is that he doesn't worry too soon. Always positive, Dino, who is unrivaled when it comes to slacking off, came to his conclusion with an easy-going mind. 

This positivity was what made Dino such an amazing man. Dino, feeling refreshed, waited for Feldway and the others with a cheerful face. 

Arios thinks. His superiors, Kagali and the others, were talking, but he had no idea what they were talking about. He wanted to complain, but his instincts told him that it was not a good idea. And rightly so. 

Arios was under Kagali's control. The spell was still in effect, even now that he had become a Yoten through undead elf. 

If he had awakened on his own, it would have been a different story, but since his evolution was a set-up, it was inevitable that his control would be strengthened. Arios, who does not have the time to feel annoyed about it, is aware of his current situation. Filled with incredible power, he was elated with a sense of omnipotence. 

The most significant change was that the Unique Skill 'Murderer' had evolved into the Ultimate Enchantment 'Conviction King (Sandalphon)'. 

Of course, it was not acquired by itself. 

The 'Conviction King (Sandalphon)' that Michael recovered from Kondou was given to Arios as is. ‘Murderer' was consumed for this purpose, but Arios could not resist it at will. 

But Arios himself is not dissatisfied. He is simply happy to have the power, and waits for his turn. 

Orca and Aria was confused. 

She doesn't have time to listen to the conversations around her, but is talking to her inner voice. 

”Who am I?” 

“Is it Aria? Or, Orca? ‘ 

“I don't know, I'm Aria and I'm Orca.” 

Confused as they were, they also felt their consciousnesses becoming unified. It was not unpleasant, but rather pleasant. 

“I, Orlia. .” 

This was the moment when she got her answer. 

Orlia is a newborn, but she can use the skills of a first-rate warrior and wizard. Moreover, the given Ultimate Enchantment 'Alternative' was optimized within Orlia and transformed into the Ultimate Enchantment 'Multiple Weapons' . 

This allowed Orlia to use the experience accumulated in her own body to create a variety of weapons. Although there is a limit to the number of weapons that can be produced simultaneously, the grade is equivalent to a mythical-grade. 

Fully armed with multiple weapons, Orlia is not afraid to fight her enemies. 

Mai Furuki was in despair. She thought she was dead, but she came back to life. That's good. The problem is that even Mai, now that she has more power, couldn't fulfill her hope of returning to Japan. I'm not giving up. 

(I'm not giving up. My Unique Skill ' Traveller' couldn't do it, but Yuuki-kun said it's possible. If Skill is born from desire, then there must be a power that can make my wish come true. .) 

The moment I thought that with an empty heart. . 

The Ultimate Enchantment 'Alternative' given by Michael was consumed at the same time as the seraphim was inhabited, and Mai's 'traveler' evolved. 

It became the Ultimate Enchantment 'World Map' . 

Not only can he imagine any place in the world, but he can also understand what is happening there, an extraordinary power. What is even more amazing is that it is now possible to 'Instantaneous Movement' to any place you want without any time difference. 

For a person with spatial abilities, this is an unbelievable power. And yet, Mai's wish was not fulfilled. The coordinates on this 'World Map' were only for this world. In other words, it was impossible to cross the dimensional barrier. Mai understood this without even trying. It was a great despair, but either way, Mai was not free now. Everything was at Michael's disposal. Until one day she could be free to travel to her beloved brother, Mai would keep her mind closed and follow orders. 

It's not only those who have been reborn as Yoten who are trying to figure out what's going on. Zalario and Obera are also pondering their own situations. 

First of all, Zalario was grateful for the physical body he had gained. Even though he had great power, he could only wield it in the Otherworld. In the Cardinal World, the more power you wield, the more energy you lose. 

In order to prevent this, a body was needed, but it was difficult to prepare a vessel that could withstand the power of someone as powerful as Zalario. Now that that problem had been solved, he would be able to show his true colors on the ground, but a big problem arose here. 

(Oh dear. Because of my increased power, I've acquired the angelic 

'Judgement King (Israfil)'.) 

Yes, that was the problem. In the Incarnation, Zalario had acquired the Ultimate Skill 'Judgement King (Israfil)'. 

