The Human Emperor - Chapter 2424

Chapter 2424: The Second Divine Martial Realm Expert in History!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Li Heng’s gaze seemed to pierce through the world into the depths of space.

At that moment, the countless memories he had of his time with Wang Chong passed through his mind.

“Wang Chong, thank you!”

As Li Heng gazed into the distance, a sincere smile appeared on his lips.

“Thank you for taking care of me for so long, and I am indebted to you. We have no regrets in this life, and to have you as a brother, friend, and subject is Our greatest pride. You have helped me many times, so it is my turn to help you. Forgive me for being limited in power. I can only push all the responsibility onto you.”

A moment later, as that destructive energy descended, Li Heng shot up into the air, charging straight at it.


Before Heaven’s attack came down, Li Heng’s body exploded. He had detonated his body, soul, and all his Stellar Energy.


In the middle of the explosive shockwave, a stream of Dragon Qi shot upward with a roar, instantly becoming a nine-clawed true dragon. As it absorbed Li Heng’s soul and energy, it blazed with light and then tore through space, moving toward Wang Chong before Heaven’s attack could land.

At that moment, the mountains and rivers trembled, the Nine Provinces resonating!

With his life as the price, Li Heng had filled in Wang Chong’s last flaw.

Dragon Qi could sense Dragon Qi!

A body and soul with form would be bound by space and laws, but formless Dragon Qi was bound by no such laws!

This development came so suddenly that not even Heaven could stop it.

Li Heng was even more decisive than he had imagined.


Heaven let out a world-shaking roar of fury.


Above the laws, Wang Chong also saw what had transpired, but it was already too late. If even the closer Heaven could do nothing, then Wang Chong could certainly do nothing as well.

When had Li Heng made this decision? He had hidden it from everyone, and even Wang Chong had known nothing.


All Wang Chong had time to do was release his Stellar Energy to block Heaven’s attack, after which that nine-clawed dragon that had absorbed all of Li Heng’s energy turned into a stream of light and vanished into Wang Chong’s body.


All the parallel dimensions and planes resonated as one. The Central Plains, the continent, the distant Promised Land, and even the oceans themselves began to rumble and groan. Spiritual energy erupted from the earth veins and began to resonate with Wang Chong, a limitless flow of energy converging on him from the surrounding universe.

Wang Chong had obtained the recognition of the world, becoming the next master of the continent after Li Heng.

The new Emperor of the Great Tang!

The true Human Emperor!

That invisible chasm in front of Wang Chong instantly disappeared.


Wang Chong suppressed the sorrow in his heart and resolutely charged upward, into the vast river of time.

The calm river of time instantly began to seethe, limitless time energy flowing through every pore of Wang Chong’s body. Wang Chong’s energy began to soar, ultimately rising past the half-step Divine Martial realm into… the Divine Martial realm!

“No, this shouldn’t be how it ends!”

A few seconds later, Heaven appeared, but he was too late. Endless time energy flowed into Wang Chong’s body, and he continued to grow stronger and stronger. And with the power of the Stone of Destiny, he even surpassed Heaven.

Heaven’s eyes were full of despair.

The Divine Martial realm!

The second Divine Martial realm expert since ancient times was being born right before his eyes.

In Wang Chong’s view, Heaven no longer had any advantages. Moreover, after reaching the Divine Martial realm, the last juncture had been reached, and the ten Stones of Destiny at Wang Chong’s brow were no longer simply combined, but had now completely fused together.

At this moment, the only Stone of Destiny in the world was that translucent and crystalline one in Wang Chong’s brow.

The two of them were fused together, and no one else could seize it from him now.

The dream that Heaven had pursued for countless years had gone up in smoke.

“No, this isn’t how things should be!”

Black energy seethed off Heaven’s body as the voices of Heaven and An Lushan resounded through the universe, brimming with anger and unwillingness.


Heaven and An Lushan were furious at this sight, and their fury spurred them on into attacking Wang Chong. Whether it was Heaven or An Lushan, neither could accept defeat, nor could they accept the fact that Wang Chong had surpassed them.

“Heaven, An Lushan, it’s about time our grudges were brought to an end!”

In the infinite river of time, Wang Chong could clearly see what Heaven was doing, but he remained calm and unflustered.

Standing in the river of time, Wang Chong was constantly expanding his understanding of time, space, the universe, and all things.

