The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216: 1216

Little Hidden Dragon’s self-healing abilities were very strong . Against three middle class dominators, the Little Hidden Dragon would perhaps still be able to fight .

Li Xu was particularly careful since this was the last round . His three soul pets were also fighting in a rather conservative style, aiming to primarily exhaust the opponent .

Li Xu’s cautiousness made the people from outside New Moon Land feel humiliated, but this conservative style was indeed a bit troublesome for Chu Mu .

Li Xu’s control over his soul pets was extremely adept, and his usage of techniques was clearly much more proficient than Guan Zhangming . From what Chu Mu could see, if soul pets of the same rank were to fight, Li Xu would definitely beat Guan Zhangming .

“Little Hidden Dragon, return . ” chanting an incantation, Chu Mu ultimately recalled the Little Hidden Dragon .

Since Li Xu was being so careful, Chu Mu would just stimulate things then!

Although Li Xu’s three middle class dominators had exhausted almost all of the Little Hidden Dragon’s remaining fighting strength, his three dominators weren’t in a better state .

When Li Xu saw Chu Mu recall the Little Hidden Dragon, he also recalled his three middle class dominators to their soul pet space .

So far, this fight had only been probing, exhausting, and warming up . What came next was probably a true contest between high class dominators! 

Chanting an incantation, a soul pact halo appeared on Li Xu’s body .

Different from most soul pet trainer’s soul pact halos, Li Xu’s soul pact halo shot imposingly in all directions . Each beam of light was like a sword striking out .

The only type of soul pet with such a dazzling soul pet halo had to be a light type soul pet .

Chu Mu wasn’t worried . He stood from afar and silently looked at the soul pet Li Xu summoned .

The halo was like swords that were ostentatious and domineering . Its back, neck and head were all formed by different length swords . The mighty aura it emitted and imposing majesty prevented people from looking directly at it let alone approach it!

There were not many light type creatures in New Moon Land . The representatives of the beast type and light type combination creature was the Linyin Beast and Thousand Wave Beast .

Compared to them, the creature Li Xu had summoned was similar, and its body was draped in armor .

The armor of Li Xu’s light beast emitted countless sword halos, making it seem like most of its armor was sharp weapons! 

“Sword Light Beast . A light type high rank armored beast…” Chu Mu looked at the soul pet Li Xu had summoned and muttered to himself .  

There were no variations of the Sword Light Beast in New Moon Land . Chu Mu had seen the picture of the Sword Light Beast in a library in Cloud Realm .

The Sword Light Beast in real life was much more mighty and imposing that the picture . Its light swords that resembled armor, fur and external bones accentuated the unstoppable aura that beast type soul pets needed to its fullest!

Just a moment ago, there were many people questioning the cowering Li Xu . But when he summoned the Sword Light Beast, these people shut their mouths .  

A high class dominator!

This was a genuine high class dominator rank Sword Light Beast!

As the lord of a realm, Li Xu was nowhere near as arrogant as Guan Zhangming or as reckless as Wu Zhen . Especially since the fight had reached the last round, Li Xu had to put 100% of his focus in .

He stared at Chu Mu and also didn’t impatiently order the Sword Light Beast to attack . Instead he waited for Chu Mu’s summon .

He knew that Chu Mu still had one more soul pet!

Since the opponent had shown his cards, Chu Mu obviously had to use his full strength .

He glanced at the small Mo Xie on his shoulders who very awarely jumped off .

Unknowingly, the fight had already entered nighttime . A thin ray of moonlight shone down from the horizon onto the glacier ground, reaching Chu Mu .  

The small Mo Xie gracefully jumped to the moonlight and walked along the moonlight . Her unblemished silver fur seemed even more majestic under the immersion of the moonlight .

“Wu wu wu wu…” Mo Xie lifted her head, and gave a howl towards the moon shining from the horizon .

A moon-shaped imprint on her forehead faintly flickered, as if it was absorbing the moonlight .

Simultaneously, under her feet, four balls of angry purple flame were quietly ignited .

The flames slowly rose, finally engulfing Mo Xie’s body and tails completely in angry purple flames .

The flames silently burned under the moonlight as they gradually proliferated!

The clear sky had at some point been covered by a thick layer of demonic clouds . Only, the ray of moonlight remained clear .  

“It’s the tail… that’s the tail!!” At this moment, a few people began to shout among the spectators .

“So you also saw it in Wen City!” the soul pet trainers from Wen City lifted their heads and looked fixedly at the demonic clouds in the sky .

The demonic clouds were endless and covered the night sky . But from the moonlight of the silver moon, it was possible to see the silhouette of the winding tails that resembled mountain ranges!

There were a total of nine tails . The silhouette of these nine stunning tails had been suspended in the air above Wen City; there was probably no person who forgot the beautiful yet heart-trembling scene!

The dark night and demonic clouds outlined the silhouette of a creature . But nobody had seen this creature before! 

