Chapter 207

Chapter 207: The Imperial Princess

It was an ancient, long-forgotten spell .  


A spell created by magicians to overcome their weak physical status, metamorphosis was a super high-ranked skill even for the best of the ancient magicians .  

It was because only those who could use metamorphosis could achieve a perfect balance of both physical and magical abilities .  

Sssssss… . !

The Imperial Princess, enveloped in rainbow light, started emitting an immense amount of energy .  

The transformation began from her physique .

Her breasts enlarged, and her legs became long and slender .  

Her waist became slim, and her arms became longer .  

Her buttocks were as firm as that of a grown-up’s, and her hips widened accordingly .  

Arshelly, who was barely 140 centimetres before, instantly grew to 165 centimetres .


Arshelly’s hair also changed .  

Her beautiful black hair grew long enough to cover her back, forming a princess cut hairstyle .  


Yes, that was indeed a transformation .  

In order to overcome her weakness of having a child’s body and to fight to 100% of her abilities, she forced her body to mature instantly .  

In other words, Arshelly had awakened as an Arch knight, the final form of a magic knight! 


Arshelly finally completed her transformation and landed on the ground .  

“My Princess…!” 

“Goodness me!” 

“Oh wow… . ” 

“Oh my god!” 

The maids who witnessed the whole process were flabbergasted . They directly collapsed on their knees .  

The sudden transformation was indeed shocking, but the beauty of the matured Arshelly was just incomparable .  

A pretty face along with a perfect body .  

If Arshelly was just a cute ten year old before transformation, now she was a beautiful grown-up lady .  

She was probably 17 or 18 years old… Being in Pangea, she did look more mature than her age, however .  

“I will protect everyone . ” Arshelly the arch knight clenched her two fists .  

In her ruby-like red pupils, there laid a great resolve to protect the things that mattered to her .  

“I will be back . Please hide yourselves . ” Arshelly began to leave after saying these words .  

“P-Princess!” The oldest, and the most experienced maid grabbed Arshelly .  

“Please don’t!” 


“Please do not go there!!!” 

Was she worried about the Princess’ safety? 

The maid struggled to stop Arshelly with all her might .  

She was determined to not let Arshelly go, regardless of what it took .  

“I have to go!” 

Arshelly raised her voice .  

“If I don’t go now, many more people will die! I can’t just stand here watching!” 

Every second was precious to her .  

At this very moment, Rothschild could be killing many more people . For Arshelly who just awakened, she was feeling anxious! 

“Even so, you can’t go!” 

The head maid stopped Arshelly once again .  

“My dear Princess, the head maid is right!” 

“Please heed the words of the head maid!”

“Yes, my Princess!” 

The other maids also agreed to the head maid’s words .  

They even stretched their arms to hinder Arshelly from going forward .  

“Move!” Arshelly frowned .  

“I know you are worried about me, but I’m not weak! I can defeat the bad guys alone… . ”


“ . . . !”

“Didn’t we tell you to never ever go after Rothschild!?” The head maid’s thundering cry cut Arshelly’s speech off abruptly .  

“In that case . . . . ” 

Arshelly bit her lips slightly and said, “Well then, there’s no choice! Please don’t resent me!” 


“When father is not around, it is my duty as the Princess to protect the Great Fortress Laputa!” 

Befitting of Kang Chun-In’s daughter, she had a great sense of responsibility . She was determined to even use force if the maids continued to stop her .  

“Hu… . ” The head maid let out a big sigh .  

“My dear princess… We are not stopping you out of concern for your safety . ” 


“Well it is certainly true that we are worried about your safety, but it is a battlefield . Why would we stop you from fulfilling your duties as the Princess?”

“T-Then why…!?” 

The head maid shook her head and spoke the truth .  

“My Princess… . ” 


“Armor aside… Don’t you at least need to wear some clothes…?” 

“What do you mean?” 

Arshelly seemed confused .  

“… Your rapid growth caused all your clothes to be torn apart . ” 

The head maid closed her eyes and spoke to her .  

“R-Really?” Arshelly, startled, glanced quickly at herself .  

“Kyaaaaaa!” She let out a cute scream .  

She was totally naked, just like what the head maid had told her .

It turned out that metamorphosis, although it was powerful enough to upgrade the user’s physical abilities to the maximum, had no effect on clothes .  


The Laputan army managed to take over two peaks and advanced to within 2 kilometres of the final peak within a short time period of 2 hours since the first battle .  

But that was no surprise .  

The soldiers of Laputa received harsh training daily and were hence armed with a robust military mentality . They became bloodthirsty monsters on the battlefield, chasing away the enemy allied forces .  

Part of the credit also went to the enemy’s poor defense .

“Bombardment squad, ready!”  Kang Chul-In ordered, with the third peak in sight . There were 12 magic engineered artillery in total, which amongst eight were Lee Chae-Rin’s .  

He planned to bomb the enemy’s base before the battle for high ground .  


“Start charging!”

The soldiers began to swiftly and accurately charge the magic engineered artilleries .  

There was no need to camouflage these weapons, as it has already been confirmed that there was no enemy artillery in the surroundings thanks to the satellite patrol .  

