Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Kang Chul-In, Falsely Accused! (2)

In the end, Kang Chul-In decided to strike a deal with Desdemona . He had no choice . Now that he was the criminal who assassinated Vilhelm and Ao Xin, he had to fight not only the Gullveig Alliance, but also the rest of the nations in Pangaea . In addition, Kang Chul-In required Desdemona’s ‘overwhelming intelligence’ (although she appeared dumb no matter how he looked) desperately .  

“Ah, him? It’s easy to fix that guy . Of course, it’s impossible to completely erase his prophetic abilities, even for me . Deconstructing the Oracle algorithm is as difficult as deconstructing a dragon’s brain . ” 

“This useless lizard . . . ” 

“Listen to the end!” 

“ . . . ?” 

“But it’s possible to completely prevent the prophecies from forming subconsciously!” 

“That means…!” 

“If you can prevent prophecies from springing out uncontrollably, doesn’t that directly lead to an extension of lifespan?” 

She was right . With this treatment, Kwak Jung wouldn’t suddenly collapse .  

“Here are the terms and conditions . ” 

Kang Chul-In reorganized the agreed details on a spiritual contract .  

It was as follows: 


Kang Chul-In, the King of Valhalla (hereinafter the contractor), and Desdemona, the Ancient Black Dragon (hereinafter the subcontractor) agree to the following terms and conditions:

The subcontractor shall not take revenge on the contractor’s family, acquaintances, nation and et cetera .  

The subcontractor shall give 1,000,000 gold and various artifacts to the contractor .  

The subcontractor shall treat Kwak Jung (human/Oracle), the contractor’s subordinate .  

The subcontractor shall protect the contractor’s royal family and his empire for 500 years, the moment the contractor conquers Pangaea and becomes the emperor .

The subcontractor shall solemnly swear to clause 1~4 with the ‘Dragon’s Vow’ .  

The above clauses become ineffective when the contractor threatens the subcontractor’s life, but do not lose effect when the subcontractor threatens the contractor’s life first .

Before signing the contract, the subcontractor shall suppress her power using a ‘Regulator’ seal magic .

Kang Chul-In, the Supreme King of the West, the King of Valhalla (signed) .  

Desdemona, the Ancient Black Dragon (signed) .  

An absurd contract . Kang Chul-In – a human – was the contractor, whereas Desdemona – an Ancient Black Dragon – was the subcontractor . This was almost heresy . In addition, it was an unfair deal from Desdemona’s perspective, unprecedented in Pangaea’s history .  

“Tsk, meticulous bastard . ” 

Desdemona muttered . She knew that the contract was disadvantageous for her . However, she had no choice . For Desdemona to fulfill her ‘mission’ as the final dragon, she had to avoid unnecessary conflicts with Kang Chul-In no matter what . Moreover, that ‘mission’ was strictly confidential .  

“Why, scared?” 

“I’m not scared!” 


“It’s because you presented this lame piece of paper when I have the Dragon’s Vow . ” 


“I’m an Ancient Dragon, remember?” 

“ . . . ?” 

“A thousand of these lame contracts won’t even make my nose bleed . ” 

Dragons seemed to be quite overpowered .

“Anyways, let’s sign the contract and bring a few restraining items required in the Regulator seal magic . ” .  

“Restraining items?” 

“Of course . Do you think you can confine me without any device?” 

Desdemona looked at Kang Chul-In pathetically .

“Ok, forget it . ” 

Desdemona realized that Kang Chul-In was completely ignorant of magic jargon . Instead, she began to list out the items that she needed .

“Bring five accessories that were used by a girl 15 years old or younger . They can’t be mundane items and they need to be artifacts with magical options, regardless of how cheap they are . ” 

“Easy . ” 

“Ah, and also . ” 

“ . . . ?” 

“That girl must be a virgin . ” 

“So… five accessories previously used by a virgin girl, 15 years old or younger?” 

“Yup . ” 

“Let me prepare them immediately . ” 

Kang Chul-In began to fish out the items that matched Desdemona’s descriptions from his inventory .  

Having seen those items, 

“W-What are these . . . ” 

Desdemona was in complete disbelief .  

