Chapter 2600: 2600

Chapter 2600: Final Preparations (1)

Shen Yanxiao withdrew from the laboratory . She knew that it was time for her to leave . Qing Jun’s

madness would soon be discovered by Gui Jiang . The seal on the underworld entrance would be broken

in the coming days . She must leave as soon as possible, rush to the border, blend into the devil army, and

leave the underworld .

Li Ya had not been resurrected . For Shen Yanxiao, she didn’t know whether it was a good or bad thing .

Shen Yanxiao once thought that if Li Ya came back to life, maybe she could stop Satan’s crazy invasion .

But, on second thought, Shen Yanxiao guessed that it was impossible .

Granted, Satan had started the previous war because of Li Ya’s death; still, the coming battle had nothing

to do with Li Ya at all .

After experiencing the excitement brought by the bloody battle, she feared that Satan already had the

heart to invade the world . All this had nothing to do with Li Ya’s life and death anymore .

The war was inevitable .

Shen Yanxiao had already collected all the information she could get in Guiwang City . Pretty soon, there

would be a great disturbance here . She didn’t want to accompany Qing Jun in his downfall .


Listening to the mutterings of Qing Jun, she could tell that the relationship between him and Ouyang

Huanyu was not harmonious .

Unfortunately, Qing Jun had gone crazy; otherwise Shen Yanxiao might be able to get some secrets about

Ouyang Huanyu out of his mouth .

Shen Yanxiao took one last glance at Li Ya, who looked like Sleeping Beauty, before completely leaving the

laboratory, Qing Jun’s residence, and Guiwang City .

Guiwang City was as gloomy, as usual . Using the devil coins she had taken from Qing Jun, Shen Yanxiao

bought a carriage and headed for the border . As for the ending of Qing Jun, this was not within the scope

of her concern .

Qing Jun was now a crazy man, which was probably a good thing, because Shen Yanxiao was originally

going to get rid of him before she left . After all, allowing a Warlock who knew forbidden techniques to

stand beside Satan was not something she wanted .

Qing Jun going mad had saved Shen Yanxiao a little trouble .

Humming a little song and driving the carriage, Shen Yanxiao set o all the way towards the border of the

underworld .


Radiance Continent, The Rising Sun City .

As the largest main city in the Barren Land, The Rising Sun City had always had a very small number of

residents, but that was only in the past . Now, The Rising Sun City was crowded .

However, these residents were something special: for example, elves with pointy ears, cute and adorable

dwarves, beautiful merpeople, gloomy undead who wore cloaks all day long, and dragons that hovered

above the sky…

The demons once feared by people had now become the most normal locals in The Rising Sun City .

It seemed that all the major races in the world had gathered here; one could even occasionally see the

scene of the arrival of golden-eyed gods .

The locals of The Rising Sun City had suered from shock after shock over the past few months .

Elves had arrived, dwarves had arrived, merfolk had arrived, dragons had arrived, and even the undead

had arrived!

A series of stimuli directly turned the hearts of The Rising Sun City locals from glass to steel .

Going shopping with the elves, playing a game of rock-paper-scissors with the dwarves, taking the

beautiful merpeople to swim in the moat, or discussing the pleasure of soaring in the sky with the

dragons . And if you had the courage, you could even make friends with the undead .

In these few months before the coming war, not only The Rising Sun City, but also other cities in the

Barren Land were crammed with many other races

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