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Chapter 153

Who knew the first one to realize the true nature of the ‘rubbish’ but the zombie mice caused everyone on the wall to shudder in fear .

Zombie mice?! It was said that those things ran into the city during the day and there was no way to confirm whether they were still there . There were rumors that people in the base had been bitten by the zombies!

Now if the air strikes were bringing in zombies…how would they survive?!

Suddenly something condensed towards one section of the wall . The cyan winds hovered around a figure, gradually getting bigger and taller, sucking in all the air around them .

The fallen human and bird zombies were all drawn into the hurricane, spinning around wildly . At the same time, the small pieces of garbage were absorbed and turned into weapons sharp enough to kill the zombies!

As the huge hurricane rose, a huge rolling metal wheel originally outside the wall came alive and became a bowl catching the fallen zombies and rubbish . Then the huge bowl continued downwards and fell…

*Bang* The huge bowl gradually turned into a metal board that slammed down…All at once the held and fallen zombies were being squashed .

The metal board came alive and twisted and rolled around thrice before stopping…

Yan Fei’s face was beaded with sweat while sitting to the side absorbing a crystal core . Luo Xun carefully wiped his face while keeping vigilant . He was afraid of zombie mice coming to attack them .

On the other side the hurricane swallowed up the zombie mice and birds . Zhang Yi grabbed the nuclei and walked towards the couple . Although he also consumed a lot of energy and needed to rest . It seemed that he did not seem as tired as the other pair .

“What’s going on? How long have you been busy?” Zhang Yi walked over and leaned against the wall .

Luo Xun looked up while handing another bag of nuclei to Yan Fei . Captain Guo had forcibly collected them from the ‘captain’ in the tank . The new captain had withheld the nuclei even during combat . He would watch the situation before sending any more .

“I don’t know, supported as much as I can . ” Yan Fei was not the only tired on, Luo Xun’s voice was hoarse as well .

He took out some water for Yan Fei and himself before asking . “There might be rats in the base . Have you sent a message home to be careful when they come out at night?”

Zhang Yi smirked . “There’s a need to wait for your instructions? The news as all over base in the afternoon . I heard someone was bitten but thanks to the weather we are dressed in thick layers so there were no skin wounds . ”

Luo Xun was relieved and showed a slight smile despite the situation . Yan Fei glanced at Zhang Yi . “Be careful, the wall is so messy . When those big zombies hit the wall some people at the edge fell down . ”

Zhang Yi looked over in surprise . There were people with weapons firing down the wall and throwing grenades and so on .

After taking a rest and restoring some energy, the pair also ate something to replenish their strength . The two got something good – an energy bar . Although it must have expired, this was much better at replenishing energy .

Luo Xun felt some regret at not getting some cocoa seedlings before the end to make all sorts of things . If it could be planted, it would easier to heal up when hunting for crystal cores .

After the break, the group of people returned to battle . There was more safety with Zhang Yi with his strong, ranged wind ability . Luo Xun was relieved and maintained his caution . They accidentally found zombie mice on top of the wall while Yan Fei was manipulating the metal wheel .

Although there was no way to see clearly, Luo Xun quickly reacted . It was unrealistic to hit the mice using his crossbow, fortunately he had a metal shield to help to block attacks .

The trio nervously toured the walls while using metal ability to crush the nearest walls . At the same time, a few metal zombies tried to steal control or borrow some metal . Yan Fei’s metal was not just level four, it was mutated so he had the advantage even against those of the same level .

Only part of the road needed help from the earth users to block a zombie made staircase . The rest work was relatively smooth .

The battle continued into the middle of the night, Li Tie and the others came for their shift . They arrived at their position and sent a text message . They knew Yu Xinran and Puppy were at home – Luo Xun worried about their housekeeping . However it would be better for the group to have ability users with them .

Once Li Tie and the others were there the three metal users were very tired . Captain Guo called them over to rest where Luo Xun was .

The three metal users reunited after separating at noon…all of them had been at the wall until midnight . A few of them had gotten up early and were still on standby, they all needed a break .

When the group came together, Captain Guo pointed downwards . “The higher ups sent a car, said the base was too dangerous at night so its a temporary resting place . ” He grabbed a bar of chocolate with ripped packaging . It had a strange shape from melting and solidifying multiple times .

Captain Guo did not care about the shape while continuing . “I asked them for a larger car . Although it will be a little cold, as long as the door is shut there is no worry about zombie mice in the middle of the night . ”

“What about tomorrow? Do you know if we have to go out again?” Sun Shaoyang yawned, he was tired after working the whole day .

“No but…” Captain Guo paused while swallowing some chocolate . ” Stay on standby in case there are metal zombies outside…I’ll have you deal with them . ”

The group glanced at each other and nodded silently .

Zhang Yi followed Captain Guo down the wall while saying he was going to find the others…well to find his man . He worked the wall since seven and he had more energy than Luo Xun .

The team climbed down the wall to where a large car parked nearby . Captain Guo brought them to the right car and they climbed inside .

“Let’s check the surroundings . ” For safety reasons, all the metal users subconsciously scanned around . Yan Fei was the main inspector with the help of the others .

They had gradually become accustomed to this kind of cooperation and formed a tacit understanding .

The trio who were used to high-intensity combat completely scanned the area in a few seconds . The three opened their eyes with visible anger towards the corners .

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xun straightened up immediately upon seeing Yan Fei’s expression .

The other people also looked at them . Yan Fei’s eyes looked towards the corners .

Li had an ugly expression as he pointed . “That spot, there, there and there . There are holes!”

The group quickly moved the aside the cluttered boxes . These things did not weigh much and a few were even empty . After the debris was removed, the holes were exposed . Some of the edges were even shiny . The holes were not due to rusting but purposeful . All the people in the vehicle had gloomy expressions…


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