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Chapter 154

With Yan Fei’s metal ability, the holes could be easily mended . But looking at the artificial holes, a few were not fixed .

Sun Shaoyang had angry tears in his eyes . “My God, are they crazy?! Who will mend the base wall if we are killed?! Do they have other metal users to fix things?!”

When they mended the walls today, they found out from Captain Guo about the metal user who had died . They had not been able to purify and strengthen the outer walls, only around a half . But when they came today, they found that a little work had been done .

When asked later, Li said that after Sun Shaoyang left, they had barely visited the outer walls and instead made bits and pieces near the barracks – sometimes tools and other furniture . It was said that the new captain was privately picked .

Even if one needed to do work on base, no one batted an eye at the leader’s choices . No one said anything about the private work Li did when ordered .

Captain Guo pounded the vehicle while looking around . “This thing was probably temporarily used as storage after the end . ” He sneered before continuing, “Get rid of the garbage, Yan Fei get some metal from the neighborhood and fix the car for us . Otherwise all our work will be for naught!”

Seeing him take a stand, the group silently threw out the empty boxes used to cover the holes . As for the metal, had Yan Fei any trouble looking for metal since becoming level four? He was able to summon metal from the road even as a level two and three, not to mention now?

Yan Fei used his powers and did not know that he had borrowed metal from who knew where to create a 10 cm thick wall . The deliberately opened screens were replaced with fine metal screens . Luo Xun figured that the results could be applied to their home in the future .

The ventilation on the roof had also been reinforced with metal . Li and Sun Shaoyang had less experience with these kinds of things and curiously looked and learned from Yan Fei .

When these things were done, all the metal users were assigned a sleeping bag and the food sent by logistics was divided to everyone .

After scarfing down the meal and filling their bellies Captain Guo spoke . “Someone had been looking for me…” He looked at Yan Fei and Luo Xun . “Since you are not in the barracks, its not clear, there are fewer people living there . Every time teams go out there is death but there are many who think there are many people on base…”

He had not finished when Sun Shaoyang sneered, “Not more obedient people you mean?”

Captain Guo looked at him and said helplessly, “Pretty much…after this zombie attack…I’m afraid there’s no need to wait for zombies for something to happen on base . ”

He turned to Luo Xun again, “But it’s none of your business and you’d better not act with anyone else . Just defend the wall, come with us or go back home . This incident will not involve the ordinary people on base . ”

Li and the others had bright eyes . One did not know whether their expression was excited or worried, the rest were perturbed .


Captain Guo interrupted Li’s words, “Don’t bother . ” He looked forward . “Even if anything changes, it should be for the better…*hah* those people don’t seem to understand . They want to earn and rob more, but what is left if the base is gone?” The vehicle was silent .

After dinner, everyone’s bodies and minds were tired and they had no energy to consider problems before sleeping . They fell asleep after crawling into their sleeping bags while leaving the dishes stacked in the corner .

With the thickened car walls, everyone slept well that night . Although there were several zombie birds that attacked in the middle of the night . Who knew whether the dropped things were living or not but it did not affect their rest .

It was not until the next day that they were woken up by light streaming through the window and the climbed up in a daze .

They got up, packed up the sleeping bags and opened the car door . They then discovered that there seemed to be some commotion where all the cars were parked last night . Several zombies birds dropped zombie mice and other things were thrown when the sky was dark .

There was a disturbance in the makeshift campsites – someone was bitten by a zombie mouse that had drilled in and then there was a commotion…

Upon hearing this, the team exchanged distraught looks . After eating to replenish their strength, Captain Guo and team returned to the wall with new orders . It had to be said that the zombies definitely had developed intelligence, or had a command structure .

The reason was very simple – after a succession of air strikes to strengthen the attack, it seemed that the situation was not very optimistic . More air attacks were carried out last night with more zombie mice…before retreating .

However this time the retreat was different than the last time . They just withdrew a certain distance, just enough that neither side could attack the other from the wall!

“What are they doing?” Luo Xun stood on the wall and watched the army of zombies in the distance surrounding the entire base . The dense mass that looked like a wood pile made everyone’s scalp feel numb .

No one had an answer, even Luo Xun the man who had lived two lives . He had never seen such a bizarre scene in his life .

But no one dared to take this situation lightly . They stared at the zombies in the distance while mostly ignoring the zombies under the wall .

After around half an hour, just as the sun reached its peak more commotion happened . The zombies which raged outside the base suddenly stopped and moved away, appearing like a crowd on the sidelines .

But inside the base, there were screams and the sound of gunfire .

“Zombie rats! The ones were dropped in the night went into hiding and appeared out of nowhere . From corners and under walls, they seemed everywhere and they rushed through the crowd .

“Shoot! Its rats!” The people who came back immediately were on guard .

Thanks to the three metal users around them, they quickly had a strong defense and were able to kill the zombie mice soon after .

There was chaos everywhere as people screamed upon sight of zombie mice . They had the advantage because it was the day and people were wary of the creatures and had experience . It did not take long for the situation to be in control – with the exception of the trickier mice with powers that caused problems . The crowd controlled the rest of the situation .

At least the situation on the wall was under control . But then to everyone’s horror, the dense army of undead in the snow…retreated .

“…They weren’t thinking of using the zombie mice to make it easier to invade the base…but the early discovery was unexpected?” Luo Xun stiffened at the possibility and dared not believe his guess .

The nearby people looked at him with fearful eyes and tried to refute, but what could they say? But with today’s bizarre situation…was there anything else to think? All those responsible for defending the wall remained in place and another round of clearing zombie mice was launched . At midday, the zombie siege also had a strange ending…but declared a success .

Although they slept all night, laying in a sleeping bag on cold metal was not comfortable . Luo Xun and Yan Fei tiredly dragged their feet back while watching for zombie mice that could appear from anywhere .

Fortunately there were not many zombie mice dropped by the zombie birds last night . The ability users that previously defended the walls had wiped out more than half . However now that they were in the base, the mice could be anywhere .

The pair returned home in exhaustion and struggled to climb back up to the 15th floor . Yan Fei once again reinforced the door . Everyone else was asleep in their respective rooms, only Xu Mei blearily checked outside and went back to sleep . No one else was alarmed as the couple returned home .

That night, the stationed troops did not withdraw and kept security on the wall, in case the zombies attacked again . The barracks were brightly lit to celebrate their safety and defense of the base . Almost all the higher ups with real power gathered to celebrate for a few days .

At the same time, in some dark corners of the barracks, a group of agile shadows gathered towards the crowd in the auditorium .


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