The Human Emperor - Chapter 2425

Chapter 2425: Heaven’s Doomsday!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong said nothing more, thrusting out his palm. With a resounding clang, the Xuanyuan Sword flew through the air into Wang Chong’s hand.

“No matter how small ants are, they aren’t something you can carelessly trample on. Heaven, accept your ultimate fate!”

Wang Chong raised up the sword high into the air with both hands, intending to use this sword of justice to end Heaven’s life.

“Wang Chong, wait!”

Just when Wang Chong was about to bring the sword down, a familiar voice rang out.

Wang Chong’s body trembled, and he turned around and saw a familiar figure standing there. It was none other than the Arab High Priest.

Since their last meeting three years ago, the High Priest had never appeared again, not even during this final battle.

But just when Heaven was about to die, the High Priest had appeared again.

No, perhaps he could not be called the High Priest. After reaching the Divine Martial realm, when Wang Chong looked at the High Priest again, he immediately noticed something different about him.

There was clearly something else in the High Priest’s body. Even so, Wang Chong detected no hostility from the High Priest.

“Wang Chong, could you help me with something? Could you not kill him for now and leave him to me?” the High Priest implored Wang Chong.

Wang Chong said nothing, his eyebrows furrowing.

Old monsters like Heaven were difficult to kill. If he were given the slightest chance, he could rise again and once more bring disaster on the world.

“Be at ease. His vitality has been severed, and he no longer has the ability to threaten the world.” Another voice spoke up. Not far from here, the ground split open, and a familiar figure wearing a tall hat and a thick belt that radiated an ancient aura emerged from within.

“Senior Guangcheng!”

Even Wang Chong was surprised to see this man.

But a moment later, Wang Chong seemed to understand something.

“In normal circumstances, Heaven’s severing of the dragon veins would have made it impossible for me to awaken for the next few decades, but everything has its destiny. I needed to sleep because of a curse placed upon me by Heaven. Now that Heaven has been heavily injured by you and is about to lose all his power, the curse has also ceased to exist, and there is nothing left to bind me.

“Heaven, you did not imagine this, did you?”

Master Guangcheng slowly stepped forward as he looked at the wounded and weak Heaven.

“Hahaha, good! We imprisoned you for several thousand years, but in the end, you still managed to get out. But even like this, you are still nothing more than someone We defeated!”

Heaven laughed. Even at the end, at the moment of defeat, he still maintained his domineering and tyrannical pride.

“We do not require your pity. If this is what you came for, scram!”

Master Guangcheng sighed and shook his head.

“You are wrong. Though you imprisoned me for several thousand years, and we regarded each other as enemies, we were also once comrades in arms who fought alongside each other. I have come as a friend to see you off in the final part of your journey,” Master Guangcheng said.

Heaven slightly trembled in shock, his smile fading as he was rendered speechless.

At this moment, the High Priest walked over.

“Heaven, do you still remember me?” the High Priest sternly said.

“You traitor!” Heaven furiously rebuked. Seeing the situation before him, how could he not realize that the one who had been leaking information to Wang Chong and helping him behind the scenes was the High Priest?

The High Priest shook his head and said, “You are wrong. Look more closely.”

The High Priest slowly closed his eyes, and a moment later, as if a seal in the deepest part of his body had been undone, a new and totally different kind of energy emerged from his body. Behind him, a stranger in the wide robes of a monk manifested.

That manifested figure looked at Heaven and said in a timeworn voice, “Heaven, after all these years, we finally meet again!”

The others didn’t have much of a reaction, but Heaven felt like he had been struck by lightning.

“Dao Yi, it’s you!”

Heaven stared in shock and disbelief.

“It’s him!”

Wang Chong was also shaken as he realized who this was. Moreover, Wang Chong also felt a familiar energy from that illusory figure behind the High Priest.

This was the energy of the Stone of Destiny, the energy of the earliest! The first Stone of Destiny!

Bzzz! Wang Chong’s eyes flashed as time energy swept over them. A moment later, Wang Chong seemed to see something in the endless river of time, and his eyelids twitched a little.

