Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Stories of Old (pt . 4)

Hmph, it’s just killing my father which is not a big deal .

Julius didn’t feel any sympathy or emotion as he went to kill his own father, Saturnos .

Or rather, he couldn’t .

He was a cruel father .

He went crazy for power and killed a bunch of his own family, before even killing his own wife as well as 12 of his 13 children .

The only one left alive was him .

He was the only remaining person in the royal family other than his father, and he was the crown prince .

But that didn’t mean his life was smooth sailing .

You’re not my father . . . just an enemy who killed my mother .

Killing intent filled Julius’s eyes .


“Isabelle Artuir, hear me . ”

The year Julius turned 7, Saturnos killed the woman that gave birth to his own child .

“As I see it, you have lost the qualifications to be my wife . ”

What he said didn’t give any respect or care for the laws of the Republic . As the greatest tyrant in all of history, the Emperor of the Mad Night didn’t care about laws at all . He was the law itself .

“If you’re my wife, it’s obvious that you need the qualifications and skills to be my wife . But how about you?”

“ . . . ”

“You have no class to be my wife, and have insulted the name of the royal family with your lower intellect . ”

It was bullshit .

Isabelle was from a village that was hundreds of kilometers away from the capital .

How was it possible for her, who used to be a lumberjack’s daughter to know the rules of the Royal Family? 

It was obvious that Saturnos was just giving excuses so that he could kill her .


It was in order to prevent those in power from gathering around her as the mother of the crown prince, Julius .

“And because of this reason, I will sentence Isabel to death . Is there anyone who disagrees?”

There were none .

He had the position as Emperor of the Republic . . .

And even as an Emperor, he was able to attain the ridiculous feat of becoming a Grand Sword Master .

“Please do so, your Highness . ”

“Your Highness is always right . ”

The subordinates of the Emperor all bowed .

“Well, then . ”

Saturnos turned his head towards Isabel .

“Because of you, everyone in your family and your village will die . Do you not have anything to say?”

Saying that, a cruel smile appeared on Saturnos’ face .

Enjoying the pain of others, that was Saturnos .

“How could this one say anything against it, when your highness thinks that way?”

But Isabel didn’t say anything .

She only had one aim--- to save her son, Julius .

That was the only reason she was containing the deep rage and hatred in her heart .

“Is that so?”

Saturnos’ mouth twitched .

It was obvious that he wasn’t pleased by the fact that Isabel wasn’t showing any emotion .

“Yes, your Highness . ”

“Well then, how about Julius?”

“ . . . !”

“Did you honestly think that I wouldn’t know that you were putting up with this so that you could save your son?”

“Y-Your Highness!”

At this, Isabel’s voice started to shake .

“Ah, don’t worry . ”

Saturnos laughed .

“Because I don’t have any plans of killing that young one yet . ”

“T-Thank you, your highness . ”

“I also think that I should leave one child behind, just in case I don’t find the Rune of Immortality . ”

The Rune of Immortality .

This fabled and legendary rune was one that was said to make anyone unaging and undying . Though, no one really knew if this existed or not .

But Saturnos himself believed that this rune definitely existed .

After all, this crazy Emperor wanted to become an undying and immortal existence that ruled over the Pangaea continent like a god, or rather, as a god .

“Well, we can stop with this useless talking here . Start the execution . ”

“Yes, your highness . ”

And as the subordinates answered, they brought a chair, as well as a fire pit .

“Burn her . ”

Saturnos ordered,


And the fire started to burn Isabel’s skin .


Isabel started to moan .

She had never done any kind of physical training .

Even though she had been suppressing her emotions with superhuman patience, it was impossible for her to completely shut out the physical pain in her body .


The pain continued .


Isabel continued to scream,


As all of her nails cracked,


As if proving how hard she clenched her teeth, her teeth began to crack too .

“Huk… Huu . . . ”

It was a terrifying sight .

This showed how a human’s body could be tortured to the limit, and some subordinates shouted in fright at this sight .



No one felt as horrified as Julius right now .

Could one even imagine?

To think that the only thing he could do right now was sit and watch, as his mother was getting tortured .

But even considering this, Julius was terrifying for his age .

This young prince didn’t move a single spot, and stayed watching the whole process without blinking .

Son… you can do it… you have to endure… so that you can live… even if mother dies, you have to live… son…

It was because his eyes met with his mother’s .

Live .

You have to live .

That was the message in Isabel’s eyes .

You… You… I won’t ever forgive you! Never! I will rip you up to shreds, and eat you alive!

The young Julius was barely able to calm himself down, and refrained from drawing his sword against that monster sitting on the throne .

There was no fear .

All he had was rage, anger, and hatred .

“Kill her now . ”

“Isabel Artuir, I will now execute you on the Emperor’s orders . ”

Saying this, one of the soldiers brought a mace over, and swung it .


With a terrifying noise,

Crack .

Isabel’s head went flying .

“ . . . ”

Julius looked at this sight without a single word .

Even though it was terrible, even though he couldn’t see his loving mother again, he felt somewhat relieved .

At least she wouldn’t have to continue feeling the pain .

“Son . ”

At that moment, Saturnos stood up from the throne and asked his son .

“You want to take revenge, right?

“ . . . ”

“You want to kill your father?”

“Yes . ”

Julius answered .

“ . . . !”

A shocking silence fell .

This was crazy .

Who dared to speak of revenge in front of Saturnos, who was like a demon god, rather than a human?

Did this young prince not know how terrifying his father was? 

His father, the Emperor of the Mad Night, was someone who literally cooked his children alive when he was displeased .


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