Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 18 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

I received a report from Dino, but the contents were outrageous. As I expected, Michael had made his move. It was as I expected, so that's good. 

What surprised me was Obera's action. To my surprise, he left Michael's camp with his own troops. I was stunned by this. 

”Oh, my God” 

Seriously. I was surprised too. By the way, this is something Michael doesn't know yet either. I'm about to tell him. Hearing that, I'm convinced he's an asshole. 

There's too much going on, and he shouldn't be bothered. No, even before that, I thought he should report to his own boss before leaking the inside information to me, the enemy. 

Well, you know. It's because of Dino's character that I'm saved, right? 

For a moment, I felt sorry for Michael and Feldway. But before you get too excited, let me ask you something. 

”So, where are you going to attack” 

“Oh, Leon's. As I said, Obera has left and I'm staying behind, but all the other officers have been mobilized. Pico and Gracia are also being taken by force, so if it comes to a fight, you'll have to forgive them. “ 

“I don't know if that's such a convenient thing to say! Oh well, I'll keep it in mind. “ 

”Please. Oh, and I have one more favor to ask. “ 

“I'm busy too, so make it quick. “ 

I listen to what Dino has to say as I prepare to go out. 

' After all, I've been enjoying working with Vesta-san and Ramiris, and I'm bored here. So, Rimuru-san, please beat up Michael and let me go! ' 

I was speechless, wasn't I? 

“Hey, are you crazy? That's not something you say to an adversary, do you understand me? “ 

“You're hurting me! We're friends, right? Don't be so cold! Oh, by the way, did you apologize to Ramiris so that we could make up later?” 


”Screw you!” 

“I told you to apologize yourself! “ 

”Wait,wait, Rimuru-san! “ 

' Anyway. .' 

“Yes, anyway.” 

“You can't allow yourself to be manipulated by someone without your will, you can't allow such a situation. Do your best to escape from the control as soon as possible. If you don't do it quickly, you'll lose the name of demon lord! ' 

”Hahaha, I'll take care of it. Well, I know you're a reliable guy. There's no other man who's as good at leaving things to others as I am, so I'll take advantage of you. “ 

That was a joke. 

But I also thought that it was typical of Dino. 

And one last piece of advice. That bastard Feldway is in league with Insectar. 

I know. Sounds like a bad idea. Not bad at all. I've never seen that king Zelanus before, but he might be more than Guy. I won't know for sure until I actually fight him, but I know I can't beat him even if I really tried. They're staying back this time, but we don't know when they'll make a move, so don't let your guard down. 

I'd like to say it's none of my business, but it's very valuable information, and very unpleasant. Just hearing that it's Guy or more, my depression level is at its maximum. And more than that, if such a dangerous guy is waiting with his army, we need to be prepared to respond immediately. I thought about calling back Geld and the others I had left in various countries, but I decided not to do that either. We would be at a disadvantage if they targeted us when we were short-handed. If that was the case, it seemed that we would have to make do with what we had. 

'Thanks for the advice. I'll tell everyone and be on the lookout. Well then, you'll have to work really hard.” 

”Oh. Stay alive, Rimuru.” 

”I don't need to be told.” 

This is my second life as a slime, and I intend to enjoy more freedom. I've been at war for a while now, and I'm going to get rid of my troubles and relax. 

”And I'm going to have a good time with my friends, including, of course, Dino. You too.” 

I replied to Dino, as if I were speaking my heartfelt truth. 

As soon as I finished my conversation with Dino, I summoned the remaining officers in the capital Rimuru. The location was the Control Room in the labyrinth. 

When I looked at Leon's stronghold on the Argos surveillance spell, I saw that it was covered by a blizzard and nothing could be seen. 

El Dorado has a mild climate. A blizzard like this is unnatural, no matter how you look at it.It was obvious to everyone that Velzard was behind it. 

There was no word from Leon and the others, and no visual confirmation of the enemy. There must be some kind of communication jamming going on there, and we had no choice but to trust Dino's word. 

Since the enemy was coming with only their main force, we needed to summon the appropriate forces. If we try to support them too much, our damage will be too great. If we send too many, the labyrinth will be too thin, and if we send too few, we will not be able to achieve our goal. It was a difficult decision to make. 

"I see, the enemy is also very powerful.” 

As soon as I explained what Dino had told me, Benimaru turned his attention to me. They're ready to go, then I'm not going to stop them. 

"I was planning to send just me, Ranga and Souei to support them, but I guess they're more powerful than we thought. We'll be in danger if we don't show up, Benimaru, so you should join us." 

"I don't need to be told, sir. So, who else are you taking with you? " 

Benimaru's face broke into a smile as soon as I announced that I was taking him with me. As soon as Benimaru announced that he was going to take me, his face broke into a smile. 

"Is it me?." 

"No, sir." 

He killed Veldora's comment immediately. 

Think about it. Veldora is a good ally, and a great asset, but you must remember that he is the enemy's target. 

"You know, you should be aware that you're being targeted. Besides, as long as you or I are safe, we can come back to life, so it's nonsense for the two of us to go fight together! " 

"Quah-hah-hah! I'm careless. Leave the protection of the labyrinth to me! 


”I'm in a serious pinch right now. I'm really counting on you.” 

Once the most troubled person was satisfied, I turned to Zegion. 

"Zegion, and Apito, continue guarding the labyrinth. We can't leave this place empty because it looks like there's a bad enemy waiting for us." 

"Leave this to me. I wish you good fortune, Rimuru-sama." 

That's very good. 

The dragon lords will remain as a force, and we'll be able to analyze their strength. That leaves Treyni-san, Beretta, and Charys. 

"Charys, keep an eye on Veldora to make sure she doesn't go out of control.” 

"I don't need to be told, sir. We'll keep a close eye on Veldora-sama so that Rimuru-sama can go into battle without worry." 

"What? I'm being watched? " 

"Don't worry about it. 

"No, no, no, I'm concerned. 

"Read this and calm down." 

Charys handed Veldora a comic book to quiet her down, which I found reassuring in a different way. 

"Leave Master to us, we'll take care of him! " 

"The labyrinth is well guarded, and we are training so that we will not be caught unawares this time. I'm looking forward to showing you the results." 

I'd rather not have that chance, but it's reassuring to know we're prepared for anything. I nodded back to Treyni-san, asking for his help. 

"Rimuru-sama has given me strength, and I am stronger than ever. I've been training with Charys-dono, and I have no intention of losing to Dino-sama next time. 

Please rest assured." 

Well, I believe you. Whether they can beat Dino or not, the current Beretta team shouldn't be too far behind. So... 

"I'm taking Kumara with me.” 

Me, Benimaru, Ranga, Kumara, and Souei were decided to be the members of this sortie. However, there was one thing that bothered me. . 

"Sorry, Benimaru. I made the decision without asking your opinion, but if you don't like it, you can turn it down. You can stay and protect your wives if you want. " 

Momiji and Alvis are very pregnant. 

Apparently, the gestation period of monsters varies widely. Momiji's mother, Kaede, has been carrying Momiji in her belly for over three hundred years. 

In the case of beastmen, some are embryos and some are eggs, although they are the same species. Alvis was said to be an embryo, but she was said to maintain her transformed state throughout her pregnancy. It may be that the human form is more overworked, but it seems that there are individual differences. Well, it's not like we've figured out the whole biology of monsters yet, so there's no point in worrying about it. 

Let's hope that some ecologists who are interested in the subject will reveal it to us within a reasonable range. So, let's leave it at that. 

What is important now is Benimaru's feeling of leaving his two pregnant wives to go to the battlefield. Which is more important, my work or me? 

I think this question is the one that everyone hates. Well, I was a bachelor. I never had to deal with that question. I don't regret it, and I'm not jealous. 

I was such a bastard that I couldn't come home from work even on my birthday, so I just think it would have been bad if I had a girlfriend. Emotionally, it's your wife, but rationally, it's your job. If you don't have money, you can't make a living, so you have no choice but to give priority to your work. However, it is difficult because there are times when a man has no choice but to protect his family. 

It would be ideal to work for a company that understands us. 

Anyway, as a policy of our country, I would like to pursue this ideal as much as possible. As for me, I don't want Benimaru to have a marital crisis, and I wanted to respect his will. As if laughing at my concern, Benimaru replies. 

"It's an unnecessary concern. I will do everything in my power to protect the people I love. In the first place, I wanted to be your successor in case something happened to me. If you misunderstand that, you're not doing the right thing." 

Well, that may be true in theory. 

But is that really what you want? 

"But you know…" 

Strange as it may seem, I'm the one who's lost. 

As if to reassure me, Benimaru smiles. 

"Don't worry. The safest place on earth is here, and I've asked Hakurou to guard us. If something should happen, he'll take over for me and raise my successor. So, there's nothing to worry about! Besides, I don't think I'm going to lose, and I don't doubt Rimuru-sama's victory." 

He said this very briskly. 

Souei nodded his head in agreement, and looking around at the faces of the others, they all seemed to feel the same way. This made me wonder if I was wrong. 

"Hohoho. Rimuru-sama is very kind. It's probably because she was born in a time of peace, but it's not the mainstream way of thinking in a world of war. My daughter Momiji and Alvis-dono are ready for this. On top of that, I believe in Benimaru-sama." [ TN: Hakurou speaking ] 

The fact that he doesn't call Benimaru "young" shows how serious he is about his statement. And agreeing with Hakurou were Momiji and Alvis, who had arrived before he knew it. 

"You're right. There is no way that my master will lose! " 

"Yes, I agree with Momiji-san. Benimaru-sama, if you leave us, we'll chase you to the ends of the earth. Please be prepared." 

They're ready, too. If that's the case, there's no time for me to be puzzled. 

"Okay, I appreciate the sentiment. I'm not saying we'll win, but I promise we'll all make it back alive." 

"I'll leave it to you, Rimuru-sama. As long as we win, we win." 

I forgot to mention that Benimaru is an incredibly confident person. When he and Souei were together, they seemed to be able to beat any opponent. The same goes for Kumara and Ranga. 

"Yes, sir. I'll do my best too, so there's no way we can lose." 

"My lord, I'm with you! No matter what the enemy, you can't go wrong with a gulp!" 

I could be wrong, but I think I understand what you're saying. 

"You're right. There's no time to be lost, and there's no point in worrying about it before the fight. Leon is the one we have to protect, but let's do our best to crush Michael's ambitions! " I declared. 

If you talk to Michael calmly, there is a possibility that you can understand each other. I'm not going to say such a beautiful thing. He's dangerous. He has no sense of humanity, and he's willing to sacrifice anything to get what he wants. 

It's annoying, but in the end, you have no choice but to make a fight with someone who is outside the line of mutual respect. 

"Let's go! " 

I say, and everyone nods. 

Don't worry about it until after it's all over. 

I made up my mind to do the same and was about to teleport to the battlefield. 

By the time Rimuru and the others had begun their preparations, the war had already begun. Without any declaration of war, Vega went berserk, and that was the beginning. 

"Damn it, can't he take a maneuver? " 

Kagali nodded in agreement when she heard Feldway complaining, "That's true.” 

The purpose of this operation is not the annihilation of El Dorado. The goal of this mission was not to annihilate El Dorado, but to bring the angelic owners before Feldway and bring them into the fold. 

Kagali was puzzled when she heard that Michael's "control" could be handled by Feldway. However, he believes that it is tactically correct to keep the total generals out of the battlefield. So, without any doubts, he accepted the current plan. 

The plan is simple. Everyone here, Feldway, Velzard, Zalario, Pico, Gracia, Kagali, Yuuki, Tear, Footman, Vega, Orlia, Arios, and Mai Furuki, thirteen in all, would go on a rampage. The idea was to slaughter those who rushed out to intercept them, while searching for the angelic owners. Although it is a guess rather than a definite one, Kagali thinks it is definitely Leon. There is no problem even if I am wrong. Once the target was snatched, the mission was over. If they didn't come out to defend the city, Kagali and her team were going to go in as an assault team. 

