Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (9)

All hell broke loose .

Su Xiaomo was too flustered to clear things up and could only scream at the top of her voice, “He’s not the bad guy! He’s here to help me!”

The police officers were full of pity . “Miss, you don’t have to pretend anymore . We’re here to save you! The bastard will never be able to hurt you again!”

He Jiayu was utterly baffled . He then saw that after being shoved around in the crowd, the strap of Su Xiaomo’s dress had slipped down her shoulder, revealing her fair skin .

The look on his face turned grim . He took off his bathrobe and threw it over Su Xiaomo’s head .

“Shit! How dare you do that while we’re around?! He’s taken off his clothes, how outrageous!” A police officer glared at He Jiayu . “Take him away! Now!”

Su Xiaomo was baffled for a few seconds before she realized that He Jiayu had taken off his bathrobe for her…

She bellowed, “Everyone, stop!”

That shut everyone up immediately .

With no idea how to explain this, Su Xiaomo went up to He Jiayu, grabbed him by his shoulders, stood on tiptoe, and kissed him hard on the mouth!

The sound of smacking lips made the officers blush .

“He’s my boyfriend! The real bad guy is outside my window!” Su Xiaomo roared . After a moment of bewilderment, the police officers were all abashed and rushed into Su Xiaomo’s room, trying to find any trace of the culprit .

“Phew . Finally . ” Su Xiaomo let out a sigh of relief . She blushed when her gaze shifted to He Jiayu .

She simply couldn’t keep her eyes off him .

Tsk, tsk… what a nice body…

He Jiayu sighed . “Enjoying yourself?”

“Not yet…” Su Xiaomo replied without thinking .

She covered her mouth immediately after that!

Shit! What was she talking about?!

He Jiayu smacked his forehead . After some thought, he asked, “Do you want to have another look?”

Su Xiaomo: …

She turned around and buried her face in her hands . “Th- that’s really not necessary . ”

A police officer briefly explained the situation to them . “It looks like we have a burglary here . The suspect escaped without leaving any prints behind . We can’t identify the person yet and there’s no telling if he’ll come back…”

Su Xiaomo was scared out of her wits when she thought of the sound of that electric drill . “Officer, what should I do now? Can I spend the night in the police station? Wait, that guy didn’t get what he wanted, will he get revenge on me for it? Gosh, will he wait for me outside my school with some minions and get me with an electric drill…”

The corner of the officer’s mouth twitched . “Miss, have you been watching too many horror movies?” She sounded paranoid .

“… Well, not really . I’ve been drawing a horror comic lately, and my imagination is a bit too active,” said Su Xiaomo awkwardly .

“I see . ” The officer wiped his sweat . “How about this? Go stay with a friend for now and we’ll try our best to catch the suspect asap! We’ll also arrange a protection detail for you . ”

Su Xiaomo nibbled her fingers . “But I still think the police station is safer . ”

“… It is . But we can’t just let some random person live there . ”

“I’m not random! I’m very serious!” Su Xiaomo said earnestly . He Jiayu couldn’t listen anymore . Grabbing her by the back of her collar, he said, “Come . You’re staying with me!”

Su Xiaomo was dumbfounded .

The police officer smacked his thigh and was delighted . “That’s right . Stay with your boyfriend! He can protect you!”




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