Chapter 1577: 1577

Her aura began to metamorphosize under the silent influence just as she was about to enter deep sleep . The surface of her skin seemed to be emitting a crystal clear radiance . The soul power in her body flowed naturally into her soul core . Her soul core pulsated rhythmically and began to refine the soul power . Her gentle soul power began surging tempestuously akin to the Yangtze River .

In her sleep, the bonds in her heart were broken and the bottleneck in her cultivation base had opened up without any additional effort much like water flowing into a canal .

A layer of misty yellow brilliance emerged on the surface of her body . Soul rings began to appear soon after . Finally, her ninth soul ring emerged!

At this moment, Yuanan Yehui became a Title Douluo successfully!

In her dream, Yuanen Yehui gradually calmed down . She could finally see the person whom she missed dearly . The silhouette of the person appeared on her mind every day .

Her gaze was gentle and enticing . She opened her arms and called out to Yuanen Yehui softly .

“Mother!” Yuanen Yehui shouted aloud as she dashed over . For some unknown reason, she kept charging forward but found herself beyond reach of her mother’s arms despite her mother being only a stone’s throw away . There remained a gap which separated them .

Then, she watched as her mother began to change . Her mother’s eyes became a pair of deep purple vortices . Two enormous feathered wings spread out slowly behind her mother’s back . Dual horns which were long and curved bored out from her forehead as she screamed in pain . Her mother’s figure began to swell up while a terrifying and intense black aura began to surge out from her whole body .

It was absolute darkness!

“The descension of darkness becomes freedom for the Fallen Angel . Wake up, my daughter . Your blood is filled with endless demonic power when you’re in deep sleep . ” Her mother’s seductive voice lured her to walk forward a step at a time . She slowly approached the depth of the darkness .

An intense potency radiated through her entire body . It made her tremble slightly . The dense, dark power bored into her body which completely transformed it .

A gush of icy cold and wild consciousness bored into her sea of spirit rapidly and fused with it to become one . Negative emotions such as intense blood lust, murderous intent, and fear began surging into her mind following the infusion of the icy coldness .

She lusted for blood . At the moment, Yuanen Yehui began to advance toward the icy cold world . The blood flowing inside her body had turned cold as well .

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes . Her mother had vanished, but she was still in the room . Her aura turned incomparably dark, darker than the night outside .

A purple radiance flowed outward indistinctly from her deep purple eyes . It was even more terrifying now that she emitted an aura of death .

Behind her back, a pair of enormous feathered wings emerged slowly while the nine soul rings on her body were all tainted with a tinge of dark purple .

A pair of long, curved horns had already bored out of her head earlier . An element of dense darkness filled the whole room .

“Roar!” A deep roar was heard echoing from her throat . The wings on her back flapped gently once which made her stand upright . She pushed open the window without making the slightest noise . All the dark energy surged silently into her body to isolate the entire world outside .

With a leap, she broke free from the windows . Her dark purple eyes swept over the perimeter once, then she flapped her wings abruptly . In the next moment, she was already skyward as she flew straight into the distance with the darkness aura in her .

Her speed was incomparably swift . The purple-black radiance which surrounded her body vaguely began warping the space as if an energy originating from another world was infusing continuously into her body .

It felt wild yet amazing . Her abilities were being elevated continuously and swiftly .

Finally, she identified the hilltop in the distance . The wings on her back were retracted as she zoomed toward the target akin to a meteor . She spread out her wings once again when she was about twenty meters above the ground . The strong wings neutralized the falling momentum instantly carrying her to a soft landing on the hilltop .

“The descension of darkness finally becomes freedom for the Fallen Angel . ” An incantation was heard echoing from her mouth . At the same time those ghastly voices were heard, purple demonic patterns appeared one at a time .

The ninth soul ring that appeared on her body after the elevation of her cultivation base earlier suddenly illuminated . A gigantic purple-black array appeared on the ground instantly . A purple-black radiance arose from the ground following the chanting of her incantation . Then, a purple-black, ginormous light door slowly appeared .

It was her ninth soul skill, the Demonic Passage which led to the world of the demonic plane!

The light door was about three meters in height when it first appeared . As the door condensed gradually, it expanded into an enormous light door twenty meters in height and fifteen meters across within a short time .

The surrounding space warped violently . It was due to the planar power’s attempt to repulse the external force from another world . However, the purple radiance surging from the light door neutralized the repulsion .

Yuanen Yehui retreated to one side of the light door . She chanted continuously while the purple-black radiance around her body was becoming thicker . Her cultivation base seemed to be elevating wildly non-stop .

Rings of halos gushed out from the area surrounding the light door . A deep voice filled with demonic power was heard soon after, “My child, my envoy, you did a good job . You’ve opened up the passage that leads to the demon world . You will guide your clansmen to this brand new world . We shall fall together, free ourselves, and head for destruction together! Depart, my demon legion!”

“Roar!” Yuanen Yehui raised her head and roared into the sky . Her body began to swell, and she transformed into a gigantic demon which was ten meters in height within a split second .

Purple-gold scales emerged on the surface of the wings behind her back to reveal her extraordinary demon bloodline .

“As the monarch, I shall grant you the royal purple-gold bloodline to honor your merit . You’ll be given a portion of each life force that is devoured . You’ll be the king who represents me in this world when we’ve conquered it . ”

The purple-gold brilliance on Yuanen Yehui’s body was getting thicker . Streams of purple-gold light surged out from the light door continuously which infused into her body such that her aura soared once again .

Yuanen Yehui’s eyes had turned purple-gold completely . She swung her arms once . The light door before her glowed brightly then turned illusory momentarily . Surprisingly, two more light doors extended from both sides of the initial light door .

It was apparent that the purple-gold energy not only enhanced her abilities but also infused more energy into her body to produce even more demonic passages .

The number of doors kept increasing until there were nine light doors . Deep roars were heard echoing from the light doors . “Descend, our demon legion . ”

The first creatures that came charging out from the light doors were hellhounds as large as lions . These hellhounds appeared exceedingly ferocious with their heads larger than their bodies . They had enormous mouths with sharp blade-like teeth . A ghastly cold radiance glistened on the teeth which made them appear as if they could crush the entire world with their mouths .

It took only a moment for a thousand hellhounds to charge out from the nine Hell Gates . After the hellhounds, giant demons followed . These demonic creatures walked upright like humans but they had four arms . They were about two-and-a-half meters in height with their bulging muscles covered in scales . Their skins were purple-black . Some had one eye while others had two . They walked in formation as they passed through the doors .

After the demons, monsters with wings that were three times larger than their human bodies were next . These were the Flying Demons . They were the flying troops of the demonic plane . The Flying Demons flew unusually fast and were skilled in team combat . At the same time, they were capable of spitting out corrosive poison .

It took only a moment for thousands of these Flying Demons to surge through the doors . The number of demon legions had already exceeded ten thousand in strength . Meanwhile, the nine light doors were becoming unstable .

The demonic passage originated from another plane, so it would naturally be repulsed by the main plane .

Just then, nine enormous silhouettes appeared at the light doors . They were supporting the light doors with their arms . Purple-gold radiances glowed brightly on their bodies and infused into the light doors so as to stabilize the light doors .

They appeared similar to Yuanen Yehui after her transformation . They were the Great Demons, the true powerhouses of the demonic plane .

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