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Chapter 128


“What is that?” Wang Duo did not see what he had tripped over . Han Li pointed his flashlight at the ground and took a step back – a dead body .

In reality, dead bodies were not that scary, they had killed who knew how many zombies, but…

“This person was alive before being killed . ” Luo Xun examined the corpse, “About a month has passed, since there is no extensive decay . ” He clapped his hands and pointed the other way, “Likely because of infighting, not zombies . Let’s go . ”

The team’s hearts trembled as they took a deep breath . People worked together to move the toilet while continuing towards the warehouse . It was definitely best to come out with trusted teammates . If they casually teamed up outside base, it would be a matter of time before encountering this sort of situation . It might be better to find an honest job on base .

They had visited the warehouses before, but that time they did not find any toilets . This time they could skip the warehouses they checked last time to find something else .

But as soon as they arrived, they noticed . . ”People really have a lot of power…”

All the warehouse gates had been opened .

The ones with useful things such as floor tiles and planks had long been empty . There still should be some rarely used things left in the warehouse, such as the team’s desired toilets .

“Look carefully to find what we want, we want that is in good condition!”

The warehouse had a lot of things, but all the outer packaging was gone!!

What were the toilets packaged in? Cardboard and foam . Ignoring the latter, the boxes were good things! Burnable! So the people would come for the boxes, but would not be kind to the poor toilets in the package!

A number of broken toilets were on the ground!

The items were scattered all over the place, but there some intact lying around . People quickly checked around to find one to their specifications .

Not broken, no chips or cracks…set aside any others .

Counting their discoveries – there did not seem to the kind of automatic flush toilet they needed…

“What’s over there?”

The crowd was confused as Yan Fei suddenly pointed to a stack of things in a corner, “Those things over there, smart toilet covers . ”

“Cover . Covers?!”

“Not the toilet?”

When the unpacked toilet cover was brought over, they realized that there were two kinds of covers .

“…It seems like only need to connect to water and electricity lines . ” The group paid tribute to the pile of toilet lids .

After a while, Luo Xun waved a hand, “Grab them all!” They would definitely need replacements at home in the future .

The last count, had twenty two smart toilet covers altogether including the two from the mall .

With more options, they decided to put it all away first! In case they could not find anything else, these toilet covers that could control water flow, temperature angle and so on would be their harvest .

“Brother Luo and Yan, there’s glass here!” Han Li gave a joyous shout .

Today was a good day, their hearts thought as they saw pile of fish tank glass in the corner .

Although this batch of glass was not double layered, temperature insulated, or any special treatment . In today’s world it was still very useful!

Although they were not short on glass, but with the trends on base, having more at home would be better . In case windows at home or the car were broken, they would not have to spend a ton of money for replacements . Since what they bought was not completely suitable for their own use, why did not they bring some free supplies from outside?

So the team happily stored the glass and the toilet covers in the car, even some broken pieces of glass were gathered .

They whistled as they wiped out the zombies that were attracted by the scent of human . Luo Xun had Zhang Yi and Xu Mei in charge of everyone’s safety with Yu Xinran instead of carrying things . The three of them together had horrifying damage potential, leaving them as deterrent was correct .

After loading these things, they wandered around, looking for some glue, small bags of cement and so on which were also grabbed .

They were able to reap a lot even though there was little left in the buildings near base . The good mood of the team rose several levels .

Like other teams, they were subjected to a warm welcome by the zombies while carrying things . But because of their trigger happy companions and that they needed uncommon goods, the Otaku squad quickly took care of what they needed . On the way back to the car, they managed to kill a number of zombies and dig out the nuclei . Then…they started talking about future plans .

“We picked up the crystal core mission this time, so we have to scrape together 200 level one nuclei, of course more would be better . ” Luo Xun looked around, they were in the middle of three cars with a metal wall made by Yan Fei as a temporary fortification .

Some discussed among themselves, “Should we find a building and set up?”

“Will it attract too many zombies? It’s not realistic to have a trap here . ”

“That’s not a big problem? Let’s deal with the nearest zombies and go back once we have enough . Anyways, we have already achieved what we wanted from this trip . ”

Everyone exchanged ideas before Luo Xun clapped his hands, “Find a corner building with more than two floors . Yan Fei will seal all the doors and windows . We’ll use a blood nag to gauge the situation . Go back as early as possible after killing enough . ”

As he spoke, they all heard the sound of cars along with attacks . If they wanted a place to hunt nuclei quietly, here was not appropriate .

