Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Laputa, being attacked (pt . 2)

“About that…” Kang Chul-In spoke, somewhat embarrassed .

“Sorry, I apologize . ”

“ . . . ?”

“That wasn’t on my orders . It’s just that there’s a perverted subordinate of mine who likes to tie up people like that . ”

“ . . . Can I trust that?”

“Of course . ”

And while Kang Chul-In and Tagore were having a ‘serious’ conversation, the officials,


It’s because milord is used to it now too, pft…

Haha… Podolski… 

All laughed inwardly .

“Anyway . ” Kang Chul-In changed the topic of the conversation .

“I’ll give you a choice . ”

“What choice?”

“First, get executed . ”

“ . . . !”

“Second, become a prisoner of war, and I’ll get ransom from your Lord . Or… become my subordinate . Oh, and if you become my subordinate, you will keep your position as the leader of a division . I will also pay you an increased 10% from your previous salary . ”


“Of course . Why would someone like me lie about this?”

“Well… Okay . But let me ask one thing . ”

Tagore asked .

“What is it?”

“Are you really planning on winning this war?”

“Obviously . ”

“Ha! Do you even know what your enemies are…”

“Enough . I won’t hear any more . ”

“ . . . !”

“The only thing that matters is whether or not you become my subordinate . ” Kang Chul-In spoke, stroking the sheath of Kaiforce .

It was a warning, meaning that he would kill her if she asked any more questions .


After pondering for a while,

“I’ll become a prisoner of war, then . ”

Tagore decided to remain loyal to her Lord, Atal Ramanuzan .

“Fine . ”

Kang Chul-In nodded .

“Take the captives, and make them work as slaves until Atal Ramanuzan comes to discuss the ransom fee . ”

As soon as Kang Chul-In gave those orders, soldiers of Laputa came over, before dragging Tagore and her soldiers away .

“W-Wait!” Tagore shouted .

“I’m a military officer of a territory! Shouldn’t you treat me a little bit…”


“You should treat me as a VIP…”

“Is that all?”

“ . . . !”

“If you’re a prisoner of war, then just do what I tell you to do until you get back to your territory . ”

Saying that, Kang Chul-In motioned for the soldiers to take the prisoners away .

“James . ”

When they were taken away, Kang Chul-In opened his mouth once more .

“Yes, Milord . ”

“Take 1000 soldiers and go to the place where the battle occurred and then burn all of the corpses . ”

“ . . . Sorry?” At this unexpected order, James froze .

Burn the corpses? 

What did that mean?

“Who is the leader of the enemy?”


“Don’t you think we should get rid of a possible source of danger?”

“As expected of Milord!” James gasped .

Kang Chul-In’s foresight was truly great .

Overlord Aleister himself was an undead monster, as well as a necromancer . It definitely wasn’t smart to give Aleister a bunch of corpses for free .

“And now, we will wait here until supplies arrive . ” After James left, Kang Chul-In spoke .

“We won’t move until supplies, as well as the reinforcements from Overlord Lee Chae-rin, come . Understood?”

“Yes, Milord!”

“However, we will immediately go into battle when the supplies and the reinforcements come . Two days at the very least, and four days at most . So make sure to feed the soldiers well and let them rest . ”


The officials of Laputa responded energetically .


The airship of the Cyamodus territory that Alex Rothschild was on passed through the Deathwin territory and headed south .

“Milord, we’re almost there . ” The captain of the ship reported to Alex Rothschild .

“How long?”

“We’ll be on top of the Laputa territory within an hour, sir . ”

“Alright . ”

Alex Rothschild nodded his head .

“Tell the officials that we’ll be having a quick meeting, and the soldiers to prepare their parachutes since we’ll be leaving soon . ”

“Yes, Milord . ”

“Oh, and…”

Rothschild added .

“In the case that we retreat, we will leave without the soldiers . ”

“ . . . !”

“Retreating to the Airship is only for saving important personnel like me and the other officials, so don’t waste time trying to save many soldiers . Understood?”

“ . . . Yes, Milord . ”

Even though the captain trembled inwardly at Alex Rothschild’s ruthlessness, he didn’t dare to comment on it .

That would mean the end of him .

After the tragedy that had befallen Lee Gong-Myung, Alex Rothschild had become a violent and absolutely merciless person .

His charming and princely atmosphere had disappeared, and what replaced that was the urge and desire for revenge on Kang Chul-In .


Two days passed .

“Milord, apparently the reinforcements and supplies will arrive within three hours . ”

“Three hours…”

Kang Chul-In pondered for a while .

