Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 20 - Chapter Aft

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Finally, I finished the 20th volume of my book.

I was told that I would not extend the deadline this time, but the truth is that I had a lot of problems and it was really hard work.

To be more specific, I was in a slump.

I was mentally not motivated to write at all...rather, I was in a situation where I would come up with a scene, but I couldn't concentrate on it when I was writing it.

It is true that I had a lot of work to do in addition to writing the book, so my energy was quite low. But even so, this was the first time that I had ever felt so much of a lack of motivation to write.

I had no choice but to take the final measure of changing the environment in which I write. I was worried about how it would turn out, but I went to Tokyo to enjoy hotel life. I stayed at the hotel and tried my best to live a life of writing.

Of course, at my own expense.

Well, I was told that the publisher could publish my book, but I felt that it would increase the pressure to write more and more, which I didn't like. I was worried about the case when I couldn't write, so I refused the offer, saying that I didn't want to be trapped any more and that I would pay for it by myself.

As a result, I was able to complete my quota every day, as if it was a lie that I had not been able to write for three months.

I guess the environment is very important. It is more important than anything else to have a regular life and to keep the rhythm of writing. I know that, but it's not easy...

I would like to thank the hotel staff for their kindness. I was so comfortable that I didn't want to go back home.

I-san, who was in charge of the hotel, said to me with a straight face, "Don't you have to go back? I-san said with a straight face, but it didn't sound like a joke to me...

I-san is probably serious, so I will try my best not to be so (smiles).

During my stay in Tokyo, I had a chance to meet with some writers, and some of them said they are in the same situation as I am. It seems that many of them are mentally damaged because they cannot go out because of the corona.

Many of you may have increased your work at home due to the corona, and people like me, who are not good at self-control, may be experiencing the same kind of suffering, to a greater or lesser extent.

In such a case, it is important to have a change of pace!

Please take a break and try not to overdo it.

I hope that my work 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime' will be of some help to you and give you peace of mind. I will continue to do my best to complete the book.

See you again in the next volume!


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