Chapter 99

Chapter 99: You Won’t Have Long to Live

Translator: Udeze

Editor: Chrof

Feng Nian blocked my path, “Don’t fight! Your physical condition does not allow you to have another fight at all!”

I bypassed her arms and weakly said, “Please don’t block my path . Who am I to you to worry and stop me?”

Feng Nian stamped her feet on the ground but she did not continue blocking me .

I sat on the ground, silently recovering my True Qi and Inner Force . Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder inside how to win the match against Liu Mengyan .

That’s right, not only had Gorilla lost, he had also fainted and had been carried away!

As for Liu Mengyan, she didn’t seem to be injured at all . Her expression was as chilly as ever, not even a speck of dust on her body, nor was there any sign that she just had a fight . Her ability was the same as Gao Jian’s, who was an innate ice bender, however, Luo Mengyan was worlds apart from Gao Jian . What should I do to win the match against her? I had used Small Thumb Sword Qi twice in a row, creating a deep pit as I blasted those two stages . Therefore, she would definitely take precautions and be prepared to face my technique already . Using the same tricks in a similar fashion would no longer work .

And so, my head was full of thoughts while recovering my condition as four hours then quickly passed by .

Now, the final matches began .

The ring was just half a meter high, yet I had to use my hands to support myself to jump onto the stage . I always jumped straight onto the stage for the first two matches . From just this, the state of my body had been weakened to the extreme .

After standing on the stage, I said with a smile, “Hello, it’s nice to see you again . It was kind of ridiculous of me back when I asked you to spar with me . But it’s also fortunate that I didn’t fight you, though . Hahaha . ”

“Just throw in the towel . You’re not in the condition to have a match . ” She said with her usual cold expression .

“I can’t do that . I have to get a quota . ” I shook my head, “Could you please wait a minute? Also, I might hurt you so I apologize in advance . ”

Right as I said that, the bell was sounded . The match just started!

However, Liu Mengyan did not move at all, and instead coldly spoke, “You mean… you’re resorting to that best technique of yours? I’ve already seen it . The might of your move is very good, I admit . But it won’t be enough to break my defense . Also, if my guess is correct, you need quite a long time to charge it, I can knock you down while you’re still charging up . ”

“Your guess is wrong . ” I choked . I got nosebleeds again since I already charged up right as the bell rang!

Liu Mengyan sneered, “Seems like you’ve already charged up, huh? In that case, let me see if your move can break my defense! I’ll give you a chance to attack my ice wall . If you can break through or make a dent on my ice wall, consider it your victory . In any case, I have the confidence to get the last one of those quotas, regardless . ” With that said, the temperature in the surroundings sharply dropped as an ice wall with two meters width and height quickly appeared in front of Liu Mengyan . Then, she continued, “This is my strongest defense . Let me see whether your strike can break it!”

I couldn’t help but feel excited . I could not figure out how to defeat Liu Mengyan, and now she even proposed it herself that I would win the game if I broke her ice wall . I was very confident my Small Thumb Sword Qi would be able to do it .

But… Liu Mengyan surely had seen how I made a big pit on each ring I had my matches in, and yet, she still proposed this idea of hers . Thus, it could be seen that she thought her ice wall was much harder . If so…

Time was ticking past 30 seconds when I had just hit the limit! But why did it happen? Why was the time much shorter than the previous ones? I couldn’t release it now either! Liu Mengyan’s defense must be very hard to crack and if I were to release the sword qi right now, it would be highly likely that it wouldn’t be enough! I must continue compressing it! Holding it… for at least 45 seconds!

‘This is my last chance . One that I must take against all odds!’

With each passing second, it felt like I was being tormented by a mountain of swords and a sea of flames . I could feel something violently strong inside my lungs that was on the verge of exploding .

37 seconds .

38 seconds .

39 seconds .

40 seconds…


Blood nearly erupted from my already bleeding nose . My eyes turned white with my body trembling all over, panting and gasping for breath, and yet, I kept forcing myself to hold and compress my True Qi .

41 seconds .

42 seconds .

43 seconds… I already reached the limit I could take! I could not hold it back any longer!

I looked at my right hand . It felt extremely heavy right now . I pointed my right thumb at the ice wall as a flashing flame shot out from it . After that, my body went limp and fell to the floor…

Amid the overwhelming dizziness, I could hear a loud explosion as well as Feng Nian’s cry: “RASCAL, SLOPPY, YOU’VE GOTTA WAKE UP…”

And then… I heard Liu Mengyan’s cold voice, “Was it worth it for you to put up such a desperate fight and risk your life just for a quota? Alright . REFEREE! I’ll abide by the agreement . He just broke my strongest defense, so I admit my defeat . ”

After that, I completely lost consciousness…


When I regained my consciousness, I heard two people’s voices conversing nearby, so I did not hurry to open my eyes but silently listened to their conversation .

A voice of a young man said, “Nian, is it because of your destiny and his complement each other that you want to get close to him? I already told you earlier, divining one’s marriage is prohibited . The divinatory diagrams are not absolutely accurate . Even if so, this boy doesn’t have much time to live either . Listen to your Master this time, don’t get involved with him any more than this!”

