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Chapter 152

Huge metal wheels rumbled outside the base walls, overwhelming and crushing all the surrounding zombies . Luo Xun suddenly thought of a phrase – the wheels of fate had begun to turn…fine it was a little out of place .

Luo Xun and some others without abilities protected Yan Fei and the other metal users . Luo Xun lead with Captain Guo making up the rear, each holding a metal shield guarding one person . They brought towels, water, weapons, nuclei and other things . Several earth users were responsible for handling the ground outside to make sure that nothing important would get crushed by the metal .

The fire users from the military were responsible for scouting and defense, lest they get mistakenly injured by stray bullets from base .

After a round, the group rested and then prepared for another round of fighting . At this time the sky had darkened, it was close to six o’clock in the evening . The soldier responsible for sentry duty loudly yelled .

“Watch out! Air raid incoming!”

The group who was about to set out again stopped and looked into the distance . They saw a dark mass of flying zombies…

“Those damned cheating birds!” The team cursed in a low voice while glaring at the approaching zombie birds .

“Not just birds…looks like there are wind zombies!” Luo Xun’s sharp eyes picked something out . Indeed within the group of birds there were cyan wings from human zombies .

“No way! Wind zombies can actually fly?!” The past two days, they had found some level four wind nuclei and the corresponding ability users appeared on base . But they did not expect to be able fly properly so soon after the upgrade . Right now they could float in mid-air, it was impossible to fly like those zombies!

“Attention! Shoot as many zombie birds as you can!” The alarms sounded again . They were mounted on the walls were squads usually patrolled so they did not disappear like the other speakers on base .

When they heard the sounds, some of the ability users continued shooting zombies under the wall, while the others with better guns aimed into the air . The zombie birds were sneaky, perhaps because the previous birds had failed, they gave a wake-up to the zombies . Instead of carrying out the attack during the day, instead they launched an airstrike in the dark so the defenders were unable to target them .

Everyone had to take advantage of the light to kill as many birds as possible! Gunfire sounded throughout the air while at least half the people on the wall targeted the zombie birds with guns or abilities .

The vanguard was attacked by the first wave . Although some were hit, the rest circled around and flew back .

Sure enough, it was not long before the second wave of flying zombies took off!

“What’s in front of them? I missed!”

“Something is falling!”

“Ouch, stone!”

“Roost, glass! They’re throwing garbage!”

The zombies mental strength also affected their flying powers . They even seemed to have gained IQ as they chose not to use their abilities but instead picked up projectiles!

The crowd scrambled to defend themselves from the air attack with cover and shields . At this time, the zombies below also began a new round of attacks!

A group of giant zombies suddenly broke through the regular sized zombies . The footsteps caused tremors while running towards the wall!

When the giant zombies arrived, they rammed the wall with their shoulders!




“Fell, someone fell down!”

Some of the people standing at the edge were knocked off balance and one accidentally fell off . In just a few seconds, the person was devoured by the crazy zombies below, there was not even time to turn into a zombie!

Most of the people who fell were those paying attention overhead to the zombie’s air strikes!

“Damn it!” The attack let the zombies in the back catch up and climb .

One person loudly yelled . “Quick! You can’t let them create a path!”

Although the walls were tall enough, if the zombies were bent on climbing up, they had no real way to stop them .

Captain Guo got up and then someone else shouted . “Earth, the ground is moving!” There’s an earth zombie making a dirt ladder!”

“What?! How can we survive?!” Several people hatefully pounded the wall while quickly contacting their superiors .

“Earth ability users! Quickly take control of the earth near the wall . There’s a zombie outside using earth to make a ladder!”

The zombie and dirt ladders, there were even some who tried to open the metal wall while Yan Fei and the others were not present .

The battle at the wall was muddled . Everyone who had witnessed the fight was deeply fearful from the bottom of their hearts . No one said it aloud, but everyone had a similar guess – the zombies…there was intelligence and battle strategy!

No matter what kind of zombie…anyway they could do everything to fight, even if it was in vain . They had to guard as much as possible for even just a minute…Because if not, they would lose themselves and become one of the walking zombies .

“Remember the three locations I just said?” Luo Xun and the metal users were crouched in a corner . Seeing the three nod, Luo Xun got up . “That’s it, three people each responsible for a section . Yan Fei and I responsible for the northeastern sections . Everyone careful!”

“Don’t worry, you should also be careful not to stray too close to the edge . ” The two other metal users nodded, they were in charge of the north and south while the protectors followed .

“The military will certainly support you . Don’t worry about anything else, keep up with the metal users for the walls you are responsible for . Stay near the walls you are defending and make sure the metal wheels work properly, don’t care about anything else!

With that, the men split into two directions following their respective metal user . Three metal wheels appeared in different locations outside the base wall accompanied by rumbling and crushing sounds .

Luo Xun learned that Sun Shaoyang and Li were close to edge of level four . They could control a metal wheel, although the operation would be a bit unstable . But at this time they had to split into three groups . In order to deal with as many zombies as possible with the soon-to-arrive earth users .

As for the zombie birds…Captain Guo had just forcibly snatched a few earth and wind users from another team . They were responsible for their safety against unexpected surprises from the sky .

Luo Xun was here in addition to metal shield he called Zhang Yi over . Although Li Tie and the others needed to be protected, Xu Mei and some others were with them so there should be no accidents . There was still some time before their shift, so Zhang Yi could help out .

Yan Fei once again evenly spread some metal from the wall to make a huge wheel . The one he made before was taken by the least power of the three . Yan Fei and Sun Shaoyang each needed one to do their work .

Huge metal wheels soon appeared on the edge of the wall and the rumbling continued . Zhang Yi quickly arrived using his wind ability using the rumbling sound to track their position .

He saw the two men as a new wave of zombies came in holding all kinds of rubbish from the abandoned city . Once they flew over the wall, they started throwing their ammo .

But this time, there seemed to be something wrong with the rubbish . The littlest pieces seemed to have scarlet dots of light…wait!

“Zombie mice! The birds are dropping zombie mice!”


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