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Talking in Their Sleep

The Flygear Port was a mothership that carried many Flygears, and thus it served as the linchpin of operations on the squad or platoon scale. To provide combat endurance suitable for mid- to long-term operations, it had a deep hull with wide decks, allowing it to carry large amounts of supplies and for its detachment to bivouac on board. With just one member of the crew awake and at the controls, it could transform into a flying encampment. This was also a key point of Flygear Ports’ standard use.

Currently, one particular Flygear Port was on a forced night march to the town of Leclair. Leone and Liselotte were awake, while Inglis, Rafinha, and Lahti rested. Lahti’s tent was quiet—but the other was quite lively.

Rafinha was snoring and grinding her teeth as Leone and Liselotte listened, uneasy as they couldn’t help but overhear.

“Ugh!” Rafinha’s voice leaked from the tent. “What are you eating, Chris?! My tummy’s empty too! Ah, my tummy’s empty, my tummy’s empty, my tummy’s empty...”

“Wh—?!” Liselotte gasped.

“A-Are they fighting?” Leone asked.

“I’ll go check on them. You take the controls.”


Liselotte was gone for only a moment. Once she returned, she said, “It seems she’s just talking in her sleep. She’s famished even in her dreams.”

“Ha ha ha... I knew she snored, but now she’s talking in her sleep too...”

“And yet Inglis is asleep beside her... I don’t think I’d be able to endure it.”

“Inglis has said she’s used to it.”

“Well, I suppose they’re cousins, and they did grow up together. I’m still in awe, nonetheless.”

“Y-Yeah. But then again, it’s Inglis. Common sense doesn’t apply to her.”

“Hmph!” Inglis’s voice suddenly barked in a quite masculine tone. “How could I, a king who once lived in splendor, suffer from such hunger? Surely not even the Goddess envisioned such a future! Ah, I hunger so—even if I were to meet a powerful foe, I would not be satisfied with my strength!”

“Inglis is talking in her sleep too,” Leone remarked. “And saying the strangest things.”

“Something about kings and goddesses? I wonder what she means. You’re right, it is quite odd,” Liselotte agreed.

“The poor thing must be so hungry she’s having strange dreams.”

“Yes, I suppose.”

“Ugh, shut up! You’re being too loud, Chris! Quiet down, I can’t sleep!” Rafinha suddenly yelled.

“Mmph?! Ah, Rani—sorry, I’ll try to be careful.”

“Okay. It’s hard to fall asleep when I’m this hungry, so try to be quieter.”

“Got it. All right, good night again.”

“Yeah, good night.”

Leone and Liselotte exchanged a glance.

“I really do feel a little sorry for them,” Leone said.

“Indeed. In more ways than one,” Liselotte replied.

Before long, the snoring resumed, as did Inglis’s strange sayings.

“Ah! Goddess, save me! Give me your blessings!”

The two on watch said nothing.

Suddenly, the flap of Lahti’s tent flew open, and he went straight to Inglis and Rafinha’s tent. “Ugh! You’re too loud! Shut up! I hate to say this to girls, but your snoring and talking in your sleep would keep anyone awake!” he announced.

“Mm?!” Rafinha murmured.

“Mmph... Huh? No! I won’t forgive sneaking into Rani’s bedroom!” Inglis yelled as she woke back up.

“Agh! Ow, ow, ow! Stop it!” Lahti protested.

Leone and Liselotte again looked at each other.

“I’m more than a little sorry for him too...” Leone said.

“Indeed,” Liselotte agreed. “He did nothing wrong.”

Thus, the night march continued.

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