“Flame Atlas, forward!” 

It was a strategic positioning to melt down the Undead Monsters at the enemy frontlines using overwhelming firepower .

“Fully charged!” 


“Yes, Your Majesty!” 

Meanwhile the magic engineered artillery were charged, and Kang Chul-In immediately ordered them to fire at the enemy base .  

“3, 2, 1! Fire!!!”

With his command, the 12 artillery simultaneously breathed fire .  


Bang Bang!

The energy projectiles made of mana landed precisely on target, with a margin of error of less than 30 centimetres .  

A staggering 99% accuracy!

These artillery that were synced with cosmic force, the magic engineered satellite, could bombard the enemies more precisely than any other weapon!

“Men, charge!” Kang Chul-In raised Laputa’s soul core high up in the sky .  


“Let’s go!”

“Let’s take over the enemy base!”

A rough estimate of six thousand Laputan soldiers rushed towards the enemy base at astonishing speed .  

It was a pretty steep hill .  

However, these soldiers displayed no signs of fatigue, thanks to their good fitness and Kang Chul-In’s [Conquer] buff . It was truly a force to be feared .  

As soon as the Laputan soldiers stepped near the enemy base, thousands of undead monsters tore open the ground to reveal themselves .  

I saw this coming .  

Kang Chul-In grinned as he observed from far .  

Aleister would have had no idea, but Kang Chul-In always commanded his army with the undead monsters in his mind .  

“Kwak Jung . ” Kang Chul-In turned to face him .  

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Kwak Jung swiftly replied and used a magic engineered loudspeaker to pass down the commands to the soldiers .  

“All men, 10 steps backwards! Flame Atlas, forward! Monster troop, protect the Flame Atlases!” 

Having heard the command, the Laputan soldiers immediately started to change their positions . The incredible speed at which it happened prevented the enemies from reacting .  


Kwak Jung gave a second command .  

Flick, Flick!

The flamethrowers attached to the Flame Atlas’ arms began to emit intense heat .  

These were not ordinary flamethrowers . They were specially processed with both chemicals and magic, designed solely to annihilate the undead monsters .  

In other words, they possessed 4 to 5 times more firepower than regular flamethrowers!


The intense heat and flame swallowed the undead monsters . At this rate, it was only a matter of time before Aleister’s army was burnt to a crisp .



Alfred vomited blood and collapsed .  

“Hey, why don’t you keep talking?” 

“Hey, why don’t you keep talking?” 

“Hey, why don’t you keep talking?” 

The three Rothschilds, excluding the already fallen clone, mocked Alfred with a cunning grin on their faces .  


Alfred clenched his teeth .  

It was an unfair scenario for him .  

If he had not used Blood Heal for the whole week to treat Kim Sung-Hee previously, he would not have been this severely intoxicated by the toxin in Rothschild’s clone .  

 “Now, it’s time to shred you into pieces . ”

The frontmost Rothschild aimed his sharp, long sword at Alfred’s neck . The other two Rothschild followed suit .  

“I am going to casually escape this place after I’m done with slicing your head off . Kang Chul-In is bound to be enraged upon hearing this news . Isn’t that just wonderful?” 

“Shut your mouth!” 

“Shut your mouth?” 

“You maggot, how dare you speak of the Great King’s honorable name with your filthy mouth?”

“O-hoh, seems like you are all talk . Shall we see whether you can still talk without your head?”

Rothschild swung his long sword with all his might .

“Ah, Your Majesty…!” 

On the verge of his death, Alfred thought of Kang Chul-In, his only master .  

“In this lifetime, I will achieve the great dream that I could not achieve in the previous life . Watch me, Alfred!” 

“Yes, Your Majesty! This humble servant shall be at your side for eternity, till the day you conquer the whole of Pangea, and even till the day you see your grandchildren!” 


The above conversation happened during their reunion . It was a promise between the master and the servant, to achieve success after experiencing failure .  

“Your Majesty… This humble servant shall leave first . You must… you must achieve your great dream! This old butler shall watch you from the underworld!” 

Alfred was loyal to Kang Chul-In, even on the verge of his death .  

To Alfred, Kang Chul-In was an existence that rekindled his long-lost dream of becoming the Vampire Lord . The goal of reaching the summit that he failed to achieve, he wished to see it come true through Kang Chul-In .   

This was another reason why Kang Chul-In and Alfred were very much alike .  

“Your Majesty… . ”

Now… it was the end .  

He was about to be murdered by Rothschild .  


The three Rothschilds swung their long swords .  

“Don’t you hurt Alfred!” 

At that moment, a beautiful lady appeared from nowhere and obstructed the three Rothschilds .  


A deafening sound could be heard .  


The three Rothschilds were sent flying into a wall .  

“How dare you!” 

Arshelly Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb, the arch knight, glared at the Rothschilds angrily .  

“Not only did you invade Laputa, but you also murdered innocent people and even tried to kill Alfred!” 


“Never… Never…!”


Arshelly pointed her sword - an unnamed weapon she found in Laputa’s treasure room - at Rothschild’s head .  

“In the name of my Royal Father, I will never forgive you!” 

It was finally time for some revenge! 


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