However, as soon as they arrived at the site through Mai's 'Instantaneous Movement', Vega went out of control, ignoring the instructions. He struck at the city's defense wards and destroyed them. He then charged straight into the place that seemed to be the royal castle. 

Kagali was dumbfounded. 

(She's getting even dumber now that she's got more power. We can't incorporate him into our operations at this rate, we might as well seriously consider a purge. Violating orders is strictly forbidden in an organization.) In an organization, violating orders is strictly forbidden, and if a senior officer does this, it may become a matter of not being able to control the military discipline. To make an example of his subordinates, he would have to think about how to handle Vega. 

Anyway, the mission has already started. 

Kagali decided to discuss their plans with Feldway, leaving Vega to be dealt with upon their return. 

"Myself and Velzard will make a perfect diversion, but Zalario, Pico and Gracia, stay here. I'll put the rest of you under your command, so you can run wild and find the people you want." 

Tear and Footman, not to mention Arios, Orlia, Mai, and the rest of the undead elf resurrection team, were under the influence of Kagali's spell. The orders were not compulsory, but they were connected by a 'telekinesis'. Besides, planning strategies was one of Kagali's specialties, and Feldway had recognized this and given him command. Therefore, Kagali gave the order. 

"I'll reprimand Vega for his outburst later, but for now, hit the enemy with all your might. If you can't win, I'll allow you to retreat, so go ahead and go wild! " 

With the exception of Yuuki, all of us here have gained a great deal of power. 

Not that I don't have as much self-control as Vega, but I'm eager to see how strong I've become. 

That's why, as soon as Kagali gave the go-ahead, they all started moving at once. 

And Kagali, alone, followed behind. 

(I have free will, and I have been given a certain amount of authority. 

I don't know if I'll ever have a better opportunity.Perhaps we should wait for a better time. Such a thought crossed my mind, but I was terrified that my will was in Michael's hands.) 

If he were to be turned into a complete puppet, all hope would be lost. 

It is not unlikely that this is our last chance. Optimism was a dangerous thing, and Kagali decided to take action. From the beginning, she had no intention of being loyal to Feldway and the others. Michael and Feldway are crazy. 

The insanity was so palpable that Kagali was convinced that the future with them was not bright. 

' I swear I will not betray you. And I accept your control.' 


Kagali swore she would not betray her friends. 

Even if it meant accepting control from Michael. And she is ready to repay the favor she received from Yuuki, no matter how dirty her hands become. 

(Michael's control seems to be absolute within a certain range, but it might be less effective if you increase the distance. Or, if we isolate ourselves from the same space, we may be unaffected! I'm not sure. ) 

We can look for signs of the owner's whereabouts. However, the locations of the three powers were unknown. 

In other words, there is a high possibility that it is a safe zone. 

The labyrinth of Ramiris. 

If they could escape there, there was a chance Kagali and the others could be saved. Fortunately, we are allied with the Demon Lord Rimuru. 

No, I doubt that now, but there was a good chance that the good-natured Lord Rimuru would hide Kagali and the others. 

Therefore, the best course of action for Kagali and the others was to create a big mess here and find an opening to escape. 

To that end. . 

(Can you hear me, Laplace? ) 

(Mr. Chairman? You're all right, aren't you?) 

(I'm fine, but I'm in a tricky situation. So...) 

(You can order me to do whatever you want. So, where do we go from here? 

Where do we go?) 

(El Dorado.) 

Kagali called upon her most reliable trump card. 

Thus, Laplace joined the fight. 

On the other hand, Leon's men became tense at once. They've been training for what's coming. Today, it was the real deal. It wasn't long before Leon received a report that the city's defenses had been breached and infiltrated by the enemy. 

With a follow-up report, a bloodthirsty knight shouted. 

"There are only eight intruders, but their strength is immense! We have allowed them into the castle, and we are in chaos! " 

Leon looked at Guy as the knight returned to intercept him. 

"Have you contacted Rimuru? " 

"Damn, we're cut off. He's up there. Velzard. Which means there's more than eight of them." 

Leon nodded, agreeing. 

Even if he were the enemy, he would move first to break the enemy's link. 

This, of course, was to be expected. 

So, as a countermeasure against such a situation, Rimuru is keeping track of the situation of each force with the monitoring spell Argos. There would be some time lag, but they would know that something was wrong. 

Help was bound to come. 

Besides. . Even if they didn't make it in time and things went horribly wrong, there was a plan Rimuru had jokingly mentioned. He probably didn't mean it, and Leon would like to reject it, but in that case, there would be no time to argue. 

Anyway, thinking that he should do his best to prevent that from happening now, Leon asked Guy. 

"What do you say, we wait here until Rimuru and the others get here? " 

"No, it's hard. If it weren't for Velzard, we'd be fine. If she gets serious, this place could easily disappear." 

". .That's not good." 

Spatial Transportation requires the exact coordinates of the current location and the destination. If we've been cut off, it's safe to assume that they've taken such spatial measures. 

"If the magic circle for the transfer is destroyed, the arrival of reinforcements will be delayed even more. 

If we can buy a dozen minutes of time, Rimuru should arrive. In order to hope for that, they would have to defend this base. 

"Right? Then I guess I'll just have to go out there and deal with him." 

Guy said, standing up. 

"I'll go with you.” 

"I'm going to show my true colors today.” 

Mizari and Rhein followed Guy's lead. 

I've been living with these two for a few months now, and I know their strengths. In particular, Rhein's skills are improving rapidly, to the point that Leon is having a hard time with him. Normally, he would be annoying, but now that he's on our side, he's reliable. Mizari complained that she wished she could always show her true colors, but that one comment summed up the feelings of everyone. 

Then, another annoying person interrupted. 

"Kufufufu. You two weaklings won't be of much use to us if you follow us. I'm unwilling to help Guy, but I respect Rimuru-sama's orders. I'll help you, and you can come with me." 

The man, Diablo, laughed and said, "You should thank me for helping you.” 

The lady, Rhein, reacted and started to argue with him. 

Guy yells at him in a disgusted tone. 

Mizari shakes her head in disgust. 

“They must be close”, Leon thought, as he watched them leave in a frenzy. 

But there was no time to think about such things. Guy and the others would take care of things outside, and Leon would have to do his part. The screams of his men could be heard from the corridor, and it was clear that the situation was bad. 

He could not move carelessly, for he was in danger of being dominated. It was frustrating for Leon. 

"No one's headed for the city, are they? " 

He asks his trusted ally, Silver Knight Alrose, who is always standing next to him. Alrose, who has been communicating with the knights on the 'Telepathy Net', replies succinctly. 

"Ha! They all seem to be heading for the castle." 

Leon nodded in agreement. 

"Then have the Magic Knights seal the castle! Isolate the intruders inside the castle and do not allow them to communicate with the outside! " 

"Yes, sir!" 

Deciding not to worry about Guy and the others, Leon gave the order. If they could contain the enemy in the castle, there would be no damage to the castle below. He then waited for support from Rimuru and decided to take out the isolated enemy. 

"To prevent further damage, each Knight Commander must intercept the enemy." 

"Yes, sir! " 

After sealing the castle with the Isolation Wards, I sent the knight commanders to intercept the enemy. This is the deployment of our reserve forces. 

The maintenance of the city defense wards is left to the Yellow Knights, who specialize in defense, and the White Knights, who specialize in recovery. The offensive Red Knights were dispatched to intercept the enemy. The only remaining force was the Blue Knights who specialized in raiding. Depending on the situation, they would cover the weak points. Alrose took charge as Leon ordered. 

Before Leon, the six deformed pillars kneeled. 

"Demon Lord Leon-sama. Give us permission to go out." 

It was the demon generals under Guy. 

Not Guy, to be exact, but Mizari and Rhein's men. 

They used to be archdemons, but as Mizari and the others evolved, they became "demon peers. Among them, Misora, the first of Rhein's subordinates, is a duke-level player because of her hard work. Although she was weaker than Moss, who was also a duke, she had a superior fighting ability. Kahn, the first of Mizari's subordinates, was no slouch. Although he is inferior to Misora in terms of combat ability, he is a powerful man worthy of the rank of marquis. The other four pillars are as strong as the leaders of the Magic Knights. It was a shame to leave them idle. 

"Permission granted. Go. Work with Fran and the others to defeat the enemy." And so, the demons were unleashed. The only ones standing by Leon's side were the Commander Alrose and the Black Knight Claude. If I had wanted to, I would have sent these two to intercept the demons as well. However, since the enemy's goal this time was Leon, they had to leave an escort here. 

"It's frustrating. 

"Please be patient. It's strange that I'm protecting Leon-sama, but we must trust everyone here and stay put." 

"Fufufu. There are eight enemies in the castle. These are the four knight captains, plus those demons. And there are highly trained knights. There's no way we can defeat them." 

Claude admonished Leon, and Alrose expressed his optimism as if to say to himself, "I know it's not that easy.” 

He knew it would not be easy, but he had to prevent Leon from falling into the hands of the enemy. He decided to be patient and waited for good news from his throne. After a while, violent tremors could be heard all over the castle. 

The fiercest battleground was the battlefield where Vega was rampaging. 

Misora was in command, and the demons were stalling for time with their four pillars. She is supported by White Knight Maetel, the leader of the White Knights. 

Maetel is a blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty. Her specialty is restoration magic, and her mere presence enhances their ability to fight on. The demons were taking advantage of this and were fighting well against Vega. 

Yes, it was a good fight. One by one, they would leave the battlefield, and Maetel would heal them and bring them back and so on. In the face of such overwhelming violence, there was no choice but to throw oneself into the fray. 

Misora's face is distorted with pain. But she is undeterred. She had been tormented by the recklessness of her master, Rhein, time and again. And anyway, as for the demons, if they retreated, Guy would purge them. So, they would fight proudly and fulfill their duties. However, Vega's existence value was over 10 million, while the demons, even the top ones, were only about 500,000. Even Misora has only 700,000. They do not possess Ultimate Skill, and the difference in strength is obvious. 

"Gah-ha-ha-ha! I'm not sure what to do. No! I'm too strong. You're too weak. 

I can't even eat you.” 

They had no choice but to calmly deal with Vega, who was spouting off nerve-wracking rhetoric, trampling on the demons' pride. No, that was the strategy of the demons. They are good at reading emotions, and they are taking advantage of Vega's personality. By letting Vega fight to the death here, they were able to maintain the stalemate. 

Unlike the fierce but stable Vega battle, the Arios opponents were filled with a tense atmosphere. 

"Hahahahaha! You can kill all you want! What the hell, this power is awesome!!!" 

Intoxicated by the violence, Arios was rampaging as if he had lost his reason when he was human. The Ultimate Enchantment 'Punishment King 

(Sandalphon)' was embodied in a pistol that could shoot as much as Arios wanted. 

There was also a bastard sword in his right hand. This was a weapon created by Orlia's Multiple Weapons. These two weapons were far more powerful than a simple mythical-grade weapon. By using these weapons, Arios was able to slaughter his knights. He looked like an imitation of Lieutenant Kondou, but this was a sign of "admiration" that even Arios himself would not admit. The leader of the Blue Knights, the Blue Knight Oxian, and Kahn teamed up to challenge Arios. 

The difference in weaponry could not be bridged, but it was fortunate that their skills (level) were on par. Kahn used his pride as a great demon to interfere with Arios with his magic, and Oxian used his brilliant swordsmanship to confront Arios. 

The fact that Oxian was good at auxiliary magic was also significant. His physical strength and the durability of his sword were compensated for by the multiple use of Kahn's and Oxian's magic. Even so, the chances of victory were almost zero. Oxian, a nihilistic nobleman, did not want to win against an opponent who would not be injured by a direct hit. He is conscious of the fact that his sword will not be broken, and he is trying to make this battle last as long as possible. 

He did not want the enemy to reach his beloved Leon. 

The dizzying battle had only just begun. 

The Red Knight Fran and the Yellow Knight Kizona, the commanders of the Red and Yellow Knights, respectively, are fighting against Orlia. 

