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Chapter 185

“Boss, boss! Is there any rabbit meat to eat?” Wang Duo’s excited voice crackled from the walkie-talkie . Before Luo Xun could answer, Wang Duo continued, “Wife, wife! We’re going to have some more meat! Maybe you can eat delicious meat this time!”

Luo Xun now wondered, in the end who had a deeper obsession with meat?

But no matter what…

“Ah…why don’t you try?” Luo Xun’s heart warmed, since the new year when they hunted that sheep, they had used up everything even the bones .

Although they had some frozen meat, but in fear of eating it up they deliberately left it! If there was no other harvest in a short period of time, they would have to return to those days when they could only be vegetarian . Well…they did have dried meat, but it was completely different than fresh meat!

Seeing the two animals not far, all four were in a happier mood .

Yan Fei tilted his head . “They’re close to the last place we buried the metal and the amount we collected along the way is not enough . ”

They had crossed this road several times, each time scraping some metal . Although the car had some metal in case of emergency, the amount was limited and was obviously insufficient to deal with two large creatures .

A plan was hatched through the walkie-talkies . The people possessed by their hunger agreed, who cared about wood and metal, first solve the problem of their bellies!

The two creatures, other than their size played around lively as if the end had not occurred . Luo Xun saw the two animals rolling around . At first they seemed only larger in size, but upon a closer look – the rabbit’s teeth were huge and sharp! Also covered in blood – bitten from the dog’s body from the tumble! And the fur was obviously not soft but supple, the dog might not be able to bite through!

But the dog was not helpless, the bone structure was obviously different from what Luo Xun and the others knew . The dog rolled as its eyes lit up and purple electricity burst out and coursed through the rabbit!

Similar to how they dug holes and set traps, the group watched as the rabbit stamped its foot and formed a row of thorns!

“…Earth rabbit vs electric dog . ” Luo Xun’s mouth twitched at the two enemies abilities . “Can…we beat it?” In this setting, could they even enter the fight?

Zhang Yi wrinkled a brow . “The rabbit alone would be fine, electric dog…” He looked at Yan Fei, “This element is not easy to deal with using your ability . ”

“It’s still possible for an ambush or scare it away . ” Yan Fei had a calm expression but in fact he was the same as Zhang Yi, filled with the desire to test himself against these animals . They had not fought for a whole winter, unable to train their ability or reaction time, hunting prey after lazing around would be good .

“All right, then let’s go . ” Luo Xun clenched his teeth, removed his crossbow and aimed, ready to respond to any possible situation .

“The two animals are too big, you two should carefully keep your distance, we’ll head in . ” Yan Fei said while using metal to create a makeshift plan .

Without Yu Xinran, they could not make traps but even alone he would be able to hunt some prey . The two ability users crept forward while the others hid behind a building observing the two battling animals near the factory . The fight was really lively, the movements were…very large .

After all, the rabbit had an earth ability, which had some resistance against electricity . Although it would get paralyzed, but not long enough for the dog to land a fatal strike .

Zhang Yi moved to a hidden corner and fired wind blades . They were not directly aimed but towards the two animal’s sides .

The two enemies at first thought it was the other side that caused the wounds . But after a barrage of uninterrupted attacks, the two animals stopped and realized other creatures were nearby .

A dog’s nose was a very sensitive organ, it identified the scent of humans before the rabbit . However the latter defended first, shielding with an earth wall . However those wind blades seemed alive; it would move around the wall and continue towards the target!

The rabbit’s earth wall could not completely cover itself and could not always hide . So discovering another enemy, it turned around to flee!

The dog must have met humans after the end since it rushed over towards Zhang Yi after scenting people .

At the same time the dog was rushing forward, Zhang Yi immediately redirected his attacks while some continued harassing the rabbit .

Luo Xun, who had been observing the situation immediately lifted his crossbow and began shooting at the charging dog . Wang Duo’s crossbow aim was slightly worse but the latter’s hit multiple weak points: throat, eyes, neck…

Mutant animals tended to have thick skin after the apocalypse, it was especially the case with this dog . Although it was clearly gnawed by the rabbit, the skin was pretty thick . Although several shots had hit, there was only a small neck would . By rapidly shaking its head, the eye attacks were mitigated .

In the end, it continued its pursuit of Zhang Yi .

Just as the dog slowed down, the other side caused a huge sound . It felt like three earthquakes under their feet .

Luo Xun and Wang Duo were full of misgivings – how could the aftershocks be so big? Yan Fei, who had been following the rabbit, felt the corners of his mouth twitch .

How does a rabbit escape? Wait then run? What running? Didn’t all rabbits jump? In truth it would be half and half, but when in real danger it would definitely jump away .

So the rabbit escaped from the threat of Zhang Yi, jumping away from the wind blades . It did not jump directly into the prepared metal trap but into a hole with metal and a thin layer of soil on top .

Yan Fei’s reaction was swift, as soon as the rabbit fell in, he manipulated the metal to strike at the neck .

The mutant dog’s reaction was astonishing after smelling blood and realizing the rabbit had disappeared . It immediately stopped pursuing Zhang Yi, did not pay attention to the two regular humans and ran without hesitation . The group was still as the dog ran out of sight…

The four people returned after three days, the trip was short . Back at base Xu Mei and the others were very surprised, “Rabbit! You guys hunted a rabbit!”

Luo Xun helplessy laughed, “Because of it, we could not get that pile of solar panels or much wood, we have to wait for next time . ”

“It’s all right! Let’s eat meat!”

“Right, just in time after all the meat at home was finished . ”

“How tasty is rabbit meat?”

“And the rabbit fur we can use . . why it this rabbit’s fur so tough? The skin is thick too…”

The rabbit grabbed everyone’s belly . Although the meat was not as delicious stewed compared to pigs, cattle, sheep or other livestock, but it was better than nothing .

Skinned, dried, cut and processed . After the whole rabbit was dealt with, there was not as much meat as it seemed – a large proportion was the fur, especially since winter had just passed, it had not shed yet . Coupled with all the bones and all the lean meat, since winter had just ended the rabbit was relatively thin…But in any case, after some preparations, the rest of the meat would be able to fill another freezer!

“…How do you eat it?” The team gathered around the freezer, staring at the rabbit leg Xu Mei had left behind . This leg was enough for their evening meal!

“Make spicy rabbit meat . ” Luo Xun suggested, “Spices would add more taste…of course it can be made less spicy as well . ” Thinking of Yu Xinran, he changed his mind since children could not eat super spicy foods .

Xu  Mei laughed, “So much meat, we can make more than one dish . Make some spicy rabbit meat, then braise some and then have some fried meat as well . ”

“Good idea! Do it!” The group cheered .

Now that they were outside base, they would not have to worry about being seen no matter what they did! Even if they wanted to eat barbecued mutton, there was no fear of discovery!


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