The City of Terror - Chapter 640

Chapter 640: 640

Chapter 640: Chapter 640 – Thorough Submission

Additionally, Wei Xiao Bei would not be there all the time . Then, as long as he could create some agents, then he could leave temporarily .

After all, he still had many things to do .

After gaining Wei Xiao Bei’s approval, Prawn Three gathered the other five Prawn Demons and declared this matter .

Afterward, no one refused and they happily split up .

For them, this was akin to going back home .

They thought about the matters that they had encountered and became excited .

As previously said, as long as the Prawn Demons moved in a straight line, they could move very fast . Thus, they were able to quickly reach their homes .

However, what disappointed them was that no one responded to them .

Towards their excuses, many tribe chiefs were in total disbelief .

What kind of joke was this?

Electric Eel Demon King?

Could these people have been really frightened of the Crab Demons that they would actually say such ridiculous things?

What did the Electric Eel Demon King signify? These old timers knew what it meant very clearly .

The Electric Eel Demons were one of the strongest aquatic demons . How could they even take a fancy for Prawn Demons?

Turning them into food was much more likely .

Relying on their piercing eyes, these upstanding tribe chiefs declined Prawn Three and the others’ invitation .

In short, when the Prawn Demons returned, only Prawn Three who had brought a leg of a Crab Demon was able to convince a group of Prawn Demons who he brought them back .

When it came to this group of Prawn Demons, they already had no choice . Because they were invaded by enemies continuously, they had lost a lot of their own kind to the point that there were only less than 100 of them . If things continued, then it would not be long before they were all exterminated .

Just like that, even if Prawn Three had lied to them, they could only subject themselves to it since they would have died anyway .

After the demons gathered, Prawn Three’s feelers almost broke as his brothers each returned alone . He absolutely did not dare imagine that no demon believed in them .

Prawn Three simply did not know that his brothers had eaten and thrown away the shells which were meant to serve as proof .

This could not be helped . They were hungry . Moreover, the crab leg was a burden to them .

Otherwise, with the crab leg as proof, it would have been possible to at least convince two to three groups .

In the end, Prawn Three could only gloomily return to Wei Xiao Bei .

Seeing Prawn Three’s result, Wei Xiao Bei did not denounce him . After all, he had been quite diligent, and Wei Xiao Bei had already guessed this conclusion .

If it was him encountering such a matter, he would also be doubtful .

However, 80 Prawn Demons was already ample .

In the sea, many places were different from the land .

Under Prawn Three’s command, the Prawn Demons quickly searched for more substitutes for tree roots, which were various tough seaweeds . They turned them into a net and surrounded the crab demons with it . Afterward, they needed to close the ends of the seaweed to finish .

However, the Prawn Demons were not strong . Even if they worked together, the most that they could bring was around 20 Crab Demons . This did not count as much since they only needed to make more rounds .

However, the problem was that the tribe chief of the Crab Demons might have looked like it was only 9 times the size of a normal Crab Demon, but even 80 Prawn Demons could not move it at all . In truth, its weight was probably 100 times more than a normal crab . Even with the seawater’s buoyancy, the Prawn Demons were still helpless .

Seeing these Prawn Demons dillydallying, Wei Xiao Bei who only planned to standby and watch could not sit still anymore . If things continued like this, nothing would end .

“Move away!”

Wei Xiao Bei shouted and dove deep into the sea bed, swimming toward the Crab Demon tribe chief that had fainted .

Seeing the king come over, Prawn Three immediately ordered the Prawn Demons to line up and welcome him .

However, the Prawn Demons felt that Wei Xiao Bei was a human and was not as strong as Prawn Three bragged . Moreover, the strength of those in the seas was based on one’s body size .

On the other hand, Wei Xiao Bei was only about twice as large as normal Prawn Demons . Although his skin was bronze in color, taking another look revealed that it looked white and tender, unlike their hard shells .

Just like that, although those Prawn Demons listened to Prawn Three’s command, their line was disordered as they were doubtful of Wei Xiao Bei .

However, these Demon Prawns had a good thing going for them . They were cautious and cowardly . If they were not trying to confirm Wei Xiao Bei’s strength, they would have shown it on their faces .

Wei Xiao Bei did not have the time to pay attention to these Prawn Demons’ thoughts . He walked forward and grabbed the Crab Demon tribe chief’s pincer with his right hand . With just a bit of effort, he easily lifted the Crab Demon that the Prawn Demons were struggling with .

The Demon Prawns all looked with bulging eyes . They could not imagine where such a huge power came from within that small human frame .

This was more so for those Demon Prawns that had just arrived . They were instantly in awe .