Fran is a healthy, auburn-skinned beauty, lightly armed and focused on offensive power. Kizona is small in stature but cheerful in disposition, and wears heavy full-body armor. Fortunately for these two women, Orlia's will to fight was poor. Orlia was cautious. Unlike Vega and Arios, she was cautious about her authority. However, Fran and Orlia's chemistry was terrible. All of her magic had fallen before Orlia's shield. Orlia experimented with her 'Multiple Weapons' to see what weapons she could create. She gave Arios a bastard sword, and Mai a crescent bow. And for myself, I had prepared a morning star and a tower shield. 

He had prepared a morning star and a tower shield for himself, to test both his offensive and defensive capabilities. The two were saved by Orlia's character. 

With the two of them as his test subjects, Orlia was slowly and surely getting to grips with the weapons he had created with his Ultimate Enchantment. 

Mai was on the battlefield, but she couldn't get rid of the feeling of being out of place. She didn't understand the point of fighting. But it was impossible to fight against Michael. Even Yuuki, whom she trusted, was a follower of Michael, and Mai could not win against him. On the other hand, she doesn't feel like turning on the knights who have no grudge against her, so she just stays on the sidelines. 

If she had seriously participated in the battle, the situation would have turned in favor of the angels long ago. But that didn't happen. 

"If things continue like this, everyone will be unhappy. But what am I supposed to do? Tell me, Yuuki-kun…" 

Mai is lost, troubled, and unable to find an answer. She still needs some time before she can make a move. 

Guy and the others go to intercept her, but there's a blizzard outside the castle. It was Velzard's work. 

"I'll deal with her." 

Guy's words were met with no objections from anyone. 

(I've fought Velzard several times before, long ago and recently, and she's clearly very strong.) 

Inevitably, Guy should be the one to face Velzard. Besides, the current Velzard wasn't holding back his power. The evidence was that she had changed from a girl to a grown woman. And her eyes are not the usual deep-sea blue (Bleu Diamond) but golden. They shone with a mysterious, evil, and beautiful light. That was Velzard's true form, his battle form in human form. Seeing this, Guy knows that she is serious and was crazy in a good way. 

When he flew up to Velzard, who was stationary in the sky and at the center of the blizzard, Velzard saw Guy and shouted happily. 

"I love, love, love you, Guy. I love you, Guy, and I love you, and you love me, and you love me, and you love me, and you love me, and you love me!” 

She then challenged Guy with a big smile on her face. 

"I told you it's a pain in the ass! " Guy responds in earnest. 

It would be suicide to go easy on Velzard. 

And so, in the skies above the castle, a battle broke out between the best forces in the world. 

Guy is strong. His existence value is so high that it almost reaches 40 million. 

But Velzard was different. She was more than twice as powerful as Guy, and her power was unimaginable. She was not just the sister of the Creator God, she was the absolute one on earth. And Velzard, even when dealing with her sister Velgrynd, has never taken herself seriously. She always responded in the form of a girl, that is to say, with her own power blocked. Even when she wiped out Veldora, she only dealt a playful blow. This meant that her attacks were very energy efficient. The only time she was serious was when she was taking on Guy. The only reason Guy was able to compete with her was because of his superior combat sense. On top of that, he tries his best to keep the ground as unaffected as possible, so you can understand how awesome Guy Crimson is. The battle, as usual, leads to a stalemate. 

Then Guy realized. This guy isn't being controlled after all. 

No, she was being controlled, but it seemed to be the result of not daring to resist, because it matched Velzard's wishes. Velzard seemed to be very happy. It was a very familiar look that could only be seen in the midst of battle. It was not good news, but a disgusting fact. A desire that had been suppressed for so many years, only to be unleashed because of Feldway and the others. That means that this relationship will not improve until Velzard is satisfied. If she was just being manipulated, all he had to do was release it. But since he wasn't, there was nothing Guy could do. She's not the kind of Velzard who responds to persuasion. The only way to bring her to her senses was for Guy to stay with her until he was satisfied. 

"Good grief, man! " Guy sneered while complaining. 

And then he happily shoots at Velzard. 

Above the castle, even higher than the Velzard’s. Standing in front of Feldway and Zalario is Diablo. 

"You evil demon of little stature, you dare to challenge us alone? " 

"Kufufufu. You told me to be prepared the next time I saw you, but are you going to entertain me today? " 

"Damn it. I don't have time to play with you. Zalario, I'll deal with him." 

Feldway avoided a fight with Diablo. Diablo was a troublesome demon. 

Knowing this well, he hesitated to deal with him. Feldway left the castle without saying a word. Diablo thought about interfering, but Zalario would not allow it. 

He was annoyed by the imposition, and frankly speaking, he wanted to refuse. 

However, since it was an order from his immediate superior, he decided that he had no choice but to accept the situation. 

"I can't help it. Now that you've acquired the name Diablo, let's see how strong you've become." 

With that, the two sides went into battle. Zalario, though reluctant, was confident. He had just been incarnated, but his body felt fine. Even though he hadn't exerted himself in a long time, he hadn't broken down, which lifted Zalario's spirits. 

"Mei Wei 8 Palm". 

Zalario took the initiative. 

It is a very simple technique, but its power is immeasurable. It is a very simple technique, but its power is immeasurable. Eight separate air bombs are aimed at Diablo. 

"Nonsense. So that's the extent of it." 

Diablo, on the other hand, muttered in a boring tone. It was not a strategy to stir up trouble or to make him look good, but his true intention. Diablo lightly evaded the bullet and glared at Zalario. 

"Are you just an amateur with a lot of power, wasting your energy? " 

He asked in all seriousness. 

Zalario is annoyed by this, but keeps his cool. 

”That's why I don't like him," he replies, hiding his anger. 

"Shut up. That's not enough to wear me out. In the first place, you and I are different in terms of the absolute amount of power we contain. You should be worried about yourself, not me." 

This was true. Zalario's conditions now were different from when he had invaded Ramiris' labyrinth. Now that he had a physical body, he was able to fully exercise the power of the main body in the Palace of Wonders. With an existence value of over 20 million, he was confident that he would not be defeated even by True Dragon. There was no need to worry about wasting a bit of money, as it would be quickly recovered. But Diablo snickered. 

"This is why amateurs are no good. In our fight, we must either annihilate our opponent with a single blow or prepare for a long battle. So, the basic rule is to focus on how to fight without being exhausted. If you don't understand that, Zalario, you've been slacking off, haven't you? " 

Zalario is annoyed by Diablo's superiority. 

I'd put up with it if it was said after a loss, but the fight has just begun. It may be a tactic to disturb the opponent's mind, but Diablo is not aiming for that. 

He is sincerely, earnestly trying to give advice. 

The fact that Zalario understood this made him even more annoyed. 

"Shut up. Your advice is none of my business, so shut up. You don't need to worry about me. I've been fighting on the front lines against insectars, the natural enemies of demons. You should know that someone like you who's been living comfortably on the ground is no match for me now! " 

"Hmm, that's very impressive. And don't worry. I, too, have fought to the death against Zegion-dono. Zegion-dono is also a Mushroom Majin, and a very strong one at that. Moreover, he has been given Rimuru-sama's cells, which are enviable, and he has few attackable parts. So, even for me, he is a difficult opponent to beat." 

The small number of attackable parts is a self-imposed rule that Diablo has set for himself. Diablo's own rule was that he would not target the parts made of Rimuru's cells. Because of this rule, the three demon girls have been unable to defeat Zegion but that's another story. 

"I don't know what you mean, but no matter how much I train on this warm ground. ." 

And then Zalario remembered. 

He hadn't heard the name Zegion before, but it was familiar to him. Zegion was the name of the person that Dino had declared troublesome and that even Zelanus had expressed interest in. If you've been fighting to the death against someone like that instead of training. . 

"Well, this is no time to play around." 

And so, Zalario got serious. 

The battle between Diablo and Zalario was about to begin. 

In front of Rhein and Mizari, Pico and Gracia stood in their way. 

"It's cold. “ 

Rhein's heart was already breaking. 

“If I wasn't a demon, I'd have run back to the fireplace by now," Rhein thought, trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. 

"Rhein , you said earlier that you were going to show your true colors today, didn't you? So why do you look so unmotivated? " 

"That's a silly question, Mizari. It's because it's cold. Why do you have to fight in such cold weather and in a blizzard against an opponent you don't even like?”, when asked by Mizari, Rhein blurted out her true feelings without any intention of hiding them. 

Mizari was dumbfounded, but surprisingly, someone agreed with her. 

It was Pico, who was supposed to be the enemy. 

"Really, that's it! Why do I have to fight like this in a place like this where I can't even see! " 

In fact, Pico was dressed very cold. 

So did Gracia, for that matter. 

"Don't complain. I'm cold too." 

He was trying to calm Pico down, but it was obvious that he felt the same way. Rhein and Mizari were wearing maid's clothes, but Pico was also wearing only a light dress. Gracia, for example, was wearing a bare shoulder outfit that made me feel cold just looking at it. 

(Oh, was I the only one who was really trying to fight?) 

Mizari is upset when she realizes this shocking fact. Not caring about her, Rhein and the others hit it off and complained to each other. 

"I mean, Velzard-sama, I wish you'd stop blowing snow all of a sudden. 

"Seriously, I agree. I mean, if you were going to do it, you should have told me in advance. Then I could have worn my favorite fur coat." 

Pico says, "I would have been proud of you.” 

"Come on, Pico, when did you buy that? " 

"Just a little something to take care of business." 

"Oh! The last town! That could be the place to be." 

That's the Blumund Kingdom. As a city where the West meets the East, goods from all over the world have begun to gather there. Naturally, there was a lot of magic in the air, and some of the clothing was of a very high quality. 

Pico and Gracia were traveling around the world on a surveillance mission. They seem to be Dino's friends, and they seem to be doing whatever they want. They have their own hideouts all over the world, and they enjoy the latest fashion. 

Rhein gives them a wistful look as they chat like this. 

"It's fine to boast. But first, don't you have something to do? " 

Mizari is surprised to hear that. 

(Oh, that's Rhein. Was your earlier comment intended to catch them off guard? I didn't know you were aiming to take advantage of them like this. 

I'm impressed with you.) 

With that in mind, Mizari waited for the signal to start fighting. However, what she heard was a ridiculous proposal from Rhein. 

"Talking in this place is out of the question! Don't you think we should get out of the cold first? " 

That's exactly what Mai said to me. 

“ ” " What? " " “ 

The three of us were surprised. The concept of friend and foe had vanished, and only confusion remained. Rhein doesn't care. She quickly lands himself on the ground and activates a certain spell. 

"Strategic Magic: Cocytus! " 

"Hey, Rhein! It's a city-destroying spell, you're too clever." 

Mizari was disgusted, but she wasn't wrong. 

It's Rhein who's crazy. Rhein used Cocytus, a spell that put a large area on ice. The area is based on the magic power of the magician, but if Rhein is serious, it will cover a radius of thirty kilometers. But what appeared in front of Mizari was a cube of ice three meters square. The cube is filled with evil magic, but there is no damage. In a sense, the result was a joke. 

"What do you think? What do you think? “,Rhein said smugly. 

Pico grinned, as if she had caught her meaning. 

"Gracia! Gracia! 

"Oh, I'll leave it to you. I know exactly what you're thinking!" 

Gracia knew what Rhein was thinking. 

I'm not going to let you get away with this. 

"Ice Breaker! 

This was another elemental magic that could be used against individuals. It was a spell that took the trouble to freeze the moisture in the air and then break it up, and it was a spell with outstanding killing power. However, this time, Gracia manipulated it dexterously, and only hollowed out a cube of ice. Thus, on the spot, the "Ice Kamakura" was completed. 

"You're doing a good job.” 

"Yeah, you too. “ 

Rhein and Gracia recognized each other, and a friendship was born. 

"Come on, let's go in! " 

Pico is the first to go inside. 

Without any hesitation, Rhein and Gracia followed. 

Mizari, who was left alone outside, was stunned and muttered. 

"Uh, Rhein? It wasn't a joke or a plan, you were serious." 

But the person who should answer that is in Kamakura. 

Mizari felt like an idiot and hurriedly went inside. 