You can't defy Michael with this. But if he threw it away, he would be suspected of treason. From Zalario's point of view, Feldway is a colleague. From Zalario's point of view, Feldway is his colleague, and he recognizes him as his boss, but he does not obey him absolutely. 

Besides, he was skeptical about Michael. Feldway trusts Michael, but Zalario does not. Zalario was not so easily convinced of a will arising from authority. 

Now he is convinced of the purpose and agrees with it, but it is unknown if it will last forever. I wanted to avoid having an angelic lineage in my life, in case the paths diverged. 

Nevertheless, the Judgement King (Israfil) was conceived. As this is not the Ultimate Enchantment, Michael's will did not intervene. There is no doubt that it is a natural right that he has acquired, and for that reason, it seemed inadvisable to throw it away. 

(Now, I wonder how much Michael knows about it.) 

There was no doubt that it could control the angelic system, given its ability to control Velgrynd and Velzard. However, I should have changed my actions depending on how far I could grasp the owner of the system. 

(My will is my own. My will is mine, and I will not allow it to be rewritten without my knowledge.) 

Zalario is a rational thinker. 

Zalario is a rational thinker, which is why he did not interfere in the control of the True Dragon sisters out of respect for the high success rate of the operation, but he really disliked the operation. And now, she was in the same position. 

(Really, what a mess. . I'm sorry.) 

Since I didn't oppose it in the first place, my current situation is my own fault. Even so, he ponders how to deal with Michael. 

And Obera, too. 

Like Zalario, Obera had acquired the Ultimate Skill of the Angelic System. 

And, like Zalario, it was not what she wanted. 

What Obera got was the Ultimate Skill 'Salvation King (Azrael)' . 

It was an incredibly powerful power, but it was useless to her. 

The reason is that they were born as primordial beings and had administrative authority without relying on the Skill. They can activate all kinds of magic instantly, and if they make full use of it, they don't need to rely on Skill. It is more flexible and can achieve anything. For Obera and his friends, whose very existence is on the ultimate level, it made no difference whether they had Ultimate Skill or not. 

(That's why I got it at this moment, even though I didn't wish for it. And I'm pretty sure it's an angelic power...) 

That's not good. She might find out that I'm rebellious. 

Obera, who had planned to turn completely, was now in a more serious situation than Zalario. 

What to do now, Obera ponders. 

Don't worry about being read. 

It's no problem for her to erase the surface of the mind. 

However, this would not be the case if she was manipulated without knowing it, so she needed to think of a countermeasure. 

(Let's do a self-imposed suggestion.) 

Obera decided. 

If a contradiction arose within herself, she would not hesitate to destroy the 

'Salvation King (Azrael)'. 

Because they are the ultimate spiritual life forms, they are capable of such unconventional actions. However, if that happened, it would have meant a complete break with Feldway. Depending on the situation, even Obera would not be safe. 

But still, for the sake of Milim, the orphaned son of Veldanava, Obera thought, there was no need to worry. 

(It would be nothing but disrespectful for us to discern the thoughts of the Creator, wouldn't it) 

Feldway is too selfish, even though he may not resurrect of his own volition. 

That's the truth. 

And Obera believes that Milim is the rightful successor. 

A beautiful bell tolled. Solemn, clear, tickling the heartstrings. 

And the door opens. Out walked Michael, Feldway, and Velzard. 

With only three people, they radiate an air of supremacy that blows away the divine air that fills the hall. Waiting for Michael to be seated, Feldway and Velzard also took their seats. 

"Then let's begin." 

And so, the strategy meeting began. 

On command, Mai stood up and projected a three-dimensional image of the entire Cardinal World in the center of the round table. It is a miniature of Earth. 

From God's perspective, the stronghold of the demon lords was shown. 

"These are the strongholds of the Octagram who are against us, their key points. There are six of them." 

There are six of them: the north pole of Guy, the western edge of Dagruel, the central west of Ruminas, the Rimuru forest, the southeast of Milim, and the continent of Leon. 

In response to Michael's comment, Mai lit six points of light on the ground. 