“E-Eek… eek…!” 

Her expression was priceless .

It was because, 

[Unique/Underwear] Metal Panties

[Unique/Pants] Bomb Chastity Belt

[Rare/Bracelet] Furry Handcuffs

[Unique/Necklace] A Slave’s Leash 

[Unique/Underwear] Leather Brassiere

These items were all absurd . Furthermore, Kang Chul-In was scammed to purchase these items from Lily Sephardi previously .  

“Hey . . . ” 

“ . . . ” 

“This is too much . . . ” 

“ . . . ” 

“You expect me to wear these?” 

“Ah, is it too much? Then how about . . . ” 

“N-No, wait!” 

“ . . . ?” 

“Seems like the seal placed by your subordinate and daughter is about to wear off . I will just put them on . I’m not even a human anyway . ” 

Kang Chul-In noticed his mistake and wanted to get her new items, but Desdemona didn’t seem too disturbed by these eccentric items .  

“It’s better than being tied up like this . ” 

In fact, she was so humiliated by Podolski’s bondage skills that Lily’s items appeared decent in comparison .  

“Well then, let’s begin . Can you call your subordinate and daughter?” 


“I need a spellcaster . ” 

“Alright . Wait a minute . ” 

Kang Chul-In immediately summoned Nilus and Arshelly . He believed that it was better if he didn’t join the ritual . Magic was beyond his comprehension .  


Lee Ji-Tae .  

Milenius urged Lee Ji-Tae .

If you refuse to create an Agnaga army . . .  

“ . . . ” 

Can you ever avenge Alex Rothschild’s murder? 

“ . . . !”

Your tactics are definitely commendable, but you do understand that this world doesn’t purely revolve around strategies and tactics, don’t you? 

“Well . . . ” 

He couldn’t rebut that statement . A one-man army, Kang Chul-In, could easily challenge a whole troop by himself, and always disrupted Lee Ji-Tae’s tactics .  

Did you forget why you even needed power in the first place? 

Milenius reminded Lee Ji-Tae about his vow .  

Is your resolve only . . .  

“No . ” 

Lee Ji-Tae shook his head .  

“There’s not even a tiny bit of change in my resolve . ” 

Hmm . . .

“I swore to avenge Alex’s death, and I’m willing to take on any risk just to kill Kang Chul-In . Even if that requires destroying this continent and my hometown . ” 

That was Lee Ji-Tae’s resolve . For his beloved Alex Rothschild, he could even set the whole world ablaze .  

Then, what are you hesitating for?  

Milenius spoke after reaffirming Lee Ji-Tae’s thoughts .  

You are Agnaga’s only commander and the corps itself . Why don’t you create an Agnaga army and subjugate Kang Chul-In with your own hands? I’m certain that it’s possible, given that you are the commander . Furthermore, since you have consumed so many human brains, then . . . ” 

“Today . ” 

Lee Ji-Tae cut Milenius off .  

“I will forgo my human identity, Milenius . ” 


“As soon as our call ends, I will no longer be Lee Ji-Tae, but will be Cereb, the mind of Agnaga . I will then cultivate an army . ” 

Good! Cereb! 

Milenius was greatly pleased .  

Meanwhile, I will buy you some time .  

“How long?” 

Enough for you to make an Agnaga army .  

“Hmm . . . ” 

The Gullveig Alliance is more or less under my control . Even Kang Chul-In would not be able to handle both me and you .  

He was right . Kang Chul-In had now become a universal enemy in Pangaea, even worse than Adolf Hitler .  

“Noted . ” 

Lee Ji-Tae nodded .  

“Then . . . ” 

I’m wishing you luck, mind of Agnaga .  

The call ended after a brief farewell .  

“Kang Chul-In . . . ” 

Lee Ji-Tae pictured his nemesis’ annoying face and gritted his teeth .  

“Just wait… soon… a huge force… that you will never be able to handle… will destroy you . . . ”

He swore bitterly .  


Meanwhile, the continent was engulfed in chaos after the Gullveig Alliance’s declaration of war .  

“K-Kang Chul-In eliminated both Vilhelm and Ao Xin simultaneously?” 