“Then we will set out in six hours . Our aim is to conquer and take control over the 18 peaks . ”

“Should I tell that to the army?”

“Yeah, do that . ”

“Yes, Milord . ” The messenger immediately left Kang Chul-In’s tent to spread that through the speaker .

Exactly six hours later .

Kang Chul-In led 4,000 soldiers, twelve magical cannons, the monster division, and four Flame Atlases towards the 18 peaks .

“We don’t have time right now . So, we will quickly go to the 18 peaks and conquer it . ”

They needed to hurry .

Now that they didn’t know when more reinforcements would arrive for the enemies, there was no reason to wait .

“Let’s go!” Kang Chul-In led his generals, and started to march towards the 18 peaks .


But at that moment, a messenger shouted towards Kang Chul-In before running in front of him and kneeling .

“Milord, Milord! Please stop the march for a moment!”

“What is it?” Kang Chul-In asked, his face stiff .

“T-Trouble, sir!”

“What trouble?”

“W-Well… Milord, please don’t be angry…”

“Just speak . ”

“Apparently, special forces led by Alex Rothschild have arrived in the Laputa territory, and they are wreaking havoc!”

At this report, Kang Chul-In’s face started to darken .


“We keep going . ”

“M-Milord!” Shocked, Kwak-Jung tried to stop Kang Chul-In .

“We should at least send Secretary Lucia… We can spare a warp gate…”

“No . ”

Kang Chul-In shook his head with a determined expression .

“Today, we conquer at least 3 of the peaks . There is no retreat . ”

“But…” Kwak-Jung tried to stop Kang Chul-In . The same went for the other subordinates of Kang Chul-In .

“Have you forgotten!?” But to this, Kang Chul-In shouted .

“Don’t be afraid! Butler Alfred is an existence to be feared, a true vampire! And not only that, my daughter Arshelly is also in the territory! Those bastards have come walking to their deaths!”

Even though Alfred was quite old now, he was still a true vampire .  

And not only that, but Arshelly was a kid that had incomparable potential in magic, swordsmanship, and psychokinesis .

“T-That’s right!” Realizing that Arshelly and Alfred were back there, Kwak-Jung smacked himself on the forehead .


“The princess was there!”

“Huhu… poor Rothschild…”

And as a result, the officials of Laputa began to laugh and feel bad for Rothschild .

After all, everything that Rothschild tried to do to Kang Chul-In hadn’t worked before .

During the crisis on Earth, Kang Chul-In had gotten the Bone Dragon, gained levels, gained the popularity of the citizens of Korea, as well as Kaiforce . Now, Rotschild was trying to invade Laputa while Arshelly and Alfred were guarding the place… it seemed like there were many ways to suicide .

Daughter, I believe in you .

Kang Chul-In thought of Arshelly .

Even though he normally didn’t want Arshelly to participate in battle, this was an exception .

“Let’s go!” Kang Chul-In continued to walk towards the 18 peaks .


At the same time .

“Enemies! Enemies have come!”

“Block them!”

“Get ready for battle!”

Within the castle of Laputa, havoc was being wrecked .


Explosions occurred everywhere .


“S-Save me…”

The screaming of the Laputa soldiers didn’t stop .



It wasn’t much different for the maidservants .

Rothschild’s forces began to slaughter anyone in their path .  

“More, more!” His sword covered in dripping blood, Rothschild shouted .

“Kill them all!”

Alex Rothschild was relieving some of his anger on Kang Chul-In by killing his civilians .  


More explosions sounded due to the ‘mana bombs’ thrown by Alex Rothschild’s soldiers .

“Kang Chul-In… I’ll turn your palace into nothingness today!!” Rothschild shouted once more, a crazed smile plastered on his face .

“Hu… look at you . Where do you think you are, you bastard? Huhu…”

At that moment .

“I didn’t think that I’d see you within Milord’s territory… to think that I’d live to see this sight…”

An old man wearing a tuxedo blocked the path of Alex Rothschild .

“What do you think you’re going to do to me, old butler?” Alex Rothschild laughed at Alfred .

“Old butler? Huhu… Look at you… Huhuhu… Haha… Pft… KAKAKA…”

Alfred started with his signature warm laugh, before it started to suddenly escalate .

“Trash like you dares to insult a ‘true bloodline’ like me? Kuku…”

The voice was no longer that of an old man’s .

It was the voice of a young Alfred, who had once fought to become the lord of all vampires!


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