The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain


“Li Anping, you are a devil from birth. Hidden under the feint of your pursuit of justice lies humanity’s deepest malice. To you, killing people is as easy as breathing, destroying lives is as simple as eating a meal.”

“Li Anping, this is the enclosure that you created for humanity? Then let me see, if it is you who is crazy or the entire human race.”

From a pedantic youngster filled with justice, transforming into a cold-blooded devil and finally to the ruler of all creation.

Li Anping, the man that stands on top of the food chain, will finally turn the world into his slaughterhouse……

Alternative Synopsis:

Mutation, Bloodline, Ancient, Parasite, Domain, Externality.

These six series of supernatural powers range from Level 0 to 4, with traces of their existence found throughout the development of mankind and society.

On to modern society, with the changes to the environment on Earth, when the first Level 5 Ability User appeared and caused a calamity to the world, Ability Users have become a form of decisive military power.

Teenage Justice Li Anping, after getting the strongest and most evil ability throughout history, will walk the path of justice and eventually his fall towards evil, and finally reach the peak of the food chain.

The entire mankind’s nightmare is about to descend, the earth will become a giant slaughterhouse, and none shall escape the terror.

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