Chapter 237

Chapter 237: I’m Going!

“I… must have heard that wrong, right?” 

Lee Chae-Rin inquired .  


Kwak Jung shook his head .  

“You did hear it right, your Majesty . ” 

“D-Did I?” 

“Certainly . As the diplomat of Laputa, I came here to officially propose a marriage between your Majesty and his Majesty, Kang Chul-In . ” 

“You are pulling my leg . ” 

“I’m not . ” 

“Stop this prank please . Are you short on money? How much do you need?” 

Lee Chae-Rin couldn’t comprehend this situation .  

“ . . . !”

The same went for Lee Chae-Rin’s subordinates .  

Kang Chul-In did help Lee Chae-Rin quell a rebellion at the start of the Great Summoning, which knitted them close together . Even so, a marriage proposal was absurd .  

“Hmm… just to reiterate, I came here to propose a marriage between your Majesty and his Majesty . ” 

“…That can’t be . ” 

“I’m serious?” 


“Damn it! How many times do you need me to say it? Your Majesty, are you or are you not going to marry his Majesty, Kang Chul-In?” 

Kwak Jung was too frustrated to even care about Anubis’ previous warning . He had to shout to relay his message to Lee Chae-Rin, who was in disbelief .  


“Yes . ” 

“Mr . Chul-In and I?”  

“That’s right?” 

“A m-marriage between Mr . Chul-In and I?” 

“Yes~! That’s right~!”


Lee Chae-Rin screamed .  

She blushed uncontrollably, almost as if she were about to explode .  

“You are saying… . ” 

“It’s the truth . Matters have already been discussed on our side, so I just came here to hear your thoughts . ” 


“Are you keen on the marriage?” 

Lee Chae-Rin, however, could not reply to Kwak Jung’s question .  

It was because, 


She fainted on her chair from the shock .  

“Y-your Majesty!!!” 

“Are you alright?” 

Dorado’s subjects immediately crowded around Lee Chae-Rin .  

After some commotion, Kwak Jung initiated a private conversation with Lee Chae-Rin .  

He assumed that as fellow Koreans, they would have a more meaningful conversation than with the others around . It turned out to be a wise decision .

The Pangean people had a different perspective on things, after all .  

“Are you feeling better?” 

Kwak Jung handed a cup of ice water to Lee Chae-Rin .  

“Yes, I’m alright . I feel much better . ” 

Despite those words, she was still pale from the shock .  

“Hmm… to be straightforward, what I mentioned just now was the key point . ” 

“About… Mr . Chul-In and I are getting m-married?” 

“Yes . ” 

Kwak Jung nodded .  

“Well, of course… I can’t say that that’s all there is to the story . ” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Let me ask you first . Are you a Lord, your Majesty?” 

“I beg your pardon?” 

“I’m not asking the Korean lady, Lee Chae-Rin . I’m asking the one and only Lord of Dorado . ” 

“To be honest… I don’t understand what you’re saying . ” 

“Arranged marriage . ” 

“ . . . !” 

“This is no normal marriage . It’s more than just a couple developing feelings for each other and living happily ever after . ” 

Kwak Jung’s gaze was extremely sobering . He had the same eyes as when he drove a knife into an enemy gang member’s abdomen without hesitation .  

“This is a marriage between Lord Kang Chul-In and Lord Lee Chae-Rin . Furthermore, it’s a union between Laputa and Dorado . ” 

“I-I see… . ” 

Lee Chae-Rin replied timidly .  

That was to be expected .  

She would have agreed to an arranged marriage with Kang Chul-In if she was a Pangaean . However, she was an earthling .  

Didn’t every earthling desire to share sweet love with his or her partner, and hope for their feelings to eventually lead to marriage? 

“One more thing . ” 

Kwak Jung pressured Lee Chae-Rin relentlessly .  

“His Majesty won’t just marry once . ” 

“ . . . !” 

“You know it . He is too supreme of a man to just have one woman by his side . ” 

“ . . . !” 

“His Majesty, Kang Chul-In, is a sovereign to the core . Does it make sense for the future conqueror of Pangaea to have just one spouse?” 

Lee Chae-Rin bit on her lower lip and kept quiet .

W-What… should I do… .

She knew that Kang Chul-In was not a man to casually date someone .  

Not only was he a prideful Overlord, but he was also a workaholic . It was difficult to expect a normal romantic relationship from him .  

That aside, he would give Lee Chae-Rin a cold shoulder no matter how hard she tried .  


Does Mr . Chul-In really not have any feelings for me? Am I not good enough for him?

Lee Chae-Rin couldn’t apprehend this situation easily . She herself was a stunning woman after all .

“What’s the issue?” 

Kwak Jung asked .  


Lee Chae-Rin replied .  

“All marriages are the same eventually . ” 

Kwak Jung tossed a casual remark .  

“What do you mean…?” 

“Is marriage such a big deal? You will develop feelings sooner or later as you face your partner every day . ” 

“Well that . . . ” 

“As I said before, if you wish for a normal romantic relationship with his Majesty, that will never happen . His Majesty cares more about his work than girls, so how long are you willing to wait for that to change? Probably not in your lifetime . ” 

“What’s your point?” 

