The Bloodline System - Chapter 299

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At the position where the students and teachers were being rounded up, they were squinting their eyes to see who was being held, but it was proving difficult for them due to the gang members surrounding his frame.

Angy and Maltida had caught a glimpse of the person's stature, which looked familiar to them, but they hadn't seen his face yet, so they hadn't confirmed their suspicion due to that.

However, with each passing moment, Angy got more and more worried after noticing that Gustav was still nowhere to be found.

"Isn't that one of yours?" One of the teachers from black rock schools who was also on his knees said to an Echelon Academy teacher while staring in the position of Gustav and the gang.

Everyone's eyes widened slightly as they heard that and stared at that location with looks of worry and confoundment.

Back in the position where Gustav was being held down by the gang members, the bald man pressed on the top of the syringe twice, causing the purplish liquid to jet out a little stream.

"Let's see if your fearless and lively look will remain after I give you a dose of your own medicine," The bald man voiced out as he moved closer to Gustav.

Gustav tried pulling himself from the hold of these gang members, but he wasn't as strong as they were.

The bald man moved the needle towards Gustav's neck with the intention of injecting him with the liquid within the syringe.

This was when the teachers started screaming out for the gang to release their students and even started throwing out threats of what the MBO would do to them if they hurt him.

While that was ongoing, someone suddenly dashed out from the encirclement with fast speed.


"Let him go!"

A feminine voice was heard as a silver streak cut across the place and arrived at the position of Gustav and the gang members in a manner of moments.

Swhhiiiiii! Bam!

It was almost like one of them had predicted this and slammed the butt of his weapon onto the side of the head of the speedster.

She was surprised and unable to dodge on time because it arrived at her blind spot.

Angy was knocked down without being able to do a thing.

Gustav stared at her unconscious body on the ground and turned back to stare at the bald man.

"You are already dead," Gustav's eyes at this moment were brimming with murderous intent.

"Oh, what is this I sense?" The bald man asked with a taunting look as he paused his administration of the syringe.

"Your death," Gustav responded with a fierce look.

"Oh, is she your girlfriend?" The bald man voiced out, causing the entire place to be filled with laughter.

Gustav didn't respond and just kept giving them fierce stares.

"I just got a new idea. How about I try it on her instead?" The bald man stood to his feet and moved towards Angy after saying that.

Gustav eyes immediately turned super murderous as he forcefully pulled tried pulling himself from the grip of those holding him to stand up.

They had a tough time holding him in place due to this.

"Grrhhh!" Gustav groaned as his canines turned into long fangs and his eyes glowed red.

"Oh, he's triggered," The bald man said with a tone of delight.

"All the more reason to make her the specimen for receiving what you wanted to administer to me," The bald man said and squatted.

'This bastard... I might have to risk exposing all my abilities now,' Gustav said internally as he slowly started morphing.

He had thought the bald man would inject him with the syringe, which wouldn't be a problem since he had toxin Immunity.

However, he didn't expect Angy to come into the play. This syringe had a poisonous venom which he extracted from the Savrinia serpent mixedbreed he fought weeks back. Gustav had cut off the tail and done the necessary experiment. He always kept the syringe in his storage device, so he decided to use it now against the bald man since he knew he wasn't strong enough to take him on.

Which was why he wanted to fool him earlier.

Angy would melt from the inside out if she was injected with that toxin which was why Gustav was feeling very worked up at the moment.

The bald man brought the needle to her neck and pricked it a little.

At the moment, Gustav was about to unleash all of his abilities when...


A massive metallic upside-down bowl-like structure descended from above.


It landed on the position of the encircled students and teachers covering them up entirely within.

The gang members around them were left standing outside of the massive structure that fell from the sky.

It was as if it had been created with precise calculations because it covered up only the students and the teachers without the gang members surrounding them.

The teaches and students found themselves inside this dark place. However, before they could react in an alarming manner, a bright light appeared within, illuminating the entire place.

They stared at the figures in combat uniform with a look of relief.

