V57C7P5 – The Sculptural Creatures’ Resolve

< Dragon Bone: Durability 800/800.

A dense material that derived from a being of high birth.

Pure, crystalized mana.

It is difficult to break or refine, but any weapon or armor born from it will be a legendary work of art.

Legendary blacksmithing material.

Legendary fragment material.

Attribute: Enhances a skill related to crafting by 1 level.

The crafted item will be imbued with 7 attributes related to the dragon. >

“Hu-hu. This is just some miscellaneous ingredient!”

Even the Dragon Bone was mere scrap when compared to his other prize!


< Black Dragon Kaybern’s Heart: Durability 100/100.

The dragon’s heart that exudes a dreadful and immense aura of magic.

This is a sacrificial offering desired since time immemorial by dark mages and can create an incantation circle or a magical creature that lasts permanently. In the hands of a chef, the consequences are unknown. Fried, steamed, roasted, slightly burnt; it would be a delicious experience that no one has felt before.

Legendary magical ingredient.

Legendary cooking ingredient.


If you fail to acquire the ultimate cooking method for Kaybern’s Heart, you may die upon consumption.

Attribute: Successful cooking will greatly enhance the consumer’s physical abilities. >

“Mmm… Since I’m not going to use it as an offering for dark magic, I’m going to take my time and think of how to cook this thing.”

He had no intention of selling it.

If it was the old Weed, he would consider it at a high value, but as the emperor of the empire, he had to take care of his well being first.

– Master, what about your promise of giving me my own body?

“I will certainly keep that promise. I haven’t checked over everything but… Yeah, let’s craft your body first.”

Weed pieced together the various sized dragon bones.

He began carving a skull sculpture as a means to connect the smaller bones to the medium sized bones.

“I would love to carve it as finely as I can… But this stuff is dense and doesn’t accept my sculpting knife, so let’s be content with a basic assembly.”

– Promise me you will make it more beautiful next time.

“Of course, I will even stroke your chin whenever I have time.”

He applied gold Migrium he found in the land of the giants onto the joints.

Though it was a skull, the dragon shined brightly like jewels.

The long arms and legs turned the appearance into a large frame like a barbarian.

“It’s more awesome than I thought.”

The collaboration of the glittering gold Migrium and the Dragon Bones was a priceless work of art in itself.

“K-hmm. I knew this would turn out well.”

– I… I’m so grateful, master.

“Yeah. Don’t you ever forget it.”

– I will never.

“Forever. You have to remember this forever.”

– Yes, master.

Brightwing soon subsumed into the body of Dragon Bones.

< Sculptural creature Brightwing is trying to acquire a physical state. Will you bestow a new life? >

He had to reinstate life back into the incomplete Brightwing for the new body.

“Yes. I will gift you new life.”

– You have bestowed life into your sculpture.

Brightwing has acquired a body made from Dragon Bones.

Two additional attributes are applied.

Wondrous Magic Attribute (300%), Complete Resistance Attribute (300%).

Wondrous Magic Attribute is unrivalled.

The being under the influence will learn magic with ease and display unimaginable power.

Complete Resistance Attribute mitigates most magical damage. It grants immunity to all mental statuses.

The creature possesses high physical defense.

Art stat is permanently decreased by 6. Lost stats can be regained by sculpting or performing other art related activities.

Your level decreased by 2. Loss in levels reduces current stats by 10. Lost stats can be reapplied by leveling up.

Take great care of sculptures bestowed with life. Upon death, they must be resurrected.

They cannot be brought back to life when destroyed completely.

– Thank you, master.

It was a warrior with a body made from dragon bones and wings of light.

Certainly the most magnificent sculptural creature of all had been born.

It was more robust than Bahamorg and capable of firing a barrage of magic spells.

“And now…”

It was time to review the rest of his loot.

“Take a deep breath…”

Weed filled his lungs and exhaled violently. Then he started to breathe quickly.

“Huff, pant-pant-pant.”

He could not calm his excitement.


– Cletta’s Horn.

The horn instilled with the magic of the demon king Cletta.

A before undiscovered infinitude of power is dormant inside this horn.

< Accurate analysis is impossible due to the lack of knowledge in magic. >

“I suppose I have to collect more information on this and use it as a blacksmithing material or make some kind of magic staff out of it… In terms of price I’m sure it’s too expensive for anyone to buy.”

He could deduce an effect based on its name and description.

It would likely enhance dark magic.

Or maybe it would be a huge collection of dangerous attributes.

“This too… Identify!”

< Tome of Death: Durability 30/30.

A book that contains the secrets of death.

It records the origin of dark magic and incantations by demons.

Sacrifice, Curse, Summoning, Destruction, Contract magic spells are organized in detail, speeding up the learning process by 3x.

If you sign a contract with a demon, you will gain rewards with each summoning.

Author is unknown.

Requirements: The One Who Offered His Soul To A Demon.