"So, in secret, we were given the honor of evolving at the hands of Rimuru-sama." 

This is the answer to Gracia's question, "By the way, you guys are getting stronger than when I last saw you, aren't you?” 

"You've been talking so much to the enemy. That's enough." 

Despite Mizari's dismay, Rhein has been getting information from Pico and the others. It seems that the powers of Dino and Pico are under the control of 

Michael. Pico has the ultimate skill 'Rigor King (Jibril)', and Gracia has the ultimate skill 'Glory King (Haniel)'. Although they are not aware of it, they will probably not be able to disobey Michael's orders. 

In addition, they have been told the full extent of the enemy forces. The information given by Rhein is not very important. Only the fact that he mentioned Rimuru's name without permission was rash, but Rhein judged that it was OK because he had not been specifically told not to talk about it. If Rimuru hears this, he will be angry, and will probably lament that he should have kept his mouth shut. 

Anyway, in exchange for the information that he was able to evolve thanks to Rimuru, Rhein was able to get a very important story out of him. From then on, they were complaining to each other. We started talking about our hardships and complained about our bosses. Incidentally, the four of us worked together to build the fire and poured magic power into it to keep it at a comfortable temperature. On top of that, the sweet potatoes that Rhein had hidden in the fire were being roasted on skewers, giving off a faintly delicious aroma. At this point, Rhein took out some sweet sake. 

"This is for when it's cold. “ 

"You're right, that's…" 

"Come on, Mizari-san, let's not be so formal. I think it's fine. I think it's fine. 

"You just want to drink, don't you, Gracia? Well, I want one too, so I won't stop you.” 

"That's right, Mizari. After a fight, you drink to make up for it. It's called common sense." 

[TN: Goddamn best part of the Volume] 

When did we fight? But there was no one other than Mizari to intervene. 

Three against one, the odds were really against them, and Mizari had no choice but to give in. Thus, the inside of Kamakura becomes like a girl's club. As the battle rages on outside, the girls continue to exchange opinions. . 

Leon sits on his throne. 

The time of peace is over. With a loud bang, the front door is broken down. 

The great door leading to the audience chamber shatters into dust, scattering fragments like dust. And out of that dust, an intruder proudly emerged. 

"Ho-ho-ho-ho. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Footman. The Moderate Clown Troupe is one, and I am the Footman of the Angry Pierrot. Please, make my acquaintance!" 

With his fat body and angry clown face, he exudes a certain air of strangeness. Leon had met this clown once before. Now it was a memory of his own stupidity, a business partner with whom he had made a contract. 

He had felt a certain power when he had met him before, but now he felt nothing like that. I felt an uncanny power. 

What bothered me, though, was Footman's purpose. If he wanted to capture Leon, it would be reckless for him to come alone. 

(As I thought, the enemy's forces have outnumbered ours. But I don't understand. What's he thinking? If he helps the others, he'll have the power to change the course of the war... But. . I don't know.) As he pondered this, Leon left his seat. 

"You come here alone and think you're going to make it out alive? " 

Alrose shouts. 

Claude keeps his hand on his sword, ready to protect Leon at any moment. 

Leon thinks. 

The Footman must have some other purpose. Or.. 

Just as he thinks this, a woman steps through the broken door and into the audience chamber. 

"Ah, there you are, Demon Lord Leon. Do you remember me? " 

The one who laughed was a beautiful woman with a ladylike appearance. 

She was dressed in a dark blue suit, like a secretary. Her skin was white and fine-grained, and her blond hair was tied up in a chignon. Her eyes, indigo with a mysterious glow, were fixed on Leon. 

"Since you've changed your appearance, it's probably more accurate to say it's nice to meet you. I'm Kagali. I'm the president of the Moderate Clown Troupe. 

I've got a grudge against you for killing me, so I guess I'll have to deal with you myself." 

Needless to say, it was Kagali. 

She greeted him, somewhat overacting. Then, as if following Kagali, two clowns came in one after the other. The teary-eyed, masked girl was Tear. 

She carries a large sickle on her shoulder and greets the clown in a joking manner. 

"I'm Tear. One of the Moderate Clown Troupe is Tear of Teardrop. I hate sadness. Kagali-sama's enemies will be eliminated by me!" 

Tear declares, spinning her scythe dexterously and giving up her place as if dancing. Stepping forward to take his place is Laplace, a man with an asymmetrical clown face that looks like he's playing a trick on people. 

"I'm Laplace of the Wonder Pierrot, vice president of the Moderate Clown Troupe. Well, gentlemen. It's a beautiful day today. . but who cares about that? 

I've been told to 'dash as fast as you can' and I'm really tired. And it looks like we're in big trouble. I feel like I want to go home. . I. . " 

It was very typical of Laplace to be complaining without saying hello. As soon as the clowns finish their speech, the last one appears. A young boy wearing a black Imperial uniform with a fearless smile on his face. It was Yuuki Kagurazaka, still under the control of Michael. 

"Hey, looks like I'm the last one. I hear my name is Yuuki. You're Demon Lord Leon, aren't you? I think we've met before, but my memory's a little foggy. I'm sorry, I'm not sure." 

There are stages to Michael's rule. Some of it is free will, some of it is limited. 

In the case of control over angelic systems, there is no fear of betrayal, so he is allowed to behave quite freely. However, Yuuki is controlled by the " Regalia Dominion" and is therefore restricted to a great extent. 

In a sense, this is evidence that Michael approves of Yuuki. If he had recognized Yuuki as a lower rank, he would have allowed him to act freely like Kagali and the others. 

Anyway, the current Yuki was somewhat vague, and as soon as he finished introducing himself, he lost interest in Leon and the others, and stood there leaning against the door. 

”Hmmm..." Leon assessed the situation. 

There were five of them, but each one of them was as strong as him. No, they seemed to have more strength than that. Since they are outnumbered, the situation has become worse. 

Leon couldn't decide whether or not to make a move. He might be able to defeat at least one of them, but this was not the time to make a desperate attempt. If he couldn't win, he should run away, and he had the means to do so. But Leon was lost because he saw the light of reason, not madness, in Kagali's eyes. He had been told by Rimuru that Kagali was the Demon Lord Kazaream. He had almost forgotten about her, but he remembered clearly her eyes full of madness. 

Kagali may have been jealous, but to Leon, it was a horrible light. And yet, now, she was as beautiful as lapis lazuli. She's not a different person. So, there may be an agenda. And does that mean it's negotiable? 

In spite of the situation, Leon knew exactly what was going on. In front of 

Leon, the clowns continued to speak. 

"Demon Lord Leon. You not only have a grudge against us for destroying Kazaream-sama, but also for leaving our brother and friend, Clayman of the Crazy Clown, to die! I won't make it easy for you. Because I'm angry! " 

And with that, Footman bends his fat body in a dexterous bow. Laplace follows suit. 

"Right. Clayman's asshole didn't become a demon lord because he wanted to. 

He was the only one suited for it, so I sent him out as a replacement in case something happened to the chairman. I regretted it so much that it turned out like that." 

His voice sounded sad, as if he was remembering Clayman. 

"It's really sad, isn't it? But Kagali-sama gave us a chance for revenge! I'm going to give you the full force of our grudge, so please stay with me until the end! " 

Tear said sadly at the end. 

And the battle has begun. 

There are three of them. Kagali's group has five. 

However, Yuuki doesn't move. 

Tear went to Alrose, and Claude took on Footman. 

There were only two players left, but of course Leon would have to deal with them. Normally, defeat would have been inevitable. But it was not to be. 

As Leon drew his Flame Pillar, Kagali struck him with the Ruin Scepter borrowed from Michael. The impact of the mythical-grade collision sent shock waves through the hall. At the same time, Leon heard a voice in his mind. 

' Do you hear me? I want to negotiate. “ 

The prediction was correct. 

' Yes,' Leon nodded. 

'Thank you. I've got eyes on me. That's what I'm trying to do. No matter how careful you are, you can never be too careful. 

”You're right," said Leon with a look. 

The conversation is like a tightrope walk, with both sides playing out a fierce battle. 

Incidentally, Laplace's role is to relay 'thoughts'. Through the master-slave connection between Kagali and Laplace, encrypted information is transmitted. 

Kagali sends the information to Laplace, and then retransmits it to Leon. The reply from Leon is also encrypted and transmitted to Kagali through Laplace. The reason for using this particular method was to prevent Michael from reading her mind. 

Believing that not all of his thoughts could be read, he put up multiple barriers in the back of his mind. The reason he was so wary was because Kagali was about to betray Michael. Kagali was once trapped in a grudge against Leon, but now that she was away from Michael, she had regained her composure. As a result, he decided that it would be best to join forces with Leon. As long as he could get into Ramiris' labyrinth, he could escape Michael's surveillance. And that mysterious slime would free Kagali and the others by any means necessary, he thought. 

”Isn't there some kind of communication channel in case of emergency? I can't get to the labyrinth by magic, and if there is, let me use it”. 

“You can use transference magic, but it's a gamble. If you do something you don't plan to do, Michael may tighten his grip on you. “ 

“Ideally, we would like to evacuate directly to the labyrinth.” 

If that was not possible, he wanted them to be ready to receive Kagali and the others. 

”I see, I understand your situation.” 

”You're taking your time, but you're the one Michael wants, aren't you? You have the Purity King, don't you? “ 

”I won't deny it.” 

There was no point in hiding it now, Leon admitted. 

He judged that the owner of the land was already known to be here. 

In that case, the words of Kagali and the others became more credible. 

With such a large difference in strength, there was no point in extracting information from Leon. They could just disable Leon and take him out in front of Michael. Besides, while Tear and Footman were rampaging wildly, Alrose and Claude were unharmed. If they really wanted to kill them, they would have been dead by now. 

In this situation, there is no point in acting like this. That's why we can be sure that Kagali's words are true. 

”I believe you. There is indeed a transference magic circle in this castle that leads to Ramiris' labyrinth.” 

”I knew it! “ 

Kagali's expression brightened as she realized that her plan was now more likely to succeed. Then, crossing her blades fiercely, she threw herself forward and heated up the negotiations. 

Leon, who had given up his suspicion of Kagali, wondered if he should simply nod. But what comes to his mind is the smile of Chloe, the girl Leon loves. 

For some reason, that smile was not on Leon's face, but on Rimuru's. . 

From deep inside Leon, a dark feeling began to well up. 

This is not jealousy. No! Leon swallowed the feeling and endured it. 

Then he thought. Rimuru will accept these people and it wouldn't hurt his conscience too much to put them through the trouble.Leon feels a little better, as if he didn't have to worry about it. Leon nodded his head and began to confirm the arrangements. 

”So, are you sure it's just the five of you? “ 


' Yes. There are other people who used to work for Yuuki-sama, but I don't trust them. It's not like they're going to kill us if we leave them here, and there's no point in holding them hostage against us, so we're going to leave them behind.” 

'”Wouldn't it be better to take them with us, to reduce the enemy's strength? 


Leon was surprisingly kind. The reason why he is misunderstood and gives a cold impression is because he is clumsy. 

Kagali sensed it too. 

' You're not what I thought you were. You didn't take it easy on me when I was your age” 

It can't be helped. With the demon lord attacking, we were not calm either. 

We didn't want to prolong the battle to avoid civilian casualties. 

I understood what he meant. 

If two demon lords of equal ability fought each other, the damage to the surrounding area would be extraordinary. In order to prevent that, it would have been right to aim for a short battle like Leon. 

That's true, too. Besides, I was a fool back then, so you have no right to complain. Forget it. 

Leon is annoyed by Kagali's reaction, because he expected her to complain more. 

' You've really changed. “ 

He muddled his words, changed his mind and resumed the conversation. 

The "magic circle for transfer" is located behind this room. This room itself is most heavily guarded by the Multilayer Barrier, so it's just a short walk from the hidden door behind the throne. 

” Thank you. So, what are you going to do?” 

Michael's goal is Leon. 

”We should run away together”, Kagali implied. 

Leon's answer, however, is in a clear voice. 

' I'm staying. If I was going to run away, I would have gone to Rimuru from the beginning.” 

