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Chapter 13

"What floor do you live on?"

"…16th floor . " Luo Xun could not lie to this strong potential neighbor .

"Your clothes…" Yan Fei could not think of an adjective to describe Luo Xun's strange outfit .

Luo Xun puffed out his chest . "It was recommended online to wear because zombie bodily fluid could also infect people . Should be right since the internet said so!"

He had experienced it himself, but people were very imaginative . All sorts of information could be found on the internet .

Online? People could still access the internet? Yan Fei had thought all power was down since no one answered any calls . He was surprised since he had been struggling to cope with the changes .

"Of course, the power station is functional . " Luo Xun nodded .

"If the call didn't go through, maybe the person on the other end was in an accident?"

There had been many accidents so the police line got swamped, along with taking into account all the zombie transformations .

Yan Fei's eyes shone and he remained silent . Luo Xun felt he should not bring this guy into his home . Then he thought of the man's metal powers, maybe they could reach a mutually beneficial agreement?

Luo Xun's heart pounded, the man's ability was powerful! Although he had never heard of any powerful metal users on base in his previous life, metal powers were useful to oneself and others during the apocalypse .

Before Luo Xun worried about his small amount of ammo but if there was a metal user then the number of crossbow bolts would be inexhaustible! Not to mention a whole bunch of other things, maybe even a bomb!

Luo Xun had never heard of the man but that did not mean he was unknown . His knowledge came primarily from propaganda for gang recruitment . The real powerful ability users were unknown to the general public .

Some ability users were sheltered by the army after discovery so they did not mingle with regular people . If the man was really powerful than Luo Xun naturally would not know of him . Moreover many ability users were killed for various reasons at the start of the apocalypse .

If one could secure good dealings with such a benefactor then one could have a long term continuous supply of weaponry in the future . Luo Xun's heart raced and his gaze burned with desire .

Yan Fei subconsciously touched his mask in reaction to the other's gaze . Could the person see his face through the mask? Yan Fei was fully aware of how attractive he was but not now while he was wearing a white face mask, bloodied with unkempt hair .

Was this person still in puberty? He raised his hand and the metal shifted, snapping Luo Xun from his thoughts .

The metal user had limitless potential . Luo Xun may have been reborn but he could not force the man to stay and any help would not be guaranteed reciprocation . However he could sow the seeds of goodwill and reap profits in the future .

"There are some empty homes upstairs . " Luo Xun suggested since he had too much to hide to let a complete stranger live with him .

Yan Fei loosely nodded, he had hidden in this building and slowly climbed since he was currently not a match for his pursuers .

"Yes, those things, could you put them back? Otherwise the stairs are useless . " Luo Xun referred to the floating weapons .

The steel rods returned and the nails fell to the ground . The staircase seemed sturdy but Luo Xun was worried since the handrails had been temporarily removed . Yan Fei's injury was quite serious, he had a strong constitution to have somehow climbed up while coughing blood, though he could not walk at the moment . Luo Xun grabbed his stuff ready to help the man .

"My home is at the end of the hall, the other three are empty and these three have no owners, peephole or furnishings . "

After a brief overview of the floor, Yan Fei pointed to the room next to Luo Xun . Even if the guy had bad intentions, it would be easier to live next door since he needed to rely on the other for now .

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow when Luo Xun brought out a bunch of small tools to skillfully open to door to room 1603 . The apartment room walls were rough with cement residue and without paint . In their thin clothes, both Luo Xun and Yan Fei shivered .

Empty room, kitchen, bedroom, living room, uninstalled pipes and air conditioning . Even with some things, definitely not warm! Yan Fei sighed, if he had known about such a strange event he would have bought several furnished homes in the suburbs .

He sat on the floor and heard barking, there was a dog next door? Thinking of the crazy dogs on the road Yan Fei tensed, then relaxed . That person was cautious, he would not stay here if the dog was rabid .

Upon relaxing, Yan Fei felt dizzy as everything began to blur . He was not sure if this was caused by blood loss, starvation or lack of rest…

Luo Xun returned home and Puppy perked up from inside her cage . He dragged his tired body to prepare milk and dog food . In the building only the penthouse and corner homes were equipped with a terrace so Luo Xun's home had a different layout – the living room was ridiculously large .

Luo Xun kept the medicine in boxes on the second floor . He searched through while reviewing the man's injury . Luo Xun was not experienced in medicine but with time he knew certain injuries corresponded to specific drugs . Anti-inflammatory medicine was essential but if the broken ribs cause internal bleeding, the man may not survive .

He brought the medicine down and checked the hallway, good – no people or zombies . Luo Xun slipped back to 1603 and walked in . Yan Fei was on the ground curled into a ball with scrunched up eyebrows .

Luo Xun hurried over and checked the man's forehead temperature – damn a fever! He must have gotten that from his injuries .

"If he dies, wouldn't I as well?" Luo Xun sighed, he had thought the man had died earlier – ambushed, wounded and now feverish…

Luo Xun went to lift the mask to give medication when he suddenly heard sounds, someone was nearby! He rushed to the stairs, definitely from below! Was someone trapped leaving or had outsiders entered?

Thinking of the injured man, Luo Xun's heart sank as he quickly grabbed the scattered clothes and nails . After tidying up he returned to the stairs and confirmed that the sound was closer . It took a lot of effort to force open the door . It was likely that if not after the man, then it would be going house to house and looting for food!

Luo Xun's mind flashed to the metal user in 1603, if he left him there the intruders might kill the man . But if left in his home, all of Luo Xun's resources would arouse suspicion . The metal user was currently an unknown, neither ally nor enemy .

Was the risk worth the reward?


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