"I want to hear your opinions on how we should attack this, gentlemen," 

He called out, but only a few people were in Feldway's line of sight. They were Zalario and Obera, and Yuki and Kagali. Dino and the three others are not good at planning operations, and Vega is not expected from the start. As for the others, we don't give them the right to speak because we consider them to be a step below us. Zalario and Obera are silent, as if they are watching the situation. Kagali, sensing such an atmosphere, opened her mouth. 

"In this case, the aggressor has the advantage. I think we should concentrate our forces and target a single spot." 

"I agree. It's just difficult to know where to aim." 

The defenders will have to spread out their forces. Kagali and Yuki agreed that there was no need for the defender to match the opponent. Surprisingly, it was Dino who spoke up after hearing this. 

"Just so you know, you shouldn't go to Ramiris' labyrinth. And by the way, Rimuru, the capital of the Demon Federation, will be isolated in the labyrinth during the war. It's not easy to get rid of, so I recommend you turn it last." 

Since this information was shared, no one objected. They realized that if they took too long in the labyrinth, they might be surrounded and annihilated by reinforcements from other countries. 

"Let's do that last. By attacking elsewhere, we might be able to lure those who are holed up." 

Ramiris would be a huge nuisance if they were forced to play defense. With that in mind, he needed to plan his attack. 

"There's no one left at Frost Palace. There's no sign of them." 

It was Velzard who suddenly spoke up. 

His gaze was sharp and fixed on Leon's continent. 

"Well, the enemy has thought of a countermeasure. By consolidating the demon lord's forces, they avoided dispersing their forces." 

"Indeed. It seems that there are five places on the ground where a huge power is concentrated. “ 

Mai removes Guy's north pole and strengthens the remaining five points of light. 

There is only one less option, but the difficulty seems to have increased greatly. However, the advantage of the attacker still remains. 

(So, where should we aim?) 

This is where Zalario comes in. 

"Feldway-sama, I have a question. “ 

"What is it? What is it? “ 

"Michael-sama has absolute control over the angelic systems, but can't we get a hint as to where its owner is? " 

He had asked an important question here, one that would affect him as well. 

Obera is in on it. 

"I'm curious about that. If you know what it is, you should probably get him on your side first." 

Hmm, nodded Michael. 

"I couldn't sense it before, but I can now. -Kun has the Judgement King (Israfil) and the Salvation King (Azrael), and Dino has the Heavenly King Astarte, the Glory King (Haniel), and the Rigor King (Jibril). The remaining 'Domination King (Melchizedek)' is owned by Kagali, and Arios there is the owner of the 'Punishment King (Sandalphon)' And a higher angelic line that is my equal." 

Then Michael frowned. 

"It's not enough." 

And with that, everyone became tense. 

"What does that mean? " 

Feldway asks. 

Michael responded with a matter-of-fact explanation. 

"First, Velgrynd's Charity King (Raguel) was recovered and given to the right person." 

No one responded to this. 

There was an eerie silence, but unconcerned, Michael continued. 

"Then there's the 'Patience King' (Gabriel), which was never recovered and remains in Velzard's possession." 

The icy beauty remains motionless, her face expressionless. 

"This was a natural step to maintain the rule of the Ultimate Dominion. “ 

"So far, the owners of these powers were known, but three of the four remaining powers were problematic. 

Michael's explanation continued. 

Michael had taken Velgrynd's power for himself, and had also taken in Velzard's factor. This greatly increased his power, allowing him to search for signs of the owners of the angelic systems under his control. 

However, it was only able to find the 'Purity King (Metatron)'. 

"What? If it was the Ultimate Skill 'Hope King (Sariel)', wouldn't it have belonged to Chosen Hero Chronoa? " 

"There was no response. I don't know if my surveillance can't reach the labyrinth of Ramiris, or if there are other reasons.” 

"Hmm, Ramiris is not to be underestimated. It's no wonder he can't see into the labyrinth. If that's the case, should we assume that the Covenant King (Uriel) and the Knowledge King (Raphael) also have owners in the same place? " 

"I'm not sure, but I think it's reasonable to assume so. After all, there's no other place I can't explore with my powers." 

There are no other powers created by Veldanava, and the only possible one is Ramiris' Intrinsic Skill, 'Labyrinth Creation'. 

So, Michael's conclusion was that the remaining three existed in the same place. 

He was right. But now they are lost, and even their essence has been changed, unknowingly. Michael had decided that the problem was solved. 

And so did Feldway and the others. 

"Hmm. Well, then, no problem. Either way, Veldora is in his labyrinth, and we're going to attack him anyway. We can find him then and add him to our ranks." 

"Is it safe to assume that the enemy has someone on the inside? " 

"Exactly. We can find them at a glance, so we'll worry about that later. What we need to think about now is where to make our first target, but. ." 

"I think we already have an answer. There's only one known owner, so why don't we add that one to the group first? " 

That's what Yuuki decided. 

His free will has been taken away, but his recklessness is still intact. 

"Hmm. The one who possess the 'Purity King (Metatron)' are here.. " 

All eyes focused on his fingertips. 

Michael pointed to El Dorado, the capital of Leon's dominion. 

"That's the Demon Lord Leon who killed me, isn't it? 

Kagali muttered to herself. 

This was the moment when she realized that the flash that had burned her to the ground had been caused by the 'Purity King (Metatron)' . 

"Done, I guess. So, who's going to attack? " 

Yuuki asked with a smile. 

"I'm going. I don't know if it's Demon Lord Leon or what, but you don't mind if I eat him, do you? " 

"Didn't you hear what I said? Leon could be one of us." 

"Damn, that's right. Then we'll just have to put up with the rest of them." 

As if they've already decided where they're going to attack, Yuuki and Vega are talking to each other. 

There was no one to stop them, and the policy was decided. 

There was no need to declare war, since the goal of this was to revive Veldanava. 

Michael and Feldway thought so. Inevitably, the war would start with a surprise attack. There was no need to spare any forces, but Feldway had his own ideas about that. 

"The goal is to bring the owner of the Purity King (Metatron) into the fold. It would be nice if we could get rid of some of the people who interfere with that, but it's no fun to cause damage here. Therefore, let's leave the mooks behind." 

He announced that he would attack only with the strongest. 

Michael's Ultimate Dominion is versatile, but it is not unconditionally activated. It is an absolute dominion over the angelic system, but it requires you to cross your line of sight with the target. 

In addition, the Regalia Dominion had a more complicated condition. The Dominion Bullet, which had been loaned to Lieutenant Kondou, could only be used on a single target, and the success rate was low unless the target was caught off guard. The Regalia Dominion, on the other hand, changes the number of people it controls depending on the presence of the target it controls. And the important thing is that the success rate is lower when the opponent is of the same rank as you, so you must inflict a considerable blow to fail. 

At the very least, the opponent must be less than you to succeed, so it was a difficult power to use. 

The current value of Michael's existence is about 90 million. However, Yuuki's existence value (about 2 million) is subtracted from it, so Veldora, whose existence value is over 88 million, will not succeed. 

Michael, who had no way of knowing such a situation, thought that controlling Veldora would be a difficult task. That is why he needed to gather his forces before attacking the labyrinth of Ramiris. 

That's why they were trying to add the desired person to their ranks without diminishing the strength of their own camp. And so, the members of the sortie were decided. 

"I'm staying behind. 

Declared Dino, who was staying behind. 

"What about you and my army? " 

"I want you and the kun to be ready to move the troops. We're planning to launch a full-scale invasion following this operation." 

"Yes, sir. “ 

The insectar led by Zelanus began to prepare for war, as did the phantom army. Zalario's army was being coordinated by Dhalis and Nice. Since Obera's army is still deployed in the otherworldly stronghold, Obera is to return and hand over to Oma. Then, all the remaining officers went out to battle. 

If it's just the officers, Mai's 'Instantaneous Movement' will take them to their destination in an instant. With Obera, it would be no problem to identify the coordinates by 'Presence Detection' , and they could meet up with each other immediately by 'Spatial Transportation' . It would have been easy for Obera to meet us by Spatial Transportation. 

Based on this judgment, the surprise mission was launched. 



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