“Wu wu wu wu wu…” a spirited cry rang out from the angry purple flames . In an instant, the demonic clouds in the sky transformed into a vortex that rapidly whirled downwards into the ball of angry purple flames!

The purple flames began to dance and the nine wild dragon-like tails were extended .

They seemed to touch the stars, whip the earth and twist around like a mountain peak… . When the nine tails that were full of majesty genuinely appeared, the beauty and shock they brought left countless people dumbstruck!

“This… this soul pet… is stronger than last time!” said Wu Zhen with astonishment!!

Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon had been barely able to fight it last time, but from the aura of this soul pet this time, Rock Wing Dragon was somewhat insignificant in front of it .

Under the accentuation from the angry purple flames, the silver fur fluttered in the air like a noble wearing a silver colored windbreaker . After transforming into the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor, Mo Xie’s noble aura was fully displayed . Regardless if it was the boundless earth, the bitingly cold glaciers or the countless creatures in between the heaven and earth, they all seemed to be crushed under the four feet of angry purple flames!

After transforming, Mo Xie’s aura dominated everyone, including the two strongest people present - Lu Yuqin and Cloud Gate’s old man .

Cloud Gate’s old man had the most experience . His two eyes that were hazy with ice and snow were opened so wide they couldn’t get any wider . His eyes seemed like they were going to fly out of their sockets!

“Purple flames, the body of a fox, silver fur…” Cloud Gate’s old man muttered like he had gone mad as he looked at Mo Xie . Suddenly, he seemed to have found something wrong and looked at the beautiful long tails . With a face full of shock he cried out: “The tails! Why are there nine tails?!!”

On New Moon Land’s side, Old Li heard Cloud Gate old man’s strange cry and couldn’t help but profoundly laugh .

“Old Li, why is he crying out like that?” Ye Qingzi glanced at Cloud Gate’s old man, and confusedly asked Old Li a question .

“That old man definitely knows of the five undying legends . The description of hades is: purple flames, the body of a fox, silver fur and a meandering tail . A normal Hades will only have one meandering tail . But Chu Mu’s Mo Xie is a soul pet that has continuously mutated . Through each mutation, she inherits her the species techniques . Mo Xie’s nine tails were carried on from when she was a Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox . No matter how much that old man racks his brains, he won’t understand why Mo Xie has nine tails, yet is clearly Hades . ” said Old Li .

Indeed, Cloud Gate’s old man was at a loss over this problem!

As for Lu Yuqin, she had only heard of the five undying legends so she wasn’t aware of the tail problem .

Regardless of how calm and cool Lu Yuqin’s nature was, in the face of a young soul pet trainer with one of the five undying legendary rank soul pets, she was incapable of remaining calm!

The value of a dominator rank Devil Soul was indeed extremely high and even neared the five undying legends . However, the Devil Souls ultimately were not suited to fighting . If she had to choose between them, she would definitely choose the five undying legendary rank creatures!

Not long ago, Lu Yuqin had been immersed in figuring out the Evil Good Demoness Concubine’s true species and rank . However, before she managed to figure it out, Chu Mu summoned an even more shocking soul pet . Indeed, although the five undying legendary creatures existed in this world, it was practically impossible for a human to sign a soul pact with them!

Lu Yuqin couldn’t understand how a young man from New Moon Land had a Hades Purple Emperor!!

In Divine Sect, there had been one outstanding talent in the past who had signed a soul pact with one . However, that was only temporary because the species rank of the five undying legendary creatures was extremely high . They may sign soul pact with humans, but would not become a human’s soul pet . They would use humans as a cultivation springboard, and when their strength reached a higher level, they could not devote themselves to the human and instead would continue forward into even higher realms .  

Lu Yuqin had seen the spirited and adorable small fox on Chu Mu’s shoulder before, and she remembered that Chu Mu still hadn’t entered the spirit dominator rank then .  

If the small fox was Hades, then the weakest strength of Hades was a peak dominator . With such an enormous power discrepancy between soul pet and soul pet trainer, why didn’t Hades just leave?? 


The five undying legendary creatures could sign soul pacts with humans, and there had been people who had done this . However, even including Lu Yuqin’s extremely revered elder, that had only been temporary . . .

Obviously Lu Yuqin wouldn’t know that Mo Xie hadn’t been the powerful undying legendary Hades from birth .

Back then, she was merely a Silver Moon Fox at the lowest level in the world . Even if she reached the tenth phase, as a servant rank creature, all of her bones would be broken by a single breath from any creature here .  

From the lowest level to the undying Hades today . Mo Xie hadn’t left Chu Mu’s side through every step of her growth . This was a interdependent relationship that didn’t need to be justified . Even without the restrictions of a soul pact, the relationship would still exist . What need was there to discuss whether she would leave or stay? 

Not every Hades cold-heartedly wanted to reach the very pinnacle of the soul pet world .  

Nor could every soul pet trainer maintain steadfast loyalty even when a soul pet was weak and small .

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