This could not be helped . As previously said, the demons were pure creatures . Although they were rude, they easily yielded to creatures stronger than them .

“Hurry up! Otherwise I will cook and eat you!”

Wei Xiao Bei could be considered enlightened . He would treat these demons by scolding, beating them, and displaying his strength to them, otherwise, they would think that he was easy to bully .

After being shouted at by Wei Xiao Bei, those Prawn Demons quickly dragged the seaweed nets as they swam to the beach with all their effort .

Wei Xiao Bei dragged the Crab Demon tribe chief behind him . He looked like he was not eve exerting any effort, which completely shocked the Prawn Demons .

In truth, they simply did not know that the Crab Demon tribe chief was not even 30 tons in weight . With Wei Xiao Bei’s strength, he could still drag the Crab Demon with ease even on land, let alone with the help of the seawater’s buoyancy .

Wei Xiao Bei dragged the Crab Demon tribe chief beside the Mutated Dock . He let the High-Temperature Birds cook it, causing the Crab Demon tribe chief to wake up from the scalding . Afterward, he saw a human standing in front of him staring at him with disdain . He immediately became angry and smashed down its remaining claw toward Wei Xiao Bei .

However, it never imagined that his huge claw was easily caught by his opponent . He could not even throw the opponent off .

“I caught all your fellow tribesmen . Are you willing to surrender?”

There were only a few of these Prawn Demons . Since many were not willing, then they did not need to come . As for the Crab Demons, they were a top-notch workforce and were a lot stronger than the Prawn Demons . They were a lot stronger than the Prawn Demons and there were a lot of them . If he could subdue them, then doing things in the future would be easier .

However, the Crab Demon tribe chief was accustomed to rampaging under the sea . It did not even relate his injuries to the person in front of him and simply never thought of surrendering .

Seeing the Crab Demon tribe chief daring to resist, Wei Xiao Bei did not need to be polite . He grabbed onto the large claw and raised it, causing the crab demon to also be lifted up, and then smashed the Crab Demon back to the ground .

After swinging the Crab Demon a few times, he was shaken dizzy and could not budge anymore .

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei took out a knife from the storage bracelet .

This knife was refined using Sacred Beetle Descendants . Although it did not have any special effects, it was incredibly hard and sharp . It was especially used for dissecting corpses .

Although using the knife to peel shells was a bit troublesome, Wei Xiao Bei had enough strength . After slashing a few times, the knife had cut off the demon crab’s joints . In an instant, this arrogant Crab Demon tribe chief had become limbless . The remaining legs had all been cut off .

After moving it on top of the Mutated Dock, the knife moved back and forth on the crab’s shell, and with a pull, the Crab Demon let out a tragic scream . After its shell was peeled off, it fainted .

He let the crab blood drip while he took the crab meat . The blade in Wei Xiao Bei’s hands moved like it was dancing, agile and graceful like a butterfly .

The Crab Demon tribe chief was thoroughly used . Its blood flowed to the Mutated Dock . Naturally, before this, Wei Xiao Bei had followed Ao Yan’s method and drew a rune on the body of the Mutated Dock, helping the dock absorb the blood .

Other than this, the crab meat and shell, as well as the legs were stored in the storage bracelet to become food ingredients or refining materials .

Only the Crab Demon tribe chief had been personally dissected by Wei Xiao Bei . The rest of the Crab Demons were dissected by Persons . Just like before, the blood was on the Mutated Dock, while the meat and shell were placed into the storage bracelet .

The strength of the Crab Demon tribe chief was not bad . He was a 3-Star Creature while the Crab Demons were 2-Star Elites .

This group of Crab Demons had given Wei Xiao Bei 6,000 evolution points . On average, a Crab Demon gave him around 30 evolution points .

In this period of time, Wei Xiao Bei had been with Ao Yan making it rare for him to have this kind of chance of farming evolution points .

Just like that, Wei Xiao Bei let out a satisfied sigh .

“Go lure in more crab demons!”

Wei Xiao Bei immediately laid down his command .

On the other hand, the Prawn Demons were already subdued by Wei Xiao Bei’s display of might .

They did not care whether or not he was a human anymore . His style of action was simply akin to that of a Demon King . It would almost be impossible for them to meet this kind of owner .

Indeed . After these prawn demons had been subdued, they had already viewed Wei Xiao Bei as their life long master .

It was nice to stay under a tall tree!

The Prawn Demons already began to fantasize about their futures .

It could be said that their choice was correct .

These Prawn Demons once again went to lure in more Yellow Crab Demons . Wei Xiao Bei would once again display his might and cause the Crab Demons to faint .

However, when the Crab Demons had been dissected and bled out, he encountered a new problem; his storage bracelet was now filled up .

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