Chapter 203

Chapter 203:Trinity Impact

Kang Chul-In knew exactly where Ben Michael’s strength came from .

Just looking at him, he didn’t look strong, so it was obvious that his strength came from somewhere else if he was able to push Lucia back .

The Overpower Bracelet .

This item, the gold bracelet, was part of the ‘Trinity Impact’ .

The ‘Trinity Impact’ was made up of 3 accessories, which were the following:

-The symbol of strength, the ‘Overpower Bracelet’ .

-The symbol of speed, the ‘Sonic Ring’ .

-The symbol of amplification, the ‘Amplifier Talisman’ .

This Epic Item was the ‘Overpower Bracelet’, one of the 3 items that made up the Trinity Impact .

“To think I would see this item here…” Kang Chul-In said, smirking .

“W-What do you…” Ben Michaels was startled .

Eyes full of greed .

A smirk on his face .

In his eyes, Kang Chul-In looked like a predator looking at its prey .

“That . ”

Kang Chul-In pointed at the bracelet, and spoke .

“Give me that . ”

“ . . . !”

“If you give me that bracelet, I’ll make sure that not much blood will be shed here . ”

Ben Michaels hadn’t seen someone like this before .

To think that Kang Chul-In would try to steal his item in the midst of a war . . .  

I need this item .

Of course, there was a reason behind this .

In the past, when he went exploring some ancient dungeons, he coincidentally stumbled upon what exactly would happen if he collected all three parts of the Trinity Impact . When he saw the effects, it was impossible for him not to be shocked .

The options were,

[Set item effects]

Trinity Impact: The physical & magic damage of 1 attack will be increased by 1000% / +50% Crit chance / +50% accuracy

-Cooldown: 8760 hours .


In the past, if Kang Chul-In had this item, it might have been possible to break a planet (if one exaggerated a bit) .

When one of the parts to this ridiculous item seemed to come to him for free, it was impossible for Kang Chul-In to stay calm .

“Are you ignoring me right now?” Ben Michaels growled .

“Me?” But Kang Chul-In snorted, and continued .

“It seems like you're misunderstanding something here . ”

“ . . . ?”

“Do you honestly think you’re something because of your item? Listen here, you’re just a toad that wants to eat the meat of a swan . ”


“So if you want to live, hand me that item, and get lost . Before I change my mind . ”

At this, 


Ben Michaels’s body started to shiver from humiliation .

He had pride as a warrior and subordinate of the Lord Atal Ramanuzan, but Kang Chul-In was just treating him like a child, kind of like a high-schooler bullying a little child .

“Huu… Overlord Kang Chul-In, immediately take out your sw…”

Pissed off, Ben Michaels opened his mouth . And . . .

With a flash, he had to experience his right arm that had the bracelet being chopped off .


Even though Ben Michaels couldn’t believe what happened, that didn’t change the reality .


Blood gushed out like a fountain from his chopped off arm .

“Kuk… you dare to ambush me…?”

“I thought you were going to tell me to take out my sword? Did I hear wrong?”

“ . . . ”

“Whatever, just die . ”

As soon as those words left Kang Chul-In’s mouth, Kaiforce cut Ben Michaels in half .


Now separated into two pieces, Ben Michaels fell to the ground lifelessly .

“An unexpected harvest… maybe this is why I can’t stop waging war . ”

Kang Chul-in thought it was quite fun, taking the prized item of the enemy once he killed them .

Kang Chul-In didn’t take another look at Ben Michaels’s corpse . All he did was pick up the arm that held the Overpower Bracelet, and took the item .

[Epic] Overpower Bracelet 

Durability: 100 / 100

Option 1: +250 Health

Option 2: +250 Mana

Option 3: +100 Strength

Overpower: Discharges the energy stored inside the bracelet, increasing the strength of the user .

+300% Strength for 10 minutes / +20% Destructive Capability against Physical / Magical attacks / +10% All stats for 10 minutes

Cooldown: 210 hours .

Even though it was like any other Epic Item in the fact that it evenly gave out stats, it wasn’t an absolutely ‘amazing’ item .

Especially since the special option and skill ‘Overpower’ had a cooldown of 210 hours, which meant that the user couldn’t use this skill again for a whole week .

“Well, whatever . ” Kang Chul-In didn’t complain .

There was no reason to .