Kagali nodded, agreeing. 

' Michael's rule is absolute, right? “ 

But there must be conditions. Worst case scenario, if I were to be controlled, Guy could observe the process and come up with a way to deal with it. That's one reason, not all. Leon is really just trying to protect the people here in El Dorado with his own hands. That was the intention of Leon Cromwell, the man who gave up being a Chosen Hero to protect the mixed race of man and demon. 

' You're really clumsy, aren't you? You're willing to give up yourself for the sake of others. .'' 

”No, I'm not. There are few as vicious as I am. I tolerated the sacrifice of others to save the only one I loved. And I will pay for it.”. 

These words showed Leon's resolve. 

Kagali understands this and decides to respect Leon's wishes. They were their priority, and there was no need to try to persuade him. 

So, the policy was set. 

Kagali also informs Tear and Footman of the situation through Laplace. 

Leon, on the other hand, has been talking to Alrose and Claude. Both of them felt that the enemy was not serious, so they were convinced by Leon's explanation. 

The only thing left to do was to force Yuuki to go with them. 

Leon gives Kagali a look. In the direction of his gaze, there was a hidden door. Reading his intentions, Kagali pretends to be blown away and destroys the door. Seeing this, Laplace signals to Footman and Tear. Alrose and the others helped in the act, and Footman and Tear came to the hidden room as if they were blown to excess. 

"Yuuki-sama! " 

"Oh dear, is it my turn? " 

With that, Yuuki leisurely makes his way to the hidden room. . 

(Okay. Now all I have to do is get Leon to activate the magic circle!) Kagali was sure of success. 

It was a tightrope walk, but now she could get away from Michael. 

It was supposed to be. 

But. . 

But now, fate had given up on Kagali and the others. 

"Michael, who was still in the Heavenly Star Palace, discovered Obera's betrayal before Dino could report it. 

Michael was furious. 

It was the first time in his life that he had experienced this. It was the first time in his life that he had ever been so angry that something had gone wrong with his plan. 

The cause, as it turned out, was his own naivete. 

In spite of his immense control, he had allowed himself to be led astray by trusting in the uncertainty of his friends, and this was the result. Obera had just won the 'Salvation King (Azrael)' , and Michael knew it. Then, he should have taken certain control at that time. It was Michael's mistake not to do so. 

If he made a mistake, he had to make up for it. Michael was furious, but calmly, he thought so. 

As a result, he reinforced his control over the angelic owners currently under his control with the Ultimate Dominion via Feldway. As a result, Kagali's ego was also taken away. 

One more step. That step is so far away. 

Feldway emerged from the broken door leading to the audience chamber. 

"I didn't know you were planning to betray me. All of you, you fools who don't understand my cause!" 

Seeing Feldway screaming in rage, Kagali knew that the plan had failed. As the next best thing, he tried to get Laplace and the others to escape. 

All it takes is one word, one command. And yet, she was prevented from even uttering a word. 

"It's useless. I've taken complete control of the Ultimate Dominion. 

Michael-sama is angry. I let you do whatever you want. And then there's. ." 

Feldway's cold stare pierced Leon, who had stopped moving. 

"Looks like the man we wanted was here, too. You, too, will be a loyal servant." Before Leon could hear the voice, he had activated 'Purity King (Metatron)' at full force. He was about to unleash a godlike blow with the intent to kill. 

But it was already too late. 

Damn it, I can't fight this. . 

As if overflowing from the depths of his heart, his loyalty to Michael, whom he had never even met, began to well up. Leon's memories and knowledge remained intact, but his ego was filled with ecstatic feelings. 

(Chloe, I love you. .) 

The smile of the girl he loves in his mind is also overwritten by an irresistible elation. In the same way as Leon, Kagali's heart was also being stolen. 

Her loyalty to Michael outweighed her feelings for her dear friends. 

I'm always so naive. . 

Kagali lamented in a very sad mood, but even that regret quickly disappeared. 

"Chairman, are you going to give up now? I believe in you, I believe in you.” 

Kagali heard a voice that confused her. 

But it sounded like the voice of a child screaming through layers of glass, and could not be heard clearly. 

"Kagali, doesn't the spell work on her? " 

"No. Laplace is special, so he doesn't have to follow my orders. 

"I see. Then there's no need." 

The cold voice that seemed to have lost all emotion spread to Kagali. 

"Yes. You've been through a lot, Laplace. At the very least, I'll take care of you with my own hands." 

"Wait, Chairman!" 

Laplace was the only one who was confused by Kagali's change. 

Tear, Footman, Yuki, and even the former enemy, Leon, were all ready to watch as if it was a matter of course. 

Kagali's Ruin Scepter glowed with gold. 

"I won't be idle! 

Laplace was about to give up on everything when a figure appeared out of nowhere and pushed him away. The person then flicked the golden ray that would destroy everything with his sword. 

"Who the hell are you? 

"I don't have time to tell you my name. But I'll tell you. I'm Silvia. I'm a very strong helper, so don't worry, I'll take care of this! " 

A beautiful woman with greenish silver hair, braided long. The thin dress with a silky sheen is a special grade made in the Tempest that can be used in battle. 

The white legs glimpsed through the slit. But if you look closely, you can see that she is wearing denim shorts. 

That's wicked. 

It may have been intended to be safe in the event of a fierce battle, but then she should have worn pants in the first place. 

Her fashion sense is the embodiment of selfishness, showing her strong will not to give up fashion. Even in this one instance, I caught a glimpse of her personality. 

The woman called herself Silvia. 

She was Leon's mentor, the one he had called his trump card. 

Laplace felt nostalgic when he saw Silvia. Laplace was an undead elf created by Kagali. Perhaps it was because he was a Chosen Hero before his death, but although he was never controlled by Kagali, almost all of his memories had been lost. 

That's why he doesn't remember that his real name is Sarion Grimwald, nor does he realize that Silvia, who just saved him, is his wife. Nevertheless, he instinctively knew that Silvia was an important person for him. 

"I don't know about you, but I'm a man. I don't want to be so pathetic as to leave this place to you! " 

Laplace was back on his feet. It was a sudden turn of events that made it difficult for him to grasp the situation, but that was always the case. Then, as always, he would just have to get out of this situation no matter what. 

"You guys, if you're still alive, get out of here. You look like you've been beaten to a pulp by Tear and Footman, and you're going to die. " 

Keeping my eyes fixed on Kagali and Yuuki, I called out to Alrose and Claude, who were lying in the corner of the room. They had managed to endure with the recovery medicine, but the contents of their space-expanding waist bags were almost completely consumed. At this rate, they would not be able to escape, but they snickered at Laplace's call. 

"Hahaha, don't worry. I've taught my students not to run away in times of trouble. If I don't set an example, no one will follow me." 

"Fufu, a knight should never abandon his master and run away." 

Both of them understood that they were already a liability, not an asset. Still, they do not run away because they are ready to give up their lives for Leon. 

Believing that Rimuru and the others would soon come to support them, they decided to buy time by consuming even their own lives. 

"You're idiots, aren't you?" 

"Hahaha! I never thought I'd be praised by a clown." 

"Claude-dono, I don't think it's a compliment. But I do envy you that you can afford to laugh! " 

There was a small smile on Alrose's face as she said this. 

Those who are determined are strong. 

Laplace thought to himself, 'I can't lose, too.” 

"Let's start over. If we kill him, the Chairman will be back to normal, right? 

I'll do my best, too! " 

He said, glaring at Feldway. He suspected that Feldway was up to something, even more than Michael who was not present. 

Thus, the battlefield returned to the audience hall. 

Laplace, Silvia, and two knights with wounds. 

Against them were Feldway and Kagali, Leon and Yuki, Footman and Tear. 

They were outnumbered by four to six, and were at an overwhelming disadvantage in terms of strength. 

"Silvia-san, can I ask you something? " 

"Hey, what's up? " 

"Honestly, how far do you think you can go against them? " 

"Well, let's see. . I. . That's not going to make you happy, is it? No.” 

"No. Well, don't answer that! " 

Laplace laughed, "You're right.” 

Silvia felt nostalgic about the exchange. 

No, it wasn't the conversation, but the very existence of this man, Laplace, that made her feel nostalgic. 

Could it be that they knew each other? No, I don't think so. Oh well. This is not the time to be worrying about that. 

Silvia, with her modest but graceful breasts, is undoubtedly a warrior. Shee quickly changed his mind and identified his enemy. 

Feldway did not move, as if he wanted to leave the chores to his men. 

It was obvious from his attitude that he was looking down on Silvia and the others. 

However, in the current situation where he was at an overwhelming disadvantage, perhaps he should be grateful. I'd like to say that his arrogance is killing him, but he's the head of the First Order. I've heard from the gods that he's stronger than me, to be honest. I don't know. 

You should listen to him half-heartedly because he has a lazy personality. 

Silvia has been deceived many times and suffered a lot. 

However, judging from the activities of the Clown Troupe, they were not weak. 

Even if we were just talking about them, they were considered to be superior to Silvia. In fact, when I confronted them in this way, I could sense that their presence was frighteningly dense. 

In the first place, all the people here are monsters. Even Alrose and Claude were good enough to be called demon lords in their time. Among them, Feldway was exceptional. If she fought him head-on,s he would be defeated. Therefore, the only strategy to be taken here is to buy time. 

(Rimuru-kun, who Elle mentioned, will be here soon, right? I don't know how well they'll do against such monsters, but they've already defeated Velgrynd, right? Well, we can only hope for the best.) 

Silvia is also a high-ranking brother of the gods, and he is proud of his abilities. In fact, she has an existential value of just under two million, which is about the same as that of an awakened demon lord. In addition to that, her weapon is a mythical-grade Vajra, type of club with a ribbed spherical head, which surpasses Leon's in terms of skill. The number of blades is variable, and she specializes in handling it by stretching it like a spear. 

Moreover, she possesses the Ultimate Skill 'Thunder King (Indra)' , the highest level of the weather system, which makes her stronger than Tear and Footman. 

But still, she was not as strong as Feldway. She was not even close. 

Despite her confident assurances to Laplace, it would be difficult to upset the board. However, if Feldway didn't move, there was still a chance to win. 

There was also the possibility that Leon could be manipulated. I have told him how to separate his mind from his Skill, and I believe that Leon is still desperately trying to get his ego back. [ TN: Sylvia POV ] 

Incidentally, if he did this, there was a very high possibility that he would lose his authority. This is exactly what Obera did, and it would have been a huge loss in terms of strength. 

In the first place, it was not so easy, so I taught it to him as a last resort. 

(Well, that depends on Leon-kun, too. He was a very good pupil, but it was a 50-50 chance that he would succeed. I'm not so optimistic) It was not very optimistic, but there was still hope that Leon would return to the front. It was a bad bet, but there was no other way to find a way. If there was nothing he could do but complain, then all he could do was to be prepared and do his best. 

"You two, stick to supporting me! And you clown! You're dealing with.. " 

"That's me. If I don't work once in a while, I'll lose my reputation." 

Silvia's comment was interrupted by Yuuki, one of her enemies. Without saying a word, he kicked Laplace. 

"Oh, wait! You're serious, boss!" 

Laplace, who had started the battle without question, did not forget to appeal himself. 

"I'm a clown, but my name is Laplace.” 

While dealing with Yuuki, he shouts back at Silvia. 

"You're still dangerous, Laplace. There's still plenty of room for you, and I'll be your opponent as well as Yuuki-sama." 

Saying that, Kagali joined in. 

"That's not fair! I mean, I'm going to cry in the end!" 

Even Laplace became desperate. Even if it was just one of them, it would be hard. But now that both of them were coming at him at the same time, he couldn't even afford to make fun of them. 

At this point, Leon made a move. 

"Well, it looks like you're my opponent, Master Silvia. But I don't want to point my sword at you. Will you turn to me? " 

Leon made such a suggestion in a gentlemanly manner. Even though he was being manipulated, his memories were still intact. If Michael or Feldway ordered him to kill, there was nothing he could do, but if not, he could take some control. 

