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Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Selection


“Captain Guo . ” The two men were more or less happy as the other walked over .

After both sides said hello, they went to an unoccupied corner so no one would hear what they were saying .

Captain Guo asked, “How have you two been doing?”

The two men nodded, “Fine, we are muddling through . ”

In the apocalypse, having three full meals a day was already considered a good life . Or perhaps, as long as you can a person around it proved that they were living decently .

“Two days ago I saw at the city gate…you went out for a mission?” Captain Guo was curious, after all the base giving out tasks was a way to thin out the crowds .

Luo Xun explained, “We have received an official assignment…go out and sweep a street . ” They were at first happy with the task that would ensure everyone’s safety but now saying it out loud…this mission seemed a bit *cough*

Sure enough, Captain Guo’s face twisted, he seemed to want to laugh but he forced it down and said while smiling . “Very good, very good…” He shook his head before continuing, “Your first mandatory mission is already done?”

The two men were surprised and glanced at each other . “Yes, how did you know?”

Captain Guo had a helpless smile, “Have you gone downtown? You should have heard right? On the way there a lot of zombies hidden in the snow, the average person cannot fight at all . The last time I went out to collect metal…since the metal closest to base has already been collected, we have to rely on metal users to search…”

He looked at Yan Fei, paused and then whispered, “When there are few ability teams left, I am afraid that the higher ups will start vigorous recruitment, what are your plans?”

The two people looked with pitying eyes at the captain . He froze and then waved his hands . “I am not recruiting!” Then he paused with a sigh, “Sun Shaoyang returned to the team . ”

“He went back?” Luo Xun had already saw that it was the case but still said that .

Captain nodded and looked at the two men . “Their team was forcibly dissolved . ” He sighed in the direction of the newer part of town . “A number of those teams were completely absorbed into the military last month and some of the rest were forcibly dissolved because they refused to do official tasks and unwilling to pay for supplies…”

The atmosphere became heavy, the couple exchanged worried yet glad looks . Yes, glad . Thankfully they found a place in advance they could use . If the situation on base got so tangled to the point that they could no longer maintain their lives, they had a base to retreat to .

Captain Guo continued to speak . “I came and just wanted to tell you, we…you must have heard some news too, that the higher ups have changed . ”

Since there were no looks of shock on the two men’s faces, Captain Guo continued with, “Now that some people have changed…things are more strict than before . ” He smiled helplessly, “The number that called you yesterday was a cellphone of a non-military person I knew . As for the military’s…”

As he spoke, he looked at Yan Fei, who smiled, “The same as last time?”

Captain Guo nodded with a wry smile . “If the number used was the same as last time, it might have caused trouble . ”

But for the time being, they should not need to manage these sorts of things, after all, the team drama had not been resolved . Captain Guo sighed again, “I know you two don’t want to deal with this crap but if your team doesn’t survive, call me and send a message regardless of number . ”

The trio chatted, but since Captain Guo had a time limit, it was long until he had to leave .

When he was far away enough, Luo Xun quietly asked, “What do you think of what he said?”

Yan Fei watched as Captain Guo left, “What he said should be true . ” He placed a hand on his lover’s shoulder . “But he did come to keep in touch in order to possibly recruit us in the future . ”

Luo Xun already knew, but there was nothing strange about it . If the two of them were bound to return to the military, Captain Guo’s approach would undoubtedly help them get a better place .

“You feel it too? In the future the base…will be restrictive towards teams . ”

“Yeah, given team size, if the team cooperates and obeys management, it might be okay . But if they are sloppy or disobedient…things are going to start slowly after the disobedient teams are dealt with . ”

Luo Xun took a deep breath and sighed out his depression . “Let’s go home, after the mission is over we can get busy with work . ” Maybe the same thing had happened to teams and ability users but Luo Xun had no idea .

Now that he thought about it…at that time, ordinary people had almost no chance of seeing an ability user . Of course it was possible, but the ability teams did not live with the regular people at all . Their figures could only be seen in the market and other such areas . Usually these people lived in separate areas, as if in a completely different world .

It seemed like the method from his past life would be no different from the present .

The team who went out and listened to gossip for the day returned home . When they got up early the next morning, they started to pack all kinds of things again . Packing and moving things downstairs and increasing the volume of the car . If they had not gradually moved their things each time they went up the stairs, they would have filled the four cars long ago .

They would not spent another day moving supplies and used the time to plan for the task . One by one the containers were stacked in a corner so they could be easily picked up .

With all the crops and iron shelves in each room, Luo Xun and team would have to drive at least twice to move the rest of the clutter . Bringing things with them each time they went out once a month…they questioned whether they could remove everything in six months .

Of course, Luo Xun had analyzed with Yan Fei and told the rest of the team some of the anti-team measures implemented by the base . They were sad to find that even if they initially planned to prepare for a double life, it seemed that it would not be feasible .

“Luo Xun, in that case, let’s take advantage of this and expand the planting space outside . As long as we take these shelves and he rest we can find a solution . ” Li TIe said on behalf of the five .

Xu Mei also said, “After we are done moving, we could return the houses, lest others come to find trouble?”

“Why don’t you move upstairs?” Han Li was quick to suggest .

Xu Mei and Song Lingling had hesitant expressions, moving was not a problem but the only empty room on the 16th floor was under Yan Fei’s name, not rented from the base!

For this Luo Xun naturally could not be stingy . “It’s okay, once your things are moved in case we cannot keep the team then the homes on the 15th floor would be taken back . By then if someone comes, your safety would be at risk, it’s better to move in together now . ”

Seeing that Xu Mei wanted to refuse, Yan Fei also persuaded, “We might not be staying in base for much longer, it will enough for people to live in . ”

The two ladies nodded in agreement, but even if they wanted to move, they at least had to wait until the homes were completed .

The results of the mission were finally sent on the third day of their application: the month’s rent was waived and some nuclei and supplies were issued as a reward . When Luo Xun received the message, they rushed to the hall to collect the reward .

They returned home and checked their packing . The next morning they drove out of base in a hurry . Towards their hopes, after finalizing their decision, towards their future home .


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