In the city before the apocalypse, the cars driving around would be pulled over again and again . Some roads were blocked because of wreckage . Their current goal was streets, alleys and areas where vehicles did not normally visit .

The group looked at the map for a while until they identified a less used path .

Sure enough, they saw a few buses lying on the road . Fortunately, since they were mostly meta, Yan Fei easily moved them for the team to drive past .

The street lead to a small neighborhood . Both sides of the road had been turned into a shopping street .

The team found a house an climbed directly to the second floor with metal stairs . There was a level one zombie in the room . If seemed as if it had not been out of the room since the apocalypse started . One arm had been gnawed and rotten beyond recognition, probably a member of the family living there .

Yan Fei killed the zombie and sealed the room with metal – there were so many materials around he did not need to worry about lack of metal . As for his pure metal, the solid sedan was parked with the other cars a short distance away . In case it got hit by people’s attacks .

“Put if down in the middle of the road and open it . ”

There were only a few zombies wandering around in the street . Yan Fei set up an iron plate in front of the shop door .

He took the metal box with blood from Luo Xun and floated it over to the middle of the front junction – the building was around the corner .

As soon as the blood box was opened, the zombies jumped the scent like rabid wolves . Even more zombies rushed over to the box .

To achieve the desired results, Yan Fei controlled the box in order to dangle carrots in front of the donkey . The zombies could not eat, only squeeze together and look .

*Roar, roar* Sounded in tandem, all the zombies in the district became frenzied at the smell and started running in their direction .

“It seems like they are all mostly level one zombies! Why is that?” The team looked out the window as Yan Fei baited the zombies . They were accustomed to an army of higher level zombies . It was strange to see level two zombies acting as a leader for the level one zombies .

“Is it easy to have higher level zombies where there are more zombies or injuries?” After thinking of any differences, they came to the conclusion that the southern ruins had been firebombed . Maybe the mass killing of zombies had stimulated the evolution process to an unknown extent?

“If its like that, would it better if we hunted higher level nuclei in the southern ruins? If we need supplies, we go to the north?” Li Tie said while looking at Luo Xun .

Luo Xun pondered before slightly nodding . “This is only conjecture, but we can try and prove this hypothesis . ”

The possibility that the majority of the level three zombies and mutants they encountered were from the city ruins was not low .

Because there were many nearby buildings and rubbish on the streets, the wind could go in strange directions . In short, Yan Fei only showed the bait for a short time but there were not that many zombies that appeared . Instead, some were blocked by buildings and unable to come .

They ignored the zombies that had not come, those were not their priority . Eliminating a few hundred zombies was nothing to those with a lot of experience . The team cleared the level tw zombies – after half a day, there had only a few level three zombies .

Zhang Yi, Xu Mei and Yu Xinran began to mow down the other zombies .

After the show of power, they separated to deal with the rest of the zombies in the area . Others began to dig out the nuclei .

The battle ended quickly, it was not too late for them to destroy the second wave of monsters . The gains were proportional to the amount of work they put in . A total of more than 600 nuclei, less than 100 were level two and there was 2 level three crystals .

“Let’s go home . ” Luo Xun looked at the time and considered the danger of living in a outside building overnight would be greater than living in the wilderness .

“Okay! Go home! We can take an extra day off!” The team cheered, though the harvest was not much, they had found what they wanted, in addition to a surprise – glass . WIth these things, the nuclei were less valuable .

The squad crawled back into their cars and happily drove back to base .

Perhaps their day had been too smooth, on the way back home there was a big event – there was a huge explosion from the side of the road and part of a building fell down onto the highway!

“Oh my God!”

“The building fell!”

People from the rear cars shouted . There was no time to talk, Yan Fei molded the metal car into a shield to cover the team .

Luo Xun grabbed the walkie-talkie . “Keep up with me! Don’t stop!”

A huge roar sounded, the team looked in shock as something slammed against Yan Fei’s shield . The metal shuddered but kept sturdy through the shock waves .

Luo Xun nervously pulled a crystal core from his pocket and helped Yan Fei replenish his energy . He grabbed his walkie-talkie, “Yu Xinran, deal with the debris! Zhang Yi blow the smoke away!”