Dao Yi stared at Heaven and sternly said, “Every sip and bite is preordained by destiny. Fortuitous beginnings and messy ends all have their reasons. Heaven, tens of thousands of years ago, I said to you that if you regarded all life as nothing more than grass seeds, all life would consider you a grass seed. One day, someone would appear to end your outrageous ways, and now, everything is as predicted.”

“No! Impossible! I even had you…”

Heaven stared in shock, appearing like he had seen a ghost. He had never imagined that his most powerful foe from tens of thousands of years ago would still be alive and right in front of him.

Dao Yi placed his palms together and calmly said, “You already killed me tens of thousands of years ago and took my Stone of Destiny, right?

“At that time, I knew that I could not stop you, so I voluntarily abandoned my physical body and Stone of Destiny, leaving only a wisp of my soul on the body. I drifted about for many years, watching as you destroyed world after world and obliterated innumerable civilizations, carpeting the ground in bodies. I was waiting all this time, knowing that I could never stop you, but that that person designated by destiny was certain to appear,” Dao Yi sternly said. For many years, he had wandered the world as a soul, unable to do anything but be a spectator to tragedy after tragedy. But now, everything was finally ending.

“Heaven, you were wrong. No matter what your initial intentions were, this was not a reason for you to destroy the world.”

Master Guangcheng sighed and said, “You are now even working against your initial intentions. Things did not need to reach this stage, but alas, you long ago wandered down the wrong path, and there is no going back.”

“Hahaha! We were wrong?”

The fallen Heaven mockingly laughed.

“Only We can truly save the world, to kill life to save life! Wang Chong, Master Guangcheng, Dao Yi, do you think you’ve won? A world without Us will only truly begin to face calamity. There is no harm in telling you a secret. We have only occupied the body of the leader of the otherworldly invader expeditionary force, but there are many more like this leader in that world.”


The three of them grimaced at these words.

“Hahaha, remember this moment for eternity. Everything is far from over. The true calamity is only just beginning!”

With these last words, Heaven looked at Wang Chong, a profound smile on his lips.


A moment later, Heaven froze in this final position as if time had stopped. His soul began to rapidly decay, and his body soon disintegrated into particles of dust that vanished into the world.

As the oldest and most powerful existence in the world, Heaven had lived for tens of thousands of years, far beyond the scope of an ordinary human. This required an enormous strength, and now that this strength had dispersed, he naturally could no longer maintain his existence.


A gust of wind blew past, and after a brief silence, the countless human soldiers began to cheer.

“It’s finally over.”

As Wang Chong looked at the excited faces around him, he relaxed. After paying a heavy price, humanity had emerged victorious. Though there were still many things that needed to be done, those were matters for the future.

“Return to the capital!”

Wang Chong’s simple words triggered a mighty cheer, and countless messenger birds took off in all directions, some of them flying to the Promised Land.

Humanity had finally won!



Several years went by in the blink of an eye, and the wounds dealt to the world by that decisive battle on the Turkic steppe slowly recovered.

Everything was reviving, and those areas where the ground had broken open and lava had flowed out were now covered in lush grass and grazed upon by vast herds of cattle and sheep.

Over in the distant Promised Land, countless civilians had returned to the continent after the conclusion of the war, but even so, the Promised Land was not abandoned. It was developed into another place of residence, and as it thrived, it became a new country. Of course, the Promised Land was still a vassal to the Great Tang, and each year, countless people and resources traveled between the continent and the Promised Land.

After that bitter battle, all the peoples of the continent completely merged together, beginning to marry between each other and mingle. Without the threat of war and with the people safe and happy, the economy flourished, and even fishing industries began to develop. The population exploded, quickly growing to double the population before the war, then triple, quadruple…

The human world was growing more and more developed and prosperous.

The population explosion and the Supreme King’s influence led the new generation of youths to have an adventurous spirit. The polar lands to the north, the oceans to the west, volcanoes, deserts, and even the southern pole to the south of the Promised Land… all of these became areas that they explored.

Supported by ample capital, the Great Tang’s tower ships also became more developed. Their numbers swelled, and they grew even more grandiose and imposing in size. There was an endless stream of people taking these tower ships to various parts of the world. Some top-class experts in the human world even had the urge to explore the cosmos.

At this time, after all the peoples of the continent had been brought together, the capital of the Great Tang had been expanded to five times its original size. Grander and with more people than ever before, it had become the new capital of the human world.

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