The past, present, and future—in the endless river of time, Wang Chong saw human civilizations rise and fall. Some of these civilizations barely left any trace of their existence on the world, but all they had done was clearly recorded in the river of time.

Wang Chong saw the past, and he also saw the future. He even saw the lives of Heaven and An Lushan, even small details that they themselves could not remember. Wang Chong could see it all within the river of time.

Of course, Wang Chong could also see all the secret arts and techniques that Heaven had learned, used, and mastered in his long life.

There were no secrets in the river of time!

Endless knowledge flowed into his mind, and Wang Chong was like the sea, taking in everything. Throughout the process, his Psychic Energy grew stronger and stronger, and every time it was on the verge of collapse, Wang Chong would use time energy to reconstruct it.

For a person who could control time, time had no meaning. One peak, two peaks… Wang Chong’s Psychic Energy was like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, constantly rising in power until it reached a frightening level that not even Heaven had ever reached.

A moment later, Wang Chong opened his eyes and focused on Heaven. At this time, Heaven’s restless sea of black energy had only moved a few dozen feet.

When it came to mastery of time energy, Wang Chong could already suppress Heaven.

Wang Chong’s heart was like a placid pool of water, and as he gazed at the furious Heaven and An Lushan, he simply thrust out a palm.

“Wrath of All Life!”

The continent, all of the millions of parallel planes, and even the universe groaned and shuddered.

Heaven stared in shock as an enormous figure manifested behind Heaven. It was somewhat similar to Heaven’s Celestial Emperor avatar, but it was at least ten times larger.

This enormous figure spanned the long river of time and extended into the universe. It was so vast that it could even be seen by the people back on the continent.

Whether it was the human soldiers on the Turkic steppe or the ordinary civilians in the Promised Land, even those in the other world could see that avatar that could make even gods tremble in fear.


A moment later, that giant avatar mimicked Wang Chong’s actions and thrust out a palm, an attack of boundless destruction striking Heaven and An Lushan below.



All of the Stellar Energy in Heaven’s body exploded, and both Heaven and An Lushan let out screams of despair and unwillingness.

The two of them streaked down from the sky like a comet, sent by that enormous energy plummeting back down to the human world.


At the moment of impact, the Turkic steppe seemed to experience a magnitude 12 earthquake, the entire continent seeming to sink a little as dust filled the air.

A massive shockwave swept out from the steppe and spread out over the continent. Countless mountains trembled, and the shockwave even traveled all the way to the ocean.


After a few seconds, massive waves stirred up in all directions, huge tsunamis nearly ten thousand feet high howling across the heavens.


Even the sea of otherworldly invaders had sensed this development, their bony horses neighing in fear. The seemingly mechanical otherworldly invader army stopped, their expressions growing a little slack.


A moment later, as if they had been frightened off, the otherworldly invaders turned around and began to flood back into the passages they had come from.

It was such a chaotic retreat that many of the otherworldly invaders even ran into each other.

“What… what happened here?”

On the battlefield, the battered and fatigued human soldiers were already at the limits of their strength.

All of them had been ready to die in this battle; no one had expected the otherworldly invaders to suddenly retreat.

“They’re retreating!”

“They’re retreating!”

The human soldiers began to cheer.

“It’s His Highness! It must be His Highness!”

On the battlefield, Old Eagle and Zhang Que rejoiced. Only their liege was capable of making the otherworldly invaders retreat as if they had been scared off. No– he was no longer simply their liege. He was their Emperor.

At the same time, in a flash of light, a slender figure descended from the heavens.

Upon seeing this figure, all the human soldiers erupted with earth-shaking cheers that resounded through the world.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

As the cheers resounded, Wang Chong swiftly moved to the center of the impact zone.

He lightly waved his hand, and all the dust scattered. In the middle of the dust was clearly the figure of Heaven.

It wasn’t over yet!

After all, Heaven was a Divine Martial realm expert. Whether it was in ability or the toughness of his body, he had far surpassed mortal imagination. Even after taking Wang Chong’s terrifying attack, Heaven had not immediately died. However, Heaven had suffered an unprecedented wound and was not far from death.

“Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. Heaven, you miscalculated!”

In front of Heaven, Wang Chong stopped. His expression was calm, devoid of sorrow and joy. Heaven had lost his ability to fight back, lost his ability to bring calamity on the world.

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