The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217: 1217

What soul pet was this?

Li Xu sifted through the memories of all soul pets in his brain, but couldn’t find anything similar to the purple flamed fox noble in front of him .

Feeling the domineering aura that looked down on every creature under the heaven, Li Xu felt mysteriously flustered inside .

He was unable to discern this soul pet’s rank, but he was certain that the fox noble was definitely no lower than a high class dominator!

While the Sword Light Beast mighty and majestic, under the demonic aura of the fox noble, the light halos it emitted were dimmer!

“Li Xu, from today on, New Moon Land will be independent from your Cloud Realm!” Chu Mu coldly looked at Li Xu and spoke in an iron voice .

“Who on earth are you!” the flesh on Li Xu’s face faintly trembled .

This was another high class dominator . Was this brat going to sweep through all of Cloud Realm’s experts today?

“New Moon Land, Chu Mu . ” coldly sneered Chu Mu .

Chu Mu didn’t waste more time . The battle had reached this point, and it was time to end it!

The purple flames on Mo Xie’s body surged around following her control . Occasionally, they would soar into the sky like a phoenix and other times they would roam the earth like wild dragons!

Li Xu glanced at his Sword Light Beast . His soul pet was also a high class dominator while the opponent was a mere young soul pet trainer . In terms of understanding of fights, Li Xu furthermore had absolute confidence that he was more experienced than his opponent!

Even if he was one or two levels weaker than the opponent, let alone at the same level, Li Xu would rarely lose!

“Don’t act like you’ve already won . Do you really think you can beat me?” said Li Xu .

As he spoke, the Sword Light Beast charged into the night sky . Its body emitting dazzling sword lights ostentatiously dazzled in all directions!

The halo of light pierced the curtain of night and towards the charging Mo Xie .

The sword lights were very packed together and from the layman’s eyes, it was as if the entire night sky was occupied by the sword lights . However, in those insignificant-looking shadows, it was always possible to find Mo Xie . Relying on her acute perception and dodging abilities, Mo Xie quickly moved through the chaotic swords . All people could see was a ball of purple flames moving amidst the numerous and chaotic sword lights!

“It’s dodging abilities are so strong!” Li Xu was stunned .

Despite how packed and numerous the sword lights were that there were almost no gaps, the Fox Noble Purple Emperor was still able to dodge . To a certain extent, this meant that normal techniques were probably incapable of striking the Nine Tailed Fox Noble!    

But since its dodging abilities were so strong, this meant that its defensive abilities were nothing special!

After determining this, Li Xu chose to have the Sword Light Beast pull away .

The Sword Light Beast’s movement speed was not slow . After a dazzle, it slid over ten meters away .

A light incantation quickly surfaced on the Sword Light Beast’s armor, quickly forming a large punishment sword in front of it!

The punishment sword was incomparably large and after condensing, it rapidly shot forth, emitting a sharp whistle between the heaven and earth!

Mo Xie saw the Sword Light Beast retreat, and subconsciously believed that it wanted to adopt defensive measures . But when Mo Xie arrived in front of it, what met her was an enormous punishment sword . She could not dodge at that point .

Raising her tails, Mo Xie didn’t slow down . Her nine tails kept extending, and when the punishment sword flew at her, her tails formed a nine tail fan that was as large as a mountain wall!

The punishment sword stabbed into the nine tailed fan, and its power was instantly reduced by over half . Moreover, just when Li Xu believed that it could at last pierced through one of the opponent’s tails, Mo Xie’s tails suddenly turned soft and dispersed like a cloud!

When the nine tailed fan disappeared, the punishment sword continued to fly at Chu Mu .

When the enormous sword was right in front of her, Mo Xie suddenly extended a claw and struck the punishment sword!

After being weakened by the nine tailed fan, the punishment sword was incapable of withstanding Mo Xie’s claw strikes . It was instantly shattered into fragments of light that slipped through Mo Xie’s long hairs of fur .  

After shattering the opponent’s technique, Mo Xie still didn’t slow down . Her body suddenly transformed into a bolt of lightning that followed a patternless movement!

“Sou sou sou sou”

Moving sometimes left and sometimes right, Mo Xie seemed to be instantly teleporting . Simultaneously, it looked like three purple bodies appearing in the sky . This was the pinnacle of speed!

Li Xu’s brows furrowed as he stared at Mo Xie . He wanted to use soul remembrance to determine where the opponent was going to finally strike, so he would be able to make ample preparations .

However, when he discovered that the Fox Noble would leave a cold light in between each remnant of her figure every time she changed locations, Li Xu abruptly realized that the opponent wasn’t searching for an angle of attack, but instead forming an array!

“Nine Tail Chain!” Chu Mu slowly spat the name of the technique out .

Simultaneously, a purple flame suddenly ignited on the path Mo Xie was moving on . The burning shape of the flames happened to be chains that interweaved in midair!

The purple flame chains were enormous and sturdy . When they were stretched taught, they had all locked onto the Sword Light Beast .

The Sword LIght Beast reacted very quickly and continuously stepped through the air and changed locations . It tried to escape the sealing range of the Nine Tail Chain .

Li Xu’s face turned grave . If he had determined a bit earlier that the opponent had this sealing technique, he obviously wouldn’t have fallen into the countless intertwining chains . Now, the Sword Light Beast’s dodging was a bit hurried .

Seeing that two of the purple flame chains were about to wrap around the Sword Light Beast, Li Xu’s heart clenched and his hastily gave an order:

“Light Doppelganger!!”

The Sword Light Beast’s body instantly flickered with a halo of light . The light halo began to split layer by layer and rapidly formed increasingly deep five light figures . Each light figure was somewhat similar to the Sword Light Beast .

The five light figures with different shades of brightness were confusing and the two chains were unable to wrap around the Sword Light Beast’s realm body, allowing it to escape this calamity .

After escaping NIne Tail Chain’s sealing, there was a bit of sweat on Li Xu’s forehead . Unconsciously, he felt that the opponent’s soul pet wasn’t as simple as a high class dominator . Regardless if it were attacks, explosive force, speed or defense, this Fox Noble was slightly stronger than his Sword Light Beast .


Just as Li Xu was inwardly shocked, an enormous tail hidden in the demonic clouds suddenly struck forth like a wild dragon . It swooped down terrifyingly from the clouds and struck the back of the Sword Light Beast .

Being struck caused the sword lights piercing outwards on the Sword Light Beast’s back to snap off . Even its armor was caved in, and fresh blood began to leak out!

The sudden attack left the Sword Light Beast teetering in the sky . Before it could stabilize itself, a ball of dazzling fire light ignited above the demonic clouds .

“Hu Hu!!!!!!!!!!”

It was again above the demonic clouds . The two enormous purple flame meteors that seemed to come from above the sky sped diagonally through the night sky . The gorgeous trajectory left those who saw it dumbstruck!

The two balls of flaming meteors that came from beyond the heavens hurtled towards the Sword Light Beast . Just when it stabilized itself, the two powerful flaming heavenly meteors arrived in front of it . When it lifted its head, the Sword Light Beast’s field of view was completely covered by the dazzling purple flames . At this visual suppression range, the Sword Light Beast didn’t know how to dodge them!

“Hou hou!!!!!!!”

The Sword Light Beast gave a roar, and the halos of light on its body interweaved above its head and in front of it . It was just barely able to create a light halo defense .

The purple flaming meteors from above the sky smashed down, instantly engulfing the Sword Light Beast’s light halo defense . This included the Sword Light Beast’s imposing body which seemed abnormally tiny in comparison to the purple flaming meteors .

“Xiu!!!! Xiu!!!!!!”

When the meteors near the ground, people finally realized how enormous the two purple balls of flame were . Even though they were over a hundred kilometers away, they felt that they were very close . Even the mountain range in front of Heavenly Mountain was incapable of containing the meteors!

“Hong hong hong!!!!!!!!!!”

The flaming clouds from beyond the sky smashed the Sword Light Beast into the glacier earth . Instantly, the icy snow world was transformed into a purple hell . Scorching flame lights prevented people from opening their eyes .

The flames were endless and when everyone’s vision slightly recovered, they discovered that in the boundless flaming hell, the Fox Noble that possessed powerful strength lifted its meandering long tails and flew through the hell . Its techniques landed one after the other on the Light Sword beast .

From the start, when the Sword Light Beast was struck by a tail, it seemed to be constantly on the passive defense . All of the techniques it used were to buy it opportunities to catch a bit of its breath .

However, the power of the Fox Noble surpassed everyone’s imaginations . Its techniques were continuously released and added on the high frequency attacks of the nine tails, the Sword Light Beast was unable to actually catch its breath for a very long time .

Seeing his Sword Light Beast reduced to such a passive state, Li Xu’s face was ashen .

He hatefully threw a glare at Wu Zhen . He remembered Wu Zhen telling him that this purple flame soul pet was probably only slightly stronger than his Rock Wing Dragon . At most it was a high class dominator .  

However, from the series of explosive attacks just now, this Fox Noble was evidently a level stronger than the high class dominator rank!

Added on the power and unknown factor of its techniques, for a moment, Li Xu couldn’t find any opportunity to breakthrough and counterattack .

“How… how is this Fox Noble this strong! I remember that in Wen City…” Border Commander Wu Zhen was stunned .

With the fighting strength it currently displayed, the Rock WIng Dragon probably wouldn’t last a few minutes before being completely destroyed . Wu Zhen was silently wondering why this brat hadn’t displayed his full strength back then .


Neither Li Xu or Wu Zhen knew that Mo XIe’s Hades Fox Noble’s genuine strength had increased and been released as Chu Mu’s soul remembrance increased .

Chu Mu had entered the spirit remembrance rank over half a year ago . Thus, Mo Xie’s strength had been released a bit more and added on the illumination from tonight’s moonlight, Moon Essence’s effect increased Mo Xie’s strength by a level . Obviously, her fighting strength would be terrifying .  

Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie who hadn’t had an opponent for a long while now was overflowing with fighting intent . Therefore, today Chu Mu didn’t have Mo Xie restrain herself in any way . He would let her release her strength as much as she wanted and have an enjoyable fight!

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