“This is a chance!” 


“Isn’t this a chance to be at his Majesty’s side, 24/7?” 


“You two are going to face each other, eat together, and rub your bodies together . Who knows? Maybe his Majesty will start to develop romantic feelings for your Majesty . ” 

“Y-You think so?” 



“And also, his Majesty Kang Chul-In is softer than he seems . He may be a bit rough on the edges, but he takes good care of his people . Have you heard of the term ‘tsundere’?” 

“T-Tsundere? Mr . Chul-In’s a tsundere?”

“That’s right . ” 

Kwak Jung replied with a grin .  

“That aside, marrying the strongest Overlord of this continent grants you a priceless ally . Who can possibly threaten Dorado afterwards?”

“That’s true . ” 

“Furthermore, an opportunity to seduce a man that you can never date in normal circumstances! Kang Chul-In, marriage and a formidable power altogether! Selling this bundle for 39,800 won… or not, ehem… Anyways! If you are against the idea of sharing one man with other women, then I guess it can’t be helped . However, I urge you to think from a Lord’s perspective . Ah, and also… . ” 

“W-What is this?” 

“It’s a contract . ” 


“You can’t just have an arranged marriage without a proper procedure . ” 

“R-Right… . ” 

“Please read carefully before making your decision . Well then, excuse me!” 

Kwak Jung disrespectfully pushed a scroll towards Lee Chae-Rin before getting up from his chair .  

Huehue… you will never say no to these terms and conditions, your Majesty, Lee Chae-Rin .

Kwak Jung, whose back now faced Lee Chae-Rin, chuckled slyly .  

According to his plan… Lee Chae-Rin was bound to say yes .  



The last lightning bolt struck .  


The scream, however, did not come from Kang Chul-In .  


Kang Chul-In shouted in shock after he identified his savior .  

“Y-your Majesty . . . ” 

Lucia turned around and smiled faintly at Kang Chul-In .  

“It was quite… a powerful lightning bolt…”

“Are you okay?” 

“I can endure it . ” 

Lucia slowly got herself up .  

Pzzt, pzzt! 

A blue spark constantly appeared around her body .  


Aegis, the Shield of God, was now black and fuming .  

“Lucia, your humble servant, had received an order to come aid your Majesty’s escape!” 

Lucia kneeled in front of Kang Chul-In .

“Your Majesty!” 

She then apologized .  

“I’m late to your rescue . I’ve committed an unforgivable sin! Please punish me!” 

“No, not at all . ” 

Kang Chul-In shook his head .  

“What punishment? You’ve arrived in just the nick of time . ”   

“Your Majesty!” 


“Please look up, your Majesty!” 

Lucia pointed at the sky .  

An aircraft floated in the cloudy sky . It was once Rothschild’s prized possession, named Zeppelin .  

“All according to plan . ” 

Kang Chul-In grinned .  

From the very start, he had no intention of escaping via land .  

He had planned to escape on Zeppelin after summoning lightning, a squall and an earthquake upon Rothschild’s territory .  

“Your Majestyyyy!” 

At that moment, Podolski shouted at Kang Chul-In from Zeppelin’s prow .  

“Catch this!” 


A rope dropped down rapidly and stopped just in front of Kang Chul-In .  

“Let’s go!” 


Kang Chul-In grabbed Lucia by her waist and held onto the rope .  

“Ah, wait a second . ” 

Before his escape, Kang Chul-In looked around his surroundings briefly .

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong…?”

“I swear to find that bastard who held me back . ” 


“Ah, there he is . ” 

Kang Chul-In stared into the distance, roughly 100 metres away .  



A massive air current began to wrap around Kaiforce .  


A whirlwind was soon formed .  


Kang Chul-In released a vortex which then swept across his target region .  


With a tremendous blare, 


Someone’s scream could be heard along with a splash of blood and flesh .  

“Deed done . ” 

Kang Chul-In confirmed Alighieri’s death and let out a satisfied expression .  


That was useless against his Oraclomind .  


“You damn bastard . . . ” 

Rothschild was completely mind blown, having witnessed his nemesis’ escape .  

Zeppelin .

She was his prized possession which he had excavated from the ancient ruins . Aircrafts like that were rare in Pangea .  

Money-wise, she was easily worth hundreds of thousands of gold .

But now, she was being used for his despicable nemesis’ escape . Rothschild was about to go crazy with anger .  

“Stop them!” 

Rothschild bellowed .  

“Catch that bastard, no matter what it takes!” 


Cyamodus, in response, struggled to move at a faster speed than before .  



Rothschild’s territory was destroyed further every time it made a move .  



Similar to the Full Metal Dragon, Zeppelin was equipped with ten V12 magic-engineered engines . Even the gigantic fire turtle could not catch up to her .  


Kang Chul-In, now on board of Zeppelin, laughed loudly at Rothschild .  

“That was entertaining, Rothschild!” 


“Well then, have fun rebuilding your territory! I’ll be on my way!”

Having said that, Kang Chul-In gradually disappeared from Rothschild’s vision .  

“Ah, ahhh…!” 

Rothschild gasped in despair .  


He then vomited blood onto the floor .

He was that infuriated .


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