On the outside of the structure, the gang and their leader had looks of surprise on their faces as they stared at the giant structure covering up their hostages.

"Is the MBO stupid to think I will not sacrifice these kids!" The bald man shouted out as he stood to his feet with a look of anguish.

He walked over to Angy, raised his foot above her face, and gestured for his gang to fire up their weapons.

"You were already dead the moment you laid hands on my student," A sharp feminine voice resounded in the ears of the gang, the boss included.

The bald man forehead creased as he turned to the side and noticed a beautiful looking lady with ash-coloured hair standing only two feet away from his right.

"How did you get here?" He voiced out with a look of confusion along with the rest of his gang.

"You had better not come any closer! Movement from you, and they both die," The bald man was already sweating at this point.

He knew this lady was no ordinary person for her to appear beside them without alerting them.

At his level of strength, he felt this should be impossible unless the gap in strength was massive.

The female, who was obviously Miss Aimee, stared at the gang coldly.

"You should be begging for your lives now, but you still have the guts to threaten me with my kid," She voiced out with a condescending tone.

"Hey bitch, better know your place!"

One of the gang members pointing a weapon at Gustav voiced out while firing it up even more.

Gustav smiled, "Didn't I say you guys were already dead?" He voiced out while staring at miss Aimee.

"Disable the limiter for two seconds," Miss Aimee commanded no one in particular.

The rest stared at her with looks of confusion, but in the next moment, a loud blast resounded across the place.


The entire place quaked with such intensity that even people in the city behind felt the buildings they were in vibrate.

Splash! Splash! Fwwiiishh! Plop! Plop!

"Uh?" The bald man eyes widened with a look of fear, confusion and disbelief as he looked around him.

All his gang members were no longer on the ground.

Instead, their body parts, along with their blood was raining from the sky.

Arms, legs, heads, eyeballs, thighs and different body parts rained from the sky along with blood in multiple droplets.

The bald man was already dyed in the blood of his gang members as he stared at their scattered bodies all across the place.

A huge crater had already been formed due to the blast that happened a moment ago, but for unknown reasons, he was unaffected.

"Aahhh!" He seemed out with a horrified look as he moved back.

Gustav and Angy were no longer in the vicinity.

Only Miss Aimee was standing there, cleaning her blood-soaked hands with a napkin.

Wherever the napkin came from was unknown, along with how her clothes and body, except for her hands, were without bloodstains was also a mystery.

The remaining part of the gang behind that surrounded the massive structure that fell from the sky were already shivering slightly in fear as they stared at the gory scene up ahead.

They could see the heads and eyes of their comrades sprawled all over the floor and their chief, who was currently bathing in blood, falling from the sky.

"Do you still want to bargain?" Miss Aimee asked with an aloof expression as she threw the napkin to the side and walked towards the bald man.

The bald man shrank back in fear as he saw her approaching.

"Your biggest mistake was harming him," She voiced out as she grabbed hold of his head.

Two hours later, the scene had been crowded by operatives of different kinds, and the students were being tended to.

The gang or whatever was left of them were being transported away in an aircraft.

The whole situation still seemed unreal to the students. They had never expected that they would be attacked on their way back from this event and nearly abducted.

They were glad that the MBO was able to show up. Nobody besides Gustav and other MBO agents in hiding witnessed the decimation, so they had no idea that Miss Aimee was mostly responsible for their safety.

When investigations were made, they found out that the gang was a part of a terrorist group that needed fresh recruits.

Their plan was to abduct these mixedblood students and brainwash them before training them to become a part of their force in the future.

Fortunately, things had worked out well due to Gustav contacting miss Aimee the moment they were surrounded.

The gang didn't expect that someone this powerful would be deployed by the MBO, and this was truly normal thinking since someone as powerful as miss Aimee wouldn't be seen in the field.

Unfortunately for them, Miss Aimee shared an attachment with Gustav, which ended up ruining all their plans.

The students were later returned back to their homes with well equipped MBO squads escorting them for the purpose of security.

*End Of Side Story Three*

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