The Dark King - Chapter 594

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Chapter 594


The lead-gray clouds, which were filled with dust, were like a group of thick inks that couldn’t be opened . They hovered quietly in the sky, filtering the sunlight outside the atmosphere, and spreading the turbid but clear gleam to this wilderness .

The breeze whirled silently, and was quite different from the sharp whistling before .

The wind blew away the bloody smell in the air, and it seemed that nothing has happened . The world was quiet .

The sorrowful screams that sounded continuously in the wilderness gradually stopped . Dean clung to the body of Aisha, like a sad beast that was sobbing, with countless prayers in his heart . But the Gods who were always look down on the human beings did not pay attention to his pleading .

Slowly, he felt that his tears were gone, and all the tears that flowed out were his consciousness and soul, and his body was empty now .

He felt dizzy, and it seemed that his soul was stripped from the body .

Without a soul, what was left of a person?

Was there only one empty shell left?

Was there still a new substance that would replace the soul to occupy this body?

Tears dried up on Dean’s face . He silently embraced her and stared at her sleepy, gentle, quiet face .


Suddenly, a sound of biting slowly attracted Dean’s attention, and a trace of vitality was regained in his eyes . He looked up, and looked at the source of the sound . In the next moment, his numb face suddenly showed a strong change again . The unparalleled disgust and anger made his face completely distorted .

He saw that the movement came from one foot of Aisha . On her calf, there was a skull biting on it constantly . It was the head of Black Wing Dead King that was previously cut off!

“Ah!! Let’s die!” Dean rushed to it madly, and both hands clasped the head of the black-winged Dead King, smashed it down from the lap of Aisha and pressed it into the ground . He raised his fist and screamed, punching on the head wildly . Every fist of him was so exhausted that the fingers were broken and he was not aware of that .

After hundreds of fists, his hands and bones have been broken in a large area, and the strong pain had stimulated his consciousness to recover gradually . He stopped his hand, and breathed violently . He suddenly found that it’s skull was not cracked at all . Instead, his fist was severely damaged and he paid a heavy price .

“Go to hell!!” He shouted with anger, grabbed it’s hair and slammed it on the ground .

After dozens of continuous hammering, he was tired and stopped, only to see that the soil on the ground was pulled out of a deep pit, and the sand was poured into the nostrils and mouth of the Black Wing Dead King, but its face remained unharmed . .

Dean was angry and sad . He was so weak that he could not kill it even it had only one head left .

He held his head and took a deep breath, and the anger in his heart slowly calmed down . Then he slowly urging the body’s energy, entering the primary boundary state, the white bones bulging, and soon, the broken bones in his fists were slowly healed, and return to their original condition .

He pulled out the dagger on the leggings and turned the head of the Black Wing Dead King back . He suddenly saw the cut surface under his head, and the wound was covered with a dark red scale-like cuticle .

He reached out and touched it, and it was extremely tough, and the cuticle of the dark red scale was a bit like the magical dragon scale of Aisha .

He thought of the scene that it had bitten Aisha before, and at the same time he thought of the painful color that had emerged before the death of Aisha . Would it be that at that time, it had bitten her?

But at that time, she was still in the state of demonizition . That is, it ate her demonized dragon scale and absorbed it, which led to the appearance of scars on it’s wounds that were the same as her magic dragon scales .

“You are really damned!!” Dean shuddered, tightening the dagger and slamming it into it’s eyelids .

Puffing! The eyes of the Black Wing Dead King were suddenly pierced by the dagger, and the blood overflowed from the eyelids .

Although its skull was extremely hard, the eyeballs were weak after all, which has nothing to do with the constitution . The structure of the eyeball itself was destined to be incomparable with the scale .

“Do you think that I really can’t kill you?”

“Do you like to eat, eat?”

Dean looked ferocious, licking the end of the dagger, spinning it in the eyelids of the corpse . At the same time, he used his knees to against the top of his head, the other hand grabbed the dirt and stones from the ground and stuffed it into it’s mouth .

When his dagger turned, suddenly, a high-pitched scream came out from the mouth of the Black Wing Dead King, extremely clear and harsh .

Dean was stimulated by the screams, and there was a painful feeling in the brain . He clenched his teeth, slammed the dagger into the depths of it’s head, and then struggling to swing around!

While stirring, he felt that the brain tissue in his head was extremely tough and the resistance during cutting was extremely great .

The scream of the Black Wing Dead King suddenly stopped, and the slightly open mouth froze, completely stopped .

“Dead! Dead! Dead” Dean did not stop, still desperately stirring the dagger, wishing to stir the inside into a mass of mud, leaving no one inch of complete organization .


Suddenly, the ground was slightly shaken .

Dean settled up and looked up . He saw a dark figure in the distance . Most of them were human like, high and low, and they were the corpses tide that were avoid by them before .

His face changed slightly, but he didn’t panic . He quickly stirred his hand and cut the muscles of the black winged king’s face . He used his fingers to lick it’s eyelids and suddenly took out a cold dark black brain tissue . It was a bit like powder residue and was not sticky .

He quickly applied it to himself and to the armor of Aisha next to it . At this time, he saw that there was a purse on the silver metal belt on the back of Aisha, and he immediately removed it and watch the inside of it . There were quite a few metal cans, one of which was a bottle of “Submerged Dead Powder” .

He quickly unscrewed the bottle, there were some light blue powder inside, and he immediately sprinkled it onto himself and the body of Aisha . which he saw this kind of powder in the books of the fortress, something more expensive than the Walking Dead Powder . It could cover up the smell of oneself to a great extent . Even the higher-order walking corpses was hard to detect . At the same time, the powder is mixed with the tissues of some senior corpses, so that ordinary corpses would autonomously far away after smell it .

In conjunction with this Submerged Dead Powder, coupled with the brain of the Black Wing Dead King, Dean believed that he could escape the corpse tide . At this time, he also understood that the former scream of the Black Wing Dead King was not a painful scream, but a scream to call the walking dead .


With walking dead tide from far approaching, the ground trembled more and more violently . Dean’s action was calm, he tore a piece of cloth from the cloth, and piercing the other eye of the Dead King . He passed the fabric out of its two eyelids and tied it over the waist . He wanted to keep this thing, and he wanted to humiliate it in the future!

Although the Dead King was unconscious and dead, and it did not know the pain and insult, but his hatred and anger at him would not stop .

After tied it, he bent over and picked up Aisha on the ground and quickly ran towards the distance .


The speed of the rushing corpse tide gradually slowed down and stayed at the body of the black-winged Dead King . The tidal wave, which was originally like an army, was quickly loosened after a pause, like a soldier who lost his command . They were dissipated and wandered around . They did not catch up with Dean .

After running for four or five kilometers continuously, he gradually stopped, and sat down on a pile of rubble stones . He placed Aisha on the ground gently, breathing violently, and stared at her face .

He didn’t know how long it past . Suddenly, he saw her eyelashes fluttered gently . . . just like an illusion .

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