“Who will become the new leader of the Gullveig Alliance?” 

“I knew this would happen… Kang Chul-In… he is a monster full of greed . . . ” 

“What to do… what . . . ” 

The Lords faced a huge dilemma, which was to be expected . Now that the two Overlords were murdered by the king of the biggest nation in Pangaea, there was a need to choose sides carefully . The fight for hegemony in Pangaea was between the Valhalla Kingdom and the Gullveig Alliance anyway . One wrong decision and the Lords could face their dooms . Therefore, the Lords were split according to two different schools of thought .  

Kang Chul-In may have a horrendous personality, but he is objectively the most powerful man in Pangaea . It’s wiser to surrender to Valhalla with the condition that our territory’s sovereignty is preserved .  

Some sided with Kang Chul-In .  

Didn’t they witness Kang Chul-In’s brutality in that video? Not only is he a war maniac, but he is also a psychopathic murderer . He will also get rid of us one day . It’s hence wiser to support the Gullveig Alliance . Furthermore, don’t they have a clear justification to declare war? 

The others sided the Gullveig Alliance .  

“Which one . . . ” 

“Gullveig… or Valhalla . . . ” 

“Damn it… it’s so difficult to choose . . . ”

While everyone struggled to make a decision, some began to come up with eccentric ideas as the following: 

“Why don’t we make a deal with Kang Chul-In?” 

Grekio, the chairman of the Sharada Alliance, comprising seven small territories in the north of Baldur, suggested the above during a meeting .  

“What kind of deal are you suggesting, chairman Grekio?” 

“I believe . . . ” 


“It’s a given that our sovereignty has to be guaranteed if we agree to support the Valhalla Kingdom . ” 

He was right . They were Lords too . They would never agree to side with Valhalla, unless Kang Chul-In guaranteed their sovereignty .  

“However, that is not enough . ” 

Thus, Grekio decided to push it one step further .  

“That’s why… how about we request for a portion of the Gullveig Alliance’s territory after the war?” 

The other Lords of the Sharada Alliance were amazed .


“T-That’s fantastic!” 

“A wise suggestion, Chairman Grekio!” 

They were extremely delighted . Kang Chul-In was currently labelled the ultimate axis of evil and demon of Pangaea . Therefore, he had to garner as much assistance as possible .  

In essence, even if the Lords made an unreasonable demand, he had to comply .  

“Kang Chul-In is certainly not a man to trust, but won’t he at least sign a spiritual contract in this situation? Furthermore, this is a fair deal . Needless to say, the Gullveig Alliance has the upper hand in this power struggle . We are betting on the odds here; why shouldn’t we be rewarded for that?” 

His persuasion made sense . Objectively, the Gullveig Alliance overwhelmed Valhalla in strength . It boasted mass production of food from the fertile and vast farming lands, a huge population, various resources that were extracted from countless mines, the abilities of the Lords, and more . Considering these advantages, one could say that the Gullveig Alliance was located at the heart of Pangaea . Moreover, Valhalla could claim victory in their last battle only due to Kang Chul-In’s infiltration into the Pentagon .  

In other words, the Lords of the Sharada Alliance were only betting on Valhalla because there was a monster named Kang Chul-In .  

“You are right!” 

“Wise suggestion!”

“Let’s deal with Kang Chul-In!” 

“High risk, high returns!” 

“I concur!” 

A consensus was quickly formed . The Lords of the Sharada Alliance immediately made a call to the Valhalla Kingdom to strike a deal with Kang Chul-In .  

“What I’m saying is … Kang Chul-In, the Supreme King of the West . . . ”  

As the Chairman of the Sharada Alliance, Grekio tried to maintain his honor and pride while he proposed an absurd deal to Kang Chul-In . Worse yet, he didn’t even add ‘your Majesty’ when addressing Kang Chul-In, which was a clear sign of disrespect .  

“What are your thoughts?” 

Hmm . . .

“I know that it may sound like a tall order, but . . . ” 

Grekio tried to elaborate further .


However, Kang Chul-In coldly cut him off .  

Fuck off, you maggots .

That was the Supreme King’s response to the bastards who refused to know their place .  

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