However, we are ordered not to betray them in any way. Just saying this proposal was the best concession he could make to Leon right now. 

"You know, Leon-kun. You called me, remember? " 

"Yes. So, by all means, take our side. .” 

"I don't think we should talk. Because I don't want Leon-kun to hate me. If I help Leon-kun now, he'll complain about it later when he comes to his senses." 

Silvia laughed in reply. 

She knew what Leon's purpose was in life, what he had lived for. That is why she cannot betray Leon's true feelings. But Leon can't understand her feelings. 

Leon has memories of Chloe too. 

He still feels that Chloe is important to him, but that doesn't take precedence over "orders". 

"You have a girl you like, don't you? How do you think she'll feel when she sees Leon-kun now? " 

Leon's heart sank when he was asked that question. 

But. . 

But he quickly calms down and regains his cool head. 

"That's a silly question. I'll only do what I want after Feldway-sama's wish is granted. And I'm sure she'll be waiting for me until then." 

"Well, I don't know about that" 

Silvia asks, quite seriously. 

Based on what she's heard from Elmesia and the others, it's obvious that Chloe's mind is not on Leon. 

It seemed that if Leon didn't launch an onslaught now, she wouldn't be able to wait for him. But that was Leon's own problem. 

It was not for her to interfere, Silvia said, "Oh well. Don't cry if she rejects you," was all she said. 

When Leon heard this, he twitched, but no one noticed it. And so began the battle between Silvia and Leon. 

Laplace is the strongest majin in the Moderate Clown Troupe. 

He is a crownless demon lord with a vicious power. He was reborn as an undead elf in Kagali's hands, but his experience and skill (level) as an ex-Chosen Hero remained intact. In addition to that, Laplace possessed two Unique Skills. 

The first was the Unique Skill 'Falsifier' . 

This ability to interfere with an opponent's perceptions helped him to attack at will. Disguising your weapon is also a skill. A spear in his hand could look like a knife to his enemy. You can make a knife come out of thin air when you think you have no hands. It can also be a bomb disguised as a knife, making it the perfect tool to play with the enemy. 

And with this ability, it was easy to pretend to be dead and escape. This alone is heinous, but there is another power that is even more so. 

The power of foresight, the Unique Skill 'Future Vision' - this was Laplace's trump card. 

This ability allowed Laplace to see a few seconds into the future. 

Because of this, he could clearly see whether or not his Falsifier would work against the enemy. This is why Laplace is always able to fight without being caught off guard. 

He had high physical ability, a good sense of combat. And with his perfect prediction of the future and a thousand different ways to attack, Laplace was invincible. 

He claimed to be the vice president of the Moderate Clown Troupe, but in terms of simple combat ability, he easily surpassed the president, Kagali. 

It was precisely because of this that Laplace had remained undefeated for so long after becoming a majin. Besides, even running away was one of Laplace's tactics, so it was a rare event for him to admit defeat. Even Laplace admitted defeat to the boy standing in front of him, Kagurazaka Yuuki. But that was just a while ago... 

"Footman, Tear! Support Leon. And while you're at it, take care of those deadbeats!" 

That's Kagali's order. 

As if running away wasn't enough, Laplace launched a counterattack. There were two opponents. And they are as strong or stronger than him. 

(Actually, the boss is probably the more dangerous one, since Kagali-sama, for all his faults, was not good at close combat.) 

Laplace has known Kagali for a long time. He was familiar with Kagali's strengths and weaknesses, and judged that he could handle her, even if her presence was different from that of Kazaream. In fact, Kagali's physical strength has increased, making it more difficult for her to fall, her power has increased, her destructive power has increased, and her speed has increased by an order of magnitude, but her overall skill (level) has not changed. That is why it was possible to cope with them by increasing the speed of reflection and anticipating them. 

Even with such a Laplace, I think that Yuuki would be a bad match for him. 

Yuuki's strength seemed to be the same as before, but the assumption was dangerous. Therefore, Laplace decided that he should be more careful with Yuuki than with Kagali. 

"No hard feelings, Yuuki-san!" 

He shouts, and throws a knife at Yuuki. But it was answered in 'Future Vision' that they would all miss. 

Unperturbed by this, Laplace makes his next move. Aiming at Yuuki's evasive maneuvers, he threw knives one after another. He did not forget to check Kagali. On the surface, Laplace was aloof, but he was desperately trying to use his two powers. However, he still couldn't reach Yuuki. 

(No way! Even with my prediction, I can only see the future where everything will be wrong. .) 

A few seconds in the future was meaningless. 

In the first place, ' Falsifier' does not work on Yuki. This was the same opponent that Laplace thought he couldn't beat in the past, and it seemed to be difficult for him to win this time as well. 

(But that's not a reason to give up, is it?) 

If he wanted to admit defeat so easily, he wouldn't have gone to such a dangerous place in the first place. 

Laplace was also one of those who dreamed of Yuuki's words. 

"Boss, you're the one who said it! You said you were going to take over the world! ) 

"Hahaha, you're an idiot, Laplace. Do you still believe in that nonsense? Of course not.” 

"Of course, I do. I'm persistent. I've decided to give up when I die, so I'll keep believing in you while I'm alive! " 

Yuuki mockingly laughed at Laplace's desperate cry. 

"This is ridiculous, Laplace! Just because you're a clown doesn't mean you can't have a funny laugh. " 

He said condescendingly, and Yuuki moved closer to Laplace. As the two approached, Kagali's attempt to unleash the Golden Destructive Ray from the Ruin Scepter was halted. Laplace, however, was having none of it, and was desperately trying to block Yuki's attack. 

(What a heavy fist! Is this guy really human? There are so many different types of otherworlders, it's scary. But still I’m sorry.) There was something that bothered me. 

At first glance, Yuuki's attack seemed harsh, but in fact, the point was slightly off. It was not Laplace's fault. 

It was Yuuki's intention to make it so. 

At that moment, Laplace realized. 

(Wait, wait, wait. This signal, could it be. .?) 

He remembered the pattern of the faint vibrations he felt when he parried a fist or stopped a kick. 

It had been used to communicate with Clayman, and was encrypted so that no one else could decipher it. And the only people who knew the code were the people he trusted. 

In other words… 

(Uh, Find out quickly, idiot! When you find out, you'll join me? Yeah. 


Although Laplace doubted it, the possibility that this was a trap seemed to be slim to none. It seemed that Laplace would be defeated without Yuuki having to go through such trouble. 

Laplace did as he was told, and tried to get into a match with Yuuki. 

"I'm more powerful than you! I'm better than you! 

"I'll test you.” 

And, well, it's all square. 

And he was thrown off in an instant. 

That was real! It wasn't a trap. 

It wasn't a trap, but the next message. 

While pretending to roll on the floor or rather, really hurt Laplace reads the message. The fact that they had fought each other for a short period of time, instead of just a moment, gave him a good amount of information this time. And it revealed Yuuki's current situation. 

(Boss, you've come to your senses!) 

In this desperate situation, it was a good news. 

Laplace hid his expression of joy under his mask, and read the information further. 

(What's that? Are we going to restrain the Chairman while pretending to fight? If he's leaving the rest to us, does the boss have an idea? All right, let's do it!) Without hesitation, Laplace takes action. Pretending to be on the warpath with Yuuki, he embraced Kagali. 


"Okay, 'Skill Steal'” 

"What, what. ." 

Kagali fell to her knees. 

Laplace picked her up. 

"Are you okay, Chairman? " 

"Yes, Laplace? What about you? No, my powers. . 'Domination King (Melchizedek)' is gone!" 

Kagali looked confused, but in an instant, she grasped the situation. 

"Go back, Tear, Footman! 

He shouted to protect himself, which was quite a feat. Even Kagali could not hide her surprise. Even so, he understood from the bottom of his heart that the situation had changed drastically at this point. 

Silvia, who was fighting Leon, was having a hard time. Leon was his apprentice, but he had a talent that Silvia recognized. Even when he had been assimilated into the Spirit of Light and was active as a Chosen Hero, his skill with a sword was on par with Silvia. Moreover, he now had the Ultimate Skill 'Purity King (Metatron)' , and was one of the demon lords as an unparalleled swordsman. 

When Leon got serious, he would unleash a 'light speed slash'. Although he does not really reach the speed of light, he is called so because his sword line shines like a flash of light. And the power of the Ultimate Skill 'Purity King (Metatron)' turns it into something vicious. 

It is the ultimate power of the holy attributes. It is an extraordinary power that can control even the most powerful holy magic, Disintegration, at will. 

Leon controlled the 'Purity King (Metatron)' to deploy spirit particles around his body and sword. By doing so, he has become the incarnation of destruction, disintegrating everything he touches. Leon was undefeated by the combination of his ultra-fast swordsmanship and the power of absolute destruction. 

Silvia was no slouch either. 

Her power, 'Thunder King (Indra)', is a skill that controls lightning, the strongest power in nature. The power of the thunderbolt is perfect, but the true essence of 'Thunder King (Indra)' lies elsewhere. Silvia had turned her own body into a thunderbolt, enabling her to attack with divine speed. 

For this reason, Silvia was feared as the " Thunder Emperor" in ancient times. It was precisely because of this that Silvia was able to deal with Leon's onslaught. She changed her vajra to suit her needs and fought fluidly with her sword. Silvia, who had maintained her reputation as a master in this way, inwardly felt threatened. 

(I knew you were strong, but I didn't expect you to have grown so much.. 

I'm happy to see my students grow, but it depends on the time and place. .I don't know…) 

That's what she really feel. 

And this sense of crisis comes from the fact that she senses that Leon is not serious. 

Silvia, his master, had seen Leon's weakness. Leon is too naive. 

He can't be serious if there are others nearby. Such kindness is a virtue, but on the battlefield, it is only an opening. As a Chosen Hero, the ideal would be that 

'the desire to protect becomes power', but that is only in the story. In real life, it was just a bit too green. 

I know Silvia. Silvia knows that the city was founded by orphans and oppressed majins found by Leon. Elmesia also provided financial support, but Silvia was the one who helped found the city. He is often misunderstood because of his deceitful words and actions, but the real Leon is a kind man. When a girl named Shizu went out of control and sacrificed her friends, he was heartbroken and lamented that it was his fault. He left her in the care of the Chosen Hero of the day, thinking that it would be better for her to live in the human world than to be raised by a demon lord like himself. She knew that he had been watching over the girl and, as a result, had been the first to detect the existence of Demon Lord Rimuru. 

It was just a coincidence that Elen and the others became acquainted with the girl, Izawa Shizue (Shizue Izawa), but Silvia, through Elmesia's handlers, had tightened her surveillance even more than Demon Lord Leon. That was why, although she was frustrated by the reality of the many misunderstandings and dismayed by the unworthiness of her apprentice, she did not interfere unnecessarily. In view of Leon's unhappy nature, he judged that it would only lead to complications. It was frustrating, but I could only watch over him. 

But this time, he finally asked me for help. So, I came to him, hoping to respond to his request, but the situation was very unfavorable. There was one reason for this. Leon's weakness had disappeared. Leon's laxity had prevented him from being serious, but now that Michael's dominance took precedence over everything else, he would use his authority to the fullest under the right circumstances. 

The dreaded 'Purity King (Metatron)' . 

Leon has the Purity King under control and is running it with minimal power. However, the true nature of the 'Purity King (Metatron)' is that it is a power specialized for mass annihilation. 

This is also the case with the Thunder King (Indra), so Silvia's sense of danger is very great. 

(If Leon-kun were to get serious… If Leon-kun is serious. .) What will happen if Leon activates his power without caring about the damage around him? 

If Leon gets serious, this country will be annihilated. Silvia was determined not to let that happen. 

A fierce sword fight ensues, and the battle goes back and forth. In the aftermath of the high-speed battle, the audience hall was being destroyed to the utmost limit. Worst of all, the magic circle for transference had been destroyed. The magic circle was made of magisteel and was strong enough, but Leon's stray bullets had destroyed it. It was no longer usable. Not only would she be unable to escape, but Rimuru and the others would not be able to come. Silvia felt sorry for herself, but Leon was not a man who could fight while protecting something, so she gave up. 

Alrose and Claude were not able to help Silvia either. 

"What a horrible battle. I can't see. I can't even tell with my own eyes who's in the lead." 

"Don't worry. I know it sounds strange, but so do I, Claude-dono. I thought I could keep up with the real Leon-sama, but it seems I've been conceited." 

"Hmm. That's true." 

Although they didn't know Silvia's true identity, they knew that she was no ordinary person. However, when they saw that Silvia was more powerful than they had imagined, they could not help but be amazed. 

The same could be said for Tear and Footman. 

"Oh man. Leon's guy is even stronger than I thought." 

"Ho-ho-ho. It's hard to break into that fight! So, what can we do? " 

"Yeah, yeah. We'll just have to hunt them down! " 

The two clapped their hands together. 

Then they turned their eyes to Alrose and Claude. 

"Damn, they've got us in their sights." 

"If not, at least a sword. Let's show them the pride of a knight! It's suicide. 

"It would be suicide. But it's the only thing we can do." 

Alrose and the others had made up their minds. 

As the proud leaders and instructors of the Magic Knights, they had decided on their place of death. 

Their lives were in danger of dying out, but then a voice rang out. 

"Go back, Tear, Footman! 

Kagali came to her senses just in time, and Alrose and the others were lucky to survive the crisis. 

Feldway was puzzled. Something incredible was happening right now, right in front of his eyes. For tens of thousands of years, nothing had ever gone wrong with his plans. Lately, it had been falling apart. It all started with Cornu's blunder. 

The loss of the legion, unthinkable. The Underworld Gate leading to the world in question had been closed, and the details remained unknown. 

The next shock was the return of Velgrynd. Having been banished to the other side of the world, Velgrynd was supposed to be left to disappear in the world beyond. However, he somehow returned to the Cardinal World, and on top of that, he completely annihilated Cornu. It was an unthinkable event. 

However, we have no choice but to admit that this is the reality. That is why this time, we planned for a perfect situation. 

And yet, here we are. Not only has Yuuki, who was supposed to be in complete control, regained his freedom, but even Kagali, to whom we had given angelic powers, has come to his senses. 

"What did you do? You, how did you escape the Regalia Dominion? " 

Feldway asked Yuki in a voice that sounded like it was coming from the depths of hell. He wasn't expecting an answer, but it was Yuki. 

He smiles wickedly at her, and gives her an incendiary answer. 

"It's simple. I'm a genius, and I felt that Regalia Dominion was in trouble, so I substituted the strange will that was growing inside of me." 

"A strange will," you say?.” 

"Yeah. Maybe it's the ego of the Ultimate Skill 'Greedy King' that I had acquired? The Greed instinct was something I took from Mariabell. It was a little creepy, so I didn't trust it." 

( Although I had been using it for a long time, I did not trust 'Greedy King (Mammon)' .) 

This cautiousness is probably the reason why Yuuki is Yuuki. 

”I had a hard time," Yuuki continues. 

"I observed the ego of the dominant 'Greedy King' (Mammon) and figured out how it works. It took longer than I expected, but it looks like I got there just in time for the worst, so give me a break." 

He even winked at Laplace and the others. 

This was all a strategy. 

Yuuki had been observing the situation while he was being manipulated. He came to the conclusion that he could not beat Feldway. Except, of course, in the future. 

(I thought that if I continued to get stronger, I would be able to compete with him someday.) The reason is that Yuuki's growth rate is also extraordinary, though not as fast as Rimuru's. 

( So, I'm agitating now.) 

It would be a great success if we could make Feldway and the others think that they had enough time to retreat. In the worst case, he wanted to buy time until Rimuru and the others came to support him. He thought that he could achieve his goal just by continuing the conversation. Feldway was upset by Yuuki's attitude, but his thoughts were calm. He judges the authenticity of Yuuki's words and sees that they are not lies. 

(You've revealed Michael-sama's power, huh? How is that possible for a mere mortal to do? It's dangerous. He's too dangerous.) Feldway narrowed his eyes and identified Yuuki as an enemy. That's why he decided to reveal his hidden hand. 

(I would have liked to keep it under wraps until the last minute, but there's nothing I can do. I had to deal with Yuki here and now, rather than finding out what the traitor was up to.) 

Feldway saw Yuki as a danger. Of course, it was not because he was agitated. 

He couldn't tolerate the 'Skill Steal' by the 'Greedy King (Mammon)' . 

If this was left unchecked, not only Leon but also the others might be freed from Michael's control. 

"Now that he had activated the Ultimate Dominion, the trust between them was as good as lost. Therefore, even if it was a small probability, he judged it to be an unacceptable risk.” 

"That's great, Yuuki-sama! " 

"I guess so.” 

"You're still the boss! You're a man who can't just fall down!” 

"That's not so bad.” 

"I know, I know! I think I've won now." 

"Ho-ho-ho. I don't know what's going on, but I'm sure we've got the upper hand! " 

"That's a bit of an exaggeration, but I think we've got a bit of a cushion now." 

Feldway glared at Yuuki's group with a scathing look. 

"Hey, Yuuki-kun! I want to ask you, can you take away Leon-kun's power too? " 

Silvia and Leon, who had been sword-fighting without regard to the changing situation, paused for a moment to distance themselves. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Silvia asked Yuuki. They did not have time to exchange greetings, but Yuuki answered with a friendly smile. 

"Unfortunately, I can't right now. I don't have the time to accept. . " 

"Oh, that's too bad. I'll leave you to it then, but don't expect me to help you, okay?." 

“You got it. In the meantime, I want you to take care of Leon.” 

"Got it too! I'm going to show him how serious I am as a master." 

Silvia said, and resumed her sword fight with Leon. 

Yuuki focused all his attention on Feldway, thinking that he could count on him. What he had said earlier about not being able to take away power was true. 

The current Yuuki had just taken the 'Domination King (Melchizedek)' from Kagali. There was no way he could take away another power before he had finished analyzing it. More importantly, there was a difference between self-generated and given authority, and in Kagali's case, since it was given to him, it was not stable and easy to take. There is a high possibility that the authority rooted in oneself cannot be taken even if Yuuki is in perfect condition. Even if Yuuki was in perfect condition, he would not be able to take away the power that was rooted in himself. 

The current Leon, whose ego was being manipulated, would have no chance. . But. . 

Not now, anyway. 

(If I explain it to her, it will only put me at a disadvantage, so…) Yuuki muddies his words at the end. 

(Either way, the enemy will have to doubt my words, right?) Yuuki thinks. 

If it were me, I wouldn't believe the enemy's words. 

In other words, even if Yuuki says he can't, Feldway has no choice but to act as if there is a possibility of losing his power. This was Yuuki's technique of exaggerating himself. Now, the enemy could not move carelessly. If the stalemate continued, the tactical victory goal would have been achieved. However, at this point, Feldway began to laugh. 

"Fufufu, good grief. I'm going to have to deal with you here, after all." 

Hearing his chilling voice, Yuuki realized that his plan had gone awry. 

(Did I stir things up too much? No, even if he gets serious here, we should be able to withstand him.) 

Even if we can't take on him alone, there are five of us here. 

Silvia has Leon under control. 

Then, Yuuki and the others could take on Feldway with all of us. 

However, there was a big miscalculation here. 

Feldway's trump card came into play in a way that Yuuki could not have imagined. 

"Kill the kid! " 

Feldway ordered. 

Yuuki can't read his intentions. 

Leon has his hands full with Silvia, so he can't comply with the order. If he moves, it should be Feldway himself. 

What. . 

A moment's hesitation will reveal the outcome before an answer can be given. 

"You called for me, Feldway. I owe you a debt, but it's not nice to be treated as you wish." 

After feeling a burning pain in his chest, his voice reaches Yuki's ears. 

Yuuki coughs up blood. When he looks at his chest, he sees a hideous arm growing out of it. 

"I'm not sure what to do. What are you doing?" 

Kagali shouts, and Footman turns around in response to her voice. 

He pulled his arm out of Yuuki's chest and laughed evilly. 

He replied. 

"Shut up, Kazaream. What are you doing, throwing away the name and appearance that I gave you? " 

He speaks with a fluency unbecoming a Footman. And that evil presence has grown much larger than before. 

"Damn it, damn it." 

He mutters, and Yuuki falls to his knees. As Saint, Yuuki had complete control over his body as a mental organism. That's why she stopped the bloodshed by her own will, but the damage she suffered was not light. A normal person would have died instantly. 

"Huh? You're still alive, you stubborn piece of trash. Don't bother me anymore!" 

Footman said, and kicked the dying Yuki away. Footman's kick, which had become an uncharacteristic force, had the destructive power to disable Yuki with just one blow. 



Kagali and Tear went to help Yuuki, and Laplace stood in front of Footman. 

"Who are you?” 

"Who am I, huh? What kind of lowly scum are you that you don't know this great magician? " 

That man is no Footman. 

The supposedly defunct Great Satanic Emperor also known as Jahil. 

"The Great Magician, is he Jahil, by any chance? " 

While concentrating on Leon, Silvia maintained a broad perspective and analyzed the battle situation. Naturally, she was also listening carefully to the conversation and reacted to the word "Great Magician". 

"So, you're Silvia, huh? Indeed. I am Jahil! " 

At Jahil's declaration, the place became tense. 

Kagali paled, Silvia scowled. 

Kagali, who was Jahil's daughter, and Silvia had known each other for a long time as high brothers of the gods. Although they disliked each other and had parted company, they had a high regard for each other's abilities and were on the lookout for each other. 

Knowing Jahil's wickedness, they both understood that his resurrection would be the worst of all evils. And that was Feldway's trump card. In the land after Milim's rampage, he sought out Jahil, who had lost his body and had become a wandering soul. He protected Jahil, who would not have escaped extinction without him, and let him sleep for a long time. 

While Lieutenant Kondou was controlling Demon Lord Clayman, Feldway was implanting Jahil's soul into Footman. He thought that Footman, with his weak ego and wisdom, could be taken over by Jahil's power. His plan succeeded, and Jahil slowly invaded the Footman's body. At first, he only passed information to Feldway, but the balance of power was reversed when he inhabited the seraphim this time, and Jahil took the initiative. All that was left was to awaken it at Feldway's signal. 

Feldway, who had intended to awaken him at the most effective time, decided that now was the time. 

"Come on, Jahil. Use the power I've given you and kill them all." 

Feldway gave the order to dispose of the useless tools. Jahil, along with the seraphim, had been loaned the Charity King (Raguel), which Michael had recovered from Velgrynd. He had secretly kept it for himself as the Ultimate Enchantment 

'Agni' . 

"Guhahahaha! I've waited a long time for this day, and now I can finally use this power to the fullest! " 

Jahil laughed evilly. 

Footman's huge body is engulfed in flames, and he becomes a fire emperor who destroys anything he touches. Jahil, who can control fire at will, unleashed his vicious power. 

Footman's "angry mask" shattered and melted. 

And the face that appeared was ugly and distorted, as if to show his heart. 

"Footman, give me back my Footman! 

Kagali screams. 

However, her sorrowful voice only made Jahil happy. 

"Guhahahaha! You're so weak. I'd like to give you a good beating, but it's too bad! I'm under orders to kill Feldway-dono. Forgive me, fool." 

With that, Jahil hurls a fireball at Kagali. 

While not as powerful as Velgrynd's, Jahil's fire is still powerful. If exposed to its heat, any material would burn up in an instant. 

"Damn it, don't ignore me! " 

Laplace tried to deflect the fireball with a magic bullet, but it was far too powerful. It was swallowed by the fireball and had no effect on it. The fireball then swelled up to swallow Kagali, Tear, and Yuuki. 

But after the flames subside, a figure stands. 

"It's useless.” 

It's Yuuki. 

Despite his dying condition, he stood up and blocked the fireball with 'Anti-Skill' . 

"Huh? My flames can't penetrate it? Well, that's that. It's not a matter of power. It's nasty. Let's just admit it's a real pain in the ass." 

Jahil's eyes lit up with the light of a researcher. His mouth twisted with pleasure, as if he were curious about a new toy. 

