The Abandoned Empress - Chapter 350

Chapter 350 (Uncompleted Chapter)

<There is nothing new about my father, the emperor’s silly actions as he was blinded by his love for my mother, the empress, but if I have to single out one moment, I think I have to pick that episode on that day.

According to what I heard, one day when they were having a great honeymoon, the emperor attended a political meeting with the empress and surprised everybody. Their strange behavior was nothing unusual now, but it was rather shocking in those days.

Anyway, when the meeting was over, the emperor couple immediately left the conference hall as if they were being chased by somebody. Everybody was shocked when they saw the emperor who entered his office coming out, with the empress in his arms. Well, even I was shocked when I heard about his eccentric actions with her. So, I could imagine how shocked those who witnessed him directly were. Besides, lots of high-ranking nobles were still in the Central Palace because the meeting was over only a minute prior.


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