A gust of wind blew in all directions, Yu Xinran also began to deal with the largest stone she saw . However, since there was a metal shield blocking their view, Song Lingling helped clear smaller obstacles .

The ground was crushed and cracked with rubble and bricks from the building strewn about . Luo Xun was figuring out a path when…

“Ah! Luo Xun! Glass, our glass!”

Luo Xun froze at the howling from the walkie-talkie . The two people in the back helped check . Fortunately they had brought a lot of cloth to cover any shocking finds – such as ceramic toilets . How could this be exempt from taxes? Plus it was unlikely to find packaging .

As a result the cloth was used to wrap the glass and add a protective layer to the toilet covers .

With the large bumps and vibrations, they checked and found that the top and bottom layers of glass had broken but at least the middle ones were saved .

“What happened just now?” Xu Mei crackled from the walkie-talkie .

“Not clear, just drive straight to base!” Luo Xun ordered and pressed on the gas pedal, best to return as fast as possible . Whether it was caused by man (a person nearby), a zombie or natural damage…Luo Xun had no idea and no method of going to check .

It was dark at night, who knew if there was going to be any zombie animals . Such a big movement was sure to draw onlookers . The sooner they returned to base, the safer they would be .

Their mood still perturbed, the group dimmed the headlights and warily continued forward . They paid attention to the rear when He Qiankun said quietly, “Luo Xun, Yan Fei, why do I feel like there is something in the shadows on the roadside?”

Luo Xun had no time or way to pay attention, he had to concentrate on driving . Yan Fei was pale after using his power to shield everyone from the blast while still connected to the metal around him . He checked around and said, “A zombie, but not rushing at us . Some look small, maybe zombie animals . ”

Luo Xun hummed, “I said that large movements were no good, think about the duck from last time…” He looked at Yan Fei with concern . “You take a break, we’ll visit the hospital after we get back . ” He was not quite sure what kind of damage was done to Yan Fei when the building collapsed, but it certainly had an impact .

Yan Fei shook his head, “It’s not a problem, it was like getting punched in the chest, a quick check with Zhang Yi should be enough . ” It felt a bit like the feeling when he was first attacked, though instead of physically hurting, it was the impact on the metal he controlled . When the building collapsed, there was caused by a large force .

Was he fortunate that there was a doctor in the house with two scalpels? But he was a surgeon? Could he talk about his suspected internal injury?

They signed in at base, checked and handed over the required items and returned home . It turned out Yan Fei’s injury was under Zhang Yi’s specialty . Even if it was a chest injury, it still belonged to the category of trauma .

Hearing the description and Yan Fei’s reaction, Zhang Yi huffed and waved his hands . “If he did not spit out blood, the problem is not big . His internal organs got a shock, but nothing’s broken . You can go to the hospital for a scan if you are still worried . ”

Such an irresponsible doctor, Luo Xun pinched the bridge of his nose but figured that Yan Fei was okay, otherwise Zhang Yi would not have been so calm .

Since it was confirmed that Yan Fei was fine, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to split the profits .

Luo Xun pointed at the pile of toilet covers and glass . “We cannot use the glass for the time being, first leave it with the team supplies, we’ll use them when needed . The toilet covers will be allocated based on the  number of toilets at home . Take a few and leave the rest for spares for replacements . ”

“Okay!” The team loudly cheered in the middle of the night and woke up a sleeping neighbor .

Luo Xun’s home still had pre-apocalypse, soft toilet paper but others who came to base were empty-handed! From the start they bought toilet paper collected from base . Later the base had difficulties paper production…they were also part of the first group who tried self-produced toilet paper .

These toilet covers were a wonderful thing to have!

Everyone grabbed a toilet cover, only Luo Xun‘s group needed two, who let their place have two washrooms?

Even so, they still had 17 covers, the crowd was excited . Tomorrow everyone would change their toilet covers . If someone needed to use the washroom, they could find an alternative somehow .

By the time they took their toilet cover home, it was two o’clock in the morning . Once again they were lucky to come home at night, or they would have passed the road after the collapse and be forced to find a way to clean up . By that point, there was a good chance that a huge number of zombies would have been attracted by the noise, it would have been difficult to get out .


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