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Chapter 1 part1


Chapter 1: Rebirth



"Motherfucker! Lao zi1 shouldn't have been so soft-hearted to buy the little brat!" Luo xun cursed furiously under his breath, as he weaved left and right in the midst of narrow alleyways, closely following the slippery fish-like figure .



One ran, one chased, various businesses on the roadside pointed at the pair like they were watching a great show, and seeing that the one in front was a quickly fleeing boy wearing a burlap sack that barely even covered his thighs, everyone knew that the man behind had unluckily lost his goods . Ze ze2, nowadays only the rich can afford to buy young boys, you know? If you want to solve problems of the body all you have to do is be willing to part with several first grade jing he and go to the red-light district and find a random ass to stick it in .

Going left, going right, when he came upon the intersection, the chaos there distracted Luo Xun——a gang of tall and burly men were brawling!

"Damn it, it's raging flames and chaos!3" What was with today's luck? All he wanted was to grab a few years worth of jing he savings to buy some sort of present for his 32nd birthday, but at the intersection he encountered that slave trader, that kid with the dark and stubborn eyes, on his body were terrible scars, he let the ineffable desire to buy him be born . But as he was making the deal4, the kid turned and just ran off! And now he's come across a gang fight!



Luo Xun discovered the child had run away immediately, then guessed, there was an eighty percent chance he'd met a swindler . Children were not good after all, once you have them in your hands, as long as you don't let others snatch them away they're still yours . For the most part these children worked with slave traders, as soon as they got their money, the children would run away, hiding and waiting for the buyers to go home without a thing . 5



Luo Xun had only ever heard of such a thing before, but never encountered——because he had never bought, how could he have?6 Today was the rare day of his birthday, suddenly seeing the expression of the child greatly moved him, the desire for a son to accompany in the future for half of his life outweighed any other things that moved his heart……Sure enough, there was no good in the world to speak of!



Suddenly breaking into the middle of the fighting, the boy was clearly shocked, stupidly standing where he was for a while, not knowing to get out of the way, suddenly facing a huge fireball about to smash into him, don't know which power had produced it . The bottom of his heart rose up for a moment in fear, he'd had enough of being considered as special bed goods7, so he had disregarded his life to escape his new buyer, but now……Was he really going to die?



A tremendous push came from behind, the child’s big crow-black eyes blankly looked at the person who’d pushed him, that was a thin and weak man, but his strength apparently was not too bad .

Like a gust of air8, the huge fireball hit the man's body, and that pair of tea-coloured eyes lost their shine .

The translator has something to say: picking this up was a mistake, this is a combination of mtl and my own chinese comprehension, i suck at chinese, this isn’t even half of the chapter, send help

Footnotes: 1 . ‘I’, basically 2 . something like ‘tsk tsk’, but i left it as ze ze just because 3 .  是烈焰和混沌!literally ‘it’s raging flames and the primordial soup of chaos’ 4 .  可才剛人貨兩清 , not sure how to translate that 5 . the phrase is 一輪詐騙, which is an idiom that means to go home without any achievement; go home with one’s tail between their legs, according to thing i’m using to translate 6 .  又何談遇到?don’t know what that means, please help 7 .  他受夠了那種被人當成特殊物品淩|辱的日子 i don’t know if that random line is a typo or something, but either way have no idea what this means 8 .  彷彿一陣嘆息傳來 someone give me a better way translate this



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