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Chapter 148

The damage to base from the zombie bird attack was not small, especially because of the alarms, many people turned on the lights in their homes which became the main targets of attacks .

The vast majority of buildings on base have been damaged to varying degrees, with the exception of homes such as Luo Xun, where the exterior walls were wrapped with sturdy metal in advance . The makeshift houses, especially those built on roofs if not collapsed because of the two blizzards were completely destroyed by the zombie birds .

Now, after having such a hard time dealing with the zombie birds they remembered – the wall! There were zombies outside the walls! If they were not defeated, the base, their home and even their lives would be lost sooner or later!

Luo Xun received and confirmed the message from their phone . He found that they had to defend the same position as last time with the similar task requirements .

Li Tie and the other students saw that the shift was from 11 PM to 6 AM and quickly said to Luo Xun . “You take a break first, we don’t go out until the afternoon, you sleep and restore some energy . ”

It seemed that there was no better method .

Luo Xun thought for a moment and then nodded . “Then you go first…the best ability users first and then come back later – at least have someone at home . ”

Puppy has now been identified as a mutant ability animal, but they were not yet known to the majority on base, so she was still unable to go out for the time being . Of course, the next time everyone left base to hunt cores, she could be brought along .

So the dog needed to stay at home along with Yu Xinran, although her ability was very easy to use, her combat experience…Adding to that her age . Song Lingling’s combat power was relatively limited so it would be better to act with the army .

The rest of the ability users looked at each other and Zhang Yi left last . Once they left the remaining went back to work .

A short time before they needed to go to the wall, both Luo Xun and Li Tie needed a quick break .

Around 10 o’clock, Li Tie and the others packed up their needed weapons and equipment and followed Zhang Yi .

Luo Xun took the time to sleep and woke up around one o’clock and rushed to the wall .

Today while they cleaned up, they also checked the situation in the neighborhood . The worst damage from the zombie birds was to the highest floors . Several buildings had holes in the roof and top floors due to zombie birds with abilities . The roofs resembled swiss cheese .

Second most damaged was the first floor . The crazy birds’ first target was the penthouse but once the zombies were beaten back and fell down . The half-crippled birds got back up and attacked the nearest floor .

As time went on, the number of zombie birds on the first increased and increased . How could the occupants last? No one could resist forever!

The team went downstairs and found that the wall had been damaged, there was even a big hole punched through the load bearing wall . Yan Fei slightly mended these important walls for the rest to be reassured .

The opposite occurred in the middle floors and basements where the most people survived .

Luo Xun had a strange feeling in his heart, while living in his house during his last life, how did the base escape the first wave of zombie birds?

Although the number of zombie birds was much smaller, there was still considerable danger to the base, plus there were families without ability users, how would they survive?

Perhaps there were more powerful ability users among their neighbors?

These thoughts running through Luo Xun’s brain failed to stop his sleepiness . Not long he gave up and went to dream land with Yan Fei .

At one o’clock in the morning, his watch sounded and the team washed their faces and got ready to leave . As they passed the 14th floor, they heard rapid footsteps through the hallway .

Luo Xun turned to ask pensively, “Want to have someone else watch the house?” While they had a lot of faith in their doors, what if someone forced it open? There could not be someone staying behind .

The group glanced at each other and there was some worry about who would stay behind .

Suddenly Yu Xinran rubbed her eyes and blinked at Luo Xun . “Uncle, Puppy and I will watch the house, any who dare to come will fall!”

True, letting her stay was a good idea . She was young and the cold winds were probably unbearable .

“Then we leave the house to you and Puppy, remember to not let anyone except us when we come back . If anyone breaks through, make sand and drive them all away . ”

The little girl nodded and put her arms around the dog’s neck .

Yan Fei changed part of the door into a small window for Yu Xinran to easily check the situation outside .

Although it was now dark, they reminded her that she would know when they would be coming back . Not to mention that their mobile phones were fully charged so phone calls were not a problem .

The group quickly went out and struggled through the muddy snow in the direction of the wall .

At the moment the base was lit up, snowmobiles could been seen in the streets from time to time . There were also teams clearing out the remaining zombie birds, it was very lively .

The closer to the wall, the more noise was heard . The sound of gunfire and loudspeakers filled the air .

It was hard to climb up the wall and find the rest of Otaku squad along with Zhang Yi . They switched shifts – of course Luo Xun reminded them to be careful and not get attacked by Yu Xinran when they returned home .

Zhang Yi’s walking speed was relatively fast due to his wind ability, the other’s got the bonus as well . His ability had increased to level four, although he had no time to study his limits, but he can faintly perceive that his current powers would support his weight . Although he could not fly fast, there was no problem floating around .

The other group went back much faster than Luo Xun’s speed . When they returned and shined their flashlight around, they found something strange .

“Yu Xinran? You there?” Zhang Yi looked at the large hole, it was clearly the result of the little girl’s ability – there were traces of sand on the edge .

“Uncle Zhang!” Yu Xinran perked up and they could clearly hear Puppy as well .

Once the group passed the iron gate, they asked the little girl and dog . “Someone came just now?”

Yu Xinran pointed . “I saw someone sneaking up to our door . Puppy and I secretly prepared some sand and threw it in their faces! They ran away scared!”

The little girl only gave them a warning, fortunately she listened to Luo Xun’s order of only ‘scaring’ them and not suffocating the with sand . Otherwise they would become a bigger target .

Zhang Yi patted her head in praise and said seriously, “Good job, next time such people come over don’t let them return!”

The little girl nodded while Han Li felt his legs give way . While Zhang Yi took of his coat, Han Li squatted and spoke to her . “Yu Xinran, just scare those kinds of people, don’t cover with sand for too long!”

Yu Xinran was confused but still obediently nodded her head . Anway it was to scare enemies away, her mothers also said to break zombie head and it would depend on the situation for other people .

Luo Xun had no idea of what just happened, even if he did, he had no energy . They were facing the sprawling zombies on the base wall…Yes they were all over the place, densely packed and surrounding the base!

The shadows of bodies contrasted sharply against the white snow . There was no end to the darkness that filled people’s visions .

They held their weapons and constantly shot without pause! Yan Fei also saved his abilities for the time being . Every once in a while they banded together to deal with stronger zombies who set up sort of ladders on the bodies of their kind .

Again and again, their hands became numb not just because of the recoil from shooting but also because of the cold January wind that chilled to the bone .

There were cries from the dense army of zombies, someone with sensitive ears and fearfully pointed in the distance . “Bird, zombie bird! There are still zombie birds!”


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