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Chapter 1.3

Several second-hand hunting people1 grinning ear to ear toted around cheaply bought furniture and appliances that he'd had from youth and left the area . This old residential property basically was arranged2, the front gate was always open to the outside, even if until night there was no one looking after it . As a result, during the apocalypse zombies roamed and hunted, entering and exiting extremely conveniently and freely .

On the second day of putting it up on the market, someone dropped in to see the apartment, furthermore negotiating on Luo Xun's set price twice . But even if Luo Xun in his desire to quickly sell off his apartment had deliberately lowered the market price a little, he had no intention of being taken advantage of . Thirty thousand was his bottom line; he still had a lot of places he had to pay for, there was no way he could go any lower .

As expected, when third wave of people came to check the apartment, both sides finally settled on the contract, transfer, payment .

Buying and selling the house was extremely time consuming; Luo Xun took a full twenty days to complete the formalities . Holding all of his funds, he boarded a vehicle3 headed towards A city .

Looking at the both familiar and unfamiliar city through the vehicle window, Luo Xu couldn't help but feel a sense of vicissitude in his heart . In the past, aside from going to school he traveled to A city with his parents once4 . When the apocalypse started, the initially safe M city was breached by the zombies and he fled for his life the whole way, once again coming here .

Luo Xun considered himself a relatively cautious person, but at certain times was a person who was not afraid of risky and dangerous ventures . Otherwise, as someone without even the least bit of power, also as an common person who didn't have any relatives as chief of a base, how could he escape danger again and yet again, surviving in the apocalypse for ten whole years?

Even if he died in the end, it was still his own choice to rush out and shield the child before being reborn . Otherwise, Luo Xun had absolute confidence that he would have lived at A base for the next ten years .

And now, he had returned, although like before he didn't have any ability, nor did he want to go ahead and hug a thigh that would later become strong, he still had the confidence he could cautiously and prudently survive in the apocalypse .

So, his first step was to sell of his apartment, as well as everything in his home that was useless in the apocalypse, and stuff that could not be brought to A city . Next, arriving at south-west area of A city……

Looking for a home, and another real estate agent, at long last at a relatively large real estate agent he found his goal .

"……newly built neighbourhood, this place has just been renovated, pretty much no one has lived here before . The arrangement is a rooftop duplex4, the view's good, the air's also good, of course the price is a bit high, but it's definitely worth the money……"

As the agent chattered on, Luo Xun carefully examined the apartment's basic data, and determined——this place was exactly what he was searching for .

"Take me to see it . "

"Alright! Please come with me . "

the translator has something to say: what’s this??? an update so soon??? holy shit??? it doesn’t actually take me a month to translate a third of a chapter, it takes me a month to work up the motivation to . but somehow, in procrastination, i have translated the rest of chapter 1 . don’t expect this to happen again . wanna see the google doc i did this on?

fact: the chapter title,「重生」, can also mean ‘restart’ or ‘do-over’

next up: 「、第二章末世中的最佳避難所」,  Chapter Two | The Best Haven in the Apocalypse

Footnotes: 1 .  廢品回收站的人 literally ‘waste recycling station people’, but since these people are buying the stuff Luo Xun is selling this is what I came up with 2 . 這個老小區的物業基本上是擺設 i srsly hate this paragraph what does this mean halp 3 . 動車 could mean a train, bus, or car . it’s hella vague, so i decided to be just as vague . 4 .  戶型是頂樓躍層


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