Reward: Advancement into Soulless Dark Mage.

Maximum health points increased by 300%.

Maximum mana increased by 2,000%.

Power of all magic spells increased by 400%.

Magic spells and Wisdom acquired 3 times faster.

Capable of commanding demon soldiers.

Special rewards unlocked for every human, dwarf or elf killed.

Upon reaching a certain threshold of retribution level, the demon king can be summoned. >

Weed’s expression was sour.

“This too is an incredible item, but I can’t sell this.”

It would be a total disaster if he sold this to some high level player and it led to the reign of Cletta.


< Essence of Dark Magic.

It allows the user to skip Novice and Intermediate level and unlock acquisition of Advanced Dark Magic.

The human body can be completely transformed into a dark mage.

Physical and magical abilities are empowered. If the player takes significant damage, the player will be transformed into a demon. >

The loot he acquired from Kaybern was disappointing once he had opened everything.

They were items that he had to use firsthand and were not things he could sell.

“They may prove their use someday… But, this is not the end of my gains. Even if nothing useful dropped from the dragon, that’s not all of the dragon’s worth.”

Weed thought of paying Kaybern’s lair another visit. His objective was none other than collecting all the treasures!

“I would need Crab-nim, Nide and a few elites.”

The lair was filled with monsters but with Kaybern dead, it would prove to be a resourceful hunting ground. Assassinating them from afar and baiting the aggravated monsters could lead to great opportunities.


Kaybern’s death sparked a wave of change in Versailles.



The swarms of monsters that roamed the continent returned to their homes.

Some claimed empty caves or villages and established new habitats, leading to creation of new dungeons.

– We Hermes Guild will serve the responsibility and fulfil our duty as citizens of the Arpen Empire.

The Hermes Guild too announced an open policy.

Many were worried, having suffered under their rules in the Central Continent.

However, they worked together for the dragon hunt and everyone knew that they would be unable to exercise cruel control over the continents like they did in the past.

– Pallos Empire has been resurrected!

In the desert region, the desert tribes united under the warriors.

It was the completion of a grand quest, the establishment of an empire.

– Emperor Weed!

The Pallos emperor revered by the warriors was none other than Weed!

Many tried out, but the ultimate fruit bearer was Weed.

The apprentices who fought valiantly in the desert became leaders of the warriors tribes.

Weed looked down from the sandhill and shouted.

– The Pallos Empire and the Arpen Empire are one.

Hence the unification under the Arpen Empire.

The Northern, Central and Southern borders finally joined as one. Unclaimed lands marked small parts of the map, but finally the empire’s territories combined as one.

“Shouldn’t we be part of the Arpen Empire too?”

“Yeah. Our kingdom is the only outsider.”

The lords of the Rojaim Kingdom and the Brent Kingdom in the east were now burdened with a major concern.

“Would Weed try to invade us? With a tide of players.”

“No way…”

“Why would he bring other players? He could leave it to the Hermes Guild and we will be conquered in no time.”

“There is no need for the Hermes Guild. All it would take is a few great lords.”

“Even if Weed comes alone… Who can honestly take him on?”

While the lords were preoccupied, the Arpen Empire came up with a method that did not involve military force. Weed indeed had a desire to unite the world. The meal was already prepared with the joining of the Hermes Guild, so now he just had to start eating.

He had other tricks at his disposal.

“It’s the Mapan Council! I have brought the specialties from the Arpen Empire.”

“We are cross-cultural communicators. We will host an exhibit at the Central Town Square, so please drop by.”

“We are the ‘Ride The Wind’ travelling agency. We take our clients to their destination with speed and precision. Clients wishing for a tour in the North are welcome.”

He chose to increase the empire’s influence over the Rojaim and Brent Kingdom via culture and trades. All were part of Arpen except for the two kingdoms and the influence grew rapidly. But, it would take months until total unification.

Mapan held a secret meeting with the lords.

“Will you revolt and join the Arpen Empire?”


“You are right to be concerned. I am aware of what you’re afraid of. It is that it would be difficult to retain your positions in the Arpen Empire, am I correct?”


The Hermes Guild had power and therefore maintained their faction.

The great lords paid a hefty sacrifice and earned their lands. Compared to them, the lords of the east had no power nor the money.

“I know it is a difficult decision to make. However, this opportunity will not last. Just how much longer do you think the Rojaim and Brent Kingdom are going to stand?”


“Both kingdoms will inevitably join the Arpen Empire. Weed-nim welcomes all of you, if you show your dedication to the Arpen Empire.”

The lords of Rojaim and Brent had to decide.

< Lord Torka of Town Barran rose in revolt.

The land has become a territory of the Arpen Empire. >

< The twelve towns of Lake Arud have joined the uprising. They have joined the territories of the Arpen Empire. >

The uprising of the lords of Rojaim and Brent!

The lands of the two kingdoms diminished rapidly as the influence of the Arpen Empire expanded.

(To be continued…)

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