“Oh, dear me . Could you not be a chatterbox and nag all the time, Master? It’s not like what you think it is, you know . He and I are just friends, so hurry up and save him . ” Feng Nian’s voice was heard .

“Your Master is not a God, dear . He just can’t be saved and his lung’s function has begun to fail . ” The man faintly said, “If it hadn’t been because of the pill I just gave him, he would have been long dead already . Yet, he only has three years left even though he has taken that medicinal pill . ”

“WHAT? There must be a way to save him . Master, please save him . ”

The man sighed softly, “There’s nothing I can do to save him . By the way, Master still has things to tend to, so I’ll go first . ”

‘My lungs’ functions will fail and I only have three years left to live?’

‘That’s impossible! You say I only have three years left… for real?!’

‘Old Swindler told me that I will never have accidental death! For those with Red Arrow fate, they are bound up with bad luck all their life, and yet, they can only die of old age!’

‘That’s right . Feng Nian’s Master must be throwing some fucking bullshit! I remember hearing Luo Mengyan say back then . She seemed to take the initiative to admit her defeat, which means that I’ve earned one spot of the three quotas . When I go out later, I should see Zhang Zixuan to get medical treatment . You may be a deity here, but can you best Zhang Zixuan’s superb medical expertise?’

My mood calmed down a bit . I opened my eyes but I could only see blurry images!

Feng Nian was surprised and said, “You’re awake Skunk!”

“Where is this?” I asked a short while after my sight was restored .

“My place . It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

“How long have I been unconscious?” I sat up and asked .

“More than 4 hours . You’re really an idiot . Just for the sake of winning the match you still used that move even knowing it would harm your body . ” Feng Nian pouted and berated me .

I pretended I didn’t hear their conversation, as I asked, “How is my condition? It’s nothing serious, right?”

“No worries . Master said you’re okay . He also gave you a medicinal pill,” said Feng Nian .

I couldn’t help but wonder . Why didn’t she tell me the truth about my condition? Also, her Master said something about ‘marriage divination’ or something like that, saying that my destiny and Feng Nian’s were complementing each other, so she was trying to get close to me… But… was it really true?

I could still feel how weak my body was . I struggled to put on my shoes and asked, “How was the match? Did I get a quota?”

“Yeah, you did . You also received another award, an interspatial ring,” said Feng Nian . “Even though this interspatial ring only has a small space of 30-centimeter cubic inside, at least it can still store some small stuff . Quite convenient, if you ask me . ”

Interspatial ring? But rather than being concerned about this ring, what I cared more was about the issue of going out of this place, so I quickly asked, “So, I can go out for a month, then?”

Feng Nian’s eyes stared wide, “You wanted to win the match because you want to go outside for a month and not for a treasure?”

“Yeah . So, when can I go?” I asked with a somewhat weak voice .

Feng Nian looked down, looking a bit sad and sorrowful as she muttered, “Why didn’t you say you just wanted to go out back then? Some people here like me can take you outside…”

Even if I knew Feng Nian had the privilege for that, I wouldn’t ask for it . I just didn’t want to owe her any favors! However, she was such a belle and yet, to my surprise, she still believed in the divination that she would possibly marry me, and why… she deliberately approached me? Man, I should really keep some distance from her, lest causing any misunderstanding with Sis Xiaoling .

In any case, I finally earned a quota to go outside, so I asked her, “Miss Feng, I don’t know much about the rules and customs of Phantasm Rain Pavilion . Do I need to go through any formalities to go out? Also, can you walk me out?”

“Now? It’s dark already . ”

“But I want to go outside now . ”

“Alright, I’ll walk you to the outside so you don’t need to go through any formalities . But do bear in mind that you are not to divulge anything about the Phantasm Rain Pavilion to the outside world . If you were to be found violating this rule, you will be punished . Alright, let’s go, then . I’ll take you to the teleportation array . ”

On the way there, Feng Nian gave me an interspatial ring and explained how to open and access it . It was just as Gorilla said previously .

You just needed to input your power to the interspatial ring to activate the space inside, and then use a sliver of mental force to peek into the ring so you could sense the space inside . If you wanted to take out the stuff inside, you only needed to focus your mental force, so the said stuff would be sent out through the opening channel in line with your mental force . Storing stuff in the space inside also used the same principle .

‘But then again, what the heck is this mental force, exactly?’

I tried many times for a long time but still failed to activate this damned interspatial ring . Eventually, Feng Nian gave me a book . Its content was about how to practice some spiritual and mental power . She said I had to study it myself .

As I stood on the teleportation portal array, a burst of light flashed as I and Feng Nian appeared in a brightly lit hall in the next moment . According to her, it was their underground base in the capital .


After taking me to the outside world, Feng Nian rushed back while I was now standing in the downtown area of Beijing, filled with all sorts of emotion . Finally, I came outside!

I still had some hundreds of yuan in my black rucksack, so I ran to the supermarket on the side road . I took 10 yuan and asked the owner whether I could borrow a charger . My cell phone had not been charged for too long, so it took several minutes of charging before I could boot it up . Then, I quickly dialed Mom’s number!

“Tut, tut, tut… the number you’re calling does not exist, please check and redial…”

The number does not exist? How? How come Mom’s number does not exist anymore?


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