After all, he knew the person that owned the ‘Sonic Ring’ too .

That person would be famed as the ‘strongest adventurer’ and would also get the honorable title of ‘Grand Swordmaster,’  becoming one of Kang Chul-In’s foes .

I’ll get the Sonic Ring once I kill that person… so the problem now is the Talisman .

Even though he was lucky and got his hands on the Overpower Bracelet, he hadn’t come across the Amplifier Talisman even in his previous life .  

But even still, he couldn’t give up on the item that could increase his destructive capabilities by 1000%, even if it was only temporary .

“ . . . ”

Whilst Kang Chul-In was thinking to himself, the soldiers of the Laputa army went speechless and stared at Kang Chul-In as if they were staring at a monster .

How terrifying of a person was this man?

To chop up the enemy into two pieces, before relaxedly taking the items that he wanted? Was this really something to do in the middle of the battlefield?

“What are you guys doing!?” Drakan’s loud shout was the wake-up call for the soldiers that were staring at Kang Chul-In dumbfoundedly .

“Now isn’t the time to be resting!! Push them back even further!”

“Yes, general!!” At Drakan’s orders, the soldiers continued their pursuit of the running soldiers .

“Drakan . ”

“Yes, Milord . ”

“Make sure to finish them off swiftly and return to the base-camp . ”


“Well then, see you later . ” Saying that, Kang Chul-In turned around . . .

“Stand up . ” 

And held his hand out for Lucia to grab .

“Milord, I’m sorry for making such a fool out of myself in front of you…”

“No, it’s okay . ” Kang Chul-In said .

“It was just because the artifact that he had was too powerful . It doesn’t mean that you were weak . ”


“Aren’t you fine anyway? He was just an empty shell who only knew to fight with his items . ”

What Kang Chul-In said was true .

If they properly fought, Ben Michaels would be able to push Lucia back for a short while, but that was it .

As soon as the ‘Overpower’ effect was turned off, there was a 100% chance that Lucia’s shield would smash Ben Michaels’s face in .

“Don’t take it to heart . Remember, you are my secretary and warrior . You won’t be stopped by something like this, right?”

“R-Right, Milord!!” Moved, Lucia tried to hold Kang Chul-In’s hand and stand up,


But fell right back down, as her ankle ached .

“Hmm…” With a worried expression on his face, Kang Chul-In picked Lucia up .


“Be careful next time . ”

“Y-Yes…” Lucia answered, her voice tiny .

Her face was as red as a strawberry as she was being carried back to the base-camp .


“We’re almost there!! A little bit more!” Tagore shouted, commanding the soldiers .

The situation was terrible for them, but it was good that the speed of the soldiers chasing them slowed down as if they were tired .



An explosion sounded, and…

Pzzt, Pzzt!

All sorts of magical spells started to appear in the sky .

“D-Don’t tell me…” Tagore was astonished .

Because this meant that a barrage of magical attacks and spells had just been launched at them .

Kang Chul-In… what a terrifying man… He has actually guessed and predicted that we would run away this way, and stationed his magicians here! The chase had slowed down so that his allies wouldn’t get hit by the attacks…


Tagore’s body started to shiver involuntarily from fear .

It was obvious that this had been planned from the very beginning .


“D-Dodge it!!”

As a result, Atal Ramanuzan’s soldiers started to run around, like a flock of headless chickens .

“Ahh…” Tagore murmured .

This was the end .

From behind them were soldiers of Laputa blocking their way, and from the sky, all sorts of spells were being hurled and launched at them .

“We’re done for… we’re completely done for…”

Tagore no longer encouraged her soldiers .

There was no need to retreat .

If the enemy had been this cautious and smart in their planning, there was a high possibility that they would meet up with another Laputa squadron, rather than the Undead army .


And that was exactly what happened .

From far away, Flame Atlases were charging towards them with wheels instead of feet, as well were 2000 more Laputa soldiers .

From the beginning there was no hope; they had fallen into an inescapable trap .

“Hmph, I’ll give you a choice . ”

Riding on a Flame Atlas, Kwak-Jung spoke with a speaker .

“I’ll give you 1 minute . Put all your weapons down and surrender, or you can be turned into mincemeat . It’s your decision . ”

That was the moment that the remaining soldiers from Atal Ramunzan were neutralized .  


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