Chapter 2599: 2599

Chapter 2599: Li Ya (6)

Qing Jun had succeeded . On the chair of Qing Jun’s laboratory, a beautiful young lady was sitting with her

eyes closed . Her head was slightly lowered as she leaned against the back of the chair as though she were

asleep . That quiet sleeping face was the most beautiful one Shen Yanxiao had ever seen among the devils .

Her beauty, unlike that of the common female devils, wasn’t garish and bewitching . It was like wild lilies

blooming in the valley, pure and beautiful . People could not bear to stain it, not even for a moment .

The face of the woman made Shen Yanxiao feel a little familiar, but also somewhat strange . In her

memory, she could not nd a woman with such a face .

In that case, where was the familiar feeling coming from?

Shen Yanxiao minded her own business and continued searching in her memory . Meanwhile, Qing Jun

was crouching in the corner of the laboratory, trembling all over . He looked pale and tranced, biting his

nails and talking to himself .

“I succeeded, succeeded… ha ha… No one can question me anymore… ha ha ha … Ouyang Huanyu, Jun

Mo, Satan, Yan Di… you are all a group of idiots, idiots… You can’t develop the reincarnation technique,

but I succeeded, I succeeded! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!” Mad laughter reverberated through the cluttered

laboratory .

But the devil lady leaning on the chair was still in a deep sleep, the shrill laughter didn’t seem to disturb

her rest at all .

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly . She felt something was wrong . She stepped forward and gently touched

the devil lady .

The cold touch from her ngertips shook Shen Yanxiao’s heart .

It was so cold; there was not a trace of heat . It was just like the old Xiu . That kind of coldness .

Shen Yanxiao pushed the devil lady leaning against the chair . The other party did not respond .

This could not be?

Shen Yanxiao exerted a little more force, but the devil lady only slipped from the chair and fell to the

ground limply .

It wasn’t successful…

These words echoed in Shen Yanxiao’s mind .

A real reincarnation technique should not only be able to reshape the body of the dead, but also pull back

the soul . But the devil lady in front of her was obviously just an empty shell with no soul .

The devil lady fell to the ground, stimulating Qing Jun’s nerves . He suddenly jumped on her and picked her

up, after which he carefully placed her on the chair, just as when Shen Yanxiao had rst seen her .

“Idiot, Li Ya cannot be touched casually! She has just been resurrected and needs rest . Don’t disturb her!”

Qing Jun, with a sullen face, shouted at Shen Yanxiao .

Shen Yanxiao’s brows wrinkled slightly . It seemed that Qing Jun had really gone mad . Li Ya was not

resurrected at all . He was only able to reshape Li Ya’s body, but Li Ya’s soul had not returned to this body .

During this period of time, Shen Yanxiao made a faint investigation into the reincarnation technique . Qing

Jun wasn’t putting any guard against her at all, which made her investigation very smooth .

Normally, if the body could still be reshaped, then the soul would return together . If not, the only

explanation was that Li Ya’s soul had completely disappeared from this world . Perhaps she had been

reincarnated in another world, or perhaps her soul had vanished in the long years . In short, Li Ya’s soul

was no longer in this world . So even if Qing Jun had developed the reincarnation technique, it was still

impossible to bring Li Ya back to life .

Even Shen Yanxiao knew this, so Qing Jun could not be unaware .

Most likely, seeing the situation of Li Ya after the reincarnation technique was carried out caused Qing Jun

to fall into complete madness because he couldn’t accept the result .

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