The City of Terror - Chapter 639

Chapter 639: 639

Chapter 639: Chapter 639 – Tragic Crab Demons


Prawn Three gave an order . The other Prawn Demons had never been so fast before as they quickly reacted and turned around .

However, Prawn Three wanted to vomit blood . Apart from Prawn One and Prawn Two who escaped in the same direction as him, the other three had chosen their own direction to escape .

This was the escape method that they were used to .

Whenever they encountered a powerful enemy, they would scatter, allowing some of them to escape .

However, the problem now was that their task was not to run away, but to bring these crab demons to the king!!!

Luckily, perhaps seeing that Prawn Three’s group was larger than the others, the Crab Demons did not split up and began to chase after them from behind .

As previously said, in terms of battle power, the Prawn Demons could not beat the Crab Demons, but there was something that the Crab Demons could not beat, and that was speed!

The Prawn Demons relied on swimming more, while the crab demons relied on crawling to move . Although they knew how to swim, they were not very fast .

Naturally, in a battle between demons, this weakness was not a big problem . After all, their main goal was to bully the Prawn Demons and seize their territories . As for the extermination of all the Prawn Demons, that was an impossible thing to do .

Thus, after escaping for quite a bit of time, Prawn Three had noticed that they had thrown off the Crab Demons .

He grabbed onto his two brothers’ tails, forcing them to stop . Afterward, he persuaded them to go back and forth to provoke the Crab Demons .

Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei’s intimidation had not yet completely worn off, otherwise, Prawn One and Prawn Two would not have listened to Prawn Three, even if they died in his hands .

When the three Prawn Demons turned around, the other three had also been found again . They were even bragging joyfully about how fast they were and that they let the crabs following behind them eat seawater .

Prawn Three felt as if his head was about to explode . None of his brothers were reliable at all .

At the same time, Wei Xiao Bei’s intimidation was still there . Prawn Three became startled and warned the other three Prawn Demons . He explaining what kind of offense it was to escape before the battle began, causing the other three to become more obedient and shut up .

After integrating the group with great difficulty, Prawn Three brought the group back to the Crab Demons .

What made Prawn Three happy was that the Crab Demons were quite stubborn . Perhaps because one of theirs was injured, they still stubbornly tried to find the Prawn Demons even if they had lost them . They followed the previous line and continued to advance .

When they saw the Prawn Demons return, the Crab Demon tribe chief was overjoyed as he joyfully expressed to his subordinates that he had made the right choice .

The Crab Demons were innate hotheads, but there was a smarter crab that had raised his voice saying that the Prawn Demons might be attempting something .


They must be attempting to become our food!

The Crab Demon tribe chief immediately used its claws to teach a lesson to the junior who dared to provoke his authority .

However, after being smashed a few times, this junior stopped breathing .

If they were human beings, they would immediately go to the rescue and begin artificial respiration .

However, these Crab Demons were different . When their juniors collapsed, the other Crab Demons happily jumped on him and in an instant, only the junior’s shell remained .


This was a very normal matter among the crab tribe .

A normal crab was not picky about food . As long as they could bite it, then they would eat it, even corpses and plants .

Just like that, it was easy to tell what happened to that Crab Demon .

Moreover, demons originally used food as their means of getting stronger . The stronger the creature, the stronger they would get after eating them .

Even if the Crab Demon tribe chief were to fall down, those of the same tribe would not show any mercy .

After dealing with the internal strife, the tribe chief brought the group of Crab Demons to chase after the Prawn Demons .

The coral reef and Wei Xiao Bei were not too far from each other . Wei Xiao Bei could see the group of Crab Demons chasing after the Prawn Demons from afar .

In truth, the Prawn Demons were already not small . However, those Crab Demons exceeded the humanoid appearance .

It was especially so for their tribe chief whose size exceeded more than 10 meters . As it advanced underwater, it looked like a moving tank .

It was not that there were no monsters that were large in size in the Dust World such as the Giant Python and the Flame Giants .

However, crabs in the real world were not big at all . Wei Xiao Bei originally thought that the Crab Demons would not be so big, but now, his expectation had been exceeded, shocking him a bit .

Naturally, this was also a happy occasion for him .

Just thinking about it, he was a chef who saw such a large wonderful ingredient, how could he not be happy?

Wei Xiao Bei raised his hand and took out the White Mist Dragon Bow . He nocked a normal arrow and shot toward the Crab Demon tribe chief that was leading the way .


