Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 18 - Chapter Ep


Yuuki laughs in despair. 

“Oh, dear. I tried my best, but is this it? Lol” 

It's been a little over ten years since I came to this world. It started with the encounter with Kagali, the Demon Lord Kazaream, and I've been striving to achieve my wishes. I have made friends with whom I can share my heart, and we have shared many hardships. However, rapid growth comes with its own setbacks. Rimuru's continued success is an anomaly. 

It was inevitable that the plan would collapse when he failed to see the change in Clayman. For Yuuki, this has become a guilty feeling. There were a few other things on his mind, and so he decided to finally greet everyone with a thought-accelerated 'Telepathy Net'. 

"Sorry, guys. I'm sorry for the mess I've gotten you into." 

Yuuki apologized, but no one blamed him for it. 

"It's not just my boss's fault. In fact, I think my fault is a bigger factor." 

Kagali also felt a great deal of remorse. If Kagali hadn't been so obsessed with Leon in the first place, the current situation wouldn't have happened. If Kagali hadn't been obsessed with Leon in the first place, she might not have met Yuuki, so it's not all bad. 

As if to comfort Kagali, Tear also spoke up. 

"Don't cry, Your Highness. I remembered a few things, too. I don't know your name or anything, and it's like a mixture of memories and feelings, but I was the princess's maidservant. And you know, it's the king who's to blame! We were all on the princess's side. Don't you regret it, princess? I'm only happy if I can accompany her to the end! " 

Even if it ends here, Tear has no regrets. 

Kagali saved her life that was already over, and gave her a purpose in life. If he could die with her, Tear said, he would be happy. 

"Tear, you.. " 

"Ha-ha, that was fun! Footman and Clayman loved the princess. So, we were grateful to the boss. I loved the Demon Lord Kazaream, but the princess was the best in her own right! " 

"Well, you're right. At first, I laughed because I thought it didn't suit her, but now I'm more comfortable with it. If that's what you're supposed to look like, then I guess it's natural." 

Sorrowfully, even Laplace agreed. Then, he said with a laugh. 

"So, boss. Don't worry about it. We did the best we could. No regrets. 

Clayman will be waiting for us in the afterlife, so let's live happily there! " 

We did everything we could. 

The bad, the good. 

I lived my life as a man of moderation, without shame. That's why Laplace is so proud of himself and his friends. 

"Well, it's the last time, so you can complain more, right? " 

"I'm not complaining." 

"Mmm-hmm! Yeah! 

"Well, we trusted the boss. If the boss can't do it, we'll just give up." 

Still, Yuuki insists. 

"Laplace, are you okay with us? I heard him calling my name, but won't you be able to get us out in time if he's alone? " 

Silvia turns to Laplace and calls out, "Sarion." At which point, Laplace. . 

"Hey. I thought my real name was Sarion.” at which point Laplace recalled a lost memory. 

He glances at Silvia and is relieved to see that his beloved wife is safe. 

But that's all. 

He was already dead. 

It had been more than two thousand years since he had been born as Laplace. 

How can I go home now? 

Besides, the most important thing for Laplace now was his friends, 

Yuki and the others. 

That's why Laplace replied with a joke. 

"No problem. I'm Laplace. I'm the vice president of the Moderate Clown Troupe, and I'm Laplace of Wonder Pierrot. Well, it's a little late for that, so don't worry about it, boss." 

" . .Really? " 

"No. Besides, you can't just leave me out of this at the last minute! " 

Hearing this, Yuuki also felt warmth in his heart. Although the world had been unreasonable, his life had not been so bad. Then, he decided to fight with all his might until the last moment. 

"You're all idiots. But I don't hate them." 

"Don't let the boss tell you what to do! " 

"That's true. Yuuki-sama is smart, but sometimes he acts like an idiot. 

That's exactly what he did this time." 

"Haha! But, but, it's really fun when we all work together in the end!" 

Facing the threat of Jahil, Yuuki's heart was united. 

When you're with your friends, even if it's hell, you can enjoy it. 

So, no fear. 

"Then, farewell. I'll break your soul into pieces and wipe you off the face of the earth!" 

Even after hearing Jahil's death sentence, the smiles never left Yuuki's face. 

And then, a flash of light brought everything to nothing. 

Playtime is over. 

The ambitions of Yuuki and his friends had now reached the end of time. 


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