"Boss, are you okay? " 

"No, of course not. I'd like to go lie down on the bed, but the problem is that the enemy doesn't seem to want to let me go." 

" Well, what are you going to do? “ 

"The important thing is. . What's important is that we survive.” 

“I know that, but I can't think of a way to do it.” 

To Yuuki's observations, Jahil's power is ten times greater than Laplace's. 

Compared to Yuuki himself, it was certain that his power was five times greater. 

In fact, from a god's point of view, Laplace has an existence value of a little over a million. Compared to Demon Lord Seed, Laplace's strength is unparalleled, but as an awakened demon lord, he is at the bottom of the heap. It is Laplace's experience (sense) that allows him to make full use of this skill that makes him so powerful. 

Next, Yuuki, who is still a Saint, but is so high up that it would not be surprising if he became a "God", has an existence value of about 2 million. However, he possesses the powerful skill of 'Greedy King (Mammon)' and the foul 'Anti-Skill' that disables skills, so he has a combat ability that cannot be measured by numbers. 

Tear has an existence value of 2.4 million, which is higher than Yuuki's if you only look at the numbers. She has a unique skill called ' Optimist ', which allows her to have less desire for herself. Under certain conditions, she can raise all her physical abilities threefold, but this will only work against lower-ranked opponents. 

Since he does not have the same level of skill as Laplace, he is the weakest of the four. And Kagali is the one with the largest existence value among the four. 

He is the most powerful among the four, with an existence value of nearly 3 million. In addition to that, Ruin Scepter reinforces him, so that the total number reaches 4 million. 

Sadly, however, Kagali was an auxiliary. She was not that good at close combat or long-range combat. It was not a treasure trove, but it did not look promising in terms of combat. 

In contrast, Jahil's existence value reached 14 million. This was the result of the addition of Jahil's power to the Footman's power. And Jahil was not only a magic fighter, but also a melee fighter with the aim of tormenting the weak. 

He could take them all down with pure violence alone. It was, without a doubt, the worst possible situation. 

Despite being a genius, Yuuki was frustrated with himself for not being able to come up with an answer that would get him through this situation. He wondered if he should have continued to pretend to be insane for a while longer, but rejected the idea. That was one way to go, but the best time to get Kagali back was at that moment. It was just that Feldway was one step ahead of him. Prepare carefully and take all possible precautions. The more moves you have hidden, the more advantage you have. 

This time, Yuuki honestly regretted that he had lost. Even though he had been with the Footman for a long time, he had not realized that the Footman, who was supposed to be his friend, had an evil intention. Rather than saying that it was my fault for not being able to see it, I should have praised Feldway for making such careful preparations. 

(It always happens. This world is really unreasonable) While reflecting on his actions, Yuuki laments the absurdity of this world. 

There was a possibility that Tear might have some tricks up its sleeve. He tried to be wary of it, but soon realized that it was meaningless. If there is such a thing, there is no reason to spare it at this moment. Suddenly, I remember the slime, which is the embodiment of unreasonableness. 

(Rimuru-san. That man would never give up. I'm the one who came here first, but he came later and did whatever he wanted. And that's even better than the ideals I've been trying so hard to achieve, it's really disgusting.) I think so, but I'm not offended. 

Rather, it seemed to make me laugh from the bottom of my heart. 

"What are you laughing at? " 

"No, I'm just remembering something amusing. I thought you were a real pain in the ass, but there's someone even scarier than that. I guess he's the only one who can easily overcome my traps and remain aloof." 

"Haha, Rimuru-san. Well, he's really something else." 

"Right? It's not my nature to rely on others, but I'm willing to use them. He'll be here soon to support us, so there's only one way to go." 

Yuuki smiled wryly. 

"Yeah, that's true.” 

Laplace laughs, too. 

"Buying time. It was the only way from the start, so it's a decision that's a little late." 

As if caught up in the moment, Kagali stood up as well. 

"Alright, I'll do my best too! 

“Tear is motivated, too.” 

Yuuki, Laplace, Kagali, Tear. 

The four of them stood shoulder to shoulder, facing Jahil, who had taken over Footman. 

"I'll avenge you, Footman." 

With Laplace's spirited words as a signal, the fierce battle has begun. 

Silvia, while fighting Leon, observes Yuuki and the others from a broader perspective. They were outnumbered four to one, but it was Jahil who actually had the upper hand. Yuuki is half-dead, half-alive. 

The hole in his chest seems to have been filled, but it has worn him down. 

Fortunately, Yuuki's constitution was a special kind of 'Anti-Skill'. This has prevented Jahil's fireball, and the fight to the death has been barely maintained. 

Yuuki is the key defender, and Laplace and Tear are the rangers. And with Kagali providing support, they are able to stand up to their formidable opponent Jahil. 

(Yuuki-kun, right? If he falls, the whole thing will collapse) It does not only mean that the defense is lost. The mood of the party was set by Yuuki's cheerful instructions. In response, Laplace pushes herself too hard. 

Tear is just a drifter, so she can be strong or weak depending on the mood. 

Kagali, the commander, seems to understand the situation. . 

(Well, even if she understands, she can't do anything if she doesn't have her hands. .) 

In other words, there's nothing we can do. He was slowly losing his strength, and it was a game of how much time he could postpone until he was defeated. 


The answer they came up with was probably the only correct one. 

"Damn, that's really bullshit strength. My 'Anti-Skill' can ignore all the 

'defensive wards', but its pure durability is too high to do any damage." 

"You're right, the elements are too different. Even with my prediction, I can't see a future where it can do any damage." 

No matter what they did, they knew it wouldn't work, and it made them feel hopeless. But there was only one reason why this was not the case. 

They believe that Rimuru and the others will arrive soon. 

(As Elle said, Rimuru-kun is amazing, isn't he? Even if he's not here, he can be a hope for everyone.) 

Silvia is also hoping for the best. 

"Don't you think you're too much of a master to look the other way when you're dealing with me? " 

"Perhaps so. But in a battle of similar powers, the one who is impatient will lose! " 

Silvia evaded Leon's divine speed slashes with a flick. They were both owners of the same line of authority, and of the same school of thought. He knows exactly what he is doing. 

The same is true for Leon, but he is under orders from Michael to defeat the enemy. There was a clear difference between those who could just take their time and those who had to defeat their opponents, and this difference affected the course of the battle. And there is another reason. 

It was Leon's deep psychology. Subconsciously, Leon was struggling to regain his free will. It was only a minor effect, but it was definitely slowing down his body. That was why the fight between Silvia and Leon was very stable, with Silvia in the lead. Silvia thinks. 

(Then again, why doesn't Feldway move? I'm in a bit of trouble if he joins in here.) 

And Yuuki and the others would lose the balance at once. 

Why hasn't that happened? 

Silvia turned her gaze to Feldway to find out why. 

She observes and makes an inference. 

(You don't seem to be in a hurry. It seems that she thinks that Léon-kun and Jahil are pawns. He's going to take our data here and make sure he gets them next time.) 

Silvia was disgusted by the answer. 

You're being overly cautious. 

Normally, you'd think it would be more reliable to kill the enemy here. The reason why he doesn't is that Feldway is putting his own safety first. And that would lead us to believe that he has more than Leon and Jahil in the bag. 

That was correct. Based on his observations, Feldway thought that he could destroy the enemy with the forces he did not bring this time. He refrained from making a move here, considering the possibility that the enemy might be hiding some secret technique. This cowardly and morbid cautiousness was the essence of Feldway. At any rate, Feldway's decision to stay out of the way seemed to accomplish the goal of stalling. Just when Silvia was feeling a little more relaxed about it, it happened. 

"Oh, yes, I remember now. That 'Anti-Skill' is a trait that the Dragon Princess' pet once had. As I recall, it had a very nasty constitution that blocked magic and skill, but there are established ways to deal with it. It's easy. If it's pure power, neither magic nor skill, it can't be played!” 

Jahil is evil, but he's a top researcher. As a high brother of the gods, he has a track record to be ashamed of, and his eyes are very reliable. 

That's why he saw the right answer. Anti-Skill' had also been passed down to Chaos Dragon, the end of Milim's pet, but Milim's power had defeated it and succeeded in sealing it. 

Jahil, who was unaware of this example, changed his attack method without hesitation, as if he was confident in his answer. In other words, simple violence. 

Using his own body as a weapon, he attacked Yuuki. 

"Guhahahaha! You're so weak! " 

Jahil smiled broadly and beat Yuuki to a pulp. 

From that point on, it was all one-sided. Yuuki barely managed to fight back with his physical skills, but the difference in strength was insurmountable. It didn't take long for the three of them to fall to the floor together, as Laplace and Tear were lightly dealt with. 


In a fit of rage, Kagali activated the spell, but it was blocked by the fighting spirit surrounding Jahil's body. Then, Jahil's fist plunged into Kagali's stomach. It was a pure difference in power that decided the outcome in a brutal way. 

"Guhahahaha! Do you understand the folly of challenging me? So, Feldway-dono, are you sure you want to get rid of them? " 

Jahil gives the final confirmation. 

He may have intended to kill them from the start, but at least he was making his boss look good. 

"As you wish." 

Feldway replied succinctly. 

Hearing this, Jahil laughed evilly. 

"Kazaream, my son. It's a pity. You were a good test subject. But rest assured. 

But rest assured, we will soon have a toy to replace you." 

Jahil declares, and begins to exert himself between his outstretched hands. 

Then, the pure fighting spirit swirled and condensed, transforming into an enormous energy that could distort even space-time. The atmosphere creaks and burns. This is neither magic nor skill, but pure power of destruction. Not only is it enough to destroy Yuuki, but it is so powerful that Jahil himself is likely to be damaged. 

Silvia looked at it sideways and paled, thinking that this was no good. 

All the power was concentrated in one point, creating a destructive force that went beyond nuclear magic. If I took it seriously, I'd probably end up disappearing without even leaving my body. Knowing that this was a bad idea, he put up a 

'defensive barrier' with all his might. Leon must have made the same decision, because he stopped his attack on Silvia and went to defend Feldway. 

Yuuki was trying to defend himself with 'Greedy King (Mammon)', but he seemed to be running out of energy. Kagali's 'Barrier' with the Unique Skill 

'Schemer' was the only last resort. 

Although she had lost the 'Domination King (Melchizedek)' to Yuuki, Kagali had once reached her ultimate. Therefore, her power, 'Schemer' , was unique, but it had grown to a level of performance comparable to the ultimate. 

But it is not enough. 

To overturn the overwhelming difference in power, Kagali alone was inadequate. 

(I can't do it with that. It's unbearable. I can't stand it. .) That was Silvia's intuition. 

Jahil's attack is two-stage. The pure destructive energy was wrapped in 

' Agni'. After Kagali's 'Barrier' was blown away by the fireball, the real attack was in store. This was all due to Jahil's absurd amount of magicule. Jahil's magicule is several times denser than Silvia's, which is unthinkable. Even if the current Silvia had joined in, it would have been impossible to prevent this attack. 

Isn't there anyone else who can prevent this? 

I thought, looking around at the four frozen people. 

Kagali was doing her best, but to no avail, and Yuuki was running out of steam, as mentioned above. So, what about the other two? 

Tear doesn't have any Ultimate Skill, and her 'defensive warding' is probably not enough to stop her. 

In that case, there was no choice but to hope for Laplace, the last one. 

With that in mind, Silvia turned her gaze to Laplace and saw something surprising. 

(What? That face. . No way, no way, that person is. .) Beneath Laplace's shattered mask, there it was. 

It was a very familiar face. 

She had thought she had long forgotten it, but one look at it was enough to fill her with memories. 

Silvia couldn't help shouting. 

"Run, Sarion! 

But it was too late for that advice. 

"Well, goodbye. I'll break your soul into pieces and wipe you off the face of the earth!" 

Jahil's words spell the end. 

True to her words, it wreaked havoc. 

A flash, then an explosion. 

Leon's castle was blown to bits. 

A great ball of fire raged wildly, spreading heat waves and flames as it disappeared. . 


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