A sound that pierced the sound barrier exploded . The arrow instantly shot into the water and caused a 20-meter tall wave . Although the arrow was slower underwater, the depth of the water was less than 20 meters .

Thus, the Crab Demon tribe chief only saw bubbles moving toward it . It could not even respond as it felt pain in its legs followed by a loud boom . Out of his eight legs, four had been blasted away .

Moreover, a cavity had appeared on the seafloor, causing the power of the arrow to spread as it landed in it and affected the other crabs’ bodies .

The large shock wave spread through the seawater . In an instant, a portion of the crabs following behind the tribe chief had been shocked dizzy .

Even those that were not shocked dizzy had become disoriented . They simply could not understand what had happened .

On the other hand, the Prawn Demons that were running away felt a powerful force coming from the sea and were almost shocked dizzy as well . Luckily, they were running away and the shock wave came from behind them, causing the effects to be decreased .

When they looked at the situation, their finger sized eyeballs almost dropped from their eye stems .

The Crab Demon group that was more than 200 strong was now in a pitiful state . At this time, more than 80 of them were lying on the ground while the remaining ones were circling in their original position in confusion . They did not even think about escaping .

“What happened?”

The prawns were immediately stunned and hesitantly asked .

“Do you need to ask? This is the mighty power of the king! Unifying the seas is imminent!”

Prawn Three immediately became excited, because he could see Wei Xiao Bei’s figure appearing underwater . He quickly began to bootlick .

It could be said that bootlicking was a weakling’s specialty . Previously, Prawn Three could not even speak the human language, but now, he had taught himself the art of bootlicking .

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei had already stored the White Mist Dragon Bow . He dived to the ocean floor and beat down the remaining crabs that had not yet fainted .

When Wei Xiao Bei circled the seas once, he once again floated up to the surface . The few Prawn Demons also quickly followed as they continued to rain down praises .

Although everyone knew that listening to bootlicking would easily cause one’s ego to inflate, Wei Xiao Bei also understood why everyone wanted to hear them .

This could not be helped . After listening to it, a pleasant feeling would swell up .

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not swell up to the point where he believed the words of the prawn demons .

“Enough! Go tie up the Crab Demons and drag them to shore . ”

He cut off the Prawn Demons’ bootlicking and took out a bunch of tree roots from his storage bracelet . He then tossed it to the Prawn Demons and pointed to the shore .

These Prawn Demons listened to Wei Xiao Bei’s orders in high spirits . They eagerly took the tree roots and began to busy themselves on the seafloor .

In their eyes, this was the king putting them in an important position .

However, when they thought about it, they were the only ones on the side of the king, who else could be relied on but them .

Moreover, after seeing the tragic appearance of the Crab Demons, they were so happy as the Crab Demons were their mortal enemies . While they were tying them up, they would do underhanded things to them .

However, before the Prawn Demons finished tying up the Crab Demons, they became a bit stupefied as they realized that there were quite a lot of them . There weren’t enough tree roots that Wei Xiao Bei had given them . Apart from this, with so many Crab Demons and only six of them, they simply could not bring them all together . They were not demons that had powerful strength . They were only creatures that were large-sized prawns with intelligence .

As for doing it multiple times, they would also become tired .

The other Prawn Demons looked at Prawn Three, hoping that Prawn Three’s knowledge could tell them what to do .

They did not notice that their originally equal footing had begun to deviate . They were now used to following Prawn Three’s orders .

Prawn Three was indeed smarter than his brothers and quickly thought of a plan . He immediately gave his report to Wei Xiao Bei .

His plan was to call for the Long Beard Prawn Demons in the seas and let them exert effort for the great Electric Eel Demon King .

Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head . He did not veto this method and only said that he would leave the decision to them . No matter how it was done, he only needed them to finish the task .

There was no doubt that Wei Xiao Bei’s consideration of things was much farther than these Long Beard Prawn Demons .

He was aware that he was a human in this open sea . He was different from the aquatic demons, making it easy for them to look at him with hostility .

Thus, Wei Xiao Bei needed to raise some talents . The majority of things would then be left for them to deal with while he was the powerful force that would protect them! To be more accurate, he was planning to be something akin to their spiritual leader .

This would make it easier to prevent the Demon Kings from viewing him